Inheritance - Re-Creation

Chapter 1 - Family Date Night

by Creirwy

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #Hypnosis #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #clothing #exhibitionism #growth #humiliation #multiple_partners #relationship_shift #scifi

This is a sequel to Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital.

"We're going because I need the break after that whole coup debacle. It took weeks to get things back in order," Xara complained. "I need some recharge time."

Amanda squirmed. "Yes, Mistress, I understand that, but my question was why do I have to wear this?" She tugged, not for the first time, at her sparkly silver club dress. Most of the fabric stretched over her hips to her upper-mid thighs, barely protecting her modesty when she was standing, and hardly any was left over to loop around her neck and cover her tits. Her back was completely bare and her front wasn't much better; she was glad Xara hadn't opted to make her as busty as the city's sub-average.

Yet, anyway...

"Oh. That's because you're hot, you're mine, and you're going to be admired like the art you are." Xara grinned, eyes roaming over Amanda's bared skin. "Every socialite needs arm candy."

"We're going to your parents' house, Mistress..."

"Still! What's the problem?"

"I feel like I'm inches away from being naked and I'm going to be officially meeting your parents for the first time?"

"Don't worry about it. They both know you already, they both like you, and even if you marched in there wearing nothing, it's nothing they haven't seen before."

"Okay…" Amanda mumbled, looking out the window. She lost herself in thought for a moment then snapped her head back around, staring at Xara's grin. "What do you mean, 'nothing they haven't seen before, Mistress?" she asked in a fluster.

"We're here, Lady Heiress," the driver's voice buzzed through the speaker as the car slowed down and pulled to the side.

"Oh, what a pity, we'll have to shelve that question for sometime when you forget," chuckled Xara. She gestured to the door as the driver opened it and stood back. "Ladies first."

"You're the lady here," Amanda shot back.

"True. Sluts I wanna look at from behind first."

Cheeks tinting pink, Amanda rolled in her seat and took the driver's hand, working her way out of the limousine and landing in heels she was certain Xara picked out more for what they did to her posture than anything. The goth slipped out behind her, making Amanda feel somehow overdressed, despite her wearing less; Xara was just wearing her casual leather leggings and a white shirt with tear marks at the hem, offering glimpses of a toned midsection.

She wrapped her black leather jacket around herself as the driver closed the door. "Fuck, chilly tonight, isn't it? Maybe you should have worn a coat." She laughed as Amanda tried to stare daggers at her through her ever-present arousal. Xara held her palms wide apart, nodding down at Amanda's hips. "I'll never get tired of watching you get out of the car, you know. You look like you're being so careful not to bump the door frame. Would it really be that humiliating?"

"Yes, Mistress, it would," Amanda blushed. She knew Xara would take any opportunity to stare at her, and she could understand that, but the way she casually discussed it always put her off-balance, much like the damn heels. Xara took her arm to help her balance, and Amanda's mind warred between gratitude for the assistance and the knowledge she was being made dependent on her girlfriend for something so simple as walking.

"Alright, love. Let's go meet the parents. I'm sure they're eager to see you again." Xara smiled as she led Amanda up the path to the large house's front door, and if Amanda didn't know any better she'd have thought it was genuinely caring.

Any such thoughts vanished as Xara's hand casually roamed down to rest on her backside, guiding her along.

"Welcome, Xara, Xara's pet." Somna smiled, standing aside and waving them through the door.

"Hey, mom," she replied, ignoring Amanda's facial twitch. Any sub would feel like she was willingly walking into a lion's den entering the house of Ananke's most accomplished hypnotist. In a way, Somna personified Ananke's namesake; it wasn't a matter of if, but when one would become a victim. "How have you been?"

"Excellent. Travelling the world, putting on shows, strengthening the kinks. You know how it goes. And you? I heard there was a bit of drama recently with an ancestor."

"Don't remind me," Xara groaned. "Ashe is being brought up to speed and integrated into the systems, but that whole deal was just... the most stressful thing I've ever dealt with. Aunt Ruby hardly helped at all."

"That's my sister." Xara's other mother, Ann, remarked as she walked in from the kitchen. "Her heart's in the right place, but she's always been more of a hedonist than a helper. Amanda, Xara," she finished with a smile and a nod.

