by ChaoticEvyl

Tags: #cw:noncon #hypnosis #kidnapping #vampire #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female

My first story on ROM... Something I wrote a couple of years ago to indulge in a fantasy and after some recent positive feedback someone recommended I publish it here. Hope you enjoy!

1 - Tracy

"Three, two, one... As deep as you can go." Those were the last words Tracy heard before her concious mind abandoned her.

"Up, up, UP!"

Tracy looked up, a bit bewildered. She had no idea where she was, how she'd gotten here or how long ago it was that she must have been taken from her bedroom.

She looked around, to see if she could see anything that would allow her to recognize where she was. The room looked empty, except for the bed she was sitting on. There was a single window, allowing the low sun to shed a little light on the room. The walls were painted in a dull color, grey probably, but she couldn't be sure in the dim lighting. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she looked around the room once more. It was then that she noticed the black wooden chair sitting in the darkest corner, and a mysterious woman, sitting silently, watching her.

2 - Rebecca

"Three, two, one... As deep as you can go."

Rebecca watched Tracy's expression gradually change. Her eyes glazing, as if she was lost deep in thought. She loved seeing Tracy like this, deep in trance, open to any suggestions she might feed her. Tracy had such a bright imagination and her mind was capable of conjuring the most exquisite of sceneries. Rebecca loved doing scenes with Tracy, as they were so effortless and, above all, Tracy loved elements of fear.

"That's right sweetie, nice and deep for me.

"I would like you to imagine a room, one where you might be taken if you were to be abducted. Can you do that for me?"

Tracy nodded, though barely perceptible. It wasn't so much the motions, as it was the energy radiating from Tracy's body, that told Rebecca when her suggestions were accepted and settling in.

"This room should contain a bed for you to sit on, and a single chair for me to sit on. I want you to imagine it as real as you can. And as you continue imagining this room for me, you go a bit deeper still, with every detail you add."

Rebecca waited a few seconds, to allow Tracy to imagine it as realistically as possible. There was no need to suggest any more specifics, as Tracy was only going to spend a few minutes in this room anyway.

"That's right. You've been taken to this room by people you don't know. Therefore, you will not recognize my face, my voice or my touch, until I tell you otherwise. You have been blindfolded all the way here and only in this room was the blindfold taken off. After taking it off, your eyes will need a few seconds before the room comes into focus. Bringing you back now. Up, up, UP!"

3 - Tracy

"W-who are you?" Tracy managed to utter, stricken by fear. A hoarse whisper, barely audible.

"It's interesting how that's always the first question that my victims ask. Somehow they seem more concerned with me than with their own well-being," the woman smiled.

Tracy felt her body tense as she heard the stranger's words. As soon as the meaning of her words sank in, Tracy felt a cold shiver running down her back. She flushed as she realized that she was getting aroused by this. The devilish smile that danced across the woman's lips amplified the sensation.

"Hmm... And already you don't know what to say anymore. I wish all my victims would give in this easily. Surrendering. Accepting that they're my captive."

"I'm not accepting! How can I possibly accept?! I don't know where I am or who you are," Tracy yelled.

The mysterious woman just stared at her. Another cold shiver ran down Tracy's spine, and she felt like the woman's piercing gaze was looking directly at her soul.

"Wait... I'm your captive?" Tracy could barely whisper, as the weight of the words sank in.

"Well, yes. It's not like you can leave this room by your own free will," the woman replies. She pointed at the door. "Go ahead, try it. You might be able to get up, but even if you manage that, you will be unable to open the door."

Only then Tracy realized that indeed she hadn't been tied down and that the only reason she couldn't move before, was because she was frozen in fear.

"I'll be damned if I can't!"

Tracy rose from the bed and walked towards the door. She had expected the woman to get up and rush to get to the door first, but she was still sitting in the chair when Tracy reached the door.

"Go ahead, try." The woman's tone was mocking.

Tracy grabbed the door handle and attempted to push it down, but she couldn't get it to move. She tried again, to no avail. Every wiggle of the door handle made her more anxious as she realized that she could not escape.

4 - Rebecca

"Time for us to move," Rebecca said, getting up from the chair and walking towards the door.

Tracy froze for a second, before she hurried back to the bed, sitting obstinately with her arms crossed.

"I'm not coming with you! Not until you tell me where you're taking me!"

