Mindwipe Castle

The End

by Changer

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #robots #sub:female #vampire #ghosts

The room on the other side of the rubble was large and almost featureless. Bare walls, no decorations. Just a woman with long red hair floating naked in the center of the room.

The strange woman flickered in and out of view. Parts of her body disappearing and reappearing in chaotic spasms. Now and again, her face could be seen and it looked as though she was… Suffering.

The women all stood at the edge of the room. Was this… The secret they had been looking for? Had they been sent here to find this woman? Anne heard a voice from behind them all. “There she is.”

Anne turned to see Helen standing behind them. “Good work, you found her before any villains won.” She said cheerfully “Now we just have one task left.”

“And that is?” Dominya asked, her focus still fixed on the unknown woman. “Do we need to put her out of her misery? I won’t take pleasure in it but… If I must slay her to end her suffering…”

“Oh! No! No slaying!” The green haired woman said, panic briefly in her voice before calming herself. “She’s… Stuck. Dominya, Misty, if you two both grab her and pull together, you can pull her body and soul free without severing them from one another. Its… The only way to save her from this trap.”

Dominya nodded, and slowly began to approach the woman. Misty floated alongside her, speaking slowly, “A-Are you sure it’s safe?”

“If the Mistress orders it, we must obey. Even if it is unsafe.” Dominya growled. The two of them then reached together, Misty’s hand entering Dominya’s as they both gripped the woman.

“I’m afraid I can’t allow you to do that.” A new voice rang out, echoing through the chamber.

A portal appeared on the side wall, and in it was a figure with long black hair, and pale skin. Her eyes were jet black and thin black stripes fell from her eyes like streams of tears. It was the same woman from earlier, the one Anne assumed must have been Drell… But now she seemed to be adorned with countless gemstones, each glowing a different color…

“This woman is guilty of offending me.” Drell declared “Her death and the deaths of all from her realm are the only reasonable sentence. Leave now, before I make you share in her fate.”

“Get away from there!” Helen shouted “Its too dangerous! She’s more powerful than any of us!”

“I don’t care about the danger.” Dominya hissed. “I will do my duty, even if it costs my life.”

“I’m already dead! What’s she gonna do to me?” Misty giggled. “Lets save this girl!”

The two of them continued to pull at the woman. Slowly, she seemed to grow more stable as she was pulled forward. The woman from the portal, however, quickly grew visibly enraged.

“You think death puts you above my power?!” She roared, raising a hand. “I’ll show you what I can do to you!”

A light began to grow from her palm, as Anne found herself running forward. She knew… Somehow… She knew she could make it in time… She didn’t know what she could do but… She leapt forward with all her strength and…”


“Noooo!!!” Olivia called out as she saw Anne rushing ahead. She tried to reach for her, but she was just too fast again. Her hand barely brushed against Anne’s overalls uselessly as she stumbled forward a few steps.

She watched as Anne ran across the room, leaping between Dominya, Misty, and Drell. The spell shot from the woman’s hand and as it struck Anne there was a flash, and then a statue slammed onto the ground with a thunderous grinding noise.

Olivia ran to the statue, struggling against the way her overgrown breasts pulled her off balance. As she reached the statue she fell to her knees, looking it over. It was a perfect resemblance of Anne in the moment of impact… It… Didn’t seem damaged… Could Leader fix her?

“I said get out of there!” Helen urged “Its not worth losing any more of you!”

“Only the Leader can tell me to leave!” Dominya shouted back, “You can’t give me orders! I-I’m second in command!”

“Hmph…” The woman from the portal scoffed “So that’s how you want to play it. No matter, I can turn everyone in this room to stone with one spell!”

“No. You can’t.” a new voice suddenly spoke. It was calm yet… Powerful.

A figure appeared between the woman in the portal and the others. It was hard for Olivia to see them… She could make out some kind of… Mask… but their body was… Impossible to discern.

“Drell… With multiple kingdoms as witness…” The figure spoke, pointing a hand forward at the portal “I formally accuse you of casting magic on a human.”