"Hey, mom. Love the look," Xara grinned, shooting a sideways glance at Amanda, staring dumbfounded.

"Thank you! Somna helped me pick it out," Ann replied, lifting the edges of her apron and proudly turning to each side to reveal she wasn't wearing anything underneath but a set of bikini bottoms. "I've not worn a dress like this since I was your age."

"Well, it looks great. Doesn't it, Amanda?" Xara nudged her girlfriend.

"Um... Yes, Headmistress, it looks very... appropriate?" Amanda stammered with a blush. It's going to be one of those nights, is it?

"Thank you, Amanda, but you don't have to call me that anymore; we're not at school. Ann is fine." Her smile gave way to a slightly disapproving frown. "Though I have to admit, I can't say the same for you. Wearing so little to a family gathering, is that what today's youth consider appropriate?"

Amanda's face turned bright red as Xara laughed. "I tried to convince her to wear something else, mom, but she insisted."

You liar!

"Well, no point worrying about it now. It is a very lovely dress, even if it is inappropriate. Come sit, we have some snacks!" Ann turned and walked around the table, leaving the three other women staring at her practically naked ass shake.

Not for the first time since turning twenty, Amanda thought she couldn't blush any brighter, only to manage it when Xara and Somna turned as one and grinned at her.

Lion's den indeed.

"So, Amanda," Somna leaned forward and intertwined her fingers. "Has Xara been fucking you much?"

Amanda choked on a mouthful of wine as Xara snorted, and Ann looked aghast. "Dear! You can't ask that?"

Somna turned to her wife and smiled, leaning closer and staring into her eyes. Ann stared back, and with a little sigh her lips quirked into a smile. When Somna turned back to Amanda with mirth in her eyes, Ann picked up the conversation.

"Don't be shy, Amanda, we're practically family. Has our daughter been fucking you much?" She repeated the question with all the grandiose of commenting on the weather, eating a piece of celery as she did so.

Amanda looked helplessly at Xara, who nudged her in the side with a grin. "Be polite and answer moms' questions, Mandy."

"Y-yes, she fucks me... pretty regularly, Miss... Ann."

As if oblivious to Somna and Xara's snickering, Ann simply smiled as she took a sip of wine. "That's lovely to hear. Does she have any favourite ways to do it?"

Amanda's eyes widened and her cheeks coloured, but the words pried themselves out like she had no ability to hold them back. "She likes to fuck me from behind... usually after screwing with my perception or making me beg for it." Oh fuck, kill me.

"That sounds like our Xara," Ann smiled fondly at her daughter. "She always seemed to be an ass girl growing up. She kept pictures of girls exercising under her mattress -"

"Mom," Xara cut Ann off with a warning tone.

"Indeed," Somna smiled sweetly. "And there was her nineteenth birthday, when all she asked for was a night with the entranced cheerleading team from Ananke Stadium."

"Mom," Xara repeated, a little more anxiously.

"If I recall she invited some of her non-cursed friends over and asked me to -"


"Yes, Xara?" Somna chuckled.

"Not in front of Amanda."

"Why ever not? You know her triggers."

"Yeah, yeah," Xara grumbled. "Amanda, goldfish memory, ten seconds." She snapped her fingers.

Amanda made a popping sound with her lips, then shook her head in confusion. "Sorry, what?"

"Ann was just saying Xara's always been an ass girl." Somna grinned, watching her daughter bristle.

"And that's all that was said on that front, Mandy. Mom, can I speak to you in the other room for a moment?"

"Of course, pet. Let me just get these two settled." Somna stood and gently turned Ann and Amanda to face each other. "Look into each other's eyes, dears." Frowning, both women did so, then glimpsed Somna's fingers snap between them. "Mesmerascens."

Xara licked her lips as her other mother and Amanda's eyes locked on each other, their expressions softening and their breathing slowing. She waved her hand between their faces and neither reacted. "New trick?"

"Thought it might be useful. We could talk here privately while they're like this. We could have an entire party and tidy up and they'd never know once we woke them up. Do we have to go to another room?" She teased.

"Probably not, but I'd prefer to..."

"Your wish is my command, Heiress," Somna bowed her head, then ruffled Xara's hair as she walked past. The goth huffed as she followed her mom to the living room. "What seems to be the trouble, sweetie?"

