A Bitch's Fate

by CannedBeans

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #transformation #abuse #cw:blood #cw:death #litrpg #self_hypnosis #werewolf

Lost in the woods and slowly dying of hypothermia one young adventurer with a very unfortunate [skill] finds herself saved by a monster she has no hope of fighting or escaping from, perhaps worst of all all it wants from her is to mate?! 

this is a simple oneshot that got stuck in my head and refused to let me sleep until it existed, I don't expect to ever add more to it but who knows, I hope you all enjoy and heeded those content warnings! 

CW's: Kidnapping, Rape, violence, abuse, blood, canine cocks, eating raw game, hunting and killing. 

[susceptibility], one of the few passives that the typical adventurer didn’t want to have, it was right up there with [weakness to poison] in the (regularly updated) list of least desirable passives to have. After all there was nothing worse than a passive that made one weak to just about any sort of tempting influence. Be that; Drugs, hypnosis, booze, just about anything that could alter your state of mind and leave you vulnerable [susceptibility] made you weak too. Unfortunately for Amira it was the first passive she had been granted when she became of age and her system unlocked. Why it had been the first thing she had revived from the omnipresent system was a mystery to her, was it the binge drinking she’d done the night before? Was it that strange mushroom soup her cousin had made a few years ago, the one that had them both seeing shapes and colors no human should ever be able to comprehend? Or was it the dreams they had late at night, that they certainly didn’t want to think about. The shameful ones about really just how attractive some monsters were, and that really it was a shame to kill some of the prettier ones just because they could be ‘dangerous’? No no it certainly couldn’t be that, it would just have to remain a mystery, a rather unfortunate mystery because Amira was in fact an adventurer. Finding ancient lost treasure and fabulous wealth in ancient trap filled ruins! Slaying mighty dragons and horrific creatures that threatened the world!

At least she would certainly be in a few years time when she was done with her rookie years, don’t laugh! Everyone has to start at the bottom and work their way up! So what if she had been at the bottom and ‘working her way up’ for about three years now? She was obviously just a late bloomer! Any day now she’d unlock a super powerful cheat skill and then, BAM! Straight to the top like all the heroes of legend!

At least that's what she kept telling herself as she trudged through the thick snow and sparse underbrush in search of some medicinal herbs that only grew in the winter out here, to turn in at the guild for just enough copper to get some supper and a room at the inn. Truly she knew deep down that she’d likely never really advance much past these low ranks. When the other kids in her town had been unlocking skills like [swordsmanship], [archery] and [spellcraft], she had gotten stuck with the useless and worthless [susceptibility]. Nobody wanted to take a party member that didn’t have even the most basic of combat skills, sure she could stab a monster with her dagger but it would never be remotely as effective or damaging as someone that had the basic [knife work] skill.

Lost in thought lamenting her fate she hadn’t seen the tree root and was sent tumbling head over heels into the mud and slush. She just laid there for a second and then just let out a frustrated shout.

“Gods-frickin.. Ghfghdsjfgh!” fists flailed impotently in the air, really some days it just felt like the whole world was out to get her. Slowly she sat up, Amira really didn’t have the right sorta stuff for being a hero anyway. She mused to herself, she was short even by the standards of her home village and that meant even the boys her own age absolutely towered over her, with a mess of curly brown hair that fell past her shoulders and no matter how much her mother had brushed always ended up more tangled and messy than it had been originally. A smattering of freckles dotted her face and sharp green eyes had always made her look like she was scowling at everyone. Something that hadn’t really been helped by her actually scowling at just about everyone.

She pulled up her [status sheet] just to stare glumly at the contents.

        [Name]: Amira
        [Race]: Human
        [Age]: 21
        [Level]: 1  16/30
        [class]: locked until level 5
        [skills]: [susceptibility]

It really was pathetic to look at, very few people were still level one by the time they reached her age and you only got new skills when you leveled! Most of the experience she had came from the very slow trickle one got whenever they performed any mundane task, as she had only really been able to kill a single slime when it had accosted them in the woods. There really weren't that many monsters in this forest and of those that were here she had little chance of taking them on with just a piddly little dagger and no [skill] for it. One time she’d gotten really drunk one night and woke up with a neat little pile of extra exp and no idea where it came from to repeat the feat. She just had to keep working at it and hope that her second skill was a really good one.. Or just give up and slink back home. Ma would help her get a tailoring skill and maybe some village boy would take pity on her failure and marry her.

The very thought of it made her nose scrunch up with disgust. No, she’d rather end up a drunk wastrel than go crawling back to the village, and at least she knew she would be a good drunken wastrel! [susceptibility] would actually come in handy with that career path.

She picked herself up out of the muck and brushed off her clothing trying to get the worst of the mess off of her before just giving up, there was no way she was getting all of the mud and stains out with her bare hands she’d just have to bite the bullet and shell out the extra few coppers to use the wash at the inn. Worst of all now the snow had gotten into her clothes and would melt, ugh she could afford to get sick.. But she also super couldn’t afford to go home empty handed. She’d just have to push on and hope and pray that whatever cruel deity had created the [susceptibility] skill hadn’t also made it give her weakness to sickness.

She’d been trudging through the snow for hours without any luck and the sun was starting to set, Amira was shivering in her boots and had started to sniffle. Frick she really was gonna be sick. She paused mid step and slowly set her foot back down. With the sun going down she had no chance of finding the herbs, and to boot she was out a fair but further than she ever had been before. Clearly she wasn’t lost of course, it would be a very stupid thing to wander out too far into the wilderness in the dead of winter when you were grumpy, hardly paying attention and coming down with a major cold….

Cough, sniffle… maybe she had done all of that, and maybe it was all a stupid thing to do and she should try and hurry her way back to town. She whirled on her heels and… had absolutely no idea where she was. Crap, crap crap crap! Her eyes went wide and she swung her head about looking for anything familiar, any sort of landmark. Just as she started to properly panic something even worse happened. The wind howled and, Plop. a big fat snowflake landed on her head and started to melt against her body heat, just one would of course be no problem but it was soon joined by another and another, within a few minutes the snowflake had become a raging snowstorm and the dwindling visibility of twilight became nothing at all as the dim light and driving snow stole even her sight from her.