“What? That was a human? What is a human doing here?!” The woman cried out, her tone quickly shifting from rage to panic. “N-No it… It doesn’t count as a violation! Sh-She threw herself into my spell! She was not my intended target!”

“That would be a reasonable defense.” Another female voice spoke, beside the figure, another green haired woman appeared. She looked similar to Mistress, but taller and more mature in appearance. “However, you then threatened to cast a spell on everyone else in the room. Including Olivia. Another human.”

“NO!” The woman shouted, looking around as portals began to open on the opposite wall, one after another, each with an elegantly dressed person standing within them, and each looking… Displeased. “No! No! I was tricked! Its… Its not my fault!” The woman protested.

“We will decide that at your trial.” The taller woman with green hair said. “Now… Surrender to my arrest, or allow your own realm to consume you. The choice… Is yours.”

The environment behind the dark woman began to vibrate. Almost as though the realm it’s self was growling. Drell looked around herself briefly before finally looking down in defeat. “Very well… I… I surrender myself to you.”

As she spoke, her body began to glow and shrink. Changing into a small statuette only a foot tall as it levitated from the portal into the taller green haired woman’s hand. As soon as she was in the woman’s hand, the realm from the portal seemed to stop shaking.

To the other side of them, Dominya and Misty had finished pulling the red haired woman free from the spot she was stuck in. Dominya and the woman fell to the floor while Misty went sailing across the room, stopping near the other girls at the entrance.

The taller woman spoke again “I will prepare her for trial. Farewell.” then, she was gone. Along the far wall, the portals began to close one after another, their inhabitants not speaking a word out loud.

“Wh-What was that? What happened??” Olivia stammered, her arms still holding the statue of Anne as she looked up at the figure.

It stood still for several moments, seemingly staring into the empty portal Drell had left behind. “I am sorry.” It spoke at last. “I had hoped our audience would… Dissuade her from acting so rashly…”

“Wh… What do you mean?” Olivia asked again, “You can fix this right?”

“Of course I can.” The figure said. “I just... Would have preferred it didn’t happen at all. I don’t like others breaking my things.”

“L-Leader…?!” Olivia gasped. It had to be them… There was no one else she could think of who could claim to own them…

Helen approached them slowly, kneeling next to the Dominya and the woman on the floor. “Next time… Listen to me. But…” She let out a small sigh “Thank you.”

“Could someone please tell me what’s going on here?!” Olivia cried out.

“I may have put it together.” Miranda said, stepping into the room from the doorway Dominya had made. Wasn’t she… Eliminated? What was she doing here…?

“Drell was a queen. I do not know her species, a category of demon perhaps?” She asked as she approached, “She attacked this realm some time ago after it’s queen rejected her snake oil offer, sabotaging their mana generation crystal and locking it right before it finished collapsing into it’s self in the hopes of eternally tormenting the queen in a state halfway between existence and non.”

“Our Leader decided to save her. But… If they had simply come here on a rescue mission, she may have wiped us all out in an instant and left no witnesses.” Miranda continued, “So… Our Leader made us play this little game of theirs, and invited several other kingdoms to observe.”

“While the rest of you were busy with the game, I was conducting my own investigation in secret. We needed to lead you here naturally, so that our audience would not get bored and stop watching and by extension, protecting our group. I have a feeling, after hearing what she did… They will not be lenient in her trial.” she concluded.

“The intention” Helen said softly “Was if we had an audience and… A local human present… She couldn’t do anything to stop us… As soon as we could lead Dominya and Misty to this room, they could free her while Drell was immobilized by the law.”

“But you were wrong…” Olivia said softly, looking down at Anne “She… She did this…”

“As soon as she appeared…” Helen said, “I-I knew it was game over for us… If she was willing to attack us even with that audience… The only way I thought we could survive was giving up…”

“Coward.” Dominya scolded, standing up from the ground. “If the Leader gives us a mission, it’s our duty to see it through to the end.”

