A Vixen's Lament

by CannedBeans

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #transformation #abuse #cw:blood #cw:death #litrpg #self_hypnosis #werewolf

A young boy born to a clan of swordsmen fails to awaken to a useful skill and is disinherited and exiled from his family home, what will become of him?

This one was originally intended to be chapter 3 but it demanded to exist and over ruled chapter 2 which should be coming next. My brain kinda crapped out on the end and I super half assed the sex scene :x 

Content warnings for this one: Transphobia, Homophobia, disinheriting, humiliation, blood, abuse. 
[Susceptibility], seeing that word appear when his system unlocked was a great shame upon Shino, his family would be so disappointed in him for awakening such a useless skill. His Father was the head patriarch of a clan of powerful swordsmen that lived on the mountain and had always been disappointed that his youngest son had been born to a slight frame and little interest in the blade. His eldest brother had become a great [Swordsman] and was already out earning accolades and fortune, bringing great prestige back to the clan. His other siblings had all awoken to equally wonderful and prestigious skills and were all well established and then there was Shino, young henpecked Shino. His siblings had pressured him alot as a child for being the odd one out, too small and uncoordinated with the blade and they plucked up on that, the other was easy to bully. 
‘Come spar with us Shino! We could use a training dummy that tries to dodge!’ or his sisters who were almost as bad when they dragged off their ‘cute’ little brother to dress him up in their old clothes and makeup, he had no idea what he was to feel about that, part of him had enjoyed it at least they weren’t swinging sharp sticks at him and leaving him with bruises. Shino had grown up pushed around by his siblings and looked down upon by his parents for he had never excelled in any field like his siblings had. This had been his chance to prove he was worth something to finally be able to stand up with a straight back and declare his worth to his family. Even a simple and non glamorous skill like [Accounting] would have been far superior! At least then his father might have trusted him with the family businesses! But not with this shameful skill, all his parents would see is a wastrel in the making. Shino took a deep breath, he still had some time with luck nobody would even remember that it’s his birthday today and he could figure things out. He sat up and climbed slowly out of bed. 
Like all of the children in the family he had his own set of rooms, the space had always seemed so huge as to be unwelcoming. He padded slowly over to the closet and the mirror, catching a sight of himself for a few seconds. Shino could understand why his siblings saw him as so easily pushed around. He was short, skinny as a rail with hair that ran down to his shoulders, his mother had insisted on keeping his hair long when he was younger and he wondered briefly if she might have preferred it if he had been born a girl, some days he thought the same, at least then he wouldn’t be subjected to his fathers ideals of what a ‘man’ should be. Normally he put it up in a ponytail or bun.  he had big brown eyes and overall looked delicate. He had never fit in with his more muscle brained brothers and his sisters had delighted in using him as a doll or foisting their chores off on him. 
He sighed, tearing his gaze away from the mirror and grabbing the first set of clothes he saw, a simple robe that fit loosely on his frame and hid his figure. Through his teen years he had never quite filled out in the way his father had expected; at least the slightly too big robes could hide how small he was. He stepped out of his bedroom and for the first time that day let a ghost of a smile start across his face. His garden was absolutely his favorite place to be when he could get some time to himself, it was a beautiful and serene place. Of course he had never had much luck maintaining it himself; a servant took care of the plants. It ‘wasn’t his place’ according to his mother. He would have been happy to get a gardening related skill even. She picked his way slowly through the plants to the small shrine that sat tucked away in a corner, his family was particularly devout and he too had found some comfort in sending his prayers and performing the correct rituals to appease the local deity. There were a few legends about her, Kami-Sama was supposedly an immensely powerful kitsune who lived on the mountain, and it was thanks to her presence that his family had become established at all. Over the years she had become more reclusive and there was little doubt to the members of the family that she had properly become a local deity.
 Even a skill related to that job would have been preferable, a [Priest] was after all a perfectly respectable career, someone had to maintain the shrines, perform the rituals and clean the temple at the top of the mountain. When he turned to make his way back to the house for breakfast his eyes widened, seated on the grass behind where he had been standing, his head bowed and hands clasped, was a fox with deep orange fur and brown eyes not so different from his own stared back at him. He had never seen one of the animals come so close to a person before. There were plenty of them on the mountain likely due to Kami-Sama’s presence but they kept their distance from the humans and the humans respected the creatures right to the mountain. 
He tilted his head to one side and the fox mirrored his movement tail, swishing a few seconds past with the pair just staring at each other before Shino crouched down and opened his mouth. “Hello little one, what brings you to this garden?” Of course the animal wouldn’t answer him, it was a fox but when he extended a hand towards it the fox stood up and started steadily padding closer to the boy until it was close enough to press its head into his hand. Surely this must be a good omen for his future? Maybe there was a way to trade out this skill for a better one? He was watching the fox as it pressed against his fingers for a moment. Its jaws flashed and the boy hissed out a pained sound. 
The animal had bitten him! Hard enough to draw blood! He saw the droplets fall to the grass.
“Arg! Why you!” he raised his voice and the animal darted off into the brush. Well there went his god omen it had bitten him! He held up his hand to inspect the bite wound but there was nothing there? Shino blinked, pressing his thumb down on the spot he was sure the fox had bitten him, there was still fresh blood on his skin but the wound itself had vanished as if it had ever been! He was astonished of course he would be wounds wouldn't just disappear as if by magic.