Panic? Panic yep, deep down she knew she should keep calm and try to find a straight path back the way she had come but, she was lost, sick and could see where she was going so she bolted, just picked a random direction and ran narrowly dodging trees and tripping hazards as they loomed out of the gloom in front of her. She ran and ran until her lungs ached and her muscles burned. When she finally was forced to slow down and lean against a tree for support she was coughing and drawing ragged breaths of frozen air. Shit, she was super lost… she was gonna freeze to death somehow she just knew it she wasn’t gonna make it through the night at this rate. Exhaustion of cold would get to her and she’d slump over and not get back up. It was just a matter of when.

She rubbed her hands together and stuck them in her armpits, the extremities were already losing feeling and her clothes were frozen to her skin. No way, she wasn’t gonna die here, she was gonna level up, get a badass skill and become a hero… right? She couldn’t even muster up the energy to joke about it. She just pushed off the tree and forcibly put one foot in front of the other, one step, two step, just keep going, find shelter.. any shelter. One step, two step. Come on, you can do it. You can…

Amira lost her footing and tumbled down landing heavily in the snow curling up pulling her legs up to her chest. It was cold, and she was tired, so very tired. It was fine to rest her eyes a bit right? Yeah.. just a few minutes and she’d be back up on her feet. Just… a few minutes… of rest.

Just a few minutes.

Just a few.




She was going to die, and that didn’t really seem to matter anymore. She couldn’t force her body to stand up and keep going if she wanted to and really she didn’t want to. It was quiet, serene even out here, the snow was pretty as it fluttered towards the ground. It was nice, and quiet. That stillness was broken when the sound of footsteps echoed through the tranquility, but that was fine too, some small part of Amira wanted to jump up and wave their hands about, shout that they were here and needed help. But that sounded like it would take a lot of energy and they were just so tired. 

So she just laid there in the snow, and slowly those footsteps came closer and closer. The dark was creeping in around the edges of her vision, and she thought she heard those footsteps speed up, and just before the darkness creeping around the edges of her vision fully claimed her she was plucked out of the snow and bundled up in a strong embrace. She barely registered it as the darkness swallowed her vision and claimed her consciousness dragging her down into blessed unconsciousness.

Amira hadn’t expected to wake up, not really there was a moment of disorientation and confusion as she slowly roused from slumber; of course there was a decent chance that those footsteps had simply been the conjurations of a dying mind. But here she was, she was warm, laying somewhere dry and was even wrapped in the softest fuzzy blanket she had ever experienced. As alertness and sensation returned to her limbs she wiggled her toes and while they were a bit tingly they still worked just fine. languidly she checked each extremity by wriggling them. She was alive! Someone had saved her, a smile broke across her face and she drew in a deep breath only to immediately start coughing.

What was that smell?! It was.. Unpleasant a heavy musky stench that clung to the back of her throat and coated the insides of her nose. The scent hit her like the time she had visited the stables in town and been hit in the face with the stench of an animal but way worse. Evidently her movement and reactions had disturbed the bed and it was then that she noticed her ’blanket’ was moving, stretching and yawning. that was what made Amira realized that she was not in fact wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket but was in fact wrapped in the embrace of a steadily stirring big fuzzy, soft, stinking monster. She let out a little squeak as the beast stretched and rolled onto its back pulling Amira up onto its chest.. Her? Chest, the human’s head was suddenly resting on a rather large and soft bust.

Awa! Awawaw! What!? Amira brain was firing quickly and shorting out, Another gulp of air, another dose of beast stink, and the human wriggled trying to see just how viable it might be to slip out of the monster's embrace and slip off before the monster properly woke up and.. She wasn’t sure.. Ate her or something?

It was then that she noticed that the fur was rubbing against far more skin than there should be, the monster had taken her clothes!?! F-for what purpose?! Well she had to admit that it had probably saved her life wearing frozen clothing as it thawed would only ensure she froze all over again. All the while she had been having little realizations the monster was waking and by the time she had come to the conclusion that she had to find her clothes first as she obviously wasn’t going to go running out into the snow in the buff, the monster had fully awoken.

The voice that drifted towards her ears was a low and husky voice that dug hooks into her brain and drew her focus.

“Ah~ you’re awake are you? You had me worried, you know little one with how much you were shivering and sniffling when I found you.”

Amira opened her mouth then closed it again after letting out a rather undignified squeak. A-after all monsters that could talk were way, way wayyyy out of her strike range. Most monsters didn’t achieve anything close to intelligence for a few evolutions! Dozens if not hundreds of levels over her piddly single level, if this monster had wanted to it could have snapped her in half without even trying! What was she supposed to say to that?! When frankly the most terrifying creatures she’d ever conceived of was.. Cuddling her, naked! And concerned about her safety!

She opened her mouth again only to squeak out another sound, earning her a rolling soft of chuckle from the monster.

“Awe well I’m gonna put you down alright little one? You aren’t gonna get all fighty on me are you? Good girl.” She didn’t even have to respond, just nod her head in response, yup yup! Not a chance was she gonna try and fight! Running was off the table too she was caught before she even got to the entrance of this uh… Burrow?

As the monster rolled over and set her down on the hard packed dirt she actually took a second to look around where she was now and it looked like a cavern dug out of the earth and packed down to keep it from collapsing... It looked kinda cozy, you know, for a monster den and all that! Slowly she looked around avoiding for the moment avoiding letting her gaze land on the creature that had saved her life.

Eventually she would have to look at the monster though and her eyes slowly slid over to land on the monster as she sat up. Amira drew in a sharp gasp as she took in the sight before her, accidently sucking down another heavy musk laden breath of air. The monster was tall. Amira would have to estimate that if she stood up she’d easily stand at eight.. Maybe nine feet tall, and built like some of the most musclebrained adventurers she’d seen in the city. She could tuck Amira under a single arm and not even notice she was carrying around the much smaller human. Short white fur covered every inch of her body and aside from that the monster wore no clothing. The girl studiously kept her eyes away from places it shouldn’t be and looked up towards the monster’s face. She had sharp piercing eyes with narrow slits that focused down on the human, but oddly enough there was a gentleness to that gaze. That fact threw Amira for a loop, as she met that stare and then slowly tore her eyes away to keep examining the beast, a muzzle pointed ears, was this some kind of heavily evolved wolf monster? High enough level to be sentient and anthropomorphic. The beast flashed a smile filled with sharp needle-like fangs at the human, it would have been terrifying if Amira had the energy to be properly terrified right then, but too had this creature pulled her out of the snow and helped her head from the hypothermia, besides with the way those ears twitched, the monster almost looked like a big puppy it would be cute if it weren’t so massive and intimidating... Kinda hot maybe. i-Intimidatingly hot? She’d have to settle on that.

