Mindwipe Castle

Mistakes were made

by Changer

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #robots #sub:female #vampire #ghosts

Raven let out a satisfied moan as her slave continued to lap at her pussy. She was leaning back on the bed with her legs spread wide, one foot resting on the bed and the other on her slave’s shoulder. This was the life… She had missed having rows of servants to worship at her feet…

Not that it was bad to belong to Leader, of course! They were pretty cute and… The way she felt when she followed their orders… She’d never imagined she would enjoy serving someone like that… But she did!

Now that she had been Dominya’s slave for a couple days she could really tell the difference. She would rather serve her Leader for an eternity than serve Dominya for another hour!

“Ahn~ Y-You’re really good at this” She said to her slave, basking in the pleasure.

“Thank you, Mistress. I live to please you.” Her slave replied with that wonderful hollow tone in her voice that told Raven that she was completely conquered!

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“What do you want?” Raven yelled. She didn’t want to be disturbed right now. She was finally getting to enjoy herself.

“Sorry, its Anne.” The voice said from the other side of the door “Is Olivia in there? I need to talk to her.”

“Yeah, she’s in here!” Raven said, rubbing her foot against Olivia’s shoulder playfully “But she’s busy serving me right now. How about I enslave you tomorrow and you two can talk as much as you want while you worship me together!”

“This is important!” Anne urged, “You can enslave me right now if you want, just let me talk to her for a bit!”

“You know I can’t!” Raven replied in a mocking tone “I can only take one slave per day. Come back in the morning and I’ll consider it!”


Anne could hear Raven begin to moan again through the door as she resumed doing… Whatever she was doing with Boss… She looked over at Dominya and sighed.

“I guess… She did get her…” Anne said.

“I thought she might have…” Dominya replied, placing her hand on the wall. The sharp tips of her gauntlet’s fingers dragging against the wall and carving lines into the stone as she closed her fist. “Do not worry. If she causes your friend any harm, there will be… Consequences.”

“Thanks…” Anne said, pausing for a moment. She couldn’t resist the curiosity… “So… You’re able to enslave people too. Is there a reason you haven’t taken someone yet today?”

Dominya looked down at her with narrowed eyes. “I’m keeping my slot open in case anyone decides to cause… Trouble.”

Everything she said was so intimidating, but at the same time her focus seemed to almost exclusively be on keeping everyone safe. Normally she might think of her as a mamma bear sort but… She had the feeling of a vicious guard dog instead… One that might bite you even if you did belong there…

Anne nodded and gave a polite smile “Well… Thank you for helping me find Boss… I’ll check on them in the morning.” She said, slowly backing away towards her room. Dominya remained completely motionless the entire time, almost as though she was planning to wait outside Raven’s room all night.

Anne turned away and slipped into her own room. She wished she could have talked to Boss… But maybe she’ll have better luck in the morning.


The first thing Anne did in the morning was go to Raven’s door. She knocked on it firmly before speaking. “Raven? I’m here. You can enslave me now if you want.”

“No.” Raven’s voice called out from the other side of the door.

“Please!” Anne yelled back “I need to talk to Boss. I’ll do anything you want!”

“Why would I waste my one daily enslavement on YOU?” Raven called back. “Get lost. Your boss isn’t even here.”

“What?” Anne asked, confused. “Where is she now?!”

“Dominya took her to get breakfast.” Raven replied, “She insisted that she couldn’t skip any meals.”

“Oh… I guess I’ll check the dining hall then. Thanks.” Anne said. If she hurried, she could talk to Boss without having to trade for it.

Anne rushed down the stairs, and down the hall, arriving in the dining hall to see Olivia sitting at a table next to Dominya. She looked like she was almost finished! Anne rushed over and sat down next to her.

“Boss! I need to talk to you!” Anne said urgently, “You won’t believe what happened last night!”

Her boss seemed disinterested, looking down at her food and speaking a simple “I don’t have time to talk.” before taking another bite.

“Boss, please! I saw that woman! The one that scared you yesterday!” Anne urged.

“I don’t care.” Boss said simply. She didn’t seem interested in anything but finishing her meal…

“You saw her too now?” Dominya asked, her voice a low growl. “That makes three of us who have seen her thusfar…”

“I am finished. Take me back to my Mistress please.” Olivia said, looking up at Dominya.

“Very well… We will speak about this when I return.” Dominya said, standing and walking out of the dining hall with Boss walking alongside her.

