Mindwipe Castle

New Game +

by Changer

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #robots #sub:female #vampire #ghosts

“You are right, of course.” The green haired woman said, her voice somewhere between playful and submissive. “The rules to this little contest do need some tweaking, or it won’t be entertaining enough to keep their attention…”

“It seems like the game is a little unfair to both sides. The villain had too much freedom to influence the trials and snag slaves without leaving any evidence behind. At the same time though, by the end the villain could be unmasked with a coin flip…”

“If I could suggest something…” She began, but then paused as her Leader spoke… “Yes… I believe that will do quite nicely. I’ll get right on it…”

The green haired woman giggled to herself as she left the room. She had a lot of work to do, but at least it would be fun…

Her first task was to select her volunteers. Last time they had gone with a few local human girls but… This time they would be including a few special girls. It might be fun to have them all special in some way… But she did need at least one ordinary girl… But who would it be? Maybe that one girl with the giant tits? That could be fun…

She ran through the list of potential candidates, skipping along the street as she did, gliding between each step as she imagined each of them succumbing to her powers one by one. It was a rare chance to get to use her own magic on a human without breaking any rules… She was under direct orders, after all!

Now who to pick…


Anne awoke with a start. She had just been working on a client’s truck a moment ago… But now she seemed to be in some kind of dungeon? D-Did she breathe in too many fumes? Had she fallen unconscious?

It didn’t seem likely, but just in case she reached behind her overalls and gave her nipple a firm pinch. Slightly pleasant, kind of painful. Definitely real…

“Really, Anne? Right in front of everybody?” A voice spoke, a familiar irritation behind it.

“Oh, hey Boss! You’re here too?” Anne said, looking over to where the voice had come from. Olivia was sitting on one of the many chairs laid out in the dungeon. “What’s going on?”

The orange haired woman with massive breasts sighed. “Well, it seems like we’ve been kidnapped. You’re a bit late waking up.”

“Kidnapped?!” Anne said, alarm rising in her voice “Wh-Who would do that?! Why?”

“Whoever it was wishes for their demise!” A growling voice answered. Anne looked over to see a woman with pink hair pulled into a long ponytail and wearing a suit of strange black armor.

“My Leader will smite them where they stand for daring to mess with their harem… If I don’t get my hands on them first!” the woman shouted. Anne could feel the bloodlust radiating off of her as chills ran down her spine. Who… Who was this?

“Calm down now.” Another voice spoke. Anne looked over to see… What looked like an old fashioned detective from the 60s… Complete with a tan trench coat and fedora. She had short black hair, that curled into an old fashioned bob.

“Whatever this is, there will be an explanation to find. But first, now that everyone is awake I think it’s time we all introduce ourselves… Though… It seems two of us are already familiar with each other…”

The armored woman growled “If it will get me any closer to finding whoever is responsible for this… I’ll accept it. I am Dominya. I am the great Leader’s second in command. Any who me-”

Suddenly, the screen on a large television hanging from the wall flicked on. A green haired woman appeared on the screen and gave a giggle before speaking.

“Second in command, my dear Dominya?” the woman asked, an amused tone in her voice.

In an instant, the armored woman dropped to one knee and bowed her head. “I apologize, I overstepped my bounds, Mistress Helen…”

The green haired woman giggled again, a bit longer this time, before replying. “Now I really should clear one thing up before you try strangling anyone. You are not kidnapped. You’ve all been selected to play a game at our Leader’s request.”

The Leader… It’d been a while since Anne heard from them! She still had a habit of working without her shirt on, but it must have been months at least since the last time she had received a direct order from them…

“I’ll get to the rules in a minute but please, do continue introducing yourselves. I don’t know how many of you have already met!” Helen continued before going quiet. The screen remained on as she waited…

“Again, I apologize.” Dominya said, still bowing her head. “I lied. I am not second in command. However I do serve the Leader, and my only purpose in life is to please them. Should they wish us to play this game, I will do everything in my power to win it.”

“Good. I am Detective Miranda.” The woman in the trench coat said “I was summoned to this world by the Leader some time ago. My world may not have the same technology yours does, but I have learned quite a bit in the years since. Should my skills prove necessary, I will do my best to accommodate. Now, you two know each other?”

Anne nodded, attention had been brought back to her. “Yeah, me and Boss run a car repair shop. The Leader enslaved me while she was on vacation, and I helped enslave her when she got back!”

Olivia rolled her eyes, “Is that really the most important thing you can think to share?”

The boss still seemed a bit sour about the whole deal. She grumbled about her back almost every chance she got… The Leader had forbidden her from getting a breast reduction after taking her, though they did enchant her breasts to weight a little less. “What’s more important than the way our Leader took us?” Anne joked, smiling at Olivia widely.

“Fine. I guess… It was an impactful moment in our lives…” Olivia relented begrudgingly, looking away from Anne as she spoke. “Anyways, my name is Olivia.”