“Well you certainly look healthier little one, you’ve been asleep for days now you know~” The monster spoke and that gentle tone drew Amira’s attention. She blinked slowly, opened her mouth, closed it again and shivered. Days? That explained why she wasn’t feeling sick anymore and was instead just dealing with the everything in front of her.

“You saved me..?” It was half a question, half a statement.

“Of course, I wasn’t going to just leave you there so you could freeze to death~” The monster's head tilted and she settled legs crossed, looming even whilst sitting. “It was the kind thing to do.” The monster’s ears twitched and that smile grew a little further. “And besides that you have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a mate~ just to have a perfect little candidate stumble practically right onto my doorstep and collapse.”

Amira blinked, glancing left and right, it was just the two of them in here though… So did… did… Did the monster mean her?!? She stared wide eyed up at the monster and raised a hand to point at herself before squeaking out a high pitched.

“M-me?!” The question just earned her a nod from the beast who pushed forwards crawling steadily towards the human, slowly filling her entire field of vision and forcing her scamper backwards until her back was pressed against the hard packed dirt of the burrows wall. The beast continued forwards, a clawed hand coming up to press against Amira’s chest pinning her in place as she leaned down a little closer until their foreheads were practically touching.

“Some humans just have a certain.. Smell to them.. Mmmhh~” the beast drew in a breath sniffing at the naked human. “And a certain, [susceptibility] to us~” She practically purred that last sentence.

[Susceptibility]! That cursed skill, it really?! It was well known that it made a human vulnerable to a monster’s charms that much was certain but she thought that meant like a succubus [charm] or a lamias [hypnosis], not just a general sort of weakness to monsters!

“A-aawaa n-no thats, ahh I’m s-sure you’ve g-got the wrong person it has to be a mistake right?!” She squeaked out her eyes wide and darting about looking for any possible escape from her current predicament, was this skill really going to make her a monster plaything? Mate? Whatever ! no no! She was gonna.. She was gonna level up and get a really awesome skill and become a hero!

“Oh very sure little one~” The monster growled out at her practically a low husky whisper with how close they were. “And now that I’ve finally found you after all these years of looking, I’ll never let you out of my sight.”

Amira’s poor heart could only take so much, m-maybe this would be far easier to deal with if she wasn’t blushing like a maiden in response to the monster's words and closeness… and uhh that musky scent that was settling in her brain like a heady fog. She squirmed, turning her head to the side and trying to draw a clean breath with no success, her thighs squeezed together trying to ignore the little ball of heat in her tummy that was growing by the moment.

“A-ahh I uhm..” she mumbled out her brain firing, trying to come up with some sort of magic words that would get her out of this situation, even if she really was finding the monster very attractive and uh… hff she’d probably enjoy a few night to this memory once she was safe but, she certainly wasn’t going to just give in! N-No sir maybe this monster wasn’t as strong or as fast as she looked! Right and Amira really would become a hero the moment she hit level two. She grimaced letting out a soft squeak as the monster's finger tensed, squeezing around her shoulder and digging those claws into her skin enough to draw little beads of blood, drawing her eyes back to the monster before her.

“Don’t you look away from me little one, your mine, your eyes’ are mine. If you can’t keep them from wandering I’ll gouge them out. And keep them as trophies” Her smile shifted, growing a bit more malicious, hungry, monstrous. Piercing yellow eyes bore into Amira's, a deep seated feral sort of hunger radiated from them and pinned the girl against the wall just as effectively as the hand on her chest, the claws needling at her shoulder. “If you’re thinking of running... Be my guest, it would be fun to run you down, and when I catch you I’ll drag you back here and break your legs so you couldn’t ever try it again.” The monster's voice was low and menacing it rumbled slowly through the human’s frame and each word slowly leached the warmth from her veins that the monster had so recently cuddled back into her. That was closer to what she had been expecting. That was a terrifying thought, that even attempting escape would be dangerous. The beast’s head tilted and that broad flat tongue dragged across Amira’s face covering her face with monster slobber. It’s breath stank and the human did her best to swallow the urge to gag.

The monster demeanor shifted quickly again back to a bright happy smile as that hand shifted to wrap around Amira and scoop her up the giant monster plopping down to sit and depositing the girl into her lap drawing her back against the wolf’s chest. “But I’d rather not you know~ it would be so much easier and better for the both of us if you were just a good girl~” and for some reason, maybe the stress of the whole situation, almost dying being saved and then being told she was being claimed by a monster and that attempting to escape would mean torture and possibly death. Or maybe it was that cursed skill that made her weak to the monster's presence. But she just melted a little bit in response to those two little words, a soft whimper rising from her lips as she snuggled back into the monster's embrace.

It was a heavy influence on her mind: the heady fog of the monster's scent surrounded her, the strength of the embrace around her body, and that for some insane reason she felt safe here. At least if she played along right? The monster wouldn’t really hurt her if she stayed put and did what was expected of her. Would it be so bad to just stay? To just accept this was her fate? It would be comfortable at least. That's right as long as she stayed good, then it would be alright, would it even be so bad to be a monster's mate? She would be cared for, she wouldn’t have to work again and.. She blinked.

[congratulations! You have reached level 2!]

[New skill gained!] : [Monsters’ Mate]

Amira was staring at that first notification for so long she almost didn’t notice the second one until they faded from her vision, W-Wait a second!?! Hold on! That skill [M-Monsters’ Mate]?!?! What the hell is that!? Her eyes wide she glanced up at the monster that held her, the creature just smiled down at her and she squirmed. T-That… that skill would kill any shot of her adventure career taking off and would make her what… some sort of doting housewife to a terrifying monster?! She’d never even heard of that skill before and it’s not like the system was willing to tell you! You just kinda had to figure out what your skills did! She swallowed slowly, but what had gotten her that bump? Where had she gotten half a level worth of exp?

