Small Trances

Fancy Words

by C. H.

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #consensual_non-consent #f/m #hypnosis #hypnotic_language #hypnotized #microfiction #mind_control #mindbreak #pov:top #sub:male

Welcome! This is a series of self-contained hypnosis scenes. They have little to no plot, but in each of them someone surrenders.  Specific content warnings will be found at the start of each story. For this one: IQ play, condescending language, objectification, humiliation.

“You’re so lovely, my toy.”

“What… loo… luv-ly?”


You’re sitting on the carpet, looking up at me with that adoring face you make when you’re really deep. You’re drooling, too. It seems your underwear will be wet quite soon.

“No know… what… luv-ly, Master,” you explain, clearly making an enormous effort, and finish with a little moan. Your eyes roll back into your head for a second. You love being this dumb. You love that I can hypnotize you and make you be this dumb.

“Oh, right!,” I say. “The word lovely is too much for your little brain right now, isn’t it, toy?”

You smile and nod enthusiastically.

“Toy stupid,” you say, giggling.

“I say big words and you can’t deal with them, can you?”

“Toy stoooooooooopid!,” you insist, with that big, empty smile of yours.

That gives me an idea, and I say, “Being stupid turns you on, right?”

“Yeeeeeeeeees,” you agree. Your smile is even bigger now.

“And those big, hard words remind you how stupid you are, don’t they?”

“Yeeeeeees, Maaaaasterrr… Tooooyy…”

“Outstanding! Do you get that word, outstanding?”

“Uuuuuh… Noo?,” you answer.

“Good stupid toy!”

“Stooooopid!,” you nod. Your eyes roll back again and you laugh.

“Oh, my poor hypnotized idiot! You’re really superlative!”

“No know… what…”




“Stoooooo…,” you start saying, but a flash of pleasure overtakes you and turns the word into a gasp. You twitch a little.


“Aaaaaaaaah! Mmmmmmm!”

I take out my phone and find an online thesaurus. Five or six fancy words later, you’re not looking at me anymore. Only the whites of your eyes are visible. You’re not allowed to touch yourself, but you’re twitching and trembling more and more, as each new word makes you hornier and hornier. At some point you can only reply with deep animal noises.


Your mouth opens into a big O. You’ve reached rock bottom, lost in what’s left of your own mind, a brainless, empty fuckdoll.

I fill that welcoming, warm hole with my cock while I keep emphasizing how bewitching, astonishing, miraculous, portentous you are.

Thank you for reading! 🌀

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