by Cracked_Ruby

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Crim gets some more of her mods, just a whole lot of cute stuff here!

Anemone laughs lightly, cradling Crim’s sleeping form in her vines as they walk towards the operating room. “I swear the poor dear must have been fidgeting all night, if she’s still asleep now that you’ve arrived.” 

She pats Crim on the head a few times. “But is there anything you need Azalia, or are you just good to come back once I’m done?”

“If you could direct me to where you got the inhalers, Crim asked me to refill them while she was getting her operation…before quietly saying that she loved me.” Azalia’s form excitedly bounces from side to side as she relishes in sharing that fact. 

“I’m also going to go get another plush for Crim also while you work, and I’ll be scheduling for one or two of her friends to come visit while she is recovering… though they will have instructions to be very gentle and to help keep her still.”

“Given all of Crimson’s friends are beeple. I wasn’t particularly concerned about them not being on their best behavior.” Anemone shakes her head slightly, a smile slipping its way onto her mask as she starts to prepare Crim for surgery. 

“Now just go to the gardens on the next hab ring over, they are the crew who designed those for Crim in the first place… and congratulations, on warming our little bee princesses icy heart.”

“Thank you, just message me if something comes up or you finish early. I don’t imagine any of this will take me too long, but I want to be right back here as soon as Crim is done if I can help it.” Azalia smiles brightly before leaning in and giving Crim a little kiss on the forehead. 

“I can’t wait to see you with more of your mods. Rest well until I get back.”

Anemone nods slightly, waving Azalia off so she can get to work on putting everything together for Crim. “Don’t stress yourself out too much, if it’s needed I’ll make time to watch Crim for a while after the surgery.” 


As Azalia arrives back at the operating room, Anemone is sitting in a chair next to Crim, and scrolling casually on her datapad. Occasionally looking up to check on Crim's mods, making sure that her newly added wings, as well as several spots on Crim’s new shorter legs are bandaged properly to prevent the girl from squirming too much. Areas of the newly added fur and fluff around each of the major locations being shaved down to keep access to each easily navigable and to prevent hairs from getting anywhere they shouldn’t. 

“Oh hello Azlia.” Anemone glances up from her datapad, giving her friend a little wave. “As you can see the surgery was a complete success. I do have one small warning for you, in regards to Crimson’s healing process, but it’s nothing big.” 

Azalia sits down next to Crim, before looking at Anemone. “So, what is the warning, I want to make sure everything goes well, especially so when she comes down she can really enjoy the experience that all of this will give her.” She carefully circles her vines near Crim, not wanting to touch anywhere she shouldn’t.

“Well, it seems like Crim has something called hypermobility in her joints, it’s not necessarily the biggest deal in day to day life. But with the addition of more and more joints, due to her body mods, this could lead to slight complications. Specifically in struggling more with coordination than others, which does explain why she’s seen as ‘accident prone’, and possibly being able to move her wings in ways that they’re not originally intended to.” Anemone gently pats Crim on the head, helping Azalia scoop the now significantly shorter girl into her vines. 

“So just be ready to encourage her to be patient with this part of the healing process, I’m going to be giving you both a two month gap before the next set to account for this, as well yet again recommending you continue physical therapy with Solosia. Perhaps even have a few of Crim’s beeple friends come over, and help her with the exercises.”

“Alright, I’ll talk with Solosia about this so she can put together a PT regime for Crim and Raven. I will say bramble is a good cuddler, but I think some of her other friends may be able to guide her through using her wings a bit more. Thank you for the advice, I’m sure that we can get a lot of help for getting them buzzing and moving properly.”

“Indeed, I’ll see you in a week to bring them up from their little trip.” Anemone slowly stands up with Azalia, helping her friend balance Crim in her grasp as they make their way out of the hospital wing. 

“And just remember to tell Crim her wings will only allow her to ‘fly’ in zero gravity areas by propelling her forward. That and that she’s going to be struggling to… get it right at first, but if she practices enough I’m sure she’ll get to independent flight someday!”