“I am Holi. The next generation of virtual assistant.” The next woman spoke. She had dark blue hair, and wore a mostly professional business suit… Though it had a clearly unprofessional amount of cleavage built into it. “I am designed to assist the user in any number of tasks as well as access the internet from any location. I was just about to be unveiled to the public when the Leader summoned me to this world.”

Anne felt a bit light headed as she listened to Holi’s introduction. She knew magic was a thing now but… That was straight up scifi! Was there anything the Leader couldn’t do?

“Hey there everybody! I’m Samantha! I used to be a wizard before the Leader summoned me! Mostly I just kinda do magic tricks now since, you know, magic isn’t real here!” another blue haired woman said cheerfully. Her hair was much longer than Holi’s, and she was certainly dressed like a wizard… “I don’t know if I’ll be of any help but I love games!” she concluded.

“What do you mean magic isn’t real here?” Yet another blue haired woman said softly. Her hair was a much lighter shade of blue and she wore a long white robe and held a staff in both of her hands. “I’ve been practicing and I’ve been learning how to regain my magic over the years since the Leader summoned me.”

Samantha shrugged “Nah, it’s all tricks.” she said in a dismissive yet cheerful tone, “The Leader told me so!”

“Oh.” The woman in the white robes said softly “Well… If the Leader told you that, then it must be true for you at least… Um… I am Silvia by the way.” She said, looking around to everyone else, “The Leader tried to summon a friend of mine and… I got in the way. So now I am a part of the Harem instead.”

Suddenly, a transparent woman flew straight through Silvia, twirling playfully in the air before facing her. “Ooooh… You’re so lucky.” she said playfully, “You could have missed out on so much fun!”

Silvia shivered in place, looking at the woman floating in front of her. “A-Ah…?! An undead?? Here?!”

The floating girl giggled “Guilty! I’m a spooky spooky ghost!”

Silvia held out her staff “D-Don’t worry everyone! I-I can banish-”

“STOP.” A stern voice called out from the screen, the green haired woman still watching them. “Misty is one of the Leader’s harem members. You will NOT banish her to anywhere!”

“O-Oh!” Silvia said, pulling her staff close to her body. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know…”

Misty floated closer to Silvia, poking her nose with a finger playfully. “Yup yup! I got summoned just as I was being murdered! So… I ended up like this!”

Silvia turned her head away “H-How can you be so cheerful about that…?”

“Well… ‘Cause getting to know the Leader and the Harem has been so much fun!” Misty replied, floating up into the air before flying around in a circle. “Plus I can fly! I always wanted to be able to fly!”

“I think we’re getting a little off track.” Miranda interjected, “We still have a couple more introductions to get through.”

A blonde woman with a long flowing purple dress stepped forward, “My name is Eliza. It is lovely to meet you all.” She said, an almost fake friendliness in her voice. “I was set to inherit an entire kingdom prior to my summoning. Tragically, I have been forced to remain here as a slave ever since.”

She really didn’t sound like it was tragic to her. Then again… Anne knew first hand what it was like when the Leader took you. Even if her old self would have hated all this, she didn’t mind it at all anymore. Maybe it was the same with Eliza?

A white haired woman wearing a Victorian style dress in red and black stepped forward next. “You’re not the only one robbed of a kingdom. I was a great vampire lord where I once lived. The Leader’s blessing has allowed me to step into the light, but even still… I once had armies of servants waiting on me hand and foot!”

“And you just might again!” Helen said cheerfully.

“Wait, really?!” The Vampire said, looking up at the screen excitedly “When? How?!”

“Settle down, my dear Raven.” Helen said in a teasing tone of voice. “That’s what this game is all about.”

Everyone looked around to each other in confusion for a moment before looking back up at the screen again.

“Our leader is a little bored, you see.” The green haired woman said “They’ve grown so powerful, nothing poses them a challenge anymore. So, we decided to invent some games for you all to play for our amusement. The prize to the winner… Is all of the losers.”

Was this for real? Anne kind of missed the time when the Leader toyed with her directly… But… Was she really prepared to serve some random other person like that? She guessed she wouldn’t mind in the end, but for now… She still had some opinions on it…

“Let me explain the rules.” Helen said, “You are all going to live in this castle for a while. Go ahead and get to know each other, learn the layout of the place, and relax. You’ll have all the food, drinks, and fun that you could want. Think of it like a vacation!”

“But it’s not a vacation. Is it.” Miranda jabbed, folding her arms in front of her chest.

“Nope!” The green haired woman replied cheerfully. “Every once in a while, I’ll privately contact one of you, and give you the assignment of being the villain.”

“Villain?” Anne asked, unsure if she felt more curious or worried by the implications of that…

“That’s right!” Helen replied with a giggle, “I’ll give you a tool you can use to enslave anyone you want. But you can only enslave one person, and you MUST use that tool to do it. Even if you can enslave people in other ways.”

“Hey, you hear that boss?” Anne said playfully, looking over to Olivia “I might get to enslave you again!”

