Other Duties as Assigned

Chapter 1

by Cassiadoll

Tags: #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #dom:male #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #bimbo #CNC #dollification #exhibitionism #hypno #slave #transformation

Olivia looks in the mirror in the elevator to adjust her pencil skirt. She is wearing a pink long-sleeved silk bodysuit with a tight black pencil skirt with a slit on the right side. The elevator dings, and she walks out of the elevator, swaying her hips. She walks up to the receptionist's desk and introduces herself.

“Hi, my name is Olivia Lane. I am the new hire. I have a meeting with Chandler at 9.” she says.

The woman behind the desk looks up with a huge smile. “Hello! It is so nice to meet you. My name is Maggie. I am Chandler’s Executive Assistant. I will let him know that you are here. Cute outfit, by the way!” Maggie says.

Olivia blushes and looks down. She is not used to people giving her compliments. “Oh, thank you! You are too kind. I will sit over there and wait. I know I am early.”

Maggie nods and walks over to Chandler’s office with a bounce in her step. Even though Olivia is in her early thirties, she looks no older than eighteen. She can’t wait to play with her. She knocks on Chandler’s door. 

“Come in.”

Maggie saunters into his office. “Sir, Olivia is here.”

Chandler looks up from his desk and smiles. “Ah, my doll is here. Wonderful! Send her back. Did everything arrive?”

“Yes, Sir. I put everything you need in your drawers. Olivia’s office is all setup. The new desk was just ordered. So when you return from your “work trip,” it will be ready for her.”

“Excellent, thank you, Maggie,” Chandler says.

Maggie walks back and tells Olivia to go back. Olivia smiles at Maggie while she stands and adjusts her skirt. Olivia walks back and knocks on the door.

“Come in, Olivia.”

Olivia opens the door slowly and walks into Chandler’s office.

His office includes a sunken soft seating area, a spiral staircase that I assume goes upstairs, a glass room that has a large conference table in it, and his desk that he sits at in the middle of the room.

“There she is! The new VP of Special Projects.” Chandler says as he walks towards her.

Olivia gives him a small smile. “Hello, Sir! I am excited to get started.”

Chandler guides her to the sunken area to talk. His eyes roam Olivia’s voluptuous body. Her tits were on display, barely being held in by the long-sleeved button-down pink silk shirt. He can’t wait to tear it off to see what his doll looks like underneath. 

“Yes, me too beautiful. Before discussing the work, I wanted to discuss the other assigned duties. Bryce said you didn’t have any questions. So I want to ensure you completely understand your role with that.”

Olivia is confused because she just thought other duties assigned were like any other job. “Sir, maybe I am missing something, but isn’t that just something you put as a catch-all?”

Chandler studied Olivia as he thought about his response. On the one hand, he is excited because forced transformation is a kink of his, but on the other, he is a little disappointed that his doll did not read everything. He must rectify that.

“Are you saying you did not read the document attached to your job offer? You signed your life away for three years and didn’t read it?”

Olivia was taken aback as she tried to recall signing her life away for three years.

“Sir, what are you talking about?”

Chandler goes to his desk and pulls out her printed offer letter with the other duties as assigned documents. He comes back and sits next to Olivia.

“Here, read this.”

Olivia quickly reads the document, and her stomach drops. The words that pop out are Sex Doll, Pleasure Puppet, Edging, orgasm control…. What the hell did she just read? Chandler scoops her up before she can say anything and walks to another room. He grabs a bag with kink equipment in it. 

“Well, beautiful, it seems you did not read the other duties as assigned. So this next part will be a little bit shocking. You are a quick study, though, and eventually, you will like it. 

So, let’s get started, shall we? We have a long few days ahead of us.”

He puts her down in what looks like a high chair, but there is a hole in the middle. Olivia tries to squirm away, but Chandler is the big, muscular man. He holds her down, and straps automatically lock her thighs, ankles, and wrists. Chandler grabs an O-ring gag and puts it on her.

Poor thing. Olivia didn’t know what happened until it was too late. She was fully gagged and strapped. She wasn’t going anywhere. She looked up at Chandler as he ran his fingers down her hair. Petting her like a pet.

“Now, now, sweetheart. I am going to tell you what is happening next. So, as you read, you signed your life away for the next three years. You will serve as my VP and pleasure doll during that time. I have big plans for you, and I know you won’t disappoint me. I have seen your Fetlife, and I can assure you everything I am doing is something you would consent to. In the future, I will read everything given to you before you sign. You never know what you could be agreeing to. Let’s get started with your hypno files.”

A screen drops down from the ceiling right in front of Olivia. A spiral comes onto the screen. Olivia tries to look away, but Chandler locks her head in place. She has no where to go. Chandler cuts away at Olivia’s outfit until she is completely naked. The chair has a cushion, so her bottom won’t get sore.

Chandler pulls up his phone to start the Lovense Gravity toy. He gets down under Olivia’s seat to make sure it is lubricated. Once it is in, there is a small chamber in her seat that will continue to lubricate her pussy and ass to make sure it is not painful. He kisses Olivia’s pussy lips and runs his tongue to her clit.

“Mmmmmmmhhph…. Pleshheheh Donnndndt”

Chandler ignores his doll as he massages her clit while pumping two fingers in and out of her tight pussy. Once he is satisfied, he lines up the dildo and makes sure it fits inside his doll’s beautiful cunt.

Olivia moans as she feels the dildo go into her and tenses as she feels a thick finger at her back entrance. She tries to move away, but she is secured into her seat. Poor, beautiful doll.

Chandler grabs the small butt plug from his bag and starts pumping it slowly in and out of her back hole. He notices a lot of resistance, and it probably will not stay on its own. Unfortunately, he has an hour meeting to get to. So he will have to worry about the plug later. He quickly stands to see how the doll is doing.

Olivia is still in shock. How could this have happened? She has been dabbling on Fetlife, but nothing like this. She didn’t want this. How can she stop this when she is gagged? She signed her life away for three years. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She knew this was too good to be true….

Chandler grabs the ear pods and another dildo from the bag. He sets up the dildo on the oral machine that is sitting level with Olivia’s mouth. Olivia tries to talk, but only grunts and squeals come out.

“Shush, kitten. Everything will be fine. Relax.”

Chandler continues with his task of setting up the oral machine. It will operate independently when Olivia gets to the part about oral during her training. Chandler puts in Olivia’s ear pods so that she can listen to the Hypno audio. He pulls Olivia’s hair into a ponytail so it is out of her face. He grabs a big purple bow and slides into place. That’s better, he thought.

He grabbed a mirror to show Olivia her new look, and she didn’t look happy. “This bow symbolizes your new life, beautiful. When you wear this bow, you are my beautiful pleasure doll. When you don’t have this bow on, you will be Olivia. There will be a separation in your life. Nobody will know about your other duties as assigned besides Maggie and Bryce. You will embrace this new life in time.”Chandler says.

Chandler kisses her forehead and walks back to his desk for his meeting. Olivia will be fine for an hour. She will be more than occupied. Olivia has no choice but to look and listen to the audio. Her old life, as she has known it, is over. She also has a mirror to watch her transformation happen in real-time. Little does she know, but Chandler also has a few cameras to monitor her. 

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