“Thank you, I’ll make sure to explain it to her. Once she seems to have it down a bit, I’ll schedule us a fun day for some zero gravity time. But that won’t be until I am confident in her progress.” Azalia cradles Crim, rocking her lightly with a smile on her face. “Now if you don’t mind, I gotta go take plenty of pictures while I can.”

“You enjoy yourself then, I’ll see you later Azalia.” Once they’re at the edge of the wing. Anemone stops, watching Azalia walk away for a moment, before turning around to get back to work for the day.


Raven lets out a little squeak as she’s being held perfectly in place on top of Azalia’s lap. While she’s not attempted to move her wings without approval, the new difference in their body weight has been causing slight difficulty in her attempts to crawl around. “Huuuungry…”

Azalia giggles, and shifts Raven around. “Alright Raven, thank you for saying, instead of squirming too much.” She carries Raven to the kitchen, getting some yogurt and other easy to eat things alongside a water bottle. A vine gently drifts alongside her jaw, tapping to get her to open up as a spoon is held in front of her face. “Open up cutie.”

Raven lets out a little squeak, leaning her head forward and taking a big bite. The taste of blueberries filling her mouth, and causing her to latch down on the spoon slightly to suck every drop off of it, before Azalia’s vine taps her cheek again causing her to release. "Thank youuuuu…"

“You are welcome, I love you Raven.” Azalia runs a vine over Raven’s head before bringing another spoonful to her lips, tapping her jaw again. “No more talking until your lunch is done, then you can talk all you want Raven.” She smiles and taps Raven’s belly playfully.

Raven lets out a little giggle, as she wobbles around in Azalia’s vines. Taking tiny bites of her meal, and letting little buzzes of pleasure out after each pet that would accompany them.

Once the little container of yogurt is empty, Raven places each of her hands on Azalia’s chest. Starting to squeeze one vine in each, as she looks up at Azalia. “Up please!”

Azalia brings her vines up and under Raven’s arms, hoisting her up and close to her face. “Good girl, so very pretty and polite. How are you doing? How do your new mods feel?” She carefully feels Raven’s legs a little bit. “Anything feel strange? Or do you want cuddles?”

Raven wiggles her legs ever so slightly, making sure not to move them any more than she’d been previously allowed. But obviously enjoying the process, and the general feeling of weightlessness. “Cuddles please!” She giggles, sliding her top set of hands onto Azalia’s mask, and squeezing a few times, obviously trying to pull the mask to make Azalia smile wider.

Azalia widens her smile, before leaning in to give Raven several little nuzzles. “Of course my precious little bee, we can have all the cuddles you want.” She wraps her vines around her charge, playfully touching and rubbing Raven’s feet. 

“When you are all recovered, we will have quite a bit of PT to get you used to your new weight and height, but I know you can pull through it all.”

“Mmmmhm!” Raven nods along with each of Azalia’s little nuzzles, her wings instinctively twitching ever so slightly at her own excitement. 

As Azalia starts to move around, walking back towards the bedroom to start up work on her project. Raven starts to slowly pull her legs up against her chest with Azalia’s help. Electing to go back to her favorite thing to do when on J’s, napping on top of her big flower’s lap, and basking in the warmth of Azalia’s vines.

Azalia quietly sets up her camera to begin recording, before sitting down in her chair with Raven curled up in her lap. She pets her bee a few times before beginning the newest lesson on the affini language, keeping everything gentle and easy to understand, all while making sure Raven was always in frame.

Imbetween shots, Raven would occasionally look up and buzz at the camera a little bit. Having her hands wave at the imaginary audience for her own entertainment, or even during one episode, following along, and mimicking the words that Azalia is using in affini, to ‘help’ from her perspective of things. After all, the best way to help with her job is to be as absolutely adorable as physically possible. 