She thought back and tried to work it through, the last time she had gained a bump of experience was the time she’d blown all her copper on getting some booze and had gotten drunk waking up the next morning with a decent chunk of exp. Did she… Maybe she gains exp when she uses her skills? When she was under the effects of [Susceptibility]? That would explain a lot actually, why the boy that had gotten [swordsmanship] skill had leveled so quickly by fighting monsters. She had been going about it all wrong but now, if she was correct Amira would be gaining exp fairly quickly while this monster was close but all of her skills would be tainted by it wouldn't they? She shivered at the thought.

“Uhm..” she tilted her head back leaning against the monster's chest as she looked up at her. “Uhm.. what should I call you, I m-mean do you have a name?”

The monster blinked. “no, I have never needed a name, but if you wanted to give me a name as a gift, little one~” She chuckled, a hand coming up to pet slowly over Amira’s head, those claws brushing through her hair as they went. “I’d happily accept it.”

Her mind was at war with itself. On one hand there was the subtle seductive whisper of her skill telling her how easy it would be to just relax and accept it, she would level fast and be safe and protected. But on the other hand she was currently being held captive by a creature that could kill her with ease and hand already threatened to permanently harm her if she even tried to escape, shouldn’t that be a good reason to at least keep an eye open for a way out of this mess? That was the safest bet Amira would stay, play along and then as soon as they could slip away. She hummed out a soft sound and closed her eyes, of course that meant she was free to enjoy the benefits of staying right? The Monster was comfy and warm and she was not eager to head out into the snow.

So Amira closed her eyes and settled letting the monster hold her, at least if she was doing this then the monster would be nice to her. She should come up with a name for the monster so that Amira didn’t have to keep referring to her as ’monster’. It wasn’t that she was letting the idea of staying around sit in the back of her head! It was just for convenience of course. While she was lost in thought and settling, the monster didn’t move much, just squeezed those arms around her body short claws lightly scratching at her sides, the beast leaned down nuzzling at the side of her head.

“Tell me little one, are you hungry? I imagine you should be after sleeping for a few days and recovering from sickness that you’re famished.” She nipped down, sharp teeth scraping at the side of Amira’s neck. “It's my duty to provide for you, my soon to be mate.” Something about that idea thrummed within Amira, maybe it was the fact that in this situation both of her skills were working to their full effect, or maybe it was the gnawing hunger in her gut that she was paying attention to now that the monster had brought it up.

Her stomach growled by way of response and she squeaked, letting out a little sound. “A-ahh I’m... hungry and um what is there to eat?”

She’d have to put off coming up with a name for the time being while she dealt with her immediate needs, food.. And maybe a bathroom trip. She opened her eyes having found her body moving slightly while she was thinking her head tilted to gently press into the monsters attention nibbling bites that traced against her skin. Ghh.. [Susceptibility] made her weak to the creature's charms, her scent, her presence it all made Amira weak in the knees. To boot it seemed that [Monsters’ Mate] helped her understand, read the monster a little better and brought her behavior a bit more in line with what was expected of her. If she stayed under the influence of her cursed skills… or leveled up enough to get a few more of these then there would be no chance of her escaping. She let out a low shaky breath.

The monster had been shifting slightly. “Well I’ll just head out to the woods and catch you something to eat.” her tone shifted slowly becoming a bit harsher. “I suggest you stay put, little one you might get hurt.” It was left up to implication exactly what the monster was talking about here, whether she meant that Amira would fall sick again trying to head naked out into the snow, or that it might be dangerous… Well other dangerous monsters out there or perhaps if this monster would hurt her for trying. Amira just nodded slowly in response to that.

“R-Right I’ll just be right here, not doing anything!” at least beyond looking for a bathroom, and maybe seeing if her clothes were around anywhere. That would be innocent enough right? The monster was looking down at her, Amira’s head tilted back to meet that gaze with her own. After a few moments the monster nodded and those arms loosened around her and she was scooped up and shifted out of the monster's lap.

“Good, I’ll be back soon enough little one~” Amira watched the monster climb to her feet, and oh gosh, her estimates were about correct and the creature absolutely towered over her, she could only sit there on the ground of the burrow her eyes wide as she watched the creature's grin and slip away down the tunnel that led to the entrance. Amira stayed exactly still for a few moments longer than the noise of the monster's movements stopped reaching her ears. Only then did she slink towards the entrance and peek down the tunnel, oh no she wasn’t going to try and run so soon but… The monster was gone and for a few moments she could relax, let the tension go out of her shoulders, let out a heavy sigh. First things first, bathroom! She climbed to her feet and started poking around. There were a handful of side chambers that branched off of the main one and the first one she found contained a plethora of trinkets, trophies? She couldn’t begin to guess but it clearly wasn’t what she was looking for.

The second chamber was closer to what she was looking for at least she assumed so from the stench that wafted out from it, and the pit she could see dug out near the far wall. She stepped inside and made her way slowly over towards the pit and glanced down into it. Ugh, that reeked, her eyes were watering from the stench she’d just have to do her business quickly and return to the main chamber to wait.

It was boring just sitting here wondering where the monster was, what if the creature died out there? She snorted audibly, that was entirely unlikely there were what like… slimes and horned rabbits out there? What could even challenge the monster in this region? She just sighed her head leaning against the wall as she just stared off into space thinking about what sort of future she had waiting for her, at some point her thoughts slowed down and she dozed off.

She stirred when she heard a thump, jolting back to alertness, her eyes darting around as she failed to immediately recognize where she was at least until her eyes landed on the monster. Who had just stepped into the burrow again bringing with her the corpse of a horned rabbit. It was raw of course but she figured that the monster probably was used to eating things raw, would she even understand that the human needed cooked food? As she stirred that same cloying heavy scent of animal hit her nose and she shuddered. Amira moved slowly, pushing herself up off the wall and yawning eyes closed as she stretched blinking to clear the sleep from her eyes, sending an unconscious smile in the creature's direction.

