Inheritance - Re-Creation

Chapter 3 - Family Game Night

by Creirwy

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #Hypnosis #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #clothing #exhibitionism #growth #humiliation #multiple_partners #relationship_shift #scifi

"You've got me all off-balance now," Xara grouched, combing her hair to distract from her overheating cheeks. "You and I were meant to be the tops tonight, did you have to... Amanda me like that?"

"As I said, it was the best way to fix your problem, pet." Somna sat on the couch, watching Xara trying to fix herself up.

"Couldn't you have just snapped your fingers and made me okay with you and mom being gay in front of me?"

"Of course I could have, Xara, but that would be a temporary solution. This should fix it for good. I'm good at what I do."

Xara flushed again. She couldn't deny that; she had never been literally yanked into a trance before. No wonder her school friends had never stood a chance. "Don't call me pet, it's giving me... feelings."

"I'm well aware of your anxiety, darling," Somna smirked. "You just need to rebalance yourself. You were doing fine when you and Amanda came to Ananke. Apart from a little worry about putting on a good show for her, you were very consistently dominant for weeks. Mommy's so proud."

One of Xara's knees wobbled and she stumbled, then shot a scowl over her shoulder. "Fucked that up when Ashe attacked, though."

"Well, you went from being in control of everything to being in control of nothing. Well, nothing except a girl who thought she was still your hypno toy." Somna chuckled and gently shoved Amanda, sitting next to her on the couch. The girl swayed on the spot and didn't speak, continuing to stare into Ann's equally soulless eyes.

"So how do I get my mojo back?"

"Just put yourself back in the dominatrix mindset."


"How do you feel about me making out with your mother now?"

Xara thought for a moment. "Not... bad?"


"A little..."

"How about dominating her? Imagine collaring Ann."

A smile formed on Xara's lips. "Oh... Maybe it did work?"

"Maybe nothing. Think about punishing her for all the timeouts she ever gave you, all the vegetables she made you eat. She's your mother, Xara. Dehumanise her. Make her your pet. Make her Amanda's equal. Take her on a date with you both. Maybe she and Amanda can put on a strip show at one of Ananke's clubs?"

Xara licked her lips and gyrated her hips as she imagined it. "Oh, fuck yeah... It did work! Thanks, mom!" She bounced over and hugged Somna, who smirked and fondly kissed her cheek.

"Of course, sweetheart. Your happiness is important to us. Now," she turned to the mindless husks of flesh sitting by her side. "We've got a mother we'd both like to fuck and a young, stupendously shaped girl we're all very eager to bring into the family. The best entertainment in town. I think it's time for some fun, don't you?"

Xara grinned. "They've got no idea what you've set up, do they?"

Somna smiled back. "Uncertainty is a tool of domination."

Amanda thought she heard a snap. She blinked and look around, slightly dazed. Next to her, Ann was doing the same. "Sorry, what was that?"

"I said it's time for a game, darling." Somna smiled, tossing her white braid over her shoulder. "A little get-to-know each other party game."

Amanda felt an unease in the pit of her stomach. Knowing this city the 'game' could have some pretty physical consequences. "What were you thinking of playing, Mistress Somna?"

Xara replied, crossing her arms on the table and leaning forward. "You ever heard of spin the bottle, Manda?"


"It's an obsolete party game," Somna cut in, leaning back and crossing her legs. "Horny boys and girls would play it in the hopes of getting to make out with their crushes. Kind of like truth or dare in that regard."

"Truth or dare?"

"Oh," Xara grinned. "We have got to play it sometime."

"The rules are simple," Somna mimed spinning a bottle in the middle of the dinner table. "You spin the bottle. It spins. It stops. The person who spun it kisses whoever the top of the bottle points at."

Amanda and Ann both blushed. "That seems... simple, sweetie," Ann began carefully. "Are you sure we should be playing that with Xara and her girlfriend, though?"

Somna smiled and leaned forward again. "Oh, puppet, you're so silly. We aren't playing spin the bottle."

Amanda blinked. "We're not?"

"Of course not. That would be boring. We're playing a specially made game. Nyna?"

A miniature version of the catgirl manifested in the centre of the table, half a foot tall and bouncing her weightless curves excitedly. "Nyna got it ready, Miss Somna!"