With every bit of help given, Raven would receive rewards in the form of pets, and words of praise given by Azalia, which just so happened to line up with the lesson. Once recording was finished, Azalia lifted Raven up to her face again. “Very good job Raven, I’m so proud of you for helping so much, but we should let you rest a little more. I bet you are worn out from all of this excitement.”

Raven lets out a little yawn as her response, leaning her head forward to nestle into the crook of Azalia’s neck. Her head hiding within the flowing pink flower petals that comprise Azalia’s hair. “Eeeepy…”

Azalia rocks Raven a little bit before heading to the restroom, getting some toothpaste on a vine before tapping Raven’s jaw to begin brushing her teeth. After guiding her to spit, Azalia gives Raven a little bit of water, then she heads to Raven’s dresser to pick out a cute bee stripe pair of pajamas. Every movement in re-dressing her was made with care, before heading back to her own room, keeping Raven held close the whole time.


Crim smacks her hands down on the bed, buzzing fervently as Azalia starts to slowly unwrap her wings for their first flight practice. “Play play play play play!” She pushes herself up and down, looking around excitedly, obviously expecting one of her friends to be on their way.

Azalia pets Crim a little bit. “Calm down, your friends will be here soon.” She smiles and rubs between Crim’s wings. “Alright, clover, and blossom, will be coming over for your practice. bramble will be over later tonight, after they close up the Honey Pot, so you can get in lots of cuddle time.” She keeps a vine loosely looped around Crim’s waist. “You won’t be going too far, but just have fun and be careful, and I’ll be here the whole time too.”

Crim grins, her wings starting to wiggle ever so slightly from side to side as they unfold outward. “Play!” She slowly crawls forward, practicing using her new padded feet as she wobbles from side to side haphazardly. Only really being kept up by the assistance of Azalia.

“There you go, one step at a time. This is going to take some getting used to for you.” Azalia giggles and uses a few vines to grab Crim’s hands. “Alright, one foot in front of the other, we want to show off to your friends how good you are at walking after your mods.”

Crim very slowly does a push up off of Azalia’s vines, going from her knees, to standing fully standing on her two pads. Wobbling back and forwarth a little, as her wings attempt to flutter, and assist her with balancing. Only to wince, and fall to the side against Azalia’s vines, her bottom right wing having bent just a little bit too far to the right during one of its flaps. “Owe…”

Azalia picks Crim up, before examining her wing carefully. “Alright, everything looks fine, but you shouldn’t strain your wings until blossom, and clover, can help you learn how to use them properly. Can you try and hold back from buzzing until they are here to help you?” She worriedly looks at Crim, rubbing her shoulders lightly.

Crim nods ever so slightly, allowing Azalia to slowly put her back into a standing position, and taking much smaller steps. Her wings all fold back down into their full resting positions to keep herself from squirming. “Mhm, no wings until friends!” 

After another few minutes of stumbling, and having Azalia catch her, they make it to the edge of the bed. Crim giggling excitedly, and taking a few more light steps backwards into Azalia’s vines to rest.

Azalia carefully lifts Crim up before rocking her lightly. “Good girl, you did such a good job. I am so proud of you.” She playfully pets between Crim’s wings, before checking the time. “Alright, we will rest until your friends get here, that way you can be full of energy to practice and have fun.”

Crim lets out a light buzz though her teeth, allowing Azalia to get her fully secure within a comfortable blanket of vines. Her eyes slowly drifting shut, as her breathing starts to flow into a steady rhythm alongside Azalia’s. 


The sound of light knocking on the front door reverberates through the hab. Crim not even so much as raising her head in response to the disturbance, due to how cozy she’s gotten. A majority of Azalia’s mass being used to make her a safe little cocoon to nap within.

Azalia opens the door and smiles. “Hello everyone, thank you for coming. Crim is resting right now, but I know she will be really excited for practice with her wings.” She steps aside and lets the affini and beeple inside. 

“Make yourselves at home, and I’ll let you both wake Crim up, just be gentle.”

clover hops inside first, buzzing around happily as she flies up to get a better look at Crim. “awwwww she’s so cute!” she gently leans her head in, bonking it up against Crim’s cheek. “Mistress looook!”