He turned his head to the shrine, then back to the spot that the fox had disappeared from. What was going on today? Had he gone mad from the shock of awakening that terrible skill? He sighed and shook his head, it was pointless to wonder. He just pocketed his hands and made his way towards the main house, where his parents would be. Where his siblings would be. He stepped through the doorway and slowly marched through the halls stepping into the dining room. His whole family was there waiting for him, oh no, he had hoped to avoid exactly this. His father, Dai, sat at the head of the table stern and serious, he had been a renowned swordsman in his youth but had taken a class change towards a mercantile class and had become a respected patriarch able to manage the family's accounts and businesses with all the acumen and ease he had swung a sword in his youth. He had always seemed perpetually disappointed with Shino. Seated next to him was the boy's mother, she had been the third daughter of another local clan who had married into his family but she ruled the household with the control expected of a matriarch. His siblings were all arranged around them, all conversation had come to a halt as Shino stepped through the door and all eyes had turned towards him.
His father stared at him before speaking. “Stand up straight boy, you’re a man now and will be representing the family from here on out, you shouldn’t bring shame to our name by slouching.” his stern glare forced Shino to comply and he stood up straighter, swallowing and schooling his expression. 
“Yes father.” The man nodded and graced him with a rare smile.
“Good good, I knew that the system unlocking would turn you into a proper man.” Shino didn’t really understand why that statement made his heart ache. “Sao tell us boy! What kind of skill did you awaken? I know you spent time training with your brothers! Did you get [Swordsmanship]?”
He knew what his father would have preferred, he knew in his heart that his father was putting some vain hope that his son would turn out like he had and was just a late bloomer, Shino knew that he would never be the son his father wanted him to be. 
“No sir, I…” he paused, there was no chance he could lie his father would check. “I awakened to the skill [Susceptibility].” He could only come out and say it. 
The silence from the other end of the table was palpable, everyone knew what that skill was and what it meant. His father’s expression soured and his brows knit together, for a few moments longer nothing happened, everyone just stared at him, before his father spoke up.
“Pathetic, perhaps it was too much for me to expect anything good to come out of you. I have wasted eighteen years on you. Get out of my house, you can no longer call yourself a member of this family.” his words cut deep, but Shino didn’t let any of that pain show on his face. He just bowed his head to hide the tears that started to well up in his eyes, and did his absolute best to keep the wavering out of his voice. 
“I apologize Patriarch.” The boy said before whirling on his feet and marching out of the room. He wouldn't cry, he wouldn’t cry. Real men don’t cry right? He might have been a failure of a son and he may have wished that he was anything but a boy but he could at least manage this much right? He made it at least as far as the garden before he broke and crouched down burying his head in his hands and breaking out into sobs. He wept like a baby there in the garden, perhaps that last vain hope that his family wasn’t horrible had given up for ghost and he was seeing how it truly was. Head never fit in and now they were casting him out so he couldn’t sully their name with his difference. He sobbed into his sleeves until he heard the deep laughter behind him. 
Jolting up he whirled around rubbing his face aggressively to try and wipe away the tears, leaving his face red and puffy. Standing before him was his middle brother Kaede, holding a sword loosely in one hand. 
“Go figure the worthless crybaby awakened to such a terrible skill, you know we were right about you.” His brother spat on the ground sneering as he did. “You were always such a weak and pathetic kid you used to cry and scream after just a little bit of sword practice.” He was swaggering, clearly pleased with himself to be able to lord over one of his siblings. “I mean damn you were always kind of a fag, letting out sisters dress you up like a girl? I for one am glad you’re gone at least you won’t be a drain on the family’s resources anymore.” He stepped forwards roughly shoving the butt end of the sheathed sword into Shino’s chest. “Anyway Father sent me to make sure you don’t steal anything that belongs to the clan and get out of our lands. So you know what fag? Take off that robe, we paid for it and you’ll walk out of here without a penny. Be glad we aren’t making you pay us back what you owe for raising you.”
Shino just stood there letting his brother berate and degrade him, what did it matter? He was a worthless son that much was true. A little spark of rage burned in his chest and before he could think about it he just tore the robs off of his body and tossed them towards his brother. Then kicked off his boots and left those in the dirt.
“Fine, I don’t want anything from any of you anyway.” He wrapped his arms about himself in some vain attempt to hide his slight frame as he stalked out of the garden towards the front entrance. Past the servants and guards who all stared at him as he passed, it wasn’t every day you saw one of the Patriarch’s sons being walked naked through the front yard, news of his exile would spread quickly though. His brother walked lazily behind him sniggering the whole while. Kaede stopped at the entrance to the family's compound flashing Shino a smearing grin, at the boy.
“And don’t you ever come back, we were magnanimous enough to leave you with your life, but we won’t be so kind if you show your face around here again!” His (Former) brother spat on the ground at his feet and turned to amble back towards the house shouting at the guards not to let him back in that he’d been exiled by the Patriarch. That was when the stares of the servants changed, from mild amusement at his humiliation to a nearly predatory malice. Shino didn’t wait around to see what sort of cruelty his former house would mete upon him, instead he just turned and ran into the woods.
That as it turned out was a stupid and foolish idea, he had not a scrap of clothing and he was delving into the woods on a mountainside. He wasn't sure where he was going but he walked wincing when cuts opened up on his feet or when branches scraped across his skin. He was miserable within minutes but turning back wasn’t an option. 