"Good kitty." Somna smiled and rubbed the projection's head, eliciting a purr Amanda felt vibrating in her skimpy gown. "Be a pet and call it up, won't you?"

Nyna clapped her hands. Before Amanda's eyes a virtual projection slowly faded into visibility. A soft pink rope of light appeared between Amanda and Xara, each end connected to a floating heart symbol. Next to this, a second band of light stretched between the two girls, this time green; on Amanda's end was a floating white crystal diamond, and on Xara's was a floating black diamond. Between Ann and Somna were the same bands, a similar black crystal sphere at Somna's end and a white one on Ann's. Two more bands of white light emanated from a couple of floating down arrows in front of Xara, shooting toward the middle of the table, then diverting in opposite diagonals to end in up arrows before Somna and Ann.

Nyna also stomped her feet on the table in front of Somna and again in front of Xara, and as she returned to the centre of the table a deck of cards shuffled themselves out of nowhere in front of the two dominants. Finally, she pulled a virtual die half her height out of her cleavage like a cartoon character, setting it on the table and sitting astride it proudly. The beams of light passed through the dice like a prism in a cross formation, cutting diagonally across the table between Xara and Amanda, and Ann and Somna.

"So... How does this work?" Amanda asked.

"We roll the special die for phase one, then phase two we - Xara and I - each read a card with an instruction on it. We get to choose who the instruction is delivered to." Somna casually took a sip of wine as she finished speaking.

Ah, there it is… Amanda sighed inwardly. "Are the cards..."

"Nothing publicly humiliating, Amanda, don't worry. We save those for special occasions," Xara grinned, drumming her fingers on the table. "Still haven't got a name for the game, though. This is a trial run. Think of yourselves as beta testers."

"I like Rule-ette, personally," Somna commented.

"Really? I prefer Hotswap." Xara frowned. "It needs to sound cool if we're gonna push it public."

"Nyna likes helping!" The catgirl helpfully chimed in, beaming. Xara and Somna laughed and took turns stroking her head, making Nyna squirm and the dice glitch out slightly.

"We're talking about game names, pretty kitty," Xara teased.

"Oooh!" Nyna nodded sagely.

Somna clapped her own hands. "Now! Let's have a nice, fun, family night, get to know each other over a nice…" she shot a smoldering look at Amanda that made the younger woman's thighs clench, "wholesome game."

"I don't really understand all the lights, honey," Ann admitted.

"You don't need to worry about them. They're more for our benefit than anything else," Somna assured her. "You just need to do what the cards say."

"Do we get a veto," Amanda mumbled with a blush that deepened as Somna grinned at her, raising a finger and tracing a symbol in the air. Amanda's eyes were drawn to her fingertip, and she was vaguely aware of Ann's head moving to track it too.

"You just need to obey the cards. There's nothing to worry about."

"Nothing to worry about," Ann and Amanda sighed together.

Xara wriggled in her chair. "God, you gotta teach me how to do that, mom."

"Finally, my little girl shows an interest in learning." Somna chuckled, then placed a finger on the virtual die. "Nyna?"

"Yes, Miss!" Nyna hopped off the die and slapped its side, and the cube flashed all the colours of the rainbow. Diamond, heart, arrow and spherical symbols rapidly replaced each other as the top face randomised in a confusingly alluring manner. Somna pointed at the die and quirked an eyebrow at Amanda, who hesitantly reached out and tapped the die once, causing it to stop instantly.

Amanda watched as the pink bands connecting heart symbol to Xara and Somna's to Ann's briefly disappeared, then returned, this time connecting Xara to Somna and Amanda to Ann. "So... What does that mean?"

"As I said, you don't need to worry about it." Somna held out a hand. "Nyna, pet."

With a giggle the catgirl skipped over to one of the stacks of virtual cards and picked one up, floating it in front of Somna's face.

"Xara and I get to read a card and choose who has to carry it out. You two get to roll the dice. So... Amanda, kiss your girlfriend."

Amanda blinked. That's all? Maybe there really was nothing to worry about? Suspecting a trick, not at all comforted by the grins on Xara and Somna's faces, Amanda turned to her left, leaned over and kissed Ann on the lips. Ann blushed and kissed her back.