Olivia let out a sigh and shook her head before Helen continued her explanation. “Of course, if you can enslave people in other ways, you can feel free to do it any time you want! But only if you are NOT the villain!”

“And why would we do that?” Miranda asked, her eyes narrowing “If any of us did enslave each other while not acting as the villain we would create unnecessary confusion in favor of the villain.”

Helen giggled, “Because, if the villain wins, but they are your slave, you win instead! Oh, and if you are assigned to be the villain you can have your slaves help you.”

Miranda shook her head “That hardly seems fair. Half of us seem to have some kind of unusual power that could enslave others. They have an advantage over the rest of us…”

“That’s right, it’s not fair!” The green haired woman giggled “Just like how you’re a detective in a mystery solving game! You have an advantage over everyone else in that way too!”

“Hardly.” Miranda replied firmly, “My role as a detective means I am likely to be first to be eliminated to reduce the chances of being caught. I presume this game will involve catching the villain, yes?”

“That’s right. But maybe you’ll be the first to become the villain! You can use your skills to commit the perfect crime!” Helen replied, “After the villain strikes, you will all have a chance to investigate, and you will need to figure out who the villain is and vote to accuse someone at the end of the trial.”

“If the villain is unmasked, the victim will have their mind restored and the villain will lose. If the villain is not discovered… You will all become slaves to the villain, for as long as our Leader feels like. Maybe even for life!”

The green haired woman paused to give everyone a chance to look around at each other. The room seemed to feel much more dangerous now... Raven could definitely enslave anyone she wanted. Could Holi do something? Misty might be able to possess others… Could she use Possession to permanently change someone?

Silvia said she could do magic… Could she do mind control magic? The rest of them… Anne had no guess if they could or couldn’t do something. She wasn’t sure if she should feel intimidated to be playing against by so many powerful people… Or excited about which one would end up owning her!

“I do have a few other rules.” The green haired woman announced, breaking Anne’s chain of thought. “There is a secret in this castle. If you can solve it before a villain ends up winning, the survivors win and we’ll have a special prize for you all...”

“In our last game, perception alteration became a big deal…” She continued “So I want to make this clear. None of you are allowed to alter the perception of anyone else. The villain is also not allowed to use their powers to influence the vote at all. The rest of you… Feel free to do whatever you want to win!”

“Once the investigation has begun, you are no longer allowed to make new slaves.” She explained next, “And at the end of the trial, all slaves will be restored to their normal minds. Not just the villain’s victim.”

“Excuse me.” Miranda said firmly, “I still don’t like these rules.”

“Too bad.” The woman on the screen replied “These are the rules you… Hmm…?” She seemed to turn away from the screen for a moment then back again. “Our Leader will allow you to speak.”

“As they are presented, Raven could win simply by biting every once of us before the villain has a chance to strike.” Miranda said, looking up at the screen, “If your goal is an entertaining game, you must restrict non-villain enslavement as well.”

Helen turned away from the screen, seeming to talk with someone unseen for some time before turning back to the screen.

“We talked it over. For any of you who are not the villain, you may only enslave one person per day, and we will still set your slaves free at the end of each trial. Is that good enough?”

Miranda nodded, “That is probably the best we can expect…”

“Good. Then let the game begin!” She said cheerfully, before the TV flicked off once more.

In almost an instant after the screen flicked off, Raven was in Miranda’s face.

“You did that entirely to ruin MY plans, didn’t you!” She accused.

Miranda didn’t seem to react, lowering the brim of her hat as she spoke “I don’t know what you mean. I only named you as an illustrative point, anyone could do the same.”

“Don’t you give me that…” Raven said, pulling Miranda’s hat off with one hand, and lifting her chin with her other. She gazed into Miranda’s eyes as she seemed to freeze in place.

“You aren’t so clever now, are you little detective?” She said, her eyes glowing red as she spoke.

“I… I am not clever…” Miranda said, her voice almost a whisper as she stared wide eyed into Raven’s eyes.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Dominya said sternly, lifting Raven by the back of her dress and pulling her away. As soon as their eye contact broke, Miranda fell to her hands and knees, while Raven flailed uselessly in the air where Dominya held her.

“If you’re going to enslave someone, do it when we’re not all watching. That was disgraceful.”

“Hey! There is no rule against getting caught if you’re not the villain!” Raven objected, flailing her arms in an attempt to wiggle free from Dominya’s grip.

“There is also no rule against interrupting someone’s enslavement.” Dominya replied “If I catch you doing that again, I will stop you again. And perhaps I will make you MY slave as punishment.”

As Dominya spoke her threat, Raven threw her arms down, pouting as she found herself powerless to escape the armored woman’s grip. “Fine! I’ll be more sneaky next time.”

“Good.” Dominya said, dropping the vampire and turning towards the others. “I cannot be everywhere. And I may become the villain at any point. So I suggest you all watch your own backs from now on. Now… Shall we take a tour of the premises?”

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