The monster plopped down on the floor and set the carcass down between them watching Amira as the human shuffled away from the wall and made her way over to where the monster sat sitting down herself across from the monster glancing between her and the carcass. Did.. the monster expect her to eat it raw? She glanced up at the creature who was watching her in silence, a slight smile twisting at the corner of the creature's mouth. She wondered if the monster was surprised that she hadn’t tried to run away, or if the beast simply saw that she had stayed as the expected outcome?

She slowly reached out a hand for the carcass half questioning what she was doing as there was no way she could just… Eat it raw, she was a human and like she would get sick right? But still she did it not wanting to upset the creature that was holding her prisoner here. But as her hand got closer to the food her stomach rumbling to remind her that it wouldn’t be ignored for long, the beast clawed hand came down on her own squeezing around  her wrist with such force that her bones creaked threatening to snap as she was dragged forwards, a menacing growl filled the air around her as she was dragged bodily forwards almost fully into the monsters lap. That snarling muzzle filled with teeth that could crush her bones snapped shut inches from her face, sending lances of cold fear twisting through her guts.

“I hunt for you and bring you a meal and you don’t even thank me for it? Hrmf what a rude little thing I’ve brought home, perhaps she just needs to be taught some manners?”

Amira squeaked out a panicked sound, the feeling of dread in her guts only twisted more painfully as her mind raced thinking of all the possible ways this monster could hurt her.

“I’m s-sorry! Eek!” She had been dragged fully over the carcass and tossed onto the floor landing heavily on the hard packed dirt, her eyes wide and staring as she looked up at the wolf looming over her. “I a-am grateful! T-truly! Please f-forgive me!” She was frozen trying to come up with the right words to stave off whatever punishment was coming her way for displeasing the beast. Her mouth opened closed again, she fought the instinct to squeeze her eyes shut remembering what the monster had said before about gouging out her eyes. “G-Garmr!” She blurted out the first name that had come to her mind, t-the monster had said it would accept a name from her as a gift so maybe it would accept one as an apology?

The wolf froze in place, a hand partly extended towards Amira, her eyes narrowing as she stared down at the human.

“Garmr?” She seemed to be tasting the name on her tongue before she grinned. “A fine name my mate~” her tone had lightened some and gone was the snarl at least for a few heartbeats before it returned albeit with slightly reduced intensity, “but you are not forgiven just yet.”

That hand reached out and closed around the human's head, the beast large enough that it could palm her skull and the monster's fingers could nearly fully wrap around the back of her head. The beast, Garmr, was dragging her forwards towards the creature. Her eyes went wide and her hands flapped ineffectively in the air. W-what was the monster going to do to her? W-would it hurt? She so desperately wanted to squeeze her eyes shut and avoid whatever was coming but.. That might make it worse. So caught up in her panic she wasn’t actually paying attention to what was happening until her nose was pressed right into Garmr’s fur and her sudden surprised inhale filled her entire head and lungs with a far more potent burst of Garmr’s scent, it hit the back of her brain like a sledgehammer and she practically felt both of her skills kick into overdrive thrumming through her veins, the feeling of her skills being active, working to do whatever they did it was intoxicating almost as intoxicating as the scent that had settled on the back of her tongue and lit a fire between her thighs.

She shuddered, a soft groan rose from her throat as she melted just a little bit. Her eyes were glazed over as she mindlessly nuzzled forwards rubbing her face all over the source of the scent, her mate’s scent, her skills told her as much. Eventually she noticed what it was she was rubbing against, the realization hit her when it started to stiffen and after a few moments a tapered pink tip poked free of the fuzzy sheath she had been pressed against. Seeing that sight broke her from her reverie, her eyes went wide and she tensed, w-what was she doing!? No. No no no, there she wasn’t going to! She wanted to though, her skills wanted her to, the ache between her legs begged her to and she squeezed her thighs together. Ghh, it felt s-so wrong to be here on her knees bathing in the musky scent of a monster's arousal, her body betraying her. It was disgusting, o-or was it? Escape was well, if she was being honest her chances of escape were close to nil and what would resisting this actually accomplish? A worse punishment as an ‘apology’ for rejecting her ‘mate’. Her toes curled and her eyes stared at the tip of that rod steaming in the cool air of the burrow. She wanted to, it would.. Probably feel good and she had told herself she would play along right?

R-Right she was just playing along surviving until she could escape she wasn’t giving in she was just doing what she had to do. At least that’s what she told herself when Garmr above her let out a low growl, clearly growing impatient with her hesitation. She leaned forwards and let her tongue slip free to drag slowly over the tip of that rod, the taste was gross. It was salty and heady, it tasted of old sweat and bestial precum and as it throbbed and spurt a little burst of precum onto her tongue she quivered. It was gross, disgusting, this monster smelled terrible and tasted even worse so why did that, why did it turn her on so much? Could she really blame all of this on her skills? Or had the system merely given her the skills that best suited her depraved needs.

That length throbbed and slowly pushed free, steadily unsheathing and smearing against her face, leaving a stain of that musky sweat and sexual fluids across her face, a glob of it caught on the underside of her nose so that ever breath no matter what was filled with the disgusting, wonderful scent. G-Gods it was huge, if she were to try could she even take such a thing? S-surely it would break her, why did that thought make her all the hotter? The beast grunted out a low sound, Garmr’s grip shifting slightly around her skull.

“Hrrnnff.. Good girl, that's right… mmhf that's a good bitch.” 

Slowly as she felt the grip around her head lax some allowing her some freedom she moved her head tilting to drag her tongue slowly up along the underside of that rod feeling how it throbbed against her oral muscle. She’d never done this kind of thing before, certainly not had sex or anything and here she was moaning softly as she amateurishly slurped all over her mate… Yeah, her mate's cock. Slowly she worked her way back up to the tip and without much clue of what to do next she just did what came to mind first and wrapped her lips around that pointed tip sucking on it. That grew a pleasured huff from the beat above her and a pulse sent a heavy spurt of that vile precum spilling over her tongue and then down her throat as she greedily swallowed what she was given. Garmr continued to murmur and huff as she worked slowly but soon enough the beasts hips were rocking to jab that length slowly into her mouth grinding over her tongue and forcing her jaw to stretch to accommodate its size as it rolled back and jabbed at her throat making her gag for a moment before her mate seemed to simply decide her discomfort mattered none at all.

