14. Nobeel Intentions

by Cracked_Ruby

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Crim bounces from side to side, standing in front of a now body length mirror, wearing a fluffy set of red and black striped pajamas, and simply basking in her own appearance. As Delfi unwraps the last of the bandages from around her cheeks, and releases her mandibles from the vines that had been helping them heal properly into place, allowing them to now prominently move with each of Crim’s words. 

“Oh my bees I’m so fuckin pretty, could anyone tell that I’m not a beeple if they don’t know?” She glances back up at Delfi a few times, as she pats down her body. 

Her antennae flopping down slightly in front of her vision, and sparkling due to her excitement. “Well of course they could tell I don’t have the spots for an affini to put vines into me, but other than that!”

“I think that without looking specifically for those spots nobody would be able to tell. I’m sure you not hanging off an affini might give a little bit away, but you are a splitting image of a beeple, while still being yourself.” The red flower tipped vine Delfi had been using for the eye exercises flicks forward to gently touch Crim’s cheek.

Crim squeaks as the flower gives her a peck, her blush expanding as she stumbles to the side slightly. Her wings buzzing rapidly to compensate for the stumbling. “Uh, well I’m almost never without one of the three of you, and even when I’m not with Azalia or Ipheon, I’m with bramble or clover! So I think affini who haven’t heard of me before could totally buy it!” 

“Maybe I’ll just say I’m crim Saventa, first floret to the mysterious affini Citra Saventa, Third bloom~” She giggles as she finally catches her balance again, and starts to wiggle all twelve of her fingers at Delfi.

Delfi laughs a little bit and shakes her head, rubbing Crim’s sides lightly. “Fine fine, that is a thing you can do.” She runs her vines down Crim’s arms, gently poking at the spots where on a beeple they would be able to enter. 

“Just don’t get too many hopes up while you have your fun. Otherwise I may have to grab you and have a little pretend taking you over scene, although that may be more of a reward than a punishment.” She giggles lightly while brushing a vine against the back of Crim’s neck.

"Hey like I said, I can pretend to be owned, which means no hopes getting upped to lead to such a horrific consequence." Crim wiggles around as Delfi pokes and prods at her, taking this chance to start leading them out of the bathroom and towards the front of the hab unit. 

"Well, come on, we didn't send any pictures while I healed up for a reason after all. I wanna go show off for bramble!" Crim waves toward the front door as each step she takes is a little buzzing hop. Landing right in front of the door and knocking on it a few times, showing off the fact it's not automatically opening for her.

Delfi giggles, tapping her datapad and letting the door slide open for Crim. “Alright, lets go see your boyfriend. I’m sure he will be super excited to cuddle, especially now that you are fully healed. He was very disappointed when everyone needed to be super gentle, but he was good about it.” She gives Crim little lifts with each hop.

Crim’s wings start to buzz faster and faster due to the boyfriend comment, both of her cheeks feeling like they've been set ablaze. Starting to rush faster down the hall trying to escape Delfi's teasing. "H-he's still not my boyfriend!!! He never asked me out, he's just my best friend and favorite person in the universe, who makes me buzz uncontrollably every time I see him!"

She crosses all four of her arms, her head burrowing down into its neck fluff, as her mandibles start to nibble on the fluff slightly. "Can we just go…"

Delfi giggles, and lifts Crim up. “Sure, and I’m sorry for teasing you.” She gives Crim a few pets, pulling her tight against her chest and starting to walk towards the Honey Pot. “I think you could try asking him out if you like him that much though. beeple will tend towards being more passive, and historically would get together to exchange ancient affini pollen. However, if you want to keep it more casual and cuddly, I don’t think there is a wrong choice with bramble.”

“I didn’t say I don’t like him like that… it’s just…” Crim wiggles around as she sits down in Delfi’s vines, looking over toward the park. Hoping that some random group will take interest in stop them today in order to save herself from the crippling embarrassment. “I don’t know how to ask people, let alone beeple, out…”

Delfi smiles, shifting Crim a little bit to show off her new look. “Well, if you want I can line up some more beeple documentaries on general behavior. While they are all unique, I know they also are very instinctual and hive-like. If not with an affini, they like to do things with beeple. I’m sure you have noticed that to a degree. I’ll help you figure out how to talk to bramble about it if you would like, and who knows, maybe he will take initiative, but I can’t be sure.”

“B-but, what if I date him, and Ipheon starts to want me even more as a floret?!” Crim buzzes, wiggling from side to side as she continues her pouting. “And if bramble asked me with those big black adorable eyes, and that soft fuzz, and his calming buzzing wings… AH I just wouldn’t be able to resist!” She kicks her legs, shoving all four of her hands in front of her face. “It’s not fair!”