"You're not?" Rebecca asked, her tone mocking.

"I'm not! I refuse to go anywhere with you, until you tell me what's going on."

"So, if I tell you, you will follow me, wherever that may be?" Rebecca smirked.

"Well, uhm... No," Tracy shook her head in confusion. "I just want to go back home. I demand that you release me!"

Rebecca smiled at Tracy's confusion. So easy to confuse with just a few simple words. For a seconds Rebecca wondered if she should add some suggestion of confusion, but decided against it. Not doing so made it all the more fun. Rebecca stole a glance outside. The sun had set. Time to move on.

"You misunderstand. You don't have a choice, because if you don't come willingly, I will sedate you."

Rebecca hardly finished the sentence, before Tracy fell down on the bed. It surprised her every time how well that trigger worked for Tracy, even when it was casually used in a conversation.

"Very good honey," Rebecca continued. "You're doing really well. For the next part, we're going to move first. In a moment, when I tell you, you will come back to me enough to safely walk with me. Probably you will not remember this, because you want your fantasy to play out as real as possible. So you can simply let go of any of those memories. Back with me in 5. 1, 2, 3 slowly waking... 4 coming back to me, 5 able to walk and follow me. Come along."

Tracy rose placidly from the bed and joined Rebecca. Linking her arm with Tracy's, Rebecca opened the door and together they walked downstairs.

5 - Rebecca

It was almost completely dark outside. The moon shone bright on the night's sky and there was a slight breeze. The temperature was comfortable on this spring night and traffic had almost died.

After walking for a couple of minutes they arrived at the park. It was deserted, except for a single man walking his dog. Rebecca made a mental note to stay clear from him. Not that Tracy was in any way scared of dogs, but because the presence of an unknown third party might trigger her safety suggestions.

"Remember how I said I would sedate you?"

Tracy was gone again, but remained in an upright position, swaying slightly as she stood by Rebecca, staring blankly out into the park.

"While you were sedated, I took you to this graveyard. You won't know how long or how far we traveled to get from the chamber of captivity to here. When you come back in a moment, you might need a bit of time for your eyes to adjust. As your eyes get used to the dark, this graveyard will slowly come into focus. When you will eventually look around, a crypt will catch your attention. This crypt will be as clear and vivid to you, as any headstones, paths, flowers or any other details you might see. Can you do this for me?"

Tracy nodded, barely perceptible.

"Very good. Of course you will also be able to see the person who took you captive. Very clearly this time, but still a stranger to you. Now wake up in your own time, in the next ten seconds, as the effects of the sedative wear off."

6 - Tracy

As Tracy regained conciousness, her surroundings slowly came into focus. It took about a minute for her eyes to adjust to the dark. There were headstones everywhere, carefully aligned in rows next to paths. Most of the headstones had flowers growing around them, seemingly colorless in the low light of the moon and stars. There were trees here and there and fields of grass covering the open area's between the graves. Then Tracy noticed the crypt, right at the far edge of the graveyard. She couldn't help but stare at it, wondering who would have had the money to pay for such a large, ornate crypt.

"Ah, I see you noticed the resting place of my ancestors," an unknown voice said. Tracy spun around in place and nearly tripped when she saw the stranger who took her captive, standing right next to her.

"Did I scare you?" The woman smiled, a sparkle in her eyes. The feeling that she should get away from this woman grew stronger within Tracy and she cautiously looked around for help, hoping the woman wouldn't notice.

"There is no escaping me sweetheart."

How had she known?! Tracy didn't understand. Had it been so obvious? Certainly not. Tracy's mind started to run away with her. Could this woman read minds?

The woman just smiled. And all-knowing smile. A smile that told Tracy this woman could indeed read her mind. She had to be sure. She had to know.

"C-Can you.. Read.. Minds?" Tracy stuttered as she asked the question, betraying her fear.

The woman still smiled and seemed to be thinking over her words, before deciding how to answer.

"You would certainly love to know, wouldn't you? To know how I have been capable to get ahead of you like this.

"No, I can't read minds. I can, however, smell fear. And I can hear you blood pulsing through your veins. It's calling to me."

Involuntarily, Tracy took a few steps backward, moving away from this maniacal woman. Person. Creature. She corrected herself in her thoughts. This woman, or whatever she was, she couldn't be human. Or could she?