The beasts hips jammed forwards and hammered it into the back of her throat, her gag reflex tried to come into play but her mate simply didn’t care gave her body no option but to choke and give in. Forced her body to give way that bestial length stead y and languid as it drove relentlessly forwards pushing down her throat bulging it out obscenely. The monsters grip slowly dragging her forwards until her lips could kiss against that sheath, feeling the hot pulse of what some niggling part of her brain told her was absolutely a knot. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and tears were running down her face, her hands had balled into fists and her thighs were grinding together, a whine was cut off when it began as her throat was stuffed full.

She was melting, how could she have ever wanted to run from her mate? When her mate made her feel like this, every inch of her body was burning with a roiling and aching warmth, a heady fog had settled over her thoughts and stained every one of them with unabashed lust. Slowly that rod pulled out of her throat and then back along her tongue almost immediately she started coughing, retching and trying to resist throwing up.

“F-fhhuunngghh…” She groaned uselessly and shuddered slowly lifting her head back towards the beast, that monstrous rod sat at eye level throbbing, steaming dripping with a mixture of saliva, throat slop and precum. She flushed and leaned forwards to nuzzle against it, smearing the slimy mess over her face.

“Ghhrnn… Ghhoood Bitch.” The beast, her mate purred down at her and the heavy praise made her heart jump, she could barely think, overwhelmed with warmth and need, an ache in her guts. She flashed a sloppy smile up at the wolf.

“H-hahhhh, G-Garmrrrr.. M-myyy matee.” She whined softly up at the wolf. Who grinned down at her in turn with that long tongue of hers rolling slowly over her muzzle. 

“You’re… hhrff, not done apologizing bitch~” a thumb rolled over the human’s face, a claw trailing through the slime that clung to her cheek and digging a harsh red line on her softer skin. “Not done yet.” that thumb rolled down and pressed against her lips prying open her jaw, this time Amira knew to relax her throat as best she could for what was coming and the beast didn’t disappoint, that rod was driven back home in her throat. She tensed fighting the urge to gag, her instinct to try and dislodge the intrusion instead she forced her body to relax clamping down with all of her meager will. As the beast started to roll its hips both hands wrapped around her skull as her mouth was simply used as a fuck hole by the monster that had claimed her. 

It was humiliating, she’d be a laughing stock in town, the girl that let a beast fuck her, but she couldn’t help it! Her whole body ached for more, her heart was hammering in her chest but not with fear, she felt her skills resonating and some part of her felt the changes that were accumulating in her body. If her theory was correct then she could feel that she would get a lot of exp for this though such a thing was far from her mind.

The beast used her body, her throat, her lips, her tongue for its own pleasure. A steady stream of growls and snarls filled the air around them but they didn’t drive fear into her heart quite the opposite, those were sounds of pleasure and with each passing moment they could feel more and more desire rolling off the beast, that length throbbed heavy dragging pulses that drooled yet more fluids down her throat, every time her head was dragged forwards and that monstrous rod forced its way down her throat she could feel something swelling up near the base slowly growing in size every time her lips were forced to ‘kiss’ against it.

Her whole body had betrayed her, almost every part of her craved more and more of this. She could barely breathe and was feeling light headed and every breath she could take was so heavily stained with the disgusting heavy musk of her mate. Steadily those heavy thrusts grew heavier, losing what semblance of rhythm it had gained, that bulb of swollen flesh was growing large enough that if her mate tried to force it into her mouth she feared it might dislocate her jaw.

Garmr didn’t seem to care though as the beast rutted into her throat and every thrust brought with it a heavy pulsing throb, a spurt of precum. Roughly making use of her mouth and throat, then with a sense of finality the beast howled, the sound reverberating through the burrow and vibrating through Amira’s ribcage. It was a cry of triumph, of victory, and the human quivered with unrepentant bliss every cell in her body, for a brief moment understanding what that cry meant. She felt the grip around her head tense threatening to crack her bones with the force applied to her skull and the claws drawing blood as they dug into her scalp and cheek and the beasts hips jaggedly stabbed forward flooding down her throat and forcing that knot against her lips grinding with such ferocity she worried that it would do what she had feared and dislocate her jaw, but thankfully that howl tapered off into a needy whine and the grinding against her face relaxed just enough. She felt that length throb she felt it pulse and she felt the sudden spray of steaming beast cum being forced down her throat, she gagged and her eyes teared up as the moment dragged on, every few heartbeats that rod pulsed and delivered another deluge into her gullet.

“Hrrnnf.. Green.. Hrahh.. D-dammmnn.. G-ghood bitch, drink it all down… y-yeah good bitch.. Fhhhh..” The beast muttered a steady stream of words that only seemed to stoke the fire on her guts a little more every time they washed over her.

Her lungs started to ache a deep burn starting to roll up towards her jaw as she tried and failed to draw breath, the breeding tool lodged in her throat refusing to allow her to do anything but accept her fate, to struggle on the edge of blacking out until it slowly drew back, sliding out of her throat and bringing with it a slop of fluids that ran down her chin and dripped down her body.

Amira gasped, drawing in a deep breath and then immediately started violently coughing falling forwards to retch and grunt. She just stayed put, coughing and spluttering laying face first in a puddle of fluids. Eventually the noises quieted down to just a low whine. Slowly she felt the beast, Garmr, her mate settle on the floor and a hand brushed down her body, she felt a tingle where it passed. Some part of her body hoped that the beast wasn’t done with her just yet, even if her brain screamed that it needed to rest, that this was crazy and stupid and she should in no way have done any of this, but.. What choice did she have? and besides that her body screamed back that it wanted this. She just quivered stuck in the middle of a battle between her body’s cravings backed by her skills and that slowly dwindling rational part of her brain that understood how crazy her situation was. 

Garmr picked her up and settled her in the wolf’s lap. Gently wrapping her up in those powerful arms and the soft fur of the wolf’s body. The beast nuzzled down, licking at her face not at all minding the mess of fluids that clung to her skin and drawing a low whine from her as that tongue quested around hunting out each of the little bleeding puncture wounds on her skin and lapping at the blood that dribbled out. From somewhere a deep exhaustion settled into Amira’s body and she sagged into the embrace, her body still ached of course but the exhaustion sapped her will to do anything about it.