Xara let her mask drop a little, and she was the adorably anxious girl Somna had watched grow up. "Well, I like MILFs, and I like sisters loving sisters and moms loving daughters and stuff, right?" She began.

"Mmhm," Somna nodded, sitting on the arm of the sofa and crossing her legs. At her gesture, Xara sat in the chair facing her.

"And, like... with you two it's... different," Xara added with a blush.

"Different how?"

"It's... weird. Seeing you and mom in love is fun, but seeing you flirt or make out is..." Xara screwed her face up a little. "Why is that?"

"Have you spoken to a therapist about this?"

Xara crossed her arms. "There are no therapists in Ananke, mom. Nyna keeps track of all our mental health. The only therapists are actors and actresses filling roles for fantasies."

"Mmm." Somna leaned forward, propping her chin in her hand. "Possibly your MILF gene and your incest gene haven't quite lined up."

"How do you mean?"

Somna traced her fingers in the air, glancing at something only she could see. "Bio-coding, Xara Nocturne. Incest-dominant; that means you enjoy causing it and seeing it result from domination. MILF-dominant; that means you enjoy causing and watching the results of matronification. Incest-submissive would mean you enjoy being the subject of incest, and MILF-submissive would mean you enjoy being doted on by a mother figure or becoming one through force, hypnotism or otherwise. The former two are active, but despite your being a switch it seems the latter two haven't fully activated. Thank you, Nyna," she finished, reaching into empty space and scratching a finger at chin height. Xara heard a disembodied purr in her head.

"So I don't get as much pleasure from seeing you and mom be... sexual... because I'm missing genes?"

"In part. Also because what your mother and I have is dominant-submissive, but we aren't related. At least, not closely enough to count as being relatives. The problem is you; your relationship to your mother and I is that of a daughter, and from your perspective, viewing your mothers being lovers is incestuous, due to that relationship. And since it's not a relationship you caused, it doesn't fall entirely within the dominant branch of either gene."

Xara leaned back. "Great..."

"But that means it's entirely psychological, and can easily be fixed by changing your perspective." Somna smiled, her finger dipping lower and the scratching shifting to a stroking motion, the purring in Xara's head lowering to a moan, screens around the room discolouring.

Xara watched her mom for several minutes, waiting, then spoke. "Well?"

"Well what, sweetheart?"

"Are you going to fix me?"

"There's nothing to fix. You're perfectly fine. I can help you move past a block if you'd like."


"Yes what?"

"Yes, please."

"Yes, please what?"

Xara's right eye twitched. "Are you going to make me say it?"

"Say what, pet?" Somna smiled sweetly.

Xara took a deep breath. "Mom, will you please hypnotise me so I'll have more fun tonight."

"Ahh. Of course, sweetie, why didn't you say so? I haven't hypnotised you in ages."

"Ages? You never have."

"Of course you'd think that," Somna rolled off the armrest to her feet, stretching. "You just went to bed at nine PM every night like a good girl of your own volition."

Xara's cheeks turned red. "You did that?"

"Well, your mom and I didn't want you awake when we went to bed together and -"

"I don't wanna know!" Xara jumped to her feet and waved her hands. "Just do it." Somna held a hand out and after a moment Xara took it in her own. "How do we do this?"

"Biologically speaking, some genes turn on or off as a result of a stress state. It helps populations survive tough environments. The cursed genes operate on a similar principal; even if someone is born with a trait in the off state, it can be turned on by exposure to the right stimuli. That's why I travel around to the Genecorp institutions each year and help... incept fetishes in the cursed as they come of age. It's why, right when their hormones are going nuts, they move to a school where their teachers are hot and unwittingly sexual, their classmates are all as horny as them, and the hypno-strain colleges get a conveniently serendipitous hypnosis show right before or after a school-wide social event."

"You're going to stress me out?"

"No. I'm going to expose you to stimuli to activate your submissive genes. Stress isn't the sensation I'm going for." Somna grinned.

Xara felt the hair on the back of her neck prickle. "Wait a sec," she began, before Somna tugged her hand hard towards her. Xara tripped over her own boots as Somna barked a word, and her vision went black before she ever crashed into her mother's chest.

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