Anne felt so alone now. She never expected Boss to get enslaved in just those few short minutes they split up, nor that she would be so… Disinterested in her if she did. She hadn’t been alone once since the game began, and the only other friend she had made here was… Gone…

She barely had the motivation to get up and get her own breakfast… Before she managed to work up the will to stand though, she heard Boss’s scream from the hallway. Anne stumbled out of her chair and dashed towards the hallway. As soon as she rounded the corner she saw the scene.

Dominya and Raven were standing face to face. Dominya was standing, firmly rooted in place, gripping the front of Raven’s dress in one hand, with her other hand stretched out to the side. Raven was hanging in Dominya’s grip, her arms limp to her sides.

Next to them, Boss was on her hands and knees, looking up at the two of them. “Mistress! Mistress say something!” She pleaded.

Had Dominya enslaved Raven again? Anne cautiously stepped closer, afraid to interrupt but feeling compelled to see what was happening. But, Dominya didn’t move. As Anne reached her side, she could see now… Dominya’s expression was as blank as Raven’s.

They were both enslaved? Could that even happen?

It wasn’t long before everyone arrived at the scene. Eliza and Silvia stumbled down from the dorms in a rush, while Misty passed through the wall from the kitchen.

“Boss! What happened here?” Anne asked.

“I-I don’t know!” Her boss said, distress in her voice “Mistress came down to scold Dominya for allowing me to take too long to return to her. Dominya grabbed her and said she was done with her nonsense.”

“I tried to stop her! My Mistress was right that I took too long, but she pushed me away! I only looked away for a moment but when I got up they were both… Enslaved!” Olivia said, tears forming in her eyes “Mistress! Please! I-I don’t know what do do without you! Tell me what to do! Order me please!”

Did they enslave each other at the same time as their one slave per day, or was this a villain attack? If it was a villain attack, there must be a tool…

“Can everyone look around, please?” Anne asked “If this was a villain attack, there must be something to find!”

The group quickly looked around the area. The stone around Dominya and Raven was damp and some shreds of blue rubber were laying on the ground. There were also a couple pieces stuck in Raven’s cleavage and bits of Dominya’s armor.

They found a few drops of blood on the floor of the hallway as well. Anne insisted on checking Boss’s body, and found she had a few small tears in her shirt and some thin scratches on her stomach. It was nothing severe, and Silvia was able to heal the scratches away with one spell.

There wasn’t anything else to find, unfortunately. The group moved to the dining hall, as had become the tradition by this point, and waited for Mistress to contact them.

“So… It looks like the villain struck!” Helen said cheerfully after a few minutes of waiting.

“But she struck two people.” Anne said skeptically, “I thought that was against the rules? We’re down an extra investigator.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that! You actually have the advantage!” She said cheerfully.

“What do you mean, exactly?” Silvia asked.

“We talked it over and we decided it was a valid loophole.” The green haired woman said, “The villain did not enslave two victims. She enslaved one victim, and herself!”

“So… We have the advantage because the villain can’t try to confuse us?” Eliza asked.

“That’s right! Her mistake means she won’t be able to make a defense for herself!” The green haired woman said. “Now, go on down to the dungeon. I’m opening the door for you all now.”

Anne stood up and began making her way down to the dungeon with everyone else. Each of them took a seat around the table, except for Boss who knelt on the floor next to Raven, looking up at her pathetically… She hated seeing Boss looking so distraught.

Eliza was the first to speak. “So, we need to figure out which of these two did it? It can’t be anyone else?”

“Yeah… Mistress was pretty clear about that.” Anne answered, “I don’t want to call this one simple… But… At least there won’t be an unexpected twist villain this time.”

“But how are we supposed to figure out who did it?” Eliza asked “Its impossible!”

“I guess we could always choose randomly…” Silvia said “We have an even chance of picking the right person.

“No!” Anne said urgently, “We can’t put it up to chance!”

“Why not?” Silvia asked, looking over to her. “The game has gone on a while now. Maybe it’s time to wrap it up.”

“No…” Anne said softly “Trust me, we NEED to keep the game going! At least a little longer!”

Eliza nodded “Yeah! We have to keep going! Please Silvia?”

Silvia let out a gentle sigh. “I don’t like it… People keep getting hurt here. I don’t know why you would want to stay…”

“We need to. Right Misty?” Eliza said, looking over to the ghost girl.

Misty looked like she didn’t want to get dragged into it but now that everyone’s attention was on her, her expression shifted quickly to her usual cheerful expression. “I’m fine here! Lets keep going!”

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