Small Trances

A Proper Treatment

by C. H.

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #consensual_non-consent #f/m #hypnosis #hypnotic_language #hypnotized #microfiction #mind_control #mindbreak #pov:top #sub:male

Welcome! This is a series of self-contained hypnosis scenes. They have little to no plot, but in each of them someone surrenders.

Specific content warnings will be found at the start of each story. For this one: memory play, consensual non-consent.

"No, no, no, no, no! That's unacceptable!"

"What?", you asked. You seemed really surprised.

"I said no!"

"Actually, you said no five times."

"Yes, I did. And you know why? Because you can't treat people the way you're treating me. Who do you think you are? I demand that you treat me properly!"

I meant that. Oh, how I meant that.

All my friends had told me the same thing: you couldn' be trusted, you did things to people, you made others act in weird, self-demeaning ways. I should never get near you. I should never try to use my usual charms, my techniques to tease and bend others to my own will.

You would bend me, my friends had said.

And then I ignored their warnings. I looked for you. I gave you my undivided attention. I went along with your strange tricks and your magic gestures.

And even after all that, you still didn't appreciate me!? You still wanted to treat me in any way except the proper one!?

"Don't treat me like a slut!," I said. "Don't treat me like an animal, a drone, or whatever other names they use in your scene!"

You looked at me. You took your time, too. You breathed deeply and look at me from head to feet. Like I was a piece of furniture. Of meat.

Such disdain hit me really hard.

"Okay. It's obvious you feel I'm not treating you right. What should I do? Which would be a proper treatment?"

Finally! A sensible question! I held the leash attached to my collar and put it in your hand.

"For starters, you need to take this!," I demanded. "Even a dog has an owner on the other side of its leash!"

Then I moved from being on my knees to the appropriate position to show you my ass. I used two fingers to expose my anus so you could see it better. "Also, where's the plug? Surprise! No plug! No nothing! How am I supposed to learn that you're the owner of that hole? Huh?"

"Oh," you said. "So you think I've been careless..."

"More than careless!," I said, while I returned to my kneeling, basic position. "Is this how you treat someone who has given you their body and their mind…"

But I couldn't finish the question. I couldn't go on.

Because suddenly I was aware of what I'd just said.

"I have given you my body," I repeated. I knew I was making a really stupid face. It felt better than almost anything in my life up to that point. "I haven given you my mind. Wow! I hadn't noticed!"

"Of course not, because you're a silly little thing," you said.

And then I remembered I am indeed a silly little thing. Your silly little thing. One of your silly little things. And I felt so happy, so honored, so blessed to be yours! Even though I am nothing, even though you are so…, so fabulous, and so… beautiful, and wise, and…

"Stand up," you commanded, and I obeyed.

I stood before you, naked and ready. And I looked down at the floor, at my little silly naked feet, because I'm a silly little thing and I know my place, and also it was the least I could do, since you were treating me properly for a change!

Thank you for reading! 🌀

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