Small Trances


by C. H.

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #consensual_non-consent #f/m #hypnosis #hypnotic_language #hypnotized #microfiction #mind_control #mindbreak #pov:top #sub:male

Welcome! This is a series of self-contained hypnosis scenes. They have little to no plot, but in each of them someone surrenders.

Specific content warnings will be found at the start of each story. For this one: cnc, dissociation, glossolalia, religious imagery, mystical-like mental states.

Master looks at me. I can’t fix my gaze on Him. My eyes wander. They move erratically from one side to the other, then cross, then roll up, ramdomly. I can’t control them. I can’t control my own body.

I feel myself within it: a submissive mind that perceives a hand twitching here, a finger moving there, a head (my head) nodding so so so slowly no one else could tell. And always, always the waves of pleasure from my brain to every point on my skin and beneath it. Master does not touch me. He will, perhaps, later. I don’t care, that is, my little mind within me doesn’t care.

Because I know he did this. He hypnotized me and made go deeper than ever before. He switched me off and left my flesh to react for itself to the pleasure of hypnosis. There has been no sex, not yet. I’m not even totally naked. But in its own way, this, whatever this is, is as hot as sex. Or even more. Pleasure and joy: abandon. Bliss. Locked in the basement of myself, I’m reduced to nothing more that the last ember of my own consciousness: the part of it which (they say) never truly goes out.

The rest of me is deep in trance, deeper than I could believe was possible. Rock bottom. Completely helpless, lying on its back, on the bed. Completely controlled and enthralled and aroused.

This is amazing, I want to say, but my mouth isn’t mine anymore, either. The connection has been severed. The mouth tries, but what comes out of it is a lone syllable, “Taaa…” and a sigh.

Master, that word I love so much, turns into “Mmmm, mmmm, uuh” and then silence.

I’m yours, Master, always and forever, becomes “Pfff, aaiii, ggggh, urrr”.

This is way beyond keysmashing during a text hypnosis session. I’ve lost language! Ecstasy is possible and I’m in ecstasy! A memory comes and goes so quickly I almost miss it: those people who speak in tongues at some churches. Could my body do that now, in the state it’s in?

It can! “Gapapa vif oo oo kdeyjovu oooooo”, my mouth whispers. “Piu bazse naa grthau chaeeee”. I’m so happy. This is real. There’s nothing behind those sounds except for the will of Master and my own submission, my own desire, the little observer I’ve become of what used to be a person.

I’m not afraid. I exist in this body for Master. He will take the body and me up, or elsewhere, or wherever he wants, whenever he wants. He’s always with me and the body.

And "me”? “I”? I’m next to nothing, always diminishing, always full of this unbelievable pleasure.

“Uuuuu”, the mouth says, while the eyes flutter.

Thank you for reading! 🌀

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