That sadness and pain in his heart hadn’t faded but slowly it was being overtaken by anger, so what if he had awakened a bad skill?! What if he couldn’t swing around a sword like his brothers could! He had value! He was a person! What kind of family took sick joy in watching him be marched out naked and tossed into the wilderness after watching him grow up and raising him? Slowly he slumped down into the dirt and just buried his face in his hands, the tears that flowed this time were tinged with an impotent rage. What could he even do? Nobody would care about his fate, he would just be a spoiled brat who had pissed off his rich family, nobody would take pity on him. He would die out here on the mountain from the elements or from lack of food, so he cried to relieve the pent up emotions, to express his frustration with the absurdity of his situation. Out of rage at his father, at Kaede, his siblings all of them had treated him like shit for his entire life! And now they delighted in his suffering; he was sure of it. His own mother had said nothing! Just watched him go, just watched her husband send her own child out to die in the wilderness. 
As his thoughts raged in circles he felt something bump against his arm, soft warm fur brushed against him and he blinked, sniffling and trying to blink away the tears so he could see what had touched him and his eyes widened with shock when he saw, the very same fox that had bitten him this morning, he wasn’t sure how he could tell but he could. The fox had dragged something through the forest and set it down next to him. Slowly the boy picked it up… was this his robe? It was! How the fox had known, why it had done what it did he had no idea but he couldn’t help it tears and laughter spilled from him in equal measure. His own family has discarded him and a random woodland animal has done more for him than his own family had. It was ridiculous but, fitting perhaps. He just clapped his hands together and bowed his head nearly down to the forest floor.
“Thank you, Fox-Sama.. I am eternally grateful.” He had no idea if the fox could hear or understand him but he thanked the creature regardless. A soft musical chuckled filtered through the trees and sounded like the very wind coming down from the mountain top as it swirled around him. Perhaps the fox was sent by Kami-Sama. He paused, the shrine on the mountaintop! He could stay there for a time the [Priestesses] surely would let him stay for a night or two while he figured things out and decided upon a good way to properly thank Kami-Sama for what she had done for him. 
With renewed purpose he dressed in the robe and started on his way, marching up towards the top of the mountain. It was nightfall by the time he made it to the gates of the temple, panting and gasping from the effort it had taken to climb to the mountain's top. He hadn’t any shoes so his feet were bloody and raw by the time he made it. Slowly he sank down to sit on the ground leaning against the wooden pillar that marked the entrance to the temple grounds. It would be rude to bleed in Kami-Sama’s domain. He sat there panting and gasping for breath trying to ignore the throbbing pain that in his feet, he hardly noticed the [Priestess] until a hand came to rest against his shoulder. 
“Young man?” a little twinge in his heart. “Are you alright? Did you need some help?” in the dim light she couldn’t see the mess that had been made of his feet.
“A-ahh…” he started to speak and had a bit of a coughing fit raising a hand to try and assuage the women's concerns. “ahh..  My feet.. Sorry I had no shoes to make the climb up the mountain with..” He could see the look on her face as concern became shock then worry she moved quickly to check the wounds. 
“You best come inside so we can treat these wounds.. Honestly it's any wonder you made it at all…” She tsked and scooped him up, eliciting a squeak from his lips. He hadn’t expected the girl who looked to be not much older than him to be able to just pick him up like it was nothing! The girl didn’t seem to notice the flush that crept across his face as she marched him into one of the buildings, it was a lot more austere than his former family's home but it looked comfortable and lived in. He was deposited down on one of the beds and the girl bustled off shaking her head. 
“Honestly… foolish.. What a headache..” he could hear her muttering away as she fetched various things, returning she gave him a strained smile. “Just give it a moment and I’ll treat the wounds. Please if you can tell me what drove you to climb the entire mountain without shoes?” 
It was clear in the way she phrased the question that she thought he was an idiot for even trying it, but was holding some mild hope that he had a good reason to do what he had.
“I.. was the youngest son of Patriarch Dai.. at least until this morning when I was exiled, sent out into the woods with nothing.” He swallowed and shifted a bit, his cheeks burning as he thought about what he was going to say. “And a fox brought me these robes, I just thought that.. It might have been a sign from Kami-Sama… I-I know that sounds foolish but!... but where else was I to go?” 
The girl was staring at him with her mouth half open, “I.. .well I suppose that's a good enough reason to try and ascend the mountain honestly, still you should have tried to get boots from somewhere before trying what you did! Even ripping off strips of the robe to tie around your feet would have been smarter than doing nothing foolish boy!” 
He blinked, that was.. Why hadn’t he thought of that? It was so simple and he felt stupid for not realizing that it was even an option. Slowly the [Priestess] cleaned out the wounds ignoring how he hissed and twitched. Only admonishing him, “you need to sit still or the wounds might get infected!” 
He stayed quiet and let her work slowly cleaning and binding the wounds. When she was done she let out a breath and set her hands on her hips. “You can stay here for tonight, in the morning I’ll talk with the others and see what happens. For now you should sleep! You need to heal okay?” She at the very least wasn’t kicking him out, so that was nice enough. 
He smiled and just nodded. “Right, thank you truly, I mean it.” The girl just smiled at him and moved towards the entrance. “Rest well okay? I’m sure that things will work out for you.” 
She left him there, laying in the bed and sharing at the ceiling Shino was… not happy but hours of grueling effort to scale the mountain had drained most of his anger and instead just left him feeling hollow and raw. Most of his emotions had burned out and he simply had an empty feeling in his chest, what would he do with his life? How did you even figure that out when you were starting from nothing? He would figure nothing out that night and as he started to drift off to sleep he felt something jump up on the bed with him and that very same fox curled up on his chest watching him as darkness claimed him. 