Xeranthe Yarrow, seventh bloom takes a small step into the hab. Her body is stripes of black and green, in a pattern that matches clovers. With three glowing golden eyes, and two slightly glowing antennae sticking out her bushel of yellow petal hair. “Oh darling, I see why you’ve been so excited to see her again.” She takes a step up next to Azalia, glancing up at the affini. “May I pet her?”

Azalia giggles, nodding. “Of course, though if she were off of her J’s, she would fuss a lot. Although she does enjoy the attention.” She gently holds Crim out for lots of pets. 

“How have you been clover? Raven and Crim have both been excited to see you again.”

“Mistress and i have been doing wonderfully!” clover nods to herself, buzzing over and landing on Xerathe’s shoulder. “that and we’ve been all very excited to see the next level in crim’s transition!”

Xeranthe nods slightly, reaching out and slowly running her hand up and down Crim’s back. Watching as she slides her back up and down alongside each pet. “Well it seems like someone is starting to wake up at the very least.” Her hand slides all the way up to the back of Crim’s head patting her gently. “Good morning Crimson.”

blossom pokes her head in close, and begins to pet crim as well. “Come on crim, we will have plenty of time to sleep and cuddle later. today is flying day. i can’t wait to see how far you can go with a little help!” she giggles, and gently brushes crim’s hair.

Crim lets out a weak little buzz, before cracking her eyes back open. Her posture going from slumped, and lazily relaxing, to stiff and excited. Pushing herself up and away from Azalia’s vines, in order to get close enough to cuddle with blossom and clover. “Hi friends!” 

Xeranthe grins, pulling back slightly, and waving down at Crim. “Hello little one, we’re all very excited to see you work on your buzzing today. I hope you don’t mind me accompanying my floret.” She gently scratches the back of clover’s head.

clover buzzes, and leans into the gentle scratches. “Mistress was excited to come along, and this way we have two affini to watch over us while we have our fun!” She giggles a little bit before giving crim a hug.

Azalia smiles, and gives Crim a few pets. “I’ll be watching, I know you are excited, but if you ever feel uncomfortable with something, feel free to say that you need a little more time before trying.”

Crim nods a few times, her hands clumsily readjusting her face mask to be fully in front of her face instead of just propped up on top of it like during her nap. “Okay, I’ll be careful!”

Xeranthe nods, scooping blossom and clover into her vines. “Then let’s get to one of the no gravity sections of the ship, and we will practice there.” She flashes Crim a small smile, before nodding toward the door at Azalia. “As long as you’re fine with that Azalia, you’re the one who knows how much she can handle at this point after all.”

“I think that would be for the best. Anemone did say that she would need to be in low to no gravity to really fly or hover.” She wraps a few vines around Crim and lifts her up. “I’m going to carry you so we can get there faster, alright?” Azalia smiles and gives crim a little hug.

Crim nods slightly, returning the hug, and getting into a more relaxed position yet again to let Azalia and Xeranthe take care of the trip. “Okie!”

As the group makes their way into the halls, Xeranthe takes Azalia’s hand before picking up the pace in their speed. Sending wind brushing past the groups faces, as Crim pops up and watches the ship pass them by. Enjoying the feeling of speed, while not having to deal with the stimulation of having wind on her face.

It only takes a few minutes, before they arrive at one of the rail lines between segments of the ship. Xerathe slowing to a halt as they wait for the next train to arrive. “So, has Crim seen the rest of the ship, or have you two been simply enjoying our little hab ring exclusively?”

“Crim hasn’t really wanted to be seen by too many others until her body mods are done given her dysphoria, so I haven’t really pushed her too far. That and Raven really likes to relax at home. I’ve been thinking about places to introduce them to though.” Azalia pets Crim a few times, leaning close so blossom and clover can reach over to interact with Crim while they waited.