"You two make a great couple, Mom," Xara giggled. Ann blushed again and fussed with her hair, holding Amanda's hand under the table. "Your turn now."

"Thank you, sweetie." She used her free hand to tap the die and start the roll, waited for a moment then tapped it again. This time the white bands with arrows blinked out before reappearing, the up arrow in front of Amanda and the down arrow in front of Xara.

Xara leaned forward to read the card Nyna brought her. "Ooh. Hmmm... Ann, play with your tits."

Ann shared a look with Amanda, let go of her hand and placed them both on her breasts, gently fondling and prodding them with her fingers. She swallowed and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. For her part, Amanda smiled a little as she watched her lover have fun.

"Amanda, roll the die, please," Somna reminded her.

"Right..." Amanda flicked the die and watched the colours flash again. The black diamond in front of Xara slid over the table to rest in front of Amanda, then the white diamond already in front of her slid over to stop at Ann. As Amanda looked back to her girlfriend she felt a grin tugging at the corners of her lips. How she wanted to get back to bed with the older woman and just...

Somna cleared her throat, reading her card. "Amanda. Fuss over your daughter."

Amanda frowned for a moment. Fuss? She didn't fuss over Xara, she just wanted to... As she looked over to the goth (did she have to cling to that aesthetic? She was an adult now) she winced. "Xara, sit up straight, you'll do your back in and you don't want to end up like me."

Xara barked an involuntary laugh, trying to turn it into a cough as she sat up. "Sorry, Mom."

"And I'd rather you dressed a bit more appropriately, darling. You're the future of Ananke, you shouldn't be so... punky. We need to set a good example." Amanda continued and tried to take Ann's hand to include her girlfriend in the equation, belatedly remembering Ann was busy molesting herself and left her to it. "You're an adult now, after all."

"I'm almost the same age as you!" Xara giggled. Amanda bristled and put out her hands on her chair-spilling hips.

"Be that as it may, I'm still your mother. I just want what's best for you."

"Uhhuh... Ann, your turn," Xara glanced at the woman as she tugged at her nipples.

Panting, Ann swatted a hand at the die, almost knocking Nyna over as she did so. Nyna floated into the air for safety and watched the die flash then stop. The white diamond in front of Ann slid across to Xara, whose smirk made Amanda bristle more.

Little cheek thinks she's the one in control of this relationship, does she?

Before Amanda could open her mouth, Nyna passed a card over to Xara, who read it with an even wider grin. "Amanda, change your personality archetype of 'dominatrix'."

Change? Amanda smiled. Her poor, sheltered daughter didn't know how her mother really acted behind closed doors, but it was time she learned. Amanda stood and walked around the table, swinging her hips sultrily as her silver microdress reformed itself into a leather bodysuit clasped and buckled tight around her generous backside. As she passed Ann the woman moaned at the sight, so Amanda treated her to a little bit of a shake before finally straddling Xara's lap.

"Gracious, dear, what am I to do with you? I've tried being nice, I've tried appealing to your maturity, but it's just not sinking in," Amanda husked, catching Xara's chin in her fingers and forcing her to make eye contact. To her delight Xara's smirk broke and something in her eyes shifted. "Mommy's gonna have to teach you how to be a good girl again, isn't she?"

"Uhm... Mom?" Xara's voice caught as Amanda rolled forward in her lip, thrusting her own against Xara's belly.

Somna chuckled. "Listen to your mother, Xara,' she chided playfully. Xara gulped as Amanda leaned in, lips closing in on hers.

"I can't give you bed times or take away your toys right now, but perhaps a spanking will make you behave?" Amanda wrapped her thighs around Xara's waist and tensed, pinning her in place.

"Okay, fuck, time out," Xara panted.

"Don't swear, you naughty minx," Amanda barked, squeezing Xara's right tit. "We might not have soap on hand but I'll wash your mouth out with something."

"Your turn, Amanda," Somna's voice cut through. With an overly dramatic sigh Amanda swiveled around to slap the die, sitting in Xara's lap as the girl whimpered and tried to resist grabbing her hips. The arrows between Amanda's place at the table and Xara's inverted.