His eyes opened in a new place, slowly he sat up, he had been laying on a mat resting on the floor of a building whose fanciful decoration made his family's home look like a pauper's shack in comparison to the splendor on display around him. Where.. Where was this? He glanced around and his eyes fell upon the only other person in the room with him, a woman wearing a Miko uniform, with long orange hair and brown eyes, with animalistic slits, a pair of big fuzzy ears twitched on her head and a soft bushy tail swished behind her, her lips twisted up into a smile. 
“It’s lovely to see you again.” She spoke and the voice that reached his ears was that same voice he had heard on the wind when the fox brought him the robe. He sat up, his brow furrowed, then it hit him. That hadn’t been a fox at all but a Kitsune! A species of monster that could take the form of a fox or that of a beautiful woman, the same species as Kami-Sama had been once. 
“You! Ah!” he stopped and bowed his head holding out his hands in front of him as he did so. “Please accept my thanks Fox-Sama!” He absolutely didn’t want to offend her, after all she was a monster that could kill him with ease but far far more than that she had genuinely helped him and led him to the shrine he had fallen asleep in. She’d had no reason from his perspective to help him but she had.

She giggled at that and slid to her feet sauntering over towards him, her movements were a slow swaying sashay, her tail moving along with her hips to emphasize the movement. It was hard to look away and some small part of his brain reminded him that to most Kitsune were considered dangerous for their natural abilities as seductresses. She crouched down in front of him and a hand reached out her finger brushing against his cheek and jaw. 
“You shouldn’t thank me, I was just doing what anyone should do for family, I wasn’t going to let my adorable little sister die in the woods before she even knew who she was~” He blinked and his brain short circuited, sister? But he was the only one here and he was pretty sure he was a boy right? He might be a failure of a son in his fathers eyes, and maybe he had enjoyed when his sisters played dress up with him but that was a normal thing that totally normal boys did right? He was almost certain that almost everyone sometimes wondered what it would be like to be a girl and feel those little twinges of pain in his heart whenever someone called him a man. This was all just part of the male experience, of course he was envious of his sisters, they got to be pretty and soft and wear cute dresses and didn’t have to try and practice the sword with the jerks that had once been his older brothers. 
He shook his head slowly. “But I’m not a girl? A-and sister uhm.. How can we be related?” The fox just giggled, her tail swishing as she ruffled his hair, shuffling a little closer and plopping down beside him, her tail wrapping around his body and pulling him in snug against her side. 
“Oh not by blood cutie, but our lady has chosen you! It's a great honor you know~” She wrapped both arms around Shino and pulled the buy into a tighter embrace. “In fact I’m the only other person she’s chosen for this particular honor so we’ll be sisters in her service!” The fox giggled and reached up a finger to tap him on the nose. His mind was reeling in circles, honor? What honor? Chosen by whom, Kami-Sama? It took him a few seconds to try and fit the pieces together in his frazzled state.
“You mean she’s going to turn me into a kitsune.. Like you?” 
“Right right~! I can tell just from looking at you you’ll be really pretty when she’s done! Oh oh and make sure to call me big sis Tomo!” She was so excited it was hard to keep up with her energy. Shino was mostly just confused, why had Kami-Sama chosen him of all people for this? What was it like becoming a monster? Tomo had called him her sister because kitsune were exclusively female. He just stayed there quietly thinking as the fox squeezed and patted him. She seemed content to just hold him for the time being and well… he really could use the hug. Maybe this was for the best, his terrible former family had kicked him to the curb and now Kami-Sama was going to give him a new one. He just curled up a bit letting the fox tuck him into her side and cried, letting the tears flow. Tomo just comforted him, patting and rubbing his back, her tail wrapping around his waist. “There there, I know it was bad but that's over now you don’t have to worry about any of them anymore. They can’t hurt you anymore, you’re safe here with your big sister.” The fox was being nice to him, so much nicer than his own family had been, for some reason that only made the tears come heavier. 
Shino wasn’t sure how long he stayed in that spot crying, but Tomo had stayed by his side gently rubbing and talking to him the whole time. He was sure, he was eternally grateful to this fox and whatever came to pass that would never change he was sure. Slowly he sat up, glanced around and blew his nose into his sleeve slowly rubbing at his eyes.

‘S-sorry.. I dunno what c-came over me.” He knew but he was trying to be polite. Tomo just grinned at him and with a flick of her wrist conjured a soft cloth and leaned over to gently wipe at his eyes slowly cleaning him up. 
“Oh darling it's not a problem, you’ve had a really rough day you’re perfectly allowed to be sad and emotional.” Her head tilted and she paused one ear twitched. “Ah! Mistress will be back soon so let's get you cleaned up okay!” 
The fox gently pulled him to his feet and hummed as she sauntered off towards a closet that he was only just now noticing, to be fair once he had noted being in a new place most of his attention had been stolen by the fox Tomo. The fox was digging through the clothing making little noises before she returned with a predatory smile and a small pile of clothes in her arms. Immediately he started getting the same sort of vibes he’d gotten from his sisters when they planned… well this very sort of activity. He put up his hands and took a step back. “W-wait just a second here, I uh.. Do I have to?” He was already blushing, and the fox didn’t back off, she stalked closer, her tail swishing behind her as she approached. 