"Stop." The woman spoke softly, her voice low, threatening even.

A cold shiver traveled upwards, along Tracy's spine, as she stopped moving. She couldn't help but look at the creature. Staring at it.

The woman smiled. "Ah, you're warming up to me."

This surprised Tracy. Was she really? She didn't know how to answer.

"I believe you humans call it Stockholm Syndrome, don't you?"

Tracy couldn't help herself. Her voice was soft, barely audible, as she answered. "I think so."

"Pity creatures, humans, needing to make up complex structures while it's all really so very simple...

"Seduction. Desire. Lust." The woman emphasized each of these words. "Even curiosity."

Tracy had started to sway back and forth a bit. The woman's tone had changed. Softer, almost a whisper, and so alluring. Capturing her attention, capturing her mind, as if she was losing her will. All that mattered was surrendering to this woman. There must be magic involved, somehow. Tracy had no other way to explain it, and she didn't care.

7 - Rebecca

Rebecca took a few slow, deep breaths. She had to pace herself. There was more she wanted to do, before devouring Tracy, but already she was so turned on that she wanted to claim her right now. She took another two breaths. Slow, deliberate, counting down her exhale. Time to go on.

"Would you like to take a closer look at that crypt?"

"Hmm, yes please. It's so exquisite. Can I take a closer look?" Tracy spoke slowly, dreamy, as if she were talking in her sleep. Rebecca wasn't even sure whether or not she would remember saying this later on.

"You can go first, walk along. Carefully now." With that, Tracy started walking, taking small but deliberate steps. Rebecca followed, wondering where Tracy would have pictured the crypt.

They walked for five minutes, including Tracy stopping twice to look at something. Another time Rebecca might have asked Tracy what she was looking at, but she couldn't risk hearing Tracy's dreamy voice again, lest she loose her self-control and devour her right away.

"Seeing it up close, it looks even more magnificent!" Tracy had stopped, where supposedly the crypt was located.

"It is, isn't it. I'm very proud of it," Rebecca responded.

Tracy spun around. "Why are you proud of it? You can't own this place, can you?"

"It's been in my family for centuries. Five generations of my family have been buried in this crypt. I am the last person who is supposed to be laid to rest here."

8 - Tracy

Upon hearing that, Tracy couldn't help but be intrigued. Five generations? This person must have come from a very wealthy family.

"Is there," Tracy started to say before the woman continued speaking, interrupting her.

"It is however unlikely that I ever will." A smile formed on the woman's face, almost devilish.

"Why would you not?" Tracy asked.

"Because my family doesn't want me to. There's also the question of whether I'll ever die..." An eerie silence fell.

"How can it be a question whether or not you'll die?" As Tracy asked the question, she took a few hesitant steps away from the woman. How had she forgotten that this person had kidnapped her? How had this person warmed up to her like this? Could it indeed be Stockholm syndrome? Tracy turned and started to walk away, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"You still haven't figured it out, have you?" The devilish smile was back. "How have you not realized that I'm very skillful at seduction? That I'm a mistress of darkness. A vampire."

With that, the woman bridged the distance and with a swift motion brushed Tracy's hair to the side, exposing her neck and placed a vampire kiss on the naked flesh. Tracy squirmed under the skillful teasing, as the woman slowly placed vampire kisses all around her neck.

9 - Rebecca

"Back into trance for me in 3, 2, 1... and drop!" As she spoke that last word, Rebecca softly pulled Tracy's hair.

"I'm sure you enjoyed this little fantasy, judging you your reactions. Now it's time to end this scene so you can properly please me. You can hold on to all the memories of tonight. You may choose to forget, for the time being, that it was all a fantasy, though come tomorrow morning you'll remember for sure.

"When I wake you again from this trance, you'll be fully aware again of your surroundings and you'll find yourself very aroused, obedient and wanting to please me. Craving to please me. Up, up, UP!"

Tracy blinked a few times before looking up at Rebecca. Her eyes were blazing with lust, as Rebecca was sure her's did too. Rebecca couldn't wait any longer and grabbed Tracy's hair, pulled it back to expose her throat and bit down hard on the side of her neck, causing Tracy to gasp for air.

"Let's hurry home, so we can finish properly," Rebecca said, before she wrapped an arm around Tracy and urged her to come along.


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