"Well no worries then, I know some lesser traveled halls on the way to help insure that Crimson doesn't get too anxious." Xeranthe leans against Azalia, and watches as the two beeple in her arms crawl over to the connecting vines, to go and casually cuddle Crim. 

Crim of course, wiggles her way onto her chest. Allowing clover and blossom to settle down at each of her sides, the pair being very careful not to put any pressure on her wings as they rest. 

Azalia smiles and pets all three beeple. “Thank you, even on her J’s, I’m fairly certain that Crim would get too anxious around too many people.” She looks around, taking note of how they avoided a busy time. “Good timing on the train time, this is preferable for Crim.”

“I do try my best to avoid crowds in general, and after hearing about how nervous little Crimson was during her first visit to the hive. Around exclusively beeple none the less, I knew I needed to ensure that our little play date avoided large crowds.” Xeranthe sighs, watching as one of the trams zips up to the station, a few straggling groups walking out, and allowing the party to get on board. Heading over to an empty bench, and sitting down. “That and I personally also prefer more… relaxed trips so it was a win win.”

Azalia smiles and sits close to Xeranthe so clover has easy access to her owner. “That’s fair, and it does work out for us.”

clover nods eagerly, before hugging Crim gently. “I may enjoy getting some extra attention, but mistress makes small and quiet gatherings and trips really nice.”

“That and I get a little anxious when I'm away from indigo, so keeping groups smaller helps a lot.” blossom gently bonks her head up against Crim as the shuttle starts to move once again. Both of the affini helping secure the three cuddling bees, to make sure the ride wont jostle them around. 

Crim as the ride starts, wiggles her arms out, and wraps each set around the beeple on either side of her. Giving a massive double hug, as she wiggles her way down more against Azalia’s lap. “Calm…”

Azalia smiles and raises some of her vines around the beeple. “Calm indeed, nothing more than you want. I’ll make sure of that.” She allows a few vines to pet Crim, clover, and blossom.


As they left the train, clover and blossom back in Xeranthe’s grasp. Azalia glances over “So, I haven’t explored too much honestly, feel free to lead the way along one of your paths.” She cradles Crim in such a way that she wouldn’t be able to be seen too much without getting too close.

Xerathe nods, holding both of the beeple on each of her shoulders. The hallway that they enter is quite a bit wider, with only really affini, and maybe their florets riding on their back. 

“Just hold onto Crim tightly, and we’ll be only another few minutes before we arrive. Wouldn’t want the poor dear floating away now would we.” She laughs, and picks up the pace ever so slightly, clearly trying to rush this trip rather than allowing Azalia to get a good look at this wing of the ship, to make sure that Crim doesn’t get agitated by being visible too long.

Azalia nods and keeps close behind Xerathe, keeping Crim as covered as she can without squeezing too hard. “Don’t worry Crim, we will be in a place where you can play and practice all you want.” She smiles lightly, glancing around at the different places on this ring, but not lingering for long so she can keep up with the set pace.

As they make their way through these halls, things become more and more minimalistic. While still clearly displaying affini engenuity at every turn, as different plants that are more adjusted to low to no gravity areas pepper the hall. 

Crim mumbles slightly as the group walks into a small for affini standards in between room. Mostly resigning herself to relaxing and enjoying the privacy that Azalia is working to provide.

After a moment the room shifts, being moved from its current placement in one of the rings, and closer to the hull of the ship. The groups weight slowly shifting as the lack of rotation allows weightlessness to overtake them. Xerathe waits for the door to open in front of them, before grabbing onto different points on the walls, to tug herself forward. 

“Alright, and we’ll just be going three doors to the left when we exit, it’s a nice play area that I reserved in advance. Plenty of cushioning to make sure that no one gets hurt.”

Azalia gently unwraps her vines from around Crim, though she keeps one loosely tied around her waist just in case she needed the support. “This is perfect, I’ve never come out over here before, so I didn’t really know where to start on Crim’s flying practice.” She smiles and floats to the side, letting blossom and clover surround Crim.

As they all come to a stop, Xerathe taps on the door to the play room, and it’s very similarly constructed to Crim’s bedroom, except for the scale of it all. The room goes up nearly fifty feet, with different pads and points to grab onto and climb all over. “Alright you three, be careful, and if you ever start to feel tired me or Azalia will come and getcha.”

Crim excitedly hops out of Azalia’s vines, her wings fluttering a few times as she lazily floats through the air. Only to be stopped by Azalia’s vine running out of slack. Giggling as her wings continue to lightly beat, trying to force her even an inch further as clover takes her and and starts to guide her through the motions of buzzing her wings more rapidly.

blossom shifts around to demonstrate clover’s explanation. She then moves to hold Crim’s hand before glancing back to Azalia with a small smile.

Upon seeing the sign, Azalia unwinds her vine, releasing Crim to fully practice what she is being shown. “I’m a little worried, but I’m sure Crim will really appreciate having these lessons after she comes down from her J’s.”

Xerathe nods ever so slightly, watching as both blossom and clover start to beat their wings more intensely. Controlling the trajectory of the flight. While still allowing Crim’s intentions to assist in guiding them. “Absolutely, just keep calm, and I’m sure clover and blossom can handle showing Crimson the ropes. Maybe just pull out your datapad and take pictures to pass the time if it will help.”

Azalia takes the suggestion happily, pulling out her pad and starting up a recording. “So, what do you like to do? The girls typically go and buzz amongst themselves when I have been close, so I haven’t really asked before. I’ve been working on an affini language video series for little cuties who want to learn it.”

“Oh, I…” Xerathe shrugs slightly, eyes glued on the buzzing trio. Watching as clover and blossom very slowly help Crim do a small flip in mid air. 

“Haven’t actually been up to all that much recently. I heard about the terran domestication project, clover thought they all looked adorable and wanted to visit, and here we are. For the most part I just take care of rescuing ferals whenever they need a few extra vines for a ship.”

“That sounds nice, have you come around any little ones who need the help? While I started by helping Crim just to help, both of them have really grown on me.” Azalia giggles a little bit, getting a picture of Crim upside down and buzzing her wings.

“Well there’s been a few ships I have helped with so far, the most recent being the Free Spirit and the two others in that batch, a few years ago. Decided to take a break afterwards to spend more time with clover given I was getting quite wrapped up in my job at that time.” Xerathe chuckles to herself, taking a few pictures of the flying trio. Taking no end of pleasure in seeing her floret enjoying socializing with Crim. 

“And honestly, I haven’t regretted a day ever since, I’m about to hit time for my next reblooming, and clover’s been so much happier recently. Seeing her make another new friend always brings life to my core.”

“They all are such sweeties, I’ve got a couple years until my next reblooming, but it is getting closer. Raven wants an owner, but Crim is at least acting like she doesn’t want one, although I don’t plan on leaving them alone at any point, which does have me a little worried for when reblooming time lines up.” Azalia reaches over to give Xerathe a small hug. 

“I don’t even own her yet, and seeing Crim and Raven happy really does give me that same feeling, I can hardly imagine not having them in my life.”

“I’m sure they’ll be fine, you’ve got Ipheon after all, from what clover’s gossip has told me, she’s also really attached to Crim and Raven, so they can stay with her for a bit?” Xerathe laughs lightly, shaking her head and giving a little round of applause as Crim lands on top of one of the upper levels platforms. “Good job you three!”

As they land, Crim wobbles ever so slightly, pulling clover and blossom a little tighter against herself as assistance for balancing. As her wings slow to a halt, to avoid knocking them forward and off of the platform. 

clover helps Crim stabilize a little bit more. “You’ve been doing great crim, it's almost like you were always meant to be a bee.” She leans in and nuzzles against Crim’s side, buzzing her wings lightly to encourage her friend.

blossom leans in on the other side, her mandibles chittering playfully. “Well clover, it almost seems like you have a little crush, you did a lot of the same things when we played around.”

clover blushes, and shakes her head. “I’m telling crim the truth and cuddling, I like cuddling!”