“Oh no, it would be inconceivable to go before a goddess who invited you into her home in such ratty robes! It would be an insult! No no you have to at least be made presentable!” Tomo was insisting and he had to admit she made some sense. It would be really rude to show up to meet with a deity bedraggled and wearing dirty stained robes… 
He just let out a breath and deflated. “Fine, let's just get this over with.” he tried to simply sound resigned but he couldn’t help but let a little bit of a smile creep onto his face. At least Tomo actually liked him, and wasn’t just dressing him up to make fun of him. 
Tomo practically pounced forwards as he surrendered her hands grabbing at him and dragging him over to the privacy screen, with a little sound she just pulled the old robe off of him and tossed it away, strapping back to look him over with a critical eye. 
“ I think we should go with something traditional! Ehehe its only proper after all~” He hardly got any input at all as the fox worked a snap of her fingers and a wave of magic washed over his body scouring all the dirt, sweat, grime and stains from his body. He shifted a bit face flushing steadily as the fox stepped in and started wrangling him into clothes that matched her own, a miko outfit slightly different from Tomo's. His had a longer skirt that reached his ankles, where hers was closer to a miniskirt. Soon enough she was done fussing over the clothing and had sat him down in front of a mirror pulling apart the ponytail and brushing out his hair, humming softly as she worked. As far as Shino was concerned he looked a little silly like this but.. Maybe not for long? If what Tomo had said was true then Kami-Sama was returning and would change him into a kitsune… he could hardly believe that he was just going along with this. Was he really so okay with giving up his humanity? His gender? He would have a family though one that seemed far more caring than his last one. That could be enough right? He could sacrifice a few meaningless things for that.
He let out a breath and bit down on his lip chewing on it as he thought. “Uhm, big sis?” He decided to try it out, she had requested to be called as such. The fox perked up and leaned in her arms wrapping around him from behind to tug  him back against her chest. 
“Yess my darling sister?~ what can this fox do for you?” she purred out quite pleased evidently so with him playing along with her. 
“What.. What will it be like? T-to change I mean..” He shifted squirming in place, it was on his mind what would it be like to become a monster? And a girl monster at that.
“Hmm well it will feel a little overwhelming, hard to describe something that so completely eclipses sensation and experience.” She shrugged her shoulders. “you’ll understand when you see the mistress but I just know that you'll be really happy when it's all over~” 
There was still one major question on his mind, that he hadn’t quite gotten around to asking. Because it was a little too close to the raw feelings in his heart. He had cried enough for today, he thought.
“Why me? Why was I chosen?” What made him worthy of the deity’s attention? Was it just convenient? He could accept that, but there were already [Priestesses] at the temple so if she was in dire need of another servant then she could just claim one of the people that are already sworn to her right? The fox just squeezed him a little tighter, her fingertips idly brushing through his hair as she hummed out a little sound. 
“Oh well you know there’s an easy answer to that question. Our Mistress has watched over this mountain for a long time, nothing that happens here can escape her gaze. So you were already being watched over and when you awakened to that special skill well it made you an easy candidate~” Tomo just squeezed him tighter and leaned down so that her face was next to his own. “You can think of it as a gift from our lady. Truly it's unfortunate that your family reacted so poorly.” She clicked her tongue and a smile broke across her features baring sharp canines.
“But, I suppose the trash has taken itself out.” She didn’t elaborate on that statement and instead she just straightened up and released him to slowly brush his hair back into place and adjust the outfit he was wearing making sure it was all prim and proper. Then the fox took a step back and looked him over. He blinked and shifted a bit, that was.. Comforting? He thought so at least, he’d grown up with the rituals and faith, with the little shrine in his garden muttering his prayers to the goddess on the mountain. So why would it not be comforting to know that the entity you prayed to had heard you, watched you and chosen you for some purpose. It’s just, why did it have to hurt? 
If everything had been part of a divine plan then why had his family been allowed to treat him so poorly? Send him out onto the mountain nude and why was he allowed to run his feet bloody and raw to climb to the temple? Maybe he was overthinking it… Maybe it was more simple than he was trying to make it. She might be a deity sure but controlling the thoughts and actions of hundreds of humans might be a bit much. Everything had turned out well since he had made it to the temple at the peak of the mountain. Once he had stepped into Kami-Sama’s domain and been brought.. Wherever he was now. So maybe she was limited in how she could act for one reason or another that would make total sense once it was explained to him. 
If he accepted that everything was mostly going according to some plan then would it be worth it? Tomo seemed to think so, and the fox had already done a fair bit to help him, she had also dressed him up like a girl but he had agreed to that and besides it wasn’t uncomfortable and it was better than the torn and dirty robes he’d had on before. As for why it was girl clothes well… if only the goddess and Tomo lived here then they probably only had girl clothes here and it wasn’t some deliberate slight or anything it was just what was on hand for him to wear. Never mind that according to Tomo he’d be turned into a Kitsune at some point and become a girl. That was just… something that was going to happen and head no choice in the matter so he would accept it, and certainly not because the idea made his heart flutter, after all he wasn’t a girl. 
Tomo clapped her hands together and broke him out of his thoughts, a bright smile on the fox’s face. “Hey hey you were drifting off a bit there silly, and while you are adorable we have to get going~” She tilted her head ear twitching up. “Because Mistress is home and ready for you.” 
Those words jumped his heart into his throat, so soon? Well like he knew it would be today and soon but right now?! He froze up and stared at the fox wide eyed for a few seconds. How could he hope to be mentally ready to go have a conversation with a deity that he’d prayed to his whole life? Evidently Tomo could see the tension on him and she stepped closer both of her hands taking his and gently pulling him to his feet. “Cmon~ it’ll be okay, I promise I’ll be right there with you the whole time.” That was a comforting thought and he just swallowed, forcing himself to nod.