“She’s not even part of our harem!” Helen protested “She’s not as important as any of you!”

“I would disagree.” Miranda said, “If the Leader wants her… She’s basically one of us already.”

“You don’t understand…” Helen said “I… I begged our Leader to save her. I put you all in danger to…”

“I said I want her.” The Leader said suddenly. “End of discussion.”

Everyone paused for a moment, looking up at the Leader with reverence before turning back to Helen after it was clear they had nothing else to say. “So… Who is she?” Olivia said finally.

“She… Was an old friend of mine…” Mistress said, looking down at the unconscious woman, “She’s… She’s the reason I didn’t want to make my own kingdom… She barely had her kingdom for a few months before Drell… Destroyed her…”

The green haired woman shuddered, and paused before continuing. “It… It happened not too long before I came of age myself and… I couldn’t do it… I kept… Putting it off and putting it off… And eventually… After a few extra decades… Well… You all know what happened after that…”

Olivia looked confused. “I… Don’t know what happened after that?”

“Not everyone in the harem knows the story.” Miranda said, “Helen’s mother arranged a fake kidnapping to force her into action, but instead she fled to Earth and met our Leader. Their rise to power was entirely based on that meeting.”

“I… See…” Olivia said softly. “S-So you said you could… Save her? Fix her?”

The Leader nodded. “Drell’s power is beyond mine… She was ancient. But… A pearl reset should fix any damage done by returning everyone to the state they were in when I first claimed them. Helen. Its time.”

Helen stood up slowly, and nodded. “I know. Enslave her, and I can send us all back.”

The figure walked up to the unconscious woman and put a hand to her head. A few moments later, there was a flash of light and…


Anne stood up quickly, bumping the top of her head against the hood of the truck she was working on. What was she doing? She could have sworn she was doing something else a moment ago but… What else could she have been doing?

She must have been distracted. She had just helped the Leader enslave her Boss yesterday, maybe she was fantasizing again? It was about time for a break anyway, she could think about it more inside. She walked back into the office and immediately found herself in a strong embrace. Her face sandwiched between Olivia’s two massive and uncovered tits as her Boss held her tightly.

“Uh… B-Boss…?” She asked, struggling to raise her face from between Olivia’s breasts, “Wh-What’s going on?”

Olivia let her go and took a step back. Now, Anne could see she was completely naked… Which was a bit of a surprise; even she didn’t go quite that far and she’d been a slave for at least a week by now.

“I don’t know.” Olivia said “I just… Really wanted to give you a special hug today.”

Anne let out a giggle, “Oh. Thanking me for showing you the joy of enslavement?” She teased.

“I guess that must be it!” Olivia replied. “Never would have guessed getting my tits inflated during vacation somehow wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to happen to me this month!”

“You still haven’t shared the story about how that happened.” Anne said, skeptically “Are you ever going to spill the beans on it?”

“Maybe one day!” Olivia replied “But first… We have some guests here to see you?”

“Guests?” Anne asked, curious that she would say guest rather than client.

She then noticed the others. Eight women in a group on the other side of the store, all naked.

“Oh… Are you all slaves too?” Anne asked, curiously.

One in the front… Who seemed to be pale and… Transparent… Floated ahead of them and twirled playfully in the air before speaking. “Yup yup! Leader sent us here to serve you for a while!”

“What…?” Anne asked. She’d never expected something like that… All for just helping enslave her boss?

“Yes.” A woman with long pink hair said firmly, “We will all serve as your slaves for as long as you will have us. The Leader said… You earned it.”

“Wow…” Anne said, stunned by all of this… She wasn’t the dominant type, so she didn’t know what she would do with a bunch of slaves, but… It did get lonely sometimes living out in the country. “I… Didn’t think it was that big a deal but… If the Leader is okay with it, I won’t say no to having a few more friends around!”

Another of the women responded. She had smooth, almost plastic-looking skin and blue hair. “I would be happy to be your friend.” She said with a smile.

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