“I’m sure how cute you two look together already has Ipheon trying to get you as much as she is ever going to. I suppose on that end it is gonna be your will to be with bramble without succumbing to Ipheon. She should understand to not use bramble to get to you though, that would be very unfair, buuuut because it is unfair she may use him a little bit anyway. It really is how much do you want to be with him but not a floret.” Delfi stops under a large tree, taking a moment to enjoy how beautiful it is. “I can give you advice, but only you can really make your own choices in life.”

“I know I know, it’s just rough…” Crim shrugs as they start to slow to a crawl, Delfi obviously doing her best to make sure this conversation has time to end before they arrive at the Honey Pot. 

“I mean domestication doesn’t really do anything for me, it’d just kinda be a thing I’d be doing to make others happy, not necessarily myself. And I dunno… it just feels weird to think of doing it like that, because this ain’t somethin I can just take back.” Looking around Crim lets out a little squeaking buzz, as a male tarren starts pulling his affini over towards them. Getting a look at the affini, her vines are seemingly glowing blue either from some form of technological modification or bioluminescence. 

“Hello!” Crim buzzes lightly as her eyes flick between the man and his affini. Standing up and getting as close to the edge of Delfi’s arms as possible, her wings starting to buzz rapidly out of a mix of anxiety and excitement to see someone's unknown reaction to her new body.

The man grins as he bounces a little bit. “Oh, are you a beeple? I love bees so much!” He takes a moment to calm back down before focusing on Crim again. “Sorry, I’ve only seen beeple in documentaries, and you look amazing Miss.”

The affini giggles and wraps her vines around the man. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help how excited my little one got over seeing you. My name is Hydra, and this is Jack.” She pets him lightly, giving a small smile to Delfi and Crim. “May we ask your name cutie?”

“i am crimson Saventa, and this is my friend Miss Delfi!” Crim leans back up against Defi, buzzing and nuzzling up against the crook of her friend’s neck. All four of her arms wrapping around the base of Delfi’s neck. 

“and thank you both for coming over to meet me! it means a whole lot.” Once she’s done giving Delfi a hug, she starts to very carefully climb down to get on Jack’s level. Putting all four of her arms out to offer a hug, despite being barely half the man's height at this point.

Jack smiles and moves in to give crim a hug, giggling lightly as his hands run through her fuzz a little bit. “You are really fluffy and fun to hug crimson, thank you.” He gave her a small squeeze, but not being too hard.

Hydra giggles and takes a few pictures before looking at Delfi. “So, just friends?”

Delfi smirks back “I’m her old case worker, and we are close friends. Also if you and Jack are new around here, and he likes beeple, I’d suggest the Honey Pot, cute place ran by another friend of crim’s.”

“absolutely, bramble is so sweet!” Crim nuzzles her head against Jack. Her antenne bumping up against the base of his neck, while her wings continue to buzz lightly. 

“Miss Ipheon is also very nice, me and Miss Delfi are actually on our way there right now.” She relinquishes the hug, starting to bounce back towards Delfi, as she spins around. Showing every inch she can off to Jack and Hydra as if she’s bragging about how adorable she looks now.

Jack giggles lightly at her antennae brushing up against him, as he watches Crim’s twirls. “So cute! You look wonderful, miss crim!” He looks up at Hydra with big eyes. “Can we go to the Honey Pot? I wanna see more beeple, and try whatever they have.”

Hydra giggles to herself, nodding and lifting Jack up into her embrace. “Alright, quit giving me that look, we can go, although I’ll ask that you try and keep a little calm about it. You can gush later back at our hab.”

Delfi laughs as she lifts Crim up, petting her lightly. “I’m sure they would love having more people enjoying their cafe. That and you hang around there enough, and you will end up meeting many more beeple.”

“absolutely, bramble helps run it, and we’ve got a little friend group of beeple who visit a lot.” Crim nods to herself, as she lazily flops over in Delfi’s vines, her wings buzzing as the affini start to lead the way toward the Honey Pot. “oh, and try out the honey tart once you get there, it’s my favorite!”

Jack bounces lightly in Hydra’s grip, her blue flowers tickling him a little bit as the pair of affini start to speak.

Delfi grins, and pets Crim some more. “crim here has actually been learning affini, she has come a long way and another affini friend of ours, Azalia, has been one of her primary caretakers, and she has been making the educational videos to teach the language.”

Hydra nods slightly, laughing to herself. “I thought I recognized her from somewhere, it’s so precious to see her fully transitioned, and playing along with Jack thinking she’s a normal beeple.” She gently runs a hand through her floret’s hair, grinning at the fact that he’s fixated on Crim.