“R-Right okay.. I just.. Whewwff.. Alright let's go.” He was still a little stiff as they went his steps wooden, his eyes still a little wide and darting about. He hadn’t left this room since he had woken up in this palace but now they did, they were inside a wing of a much larger structure and a number of similar rooms to the one they had just emerged from lined both sides of the hallway. Tomo however ignored them and after looping her arm through his own gently pulled him down the hallway sliding open the door and stepping through.
The sight on the other side was.. overwhelming , Tomo had been right about that part, but the fox didn’t let him stop and gawk, The room they had stepped into was huge, shaped like an octagon with mighty pillars separating another ring from an inner ring more doors led to other halls like they one they had come from like spokes spiraling out from this central chamber, every piece of wood was intricately carved and detailed with murals and scenes that would take a lifetime to memorize, but what drew his eye far more than the beautiful locale was the center ring of the room, the entire circle had been converted into what he could only describe as a cozy nest. Soft pillows and padding covered the entire area and it looked like a dozen people could comfortably lounge there together. But instead of a dozen it was just one.
Just one creature lay there stretched out on the pillows like a queen surveying her court, nay a goddess in her realm. She was big, Shino had no real way to estimate the exact height of the deity, but she had to be at least twelve feet tall, with nine tails swishing about behind her, each of them such a pure white that they almost glowed with a soft light. Her hair spilled down around her like a waterfall of the same gently radiant color as her tails. Markings like whiskers sat on her cheeks and piercing orange eyes shifted lazily over to the pair as they emerged from the side chamber. The smile that broke across her face sent a lance of warm feelings through his heart, very nearly brushing away the last remnants of his earlier sadness from him. She didn’t sit up or say anything just yet just beckoned them closer to join her in the plush nest. 
Tomo didn’t let him stop or fall to his knee’s she just dragged him right along until the both of then were within arms reach of the goddess, for she could be nothing else in Shino’s mind. She reached up a hand and slowly her digits traced over Tomo’s head, then she spoke. Her voice was soft and low and twisted around him like a silken thread, demanding attention, demanding focus. She could whisper and the entire room would hear every word and listen with rapt attention. 
“You’ve done well my darling servant, thank you dear.” Tomo’s tail was wagging like a puppy’s as she stared up at the goddess with adoration clear on her face. Then the goddess turned her full attention to Shino, her gaze pinned him in place and slowly she evaluated him, but it was an entirely different sort of feeling than when his father had looked at him, deciding if he was worth paying attention to, like he had to prove himself. Instead the goddess looked at him like he was a precious thing with inherent value and that she needed merely to device the best way to display him, the weight of her attention wasn’t oppressive it was a gentle pressure that invited one to kneel not because they were lesser and it was demanded of them, but because them she could better adore them. 
He wasn’t sure where all of that came from but he felt it flitting through his mind, twisting at his thought and gently whispering little understandings into his mind. After what felt like an eternity of being watched and gently smiled at her hand moved over from Tomo’s head a single finger curling under his chin to tilt his head up and guide his gaze to meet her own. 
“Hello little pet, welcome home I’ve waited years for you.” It was the gentles of admonishments, a joke, light hearted and spoken with a hint of a laugh. “My darling you have suffered greatly but that is over now.” and she spoke with finality that Shino could feel. He wouldn’t be hurt like that again, it was simply the truth. For how could a creature like the goddess ever lie? 
He opened his mouth to speak, to say something but the finger under his chin slipped up to press against his mouth silencing him. “Shhh~ you don’t have to say anything right now. You have a lot of questions I know but they will all be answered with time. So have some patience, little kit~” Her hand fell away and she needn’t have kept it there to ensure that his eyes were on her, he simply couldn’t look away.

“I chose you because of who you were, and interceded in your awakening to grant you that special skill. You needed it, for without it how could I fill you with my power and remake you as my adorable servant?” He didn’t try to answer because she had shushed him last time, but that.. She had directly ensured that he would have this skill? Because it made it easier to.. Convert him into a kitsune like Tomo? Was she originally a human that had been changed like this? She had mentioned that he was being granted the same honor as her so he had to assume so. He had to assume that it was the skill that he had that made it so easy to listen to her, to feel the intention in her words. [Susceptibility] it made one weak to outside influence, and what could describe that more than the presence and aura of a deity? 
“I can only tell you that those people have been.. .evicted from the mountain, I will not suffer the presence of that clan any longer.” her lips curled into a smile and slowly he took a step closer, drawn by an invisible lure, her presence surrounded him and whispered to him slowly he stepped closer and before he could understand what he was doing or why the fox leaned forwards and her lips pressed against his own. 
But it was far from a kiss, that presence that had surrounded him twinged and rushed inwards, for a moment he could feel the energy sinking into his skin and flooding his body with Her, with a gentle warmth that seared away the pain in his heart, from the kiss a torrent of tingling energy flooded through his body, overwhelming it surged through his body down to his toes and then washed back up to the crown of his head. His eyes rolled back into his head and at some point he had slumped down to the plush cushioned floor of the goddess’ chamber. The energy continued to flood into his body until there was not an inch of him that wasn’t subsumed with the gentle warmth it scoured through his mind and assuaged his doubts. There was nothing but sincerity in this torrent, nothing but warmth and love, a welcome home, a warm hug. A kiss. He could see nothing, hear nothing as his entire sense of self was wrapped up in a warm blanket like a swaddling babe.