Amanda looked over her shoulder with a grin, gyrating her ass into Xara's lap and thighs some more. "You like that, Mommy? Do you want me to be a good girl or a bad girl?" she cooed. Xara groaned and all but humped against her, and Amanda laughed. The poor goth acted tough but she was a total slut for a well-proportioned domme.

"Ah," Somna cut in, quietly reversing Amanda's last dynamic flip. "It seems the game is over. Well played, everyone," she smiled as the cards sinking into the table, though the die remained. Amanda chuckled and kissed Xara on the cheek, rose and sauntered back to her seat, kissed Ann on the lips on the way. Ann continued to molest her tits and whimper while Xara caught her breath and Amanda settled into the chair. "What shall we do now?"

Amanda grinned and eyed her subs. "We could make Ann and Xara fuck. It would be lovely for my daughter to get to know her future mother."

"Perhaps you could have Xara watch as you dominate Ann," Somna suggested with a smile. "Show her why she should find a partner of her own?"

"Ohh, yes," Amanda groaned, her suit creaking as she squirmed in her seat. "I love teaching Xari about the world. Showing her how to take a strap-on sounds fantastic."

"How about you, Xari," Somna turned to her with a grin. "Would you rather fuck your mom's girlfriend, or watch your mom fuck her instead?"

Xara glowered at Somna but couldn't quite maintain the expression. "I call for a time out," be pleaded. "Amanda's too -"

"Mom," Amanda frowned. Kids and their lack of respect.

Xara licked her lips. "Mom's too hot in that suit and that personality. I need time to... think."

Somna pouted and wiped the game off the table with a gesture. "Oh, very well. Ladies, resume your positions." She clapped her hands.

Ann immediately stopped groping herself, and Amanda swayed in her chair. Both looked around in confusing, blushing and hot but not quite certain why. At least, not until they noticed Amanda's outfit.

"What the heck am I wearing," she gasped. Somna chuckled again, snapping her fingers as she spoke.

"A lovely, conservative gown that does more to hide your figure than anything you've worn since moving to Ananke."

Amanda felt herself calming right down. Somna was right; the gown somehow managed to hide most of what Xara's modifications had done to her silhouette. She sat back down with a relieved sigh. "How was the game? I don't quite remember..."

"Good," Xara croaked, then cleared her throat. "Very good. Very." She sighed and fanned herself. "Fuck."

"Language, sweetheart," Ann chided.

"One more thing I'd like to try," Somna smiled, standing and beckoning the family to the sofa. "Let's watch a little TV to relax, shall we?"

Xara fell onto the left side on the sofa with Amanda sitting next to her. Somna sat in an armchair and Ann sat in her lap as if she didn't notice any other free spaces in the room.

"Girls, randomise reactions," Somna called and snapped her fingers. Amanda felt something in her mind shift, and from Ann's look of confusion she did too, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Somna pointed at the widescreen monitor and it burst to life.

"Tomorrow's temperature will be sunny with a chance of -"

Amanda screamed in terror and hugged Xara like her life depended on it, burying her face against her girlfriend's shoulder and whimpering. Despite herself Xara almost felt worried, but she managed a bemused chuckle. "She really went for it, huh?"

She looked over at Somna, who was smiling as she watched Ann quivering with barely repressed rage, glaring daggers at the screen. "Ten percent chance of rain on Tuesday? Where do they get off?!" She shot a look at Somna, seeking backup.

"You're so right, my love," Somna rubbed Ann's arm consolingly. "The bastards have a lot of nerve."

"I'm going to file a complaint," Ann seethed and crossed her arms. Amanda whimpered and chanced a look at the screen from under her armpit.

"It'll be a lovely day for a swim on Thursday -"

She screamed again and sobbed into Xara's shoulder. Xara rubbed her backside with her right hand and smiled. "Mom, I think we should change the channel..."

"Mmm, I think you're right, dear." Somna flicked a finger at the television and the weather report gave way to a cooking show.

"Next we put the pot on the stove and pour the pulverised onions in..."

Ann groaned and rubbed her thighs together at the same time Amanda started cackling. Her laughter was infectious and Xara couldn't help but grin. "What's so funny, Manda?"