“This is what she always wanted. This is actually her first time out of the hab since her transition. The eyes were pretty sensitive to light while recovering.” Delfi gently scratches Crim’s head, right around her antennae, though being careful so as to not hurt them. 

“She is so precious, though if we keep talking like this we won’t get to the Honey Pot anytime soon, and I feel like crim will get anxious if we take too long.”

“Well, then it was nice getting to know you both, once we arrive I’ll split off and bring Jack to sit alone.” Hydra nods, picking up the pace of the group’s walk on Delfi’s signal. Enjoying the feeling of her floret laughing against her chest, enjoying the wind on his cheeks for the few minutes it takes to arrive at the Honey Pot. 

Once they arrive at the cafe, things seem to be more on the quiet end of the normal levels, only a few tables are filled today as bramble buzzes around, wiping a few of the empty ones clean.

Delfi motions to a booth a few down from Crim’s favorite. Less secluded and filled with more of the hive aesthetic decorating. “That one has a nice view, and is close to ours. After we get settled in, I’m sure crim wouldn’t mind some more company from Jack.”

Hydra grins, giving Delfi a thumbs up before walking over to the open booth and getting settled in, setting Jack down next to her so he can start to excitedly look around the place.

Delfi moves to take Crim and Azalia’s usual spot, giving Ipheon a small wave, before unfurling her vines and holding Crim up a little bit as she sits down in the booth.

Crim huffs, crawling her way over to the opposite side of Delfi, almost hiding in the small place between the affini and the wall. Her eyes peeking over the vines a few times as she anxiously awaits bramble’s arrival. Running every option of what to say to him through her head one after another.

A couple of minutes later, bramble finishes up with the tables before buzzing eagerly over to Delfi and Crim. “hello! how are you two doing?” He gives Delfi a small hug, before crawling over to cuddle up to Crim. 

“You look fantastic crim, how do you feel?” He smiles as he nuzzles his way into her lap, his eyes tracing excitedly over her completed form with abject adoration.

Crim freezes up as bramble cuddles up to her, her wings starting to buzz involuntarily. Unable to help themselves as her heart rate increases. “H-hi bramble, I’m… happy you enjoy how I turned out.” She mumbles, looking down, and wrapping her arms around bramble, the unmistakable sensation of their antennae rubbing up against one another causing her to shudder.

bramble smiles, relishing in the little bumps. “The important thing is that you enjoy the changes, crim.” He rubs his face against her cheek, before pulling back. “I like that you are keeping your mask, I think it suits you even if you aren’t wearing it normally anymore.”

“Well uh… thanks, it makes me feel secure.” Crim returns the nuzzles, as she flops down against bramble. Her grip locking down around him unwilling to let the bee go after being separated for multiple weeks at this point. 

bramble chuckles lightly, returning the grip just as hard. “i really missed you crim, i’m glad you are able to move around more again. we need to catch up on at least a week and a half worth of cuddle time.” he brushes his antennae across her face lightly, closing his eyes and feeling her out like this. “i don’t like not getting our cuddle time in, and i don’t think you like missing it either.”

"It's the absolute worst." Crim mumbles, squeezing bramble as she leans up to whisper to him. "And Delfi has been teasing me about..." She gulps, nearly freezing up and back pedaling to some random complaint she could make about the affini. "you being my boyfriend..."

bramble buzzes excitedly, kissing crim’s cheek. “i’d love to be your boyfriend if you don’t mind being my girlfriend.” He wiggles a little bit, nuzzling hard into Crim’s neck. “i demand more cuddles, and i’ll make sure mistress gets us nice lunches and dinners!”

As soon as the words spill out of bramble's mouth Crim turns into a blubbering mess. Her wings fanned out behind her, as her grip on bramble becomes nearly crushing enough to cause mild discomfort for the boy. "Y-yes please, I'd like that very much."

Delfi giggles, and reaches over to give both beeple little pets. “See, I knew this would work well. I’ll stay here to keep others away, but I’ll try to give you privacy.” She returns to reading her pad, though she obviously turns to take a few pictures.

bramble buzzes excitedly, though he does wiggle a little under the tight grip Crim has on him. “today may be here, but tomorrow we should have a picnic. i think that would be fun, and we can show off being cute with each other.”

“You don’t have to rub in being right, Delfi.” Crim grumbles, her wings buzzing as she keeps herself pressed down on top of bramble despite his wiggling. Her eyes flicking around the cafe to look for Ipheon. “Do… you think your owner would like to hear the news…”

bramble nods and shifts around, lifting Crim up with how tight she is hanging on before waving over towards the front so she comes over.