“Hrrmmf… I suppose you’ll be forgiven my little mate.” the beast purred, one arm shifting and reaching out to grab the carcass that had been forgotten left on the floor behind the pair and dragged it closer. Those razor talons digging in and tearing into the meat of the kill ripped free a chunk of raw and bloody and brought it up to Amira’s face. She just didn't have the energy to care that it was raw and bloody, she didn’t care that it might make her sick. She was just going to lay here and let her mate feed her till she passed out. So she just shifted a bit and took a bite of the offering, it was slimy and gross of course but she didn't care her mouth and throat were still absolutely coated with a gross tasting slime so what was a little more? She kept taking little bites until she could handle no more and then shifted to nestle back against the monster, her monster she supposed. Garmr took the hint rather quickly and tore into the kill herself. Amira was drifting slowly on the edge of consciousness when that sound rang out in her skull.

[congratulations! You have reached level 5!]

[Class gained!] : [Werebeast]

[New skill gained!] : [Wolf Bitch]

She didn’t even have the energy to care that she’d shot up so many levels in a single event and even gained a new (weird sounding) skill. She just smiled and drifted off to sleep.

When she started to stir again something felt different, it was the same as waking up yesterday she was warm and wrapped in a big soft fuzzy blanket. Except today she knew that the blanket was the wolf, her mate. The very thought sent a giddy feeling coursing through her body and she felt her own tail twitch thumping against her mate's leg as it wagged. She felt good, warm full and a little sore but it was a good ache. Slowly she wriggled squirming in that embrace trying to find a way to stretch out and yawn without waking Garmr. So content and comfy was she that her brain hadn’t quite caught up to some of the things that had already happened this morning.

Eventually it did though and she paused mid stretch, w-wait a second! Her tail? Since when did Amira have a tail!? That's when it hit her the levels and the skill she had received the night before, quickly she pulled up her sheet.

        [Name]: Amira
        [Race]: wolf-demihuman
        [Age]: 21
        [Level]: 5  42/675
        [class]: [Werebeast]
        [skills]: [susceptibility] [Monsters’ Mate] [Wolf Bitch]

She started at it for a few moments just frozen with shock, her race had changed?! She’d never heard of that happening before, ever to anyone! But more than that, her class and her skills… a-all of them related to her current situation. She had to guess that it was a combination of [Wolf Bitch] and [Werebeast] that had changed her race and that’s why she was now sporting a tail and who knew what other changes to her body. She wished she had a mirror to see what had changed. Instead she just lay down dismissing the sheet from her vision and huffed, she'd have to find out later. Squirming back into Garmr’s embrace, now there was no chance that she could return to the city. Sure demihumans were accepted in society that was no issue but her class would show up as [Werebeast] and she had heard a few adventures talk about similar named jobs as being cursed that turned the person into a feral monster that attacked everyone around them. No she’d be put down for the safety of the people if she showed up, she was safer here in the woods and if her body kept changing and she kept leveling well surviving out here wouldn't be difficult. besides that her mate was here after all, and that thought set her tail wagging again. A low growl alerted her that her tail had woken the wolf who embrace she could hardly dream of escaping. She felt the wolf stir and shift those arms tightening around her body and pulling her in closer, that muzzle dipping down to nuzzle into the crook of Amira’s shoulder.

“Goodmorning my squirmy little mate.” The beast sounded a little annoyed but it didn’t seem like it stuck around as the wolf’s grip shifted and slowly rolled her over so she was facing her mate. Amira’s hands on Garmr’s chest as she tilted her head back to look up at the wolf. Her wolf blinked down at her and slowly lips pulled back from that muzzle and she was smiling down at the smaller demihuman. “Fur suits you little one.”

Amira’s face flushed a deep crimson and she squirmed a bit pressing in closer to the beast. “Hrrnn… h-how much have I changed my mate?” She asked, saying as such aloud for the first time.

The wolf sat up bringing Amira with her as her arms relaxed and those hands brushed over her body squeezing around her torso, her waist and thighs.

“You have a tail and ears.” The wolf leaned forwards to nip at one of them and that was what clued Amira in t othe fact that she had her own pair of fuzzy wolf ears on the top of her head, they twitched as she thought about them and she let out a quiet little indignant whine as Garmr continued to nip at them. A protest that only earned her a little chuckle, then the beast's hands wrapped around her wrists and lifted them up so she could see her hands.

“And you have claws my little huntress.” She pursed her lips, looking at the adorably tiny claws on the ends of her fingers, they were weapons sure enough but they were pathetic next to her mates own. She just tilted her head then craned her up to look up at Garmr.

“Will I keep changing?” If she did then maybe one day she would be able to match her mate… Her tail swished in response to the thought.

“Of course.” the wolf sounded almost indignant in response to the question, and her hands still around Amira’s wrists slowly lifted them up pulling her arms over her head as Garmr stood up and shoved her forwards against a wall forcing a gasp from her lips, and a shudder to run through her body. Holding her up on her tippy toes, transitioning her wrists, both of them into a single hand. “How could I have a mate so weak that I must treat her like an egg that might break if I just. Squeezed. A. Bit. To. Hard.” Her free hand had drifted down trailing a claw over the demihuman’s side tracing a little red line on her delicate skin trailing from her armpit down to her hips where it took a firm grip. The larger beast pushing against her back that muzzle dipping down to nip, and then bite down fangs sinking into the crook of her neck those needle sharp fans skiing through flesh and muscle until they clicked against bone and with a little tense of her jaw muscle the beast made it clear that she could sheer thorough those with ease too. Amira’s whole body tensed up going ramrod straight, not daring even to draw breath while her mate’s fans were inside of her body like this. Steadily a little whine rose from her and even she couldn’t tell how much of it was needed and how much of it was pain. Slowly Garmr’s jaw relaxed and pulled back, her tongue lapped at the bite mark. “So yes bitch.. You’ll continue to change until you can handle me.” her voice dropped a few octaves towards a husky growl and she added. “And our pups.”

That did it, Amira’s knee’s went weak and she slumped going weak in Garmr’s grip, the wolf had her completely. She couldn’t even pretend that she wasn’t where she belonged anymore. She knew that anything but this was a fleeting delusion, and that… All of that made her body burn. Her head turned back to look back at the wolf that held her.

“H-hahhh… p-please!” She wasn’t sure what she was asking for, at that moment. But her mate seemed to understand and pulled back releasing her wrists and instead catching her about the waist to scoop her up. The wolf just grinned at her and said the cruelest possible thing that her mate could ever say to her.

“No.” Amira pouted her ears and tail drooped in response and she whined.

“Nooo?!” The larger wolf nodded. 

“No, you heard me bitch, you’re too small and too fragile. I’ll break you.” The wolf seemed amused by her unhappiness with being denied. “Instead I’ll teach you to hunt my little huntress.” 

They spent the next few days in a similar routine, the wolves would wake up Amira would stretch and check her system, noting the extremely fast progress on her rate of leveling. Then engage with some cuddling, flirting and teasing that would continue until she begged for her mate to just take her at which point she would be denied and become huffy and pouty for the rest of the day. They would hunt together for food, eat together and then curl up together and sleep. It was a simple routine all in all but Amira was getting steadily more and more frustrated. The aching heat in her tummy had only grown worse over the past few days and she was distracted at the best of times and she knew that Garmr could tell, sometimes the other wolf would catch a whiff of her and just stare at her with an overwhelming hunger burning in her gaze that the implications of which set the smaller wolf squirming. But her mate always seemed to catch herself and shut it down before anything happened!

Amira had grown lots in the meantime anyways!

        [Name]: Amira
        [Race]: wolf-demihuman
        [Age]: 22
        [Level]: 11  189/2345
        [class]: [Werebeast]
        [skills]: [susceptibility] [Monsters’ Mate] [Wolf Bitch] [Little Huntress]

Even her skills mocked her, She was bigger now than she had been as a human those levels had helped, but her mate still towered over her. Sure but she had gained a few inches of height, and her forearms had been fully overtaken with fur, her claws were much longer and sharper now. her legs were similarly changed fur ran all the way up to mid thigh she had paws instead of feet! Her teeth had grown sharp in her mouth and she had no trouble consuming the raw meat they hunted for! She was frustrated! She was in heat and her mate wouldn’t fuck her!

Amira’s arms crossed over her chest with a huff as she stared across the den at Garmr, the larger wolf was watching her grumbling, huffing and pouting with unrestrained amusement which was of course part of their routine. But today it seemed they wouldn’t follow the usual script. The pair had finished up eating their kill earlier and Amira was staring at her mate partly rolling those indignant thoughts around in her head and in part just drinking in the size and the physicality of her mate. Garmr was a gorgeous creature towering and bestial with a feral sort of intelligence behind her eyes, of course Amira knew well that she was biased but she liked what she saw a lot and every day more of the creatures existence was seared into her skull. When she saw the slight shift in the beasts demeanor, instantly she perked up her ears twitching straight up into the air as Garmr moved, she had seen her mate when hunting put on a sudden burst of speed that she could only dream of following with her eyes and here Garmr did it again suddenly catching the smaller world and slamming her back against the earthen wall of their den.

Amira hissed out a sound, but she only felt mild pain from an action that would have severely hurt her much weaker human body only weeks before. She was a lot tougher now and it seemed that finally her mate agreed. Garmr’s claws flexed and dug against her skin, but they didn’t draw blood as easily as they once had. The larger wolf’s muzzle came down nipping at her and Amira obeyed tilting her head back to expose her throat for her mate to nip at her jaws stretching wide and engulfing Amira’s neck, she could just… bite down and tear Amira’s throat out. But Amira understood just as much as Garmr did, the wolf wouldn’t. Instead those jaws just bit down enough to leave indents on her skin then slowly slid back those teeth snapping closer close enough that she felt the air against her throat.

The smaller wolf shuddered and a needy whine rose from her throat as her own claws reached out grabbing for her mate. It was time, Garmr might as well have said so aloud and the little wolf was already melting her body having been resting on the knife's edge for a week and now it was finally going to happen. Garmr’s grip was stronger than hers and tore the smaller wolf from her handholds, flipping her over and shoving her to the ground. Her tail shooting up in the air, her cheek resting against the dirt of the den’s floor, her ass in the air. A steady stream of little whiny noises spilling from her lips in an endless stream. Her thighs already slick from just the thought that her wait was over and her mate had deemed her ‘durable enough’.

“Needy little bitch aren’t you?” Her mate hissed a clawed hand cracking across her ass and drawing a yelp from her lips.

“Hyyehhhhh! Yes yes yesyesy please.. Please, I.. I’m! A needy bitch please fuck me!” she whined out, please please please the ache was unbearable! Her mate only responded by grabbing her tail a firm grip around the base and dragging her back towards the larger wolf, that broad flat tongue slurping between her thighs sent her breath into spasms, her own claws digging into the dirt floor under her body.

Slowly almost as if to extend her torment her mate slurped at her body, making her squeal and moan heatedly into the floor, it was good but it wasn’t enough. It wasn't what her body was screaming for. So eventually she just started begging again.

“Hhgg.. Please! M-my mate! I’ve beenn waaitinnngggg hahhhhhnnn h-havn’t I b-beenn good?!” She protested more but that tongue didn’t seem affected by her please it continued its slow movement until she was gibbering and her begging had turned incoherent. Only then did her mate move, it was fast, the tongue pulled away and her mate pushed forward that muzzle reaching her ears in a heartbeat.

“You’re simply beautiful when you're whimpering and begging for me little bitch~” The wolf murmured out in a familiar tone but this was it, every cell of Amira’s body knew it as she felt that tapered tip press against her, her body drooling a steady greeting for that tool, the tip having no issue at all sliding into her and with a sudden squeeze around the base of her tail her mats hips speared forwards hammering into her body, driving her into the floor with a bone creaking force. Had she still been human… her brain didn’t have the processing power to get through that thought as her mate shifted slightly and ground that bestial member into her guts. Drawing the most luxuriously self satisfied moan from the smaller wolