by ColdCorvid

Tags: #Crying #plants #scifi #solo #Story

A short excerpt exploring the emotions [unknown] has after Her disappearance.

A short disclaimer I will attempt to include in all my works whether they be entirely fictitious or loosely based on my own personal experiences or emotions. All these works spill forth from a place in my subconscious that I not only do not fully understand nor feel that I’m entirely connected with. Should there be any notes or tones that might be controversial or barely legible to most I would like to apologize in advance as I attempt to understand this part of me through my writing. Also grammar hard, autocorrect save me.

-One mightily distressed Corvid


Why. That was the question on their mind. It was one that was plagued with a lack of answers or even a hint as to the truth concerning Her disappearance. It had happened so long ago and yet it was all they could think of. It was rebounding off the insides of their skull as they tossed and turned in their sleep. Suddenly snapping out of their troublesome slumber as they felt something snap beneath their coils.

Eyes shooting opening and head snapping back towards their coils only to discover a broken branch in their clutches. Their coils seemingly wrapped around the lonesome branch in the midst of their uneasy rest before finally crushing it beneath their shifting scales during their dream, or rather nightmare. Still plagued by that question, one of the few reasons they kept trudging through the ruins of the world.

They slowly slid away from the damaged branch, turning around to face it. Gently scooping it up off of the floor of the rundown apartment and resting it against the wall, coils running over what remained of the tree’s limb, oozing a warm brown sap to seal the wound they’d accidentally created.

Finally they allowed themselves to slide down against the cool stone wall, able to feel the vines intertwined with the building trembling, pushing against the stones as if trying to comfort them. A soft smile finding its way across their thin lips as they let out a sigh, glad that the mother earth was still there, something to latch onto was the comfort that nature always provided. After all, it was one of Her gifts. A piece of Her, or at least built from the ground up to provide for all of us, and for the very earth itself. A sort of life that they could understand. Sometimes they swore mother earth could understand their anguish, confusion, fear, and always seemed to be there. A warmth in the cold, dying world, it was as close to Her as they could feel so they always savored the feeling. The feeling of those gentle vines pushing up against stone as they raised a hand to the wall. Gently extending a single clawed digit up towards the cracks between the stones. Able to feel vines pulsating, shifting against their back before a small, gentle vine found its way out of the spaces between the stones. Gingerly twisting in the air, searching for their finger before finally latching on and wrapping round their digit. Squeezing back as tears streaked from their eyes.

Suddenly recoiling back into themselves, hands wiping tears from their eyes. Palms pushing up across their eyes on their forehead and their cheeks. Wiping away the tears as vines quickly sprouted forth from the walls. Gently falling onto their shoulders, just to let them know that their cries were heard. Their anguish acknowledged in a way they would never really understand.

If mother earth really understood at all.

Hating themselves for the hurtful thought even though they hadn’t said it aloud. Only sobbing louder into their hands as their coils slowly wrapped round themselves in an effort to find some level of comfort as they spent another morning beneath the blue sun weeping. Begging. Crying out for Her.

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