He was confronted by little things at first, small ideas and values that were easy to decide upon. Slowly that gentle warmth brought him to each piece of himself and asked if he wanted to keep it. It was gentle pressure, safe, comforting and it made it so easy to think, to truly think if those fragments made him happy. From the toxic ideals of his once father, to the shame of enjoying those moments with his sisters, all the way down, every little idea that had been pushed onto him was dredged up and gently confronted one after the other, many were disacred forgotten plucked from his head as if they had never been until they got to the final piece. This one he hesitated on, this one he paused only for the pressure to gently ease him forwards. ‘Everything would be okay’ He was loved, he was safe and no matter what he decided it would have no effect on his value, on his worth that was inherent, that was as solid as unchanging as the mountain itself, after all he was Kami-Sama and everything in her eye was a treasure. 
He settled and he picked up that last idea, he thought it over, weighed both options and then, she set it down again. Letting that idea be plucked away like all the other refuse. Gone like it had never been, a fleeting memory of a distant time, that simply didn’t matter anymore. Instead she just closed her eyes and let the energy that had suffused every aspect of her being wrap around her and carry her away. 
She had no idea how much time had passed from when she had first stepped into the chamber and met the Mistress, she had no idea how long she had been kneeling slumped on the soft pillows, but when she opened her eyes so much had changed. She was curled up in a little ball pressed against the goddess with one of those white tails draped over her. She felt a connection in her soul, a solid core that connected her to the mistress that felt completely natural, she belonged after all just like Tomo. She could feel the deity and through the connection she could feel that same radiant warmth and gentle affection that had led her through her own mind. Her tail wiggled about behind her and she stretched slowly, yawning but not quite feeling any urgent need to get up. She could rest and take stock of her body and self before she got up. The system dinged and popped up for her to see.
The system did like congratulating people, but normally it had a bit.. More to it, no? She frowned and pulled up her sheet in its entirety. 
[Race]: Kitsune
[Age]: 18
[Stage]: 1st 
[Evolution]: N/A 
[skills]: [Tsukiko’s Chosen] 
It was different, some things were comparable like she had to assume that the stage was equivalent to levels... But Evolution? Well she knew that monsters evolved but, she was sure that it could all be explained later. What was more immediately interesting was that the skill had changed, [Susceptibility] was gone and in its place was [Tsukiko’s Chosen]. It only took a second to figure out why, it was what bound her to her mistress now and forever. Her name was blank, she supposed she had no need for that old name, it had been a relic from that family, and just as they had been evicted from the mountain and their toxic ideas excised from her mind so too should the name they had given her be discarded. But that meant she would need a new one.
Slowly she drifted back towards consciousness and stretched out rolling over and sitting up rubbing at her eyes to clear the sleep from them. Before she had finished a hand came down and settled on top of her head a gentle touch but one that was unmistakable. She drew in a breath and smiled letting that same bright warmth that flowed through her heart and soul shine through on her face. 
“G’morning Mistress..” the new fox mumbled stifling a yawn behind a sleeve as she blinked looking around. She was still in that comfy pillow nest, curled up at the side of her goddess. The fingers on her head curled to slowly scratch those nails over her scalp. 
“Good morning little kit, did you sleep well?” The question was unnecessary. The goddess knew that she had, but she also knew that they both enjoyed the pageantry of having a conversation, after all they were connected truly on the most fundamental level, the new fox an extension of her Mistress’ will. 
“mmh, I slept well Mistress..” She wasn’t sure if she should ask about her name, right? She was loved and cared for here so she didn’t need to fear asking for things. “Mistress? I need a new name don’t I?” 
The new fox tilted her head back to look up at the goddess, getting lost in her eyes almost immediately. Her tail swished about as the goddess’s arms came down and scooped her right up, settling the smaller fox into the crook of her arms. 
“Of course you do darling but not just yet, there’s no rush to pick out the perfect name for you.” She shifted a bit squirming to lean against the goddess, a little contented sound escaping from her. How had she ever doubted her Mistress? Through the connection she could feel her and she simply never had to worry about anything of the sort again. The warm love bleed through the connection so strongly that she could never doubt its voracity. Her ears perked up as Tomo stepped into the chamber and rushed over to join the pair. Throwing herself forwards to be caught by their goddess and settled in right next to the new fox. The goddess’s tails curled forwards to start brushing over both of the smaller foxes. Pampering the both of them with gentle touches.
“Oh gosh! I was right, you turned out super pretty~” Tomo’s arms snake around the new fox and squeezed her into a hug, the new fox squirmed shifting to lean a bit more of her weight onto Tomo. 
“Hmnn… thank you.” She murmured in response. For the moment simply basking in the sensations of being with people who cared for her unconditionally. It was a wonderful feeling enough that she just wanted to sink down and melt into the embrace. A small thought started to bloom in her skull though, Tomo and her were the goddess’s servants.. What did that mean? What tasks and duties did they have to perform? 
The goddess started to move, sitting up and moving both of the smaller foxes into her lap. Fingers curled under each of their chins and tilted the two girls heads up towards her face.