Between gasps of air Amanda gestured at the screen. "He... onions... Look at the carrot!" She cried and clapped her hands, howling with glee as the cook started cutting the vegetable.

"I've never heard her laugh like this," Xara commented to Somna, groping Amanda's backside. "She's not even paying attention to my hand."

"Almost makes one wonder how a comedy show would have her react," Somna joked. "Your mother's enjoying herself in a new way, too."

"Yes, put it in the blender," Ann husked and bucked her hips, one hand between her legs and the other pinching an exposed nipple. "Turn it on... turn it on... Yes!"

The presenter spoke as he pushed a button on the blender, but whatever he said was lost behind Ann's orgasmic cries and Amanda's breathless giggles. Amanda started slapping Xara's thigh as tears formed in her eyes.

"Ann, sweetie, your daughter is right next to you," Somna chided, hand on her wife's shoulder.

Ann had pulled her apron off, leaving her in just a lacy purple pair of panties, which she had two fingers down. "Don't care... She should be..." She moaned. "Xara, how aren't you finding this sexy? What's wrong? Are you ill?"

Xara snorted. "No, mom, I'm fine, I just don't think slicing carrots or mixing stew is that hot."

Ann's face became a curious mix of horror at her daughter's words and abject, uncontrollable arousal at the suggestion of mixing stew. She thrust her fingers deeper and panted. "Fuck... Mixing, that's good..."

"Oooh, my face hurts'" Amanda complained in a sigh. "Too much smiling, oww. Is it over?" She looked up at Xara's face, not game to turn around.

"Nearly. He's just putting some spices in."

Amanda snorted and broke into another fit of giggles. "Spices!"

"Tonight was great, mom. I needed the break. Thanks a ton," Xara said, snuggling up with Somna in the hypnotist's bed and kissing her cheek. Her mom fondly rubbed Xara's thigh.

"My pleasure, sweetheart. It couldn't have been easy protecting the town on your own. You deserve to have a night to relax."

"I do, don't I?" Xara smiled and turned her head to rest on Somna's chest, gazing lazily past the foot of the bed. Amanda and Ann stood, each wearing only a pair of panties, holding each other's hips as they slowly rocked and danced like clockwork ballerinas with emotionless, blank smiles and sightless eyes. Some schlocky classical song about love played in their ears, one of Ann's favourites, but it was doubtful she could hear it right now. It added to Xara's amusement, though. "They look great together."

"They do, don't they?" Somna smiled. "Though it does still do my head in seeing your doll's figure. Ann's given birth and she looks sleight compared to Amanda. Was that really necessary?"

Xara flushed. "Amanda loves being objectified. What better way that that?"

"You didn't do anything to her breasts."

"They're... a little bigger! And I didn't want to go totally overboard."

"Xara, everyone thinks you went overboard already."

The Heiress huffed. "Well, no one's had any complaints."

Somna grinned. "Why would they?"

"Well, I guess we should head back to the shaft. Thanks for the night, mom. Tell mom we said good night?" Xara made to sit up, but Somna pushed her back onto the mattress. "What?"

"One last thing, sweetie." Somna stood and walked around the bed, placing a hand on Ann's shoulder and whispering in her ear. After a few moments Ann's head turned toward Xara, she extracted herself from Amanda's arms and walked to the bed, leaving the girl to dance with Somna instead. Xara squirmed as her mother fluidly crawled onto the end of the bed and up the mattress toward her, a blank hunger in her eyes. Xara's knees rose instinctively.

"Oh... I don't -"

Ann gently held each knee and forced them apart, then lowered her face between Xara's thighs, covering her pussy with her lips and sliding her tongue inside. Xara flinched and groaned.

"Oh, fuck, okay. Are they gonna remember this?" She called.

"Up to you, darling. You're the boss."

As Ann eagerly lapped at her, Xara grinned, blushing madly. "Ahh... I am, aren't I? Mmm... Let's keep it our secret... Maybe make mom like this whenever she hears this song in a bedroom with me?"

Somna grinned over Amanda's shoulder. "See? You got over your hang up. I'm so proud of you, my sweet, good girl."

Xara clenched her thighs around Ann's ears and shuddered. "Thank you, m-mommy..."

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