Ipheon smiles, and takes a picture of the pair as she approaches. “Why hello there, how is everyone doing?” She then reaches over to give Crim a few pets. “You look fantastic Crim, so cute!”

bramble grins, and buzzes excitedly. “Mistress, crim asked me out and i said yes! tomorrow could we get some food together and go have a picnic at the park?”

Ipheon smirks, holding herself back from having every single one of her vines flow in satisfaction. “Of course petal, I’m a little surprised it took this long, but we can get a wonderful lunch together. All I demand is plenty of picture opportunities… and I expect crim to come spend the night more too.”

Crim looks over at Ipheon, hiding behind bramble, and shrinking down at Ipheon’s shift in demeanor. “Don’t act like I don’t see your smugness, Ipheon, you’re just lucky that you have such a wonderful pet…” She pauses for a moment, before glancing up at her. “I’d like to stay over more, yes.”

Ipheon giggles, leaning right up over both Crim and Bramble, casting a large shadow. “Good, I’ll make sure there’s good cuddle and sleeping spaces in bramble’s climbing room for the both of you. And I’ll have to make sure to always have some of your, and raven’s favorite things for whoever wakes up. I bet the others will love to hear about you two. It will be so cute to see them pampering you.”

Crim lets out a small squeak, electing to simply hide her head within bramble’s fluff. While she knows Ipheon wouldn’t weaponize bramble any more than normal, actually solidifying her interest, and having it returned… well it made the horrible thought of being domesticated seem just that little bit more tolerable.

Delfi giggles, and brings a vine to brush down Crim’s neck lightly, making sure to copy their play during the earlier beeple documentary. “You are so cute when you get embarrassed Crim. Also I expect to get copies of any pictures, I’ll share my own whenever I get to take some.”

bramble buzzes, and reaches around to give crim a light squeeze. “More cuddling is always great, oh maybe we can even collect honey together! That would be super fun!”

“Absolutely, here’s hoping the places we visit have some hives for us to lend a hand with. Given I’d get in real trouble working with beeple honey, with my still very fleshy mortal vessel.” Crim leans in, hesitating for a minute, before leaning in and trying to kiss bramble directly the best that she can. Their mandibles meeting in the middle and slowly rubbing up against one another. “Love you…”

bramble gently presses into the kiss before pulling back. “i love you too crim. i’ll help you get a good feel for working with honey. we can keep it low intensity and just do it at our own pace, as well as keeping it at a level that you can have so it's special for us.” He leans in and gives crim another kiss while buzzing.

“I mean, I’m already used to working on honey, collecting it, the whole kit. It’s a shame I can’t produce any myself, but getting to work on collecting honey together sounds wonderful.” Crim squeaks at all the kisses, her wings weakly fluttering as she melts into them. Letting out a little buzzing yawn, and tucking her legs up against each of brambles sides.

bramble pulls back lightly before nuzzling his head into the side of Crim’s, giving a few little chitters before speaking again. “then it’s a date, we will have so much fun! i didn’t know that you couldn’t make your own, but we will still make it work out, and like i said earlier, we will make sure it isn’t too strong so you can have it with whatever you want.”

"I'm sure you'll figure it out sweetie. Thank you." Crim casually rolls over, looking up at Delfi and widening her expression slightly. Trying to pull out all the stops of her new face to be as cute as a beeple. "Can you please feed us Delfi, I really don't wanna let go of bramble right now…"

Delfi nods, making sure the pair are sitting up straight in her laps. While she’d have done it anyway, getting to relish in Crim trying to manipulate her cuteness made the request all the easier to fulfill. She turns her head as Ipheon walks back over, and drops off some of the waffles that Crim wants every time they visit. "Of course, just relax and let me handle it." A small vine drifts down their jaws, giving a small tap in order to slip small bite sized servings inside. "Good bees." She taps their jaws again, prompting a closing.

As Crim's mouth closes, her mandibles chitter lightly. Rubbing up against Delfi's vines, as her eyes slowly drift shut. Taking a page out of bramble's book and just starting to laze about while she cuddles him.

Delfi steadily feeds the pair, quietly repeating her tapping motions while eventually drifting into conversation with Ipheon. Once the meal is finished off, Delfi pets both bees to pull them out of their lazing. “There we go, how do you feel?”

Crim mumbles out a few incoherent words, rolling over as her eyes drift back open. “Sleepy, and cozy…” She shifts to start kissing bramble once again, directly attempting to ignore the attempt to rouse them from their half asleep lazing. “I never wanna leave…”

Crim goes to the Hive Moon-

Next Time on the final Chapter of Anthomania, Fly Bee To The Moon

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