“Now that you are both present and awake there is one pressing matter of concern~” Her gaze bore down on the two smaller foxes and the weight of her presence around them shifted. She smiled. “A kits first time is precious indeed and my precious new pet should be properly taught her place~” The deities words were heavy in the air, her whole presence was impossible to ignore when she wanted to be payed attention and the cute foxes in her grasp and under her thumb were truly bound up in her influence, a touch of her power infusing their souls. If she asked it of them her two precious pets would melt
The new fox shuddered, she understood what her mistress was saying of course how could she not when the goddess's intention washed over her, caressed over her skin and fur, and bloomed in her heart. There couldn’t be a misunderstanding when the deity spoke she understood and from what she could see of Tomo her fellow fox understood in the same way. The two smaller foxes shared a glance, a blush and then things moved quickly from there Tomo moved pinning the younger fox between herself and their Mistress mashing their lips together, a muffled moan rose from the new fox. Her arms wrapped around Tomo’s waist and she melted letting the older fox take the lead in the kiss letting the older’ fox’s hands roam over her body, exploring it for the both of them. 
As the two smaller foxes tangled themselves upon her lap the deity just smiled and watched, her tails interceded here and there a brush over bare skin here a little touch there. But she so did adore when her pets got along. Of course her pet's purpose was serving her and surely they would, but for now? A show would suffice whilst her newest possession adjusted to her new life. 
Tomo’s hands were gentle but insistent, when the palms of her hands brushed over the younger fox’s chest despite the clothing in the way the younger fox arched up, squirming and letting out a steady stream of muffled little sounds into the kiss. She moved and wriggled, pressing into each touch and caress that danced over her body. Their Mistress adjusted the two making sure they were settled comfortably into her lap and Tomo could pin the new fox down against their mistress’ thighs. The kiss broke and the older fox grinned down at her.
“Just try and relax okay? And let us take care of everything~” It was an easy enough instruction to follow and the new fox nodded. Tomo was sitting up her tail swishing as her hands came down and tugged the collar of the new fox’s shirt pulling it to the sides and in one swift movement bared her chest. Her face was a bright burning red. She hadn’t been given a bra.. Before and so she didn’t have one now Tomo’s hands were free to land squarely on her chest and dig in those fingers kneading at her bust, drawing a low string of gasps from the smaller fox.
“Hnnn~! T-Tomo…” the older fox just grinned and pinched down on the bud at the peak of one breast gently twisting the nub. Drawing a squealing moan from the little fox. “Hrmm~? Didn’t I tell you to call me big sis?” she cooed down at her, a smug sort of smirk on her face. The smaller fox grasped for Tomo’s wrists and whined softly up at her.

“Ha-hahh! P-please! B-big sis!” Those words immediately made the other fox perk up and she dipped down her fingers, relaxing that pinch and then retreating to make room for her lips and tongue to deliver a far more gentle sort of stimulation to the younger fox’s chest. The new fox’s eyes squeezed shut as she squirmed and shifted in place, thighs clamped shut and she whimpered out needy little noises. The bond she could feel to the other two thrummed through her body and soul filling her heart with the feelings of the rest of the trio. She was loved, she was precious, she was cared for. There would be nothing in her future but that same love and comfort.
Her arms wrapped around Tomo’s neck, her fingers curling little handholds in the older fox’s hair. Slowly one of the goddess’s hands came down to rest on the newly minted fox’s head slowly petting over her ears and hair. “You’re doing so well darling, keep on just like that little one melt for us and we’ll take care of you~” The deity purred out softly as she pet slowly over the cute little fox’s ears slowly her fingers curled to tilt her newest pets head back so that she was left staring up her Mistress a finger curled and brushed slowly over her lips, the little fox didn’t have to guess she could feel what the deity desired and those lips parted so the finger could slide in and rub slowly over her tongue. Leaving the cutie to melt and shiver sucking on that finger while Tomo toyed with her body. 
Her eyes were rolled back into her head, her body quaking as she sucked on that finger and shivered out, Tomo moved relevant and slowly her lips pulled back popping off of the newest fox’s chest and cooing out happily as she watched the New fox melt under their affection. Slowly her lips traced down her tongue flicking to dance over skin tracing over the cute little fox’s tummy and then down, she paused when she reached the new fox’s waistband and tugged her skirt down and off tossing it asides. She purred out softly, her chin resting on the new little fox’s tummy. 
“So sweet and tame~ There can be no doubt now that you were born for this hmm?” She giggled as she dipped down gently nudging the younger fox's thighs apart to make room. As her tongue flicked, their Mistress’ other hand came down and swatted across Tomo’s ass drawing a squealing cry from her lips.

Their mistress beaned down at both of them, those touches conveying just a fraction of the joy she felt watching her darling possession getting along so well. Slowly the deity’s fingers drove under Tomo’s skirt and slowly pushed into her, the girl's tail shooting up into the air and she moaned into the younger fox. 
Neither of the two little foxes could tell how much time passed with the three of them entangled like that. Tasting and savoring each other trading places touches, kisses sweetly murmured affirmations of love and the omnipresent pressure of their Mistress around them both a constant swirling warmth that twisted down squeezing around the both of them like silken ropes while the divine creatures sampled the pleasures of her possessions. It could have been hours, it could have been days or weeks; the distinction mattered not at all here, and when neither Tomo nor the smaller fox could muster up the energy to do more than share warm little lazy kisses wrapped in each others arms tails and under their mistress’ attention did things truly slow back down. Only then did the new foxs’ consciousness properly catch up and stretch languidly under the sensations that had played out across their mind and body over the past indeterminate amount of time. 
Just as she started to drift gently towards sleep did the deity speak again in a soft warm tone, full of love and acceptance. “From this moment forwards you are Emiko, one of my chosen, now and forever mine~” 
And Emiko smiled, there was nothing left in her heart but joy, a simple easy feeling to float upon, a simple easy feeling to fall asleep to nestled comfortably in with the people who would never, could never hurt her….

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