Cim nods a few times, the duos comments taking a moment to make their way through her xenodrug addled mind, before her wings start buzzing rapidly. Indicating how flustered she’s getting while her face is still mercifully hidden behind her mask. “Cuddles now please!” She squeaks out, both clover and blossom needing to buzz their wings as well to stop their little hug circle from starting to aimlessly float around the room.

Azalia giggles at the trio, snapping a few pictures before reaching up a vine to help keep them stable. “Crim, you are adorable when you are flustered, just be careful not to go too hard with your buzzing.”

Crim takes a deep breath at Azalia’s warning, her wings folding back up against her in order to keep the buzzing down, and to avoid over exerting them. “Mhm…”

Xerathe simply leans back, watching as Azalia shifts from platform to platform. Climbing all the way up to where the trio had decided to rest, impressed at her maneuverability in comparison to her assumed relative inexperience, with low to zero gravity navigation. “Hey Azalia, maybe take Crim yourself and help her ‘fly’ around on her own. I think she’ll like it.”

Azalia smiles and nods, letting clover and blossom let go of Crim first. “Alright Crim, time for flying practice with me.” She lifts Crim up, keeping a firm grasp, on her bee before steadily moving her forward. 

“Make sure you buzz your cute wings, I’ll help you stay safe.” She wiggles her vines a little to give Crim a few playful pokes to her sides.

“Okay Azaliaaaaa.” Crim wiggles around as Azalia gets her with little pokes and prods, her wings slowly starting to buzz forward. Being far more careful with each little flap than when she had blossom and clover assisting her. Having to fully rely on Azalia to stop her if she’s going to crash.

She flaps only one half of her wings a few times, just to send herself spiraling around in the weightlessness. Almost clipping a platform, as Azalia gently tugs the vine attached to her, sending her back into the open air and away from obstacles. 

“That’s good Crim, get used to how every change affects how you move. I won’t let anything bad happen at all.” She moves along the platforms, keeping up with Crim to ensure that she will always be there if needed. 

“Now, go ahead and try a loop, I bet that would be really fun.”

It takes a few tries, as Crim flaps her wings increasingly rapidly, trying to see how she can control them more intuitively. Nearly bonking her head on several platforms, before getting just close enough to one to kick off in time with the beating of her wings to do a very slow flip in mid air. 

Immediately afterward, finding herself pulled all the way back into Azalia’s vines. Her wings being ever so slightly assisted in getting back into their resting positions by Azalia, the affini being extra careful after this much exertion to make sure that everything is in its proper place. 

As she adjusts back to being in the warmth of Azalia’s embrace, Crim slides her knees up against her chest. Taking a few deep breaths, before simply flopping over from the exhaustion of all this excitement. “Sleepy please.”

“Of course sweetie, you just rest, we will get home and have snacks for you doing such a good job today.” Azalia cradles Crim before making her way down to the others. 

“I think it is getting to be time for Crim’s nap, and I also think it would probably be best if we get back home, does anyone want to do anything before we get back?”

Xerathe puts her arms, watching as clover and blossom buzz down from the platform that they’d been watching from, and land down in them. “What do you two think, do you wanna go back to Miss Azalia’s hab to cuddle and nap with Crim, or would you rather head back to our habs and relax for the evening?”

clover and blossom look at each other for a few moments, before nodding simultaneously and turning back to look at Azalia. 

“we would like to go and spend more time with crim please Mistress!” clover chirps out, crawling her way up onto her favorite resting spot Xerathe’s shoulder, and getting right in the crook of her owner’s neck.

“Well then off to Miss Azalia’s hab it is.” Xerathe nods ever so slightly, making sure not to move her head as much now that clover is up on her shoulder, as they start the walk down the hall back towards the habitation rings.

We go back to get and know Delfi more in-

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