Other Duties as Assigned

Chapter 2

by Cassiadoll

Tags: #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #dom:male #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #bimbo #CNC #dollification #exhibitionism #hypno #slave #transformation

A purple spiral is on the TV screen in front of Olivia. There is serene music that is playing in her ear pods. Olivia doesn’t know what to do. There is no way for her to escape. She is internally panicking. Deep down, she knew this was her fantasy, but to have it happen to her is another thing. The dildo between her legs starts pumping faster with the vibration on high. The oral sex machine starts moving towards her. She tries to move, but the dildo slides perfectly in her mouth thanks to her O-ring. 

Chandler’s voice comes through the ear pods. “My beautiful doll. I am so happy you agreed to be mine. I have a lot of plans for you. You are going to be so happy. I've read all about your desires and kinks. Your training will include all of that. Now, let's start with your first hypno training of the day. Every day, you will hear this.” 

Olivia tries to close her eyes but feels puffs of air blowing on them. She opens them up and realizes the machine can feel when she tries to close her eyes. 

“Ah ah ah darling. You aren't allowed to sleep right now. You will get your rest soon. I hope you enjoy this training. I incorporated your favorite colors, blue and purple, from your spirals, toys, and bows. They will be the markers of your new life. Now relax, my beautiful toy. Let the pleasure consume you. Let my voice soothe you. I now own you. Control you. You will be my perfect doll. You will be a bimbo as you desire. You will be confident like you desire. You will be a sexual goddess like you desire. You will be my slave like you desire. Your body is mine to control. You will give and receive an overwhelming pleasure throughout the rest of your life. You won't be escaping your new reality. I know you are gagged right now, but you will repeat the following in your head.”

Olivia tries with all her might to pull away. To stop this mayhem. But she is fully strapped in. They can’t change much in her mind, but deep down, she knows this will be a permanent change.

“Repeat after me, my darling doll.” 

The dildo stops thrusting, and it turns down to a small vibration.

“I am happy to become a doll.”

No, not I am not. I am not happy.

“Let’s try that again, my darling. I don’t think you said it.”
Hands from behind unlocked the doll’s gag but kept her head in place. The oral dildo stopped.

“I am happy to become a doll.”

No, please, I don’t want this.

“Aww, my darling. I think you need some motivation. If you say the words, the dildos will stop.” 

Olivia knows this is a trap, but she wants this to stop. If she just goes along with it, she can get out of her the second she is untied. Olivia contemplates her decisions.

Iiiii am happy to become a doll she whispered.

“I am glad you said the words, my darling, but you did not say them out loud and proud. Let’s try this again. You will receive some consequences if you don’t tell them with conviction. “

“I am happy to become a doll.”

I am happy to become a doll……

“Such a good girl.”

“I want to be owned by Chandler.”

I want…. I want to be owned by Chandler.

“I want to be Chandler’s pleasure puppet.”

I want to become…. Olivia lets out a sob…. Chandler’s pleasure puppet.

“I am happy to be transformed into a bimbo.”

I am happy to be transformed into a bimbo. 

“Chandler owns my body.”

Chandler owns my body. 

“I am ready to accept my new life.”

I am ready to accept my new life.

“Now, my beautiful doll, you will DROP.”

Olivia’s eyes fluttered shut, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Two days later………

Chandler walks into the room where his doll is in a hypnotic trance. He snaps his fingers, and she slowly wakes up. Her eyes fluttered open, and she was in more of a submissive space. He can already see the submission and triggers being put in place. It has been a long two days of condition training. Overall, Olivia has taken to it quite nicely. Chandler unlocks everything and carries his doll in his arms. Chandler walks upstairs to his apartment. He wants to test how her first session went.

“Go to the bathroom, darling. It is right through this door.”

Olivia walks through the door and tends to her needs. She comes out and washes her hands. In the back of her mind, Olivia is yelling wake up, please but her body and mind are not responding.

After she is done, Chandler picks her up and brings her into the primary bedroom. Chandler sits on the bed and lets Olivia stand there. “Lay over my lap, beautiful.”

Olivia lays over her owner’s lap. “Good girl, darling. You have taken to your training quite nicely. Of course, we have quite a bit to go. I would say another four weeks, and you will be ready for the next steps. You are wearing your purple bow, meaning you are a doll. You love wearing your purple bow. It symbolizes your submission and your new life as my doll. As my property.”

Olivia just stares at the wall… She doesn’t respond. Chandler chuckles, knowing his doll is a little bit stubborn.

“I am going to test what you remember now, beautiful.” 

Again, Olivia stays quiet. 

“Now, are you happy to be a doll?”

Yes, I am happy to be a doll.

Chandler massages Olivia’s plump ass. 

“I want to be owned by Chandler.”

I want to be owned by Chandler.

“Yes, that is right, darling. Good job, beautiful.  I am Chandler’s pleasure puppet.”

Olivia does not answer. She is fighting so hard to stop this madness.

“Now, now, beautiful. Let’s show you what being my pleasure puppet entails.” Chandler sticks his fingers into Olivia’s mouth for some lubrication before massaging her clit. Olivia bites her lip to stop her from moaning. Chandler increases the pressure on her clit and Olivia can no longer hold in her moan.

“That’s it, beautiful. We will come back to that one. Maybe you need some more pleasure to accept that.”

Chandler works Olivia over while saying her trigger words. Putting her back into a subspace.

“Now, Are you my pleasure, puppet?”

Yes, I am your pleasure puppet.

“Exactly beautiful. You are my beautiful doll, my pleasure puppet. You belong to me. Now, let’s continue with your training, and we can have a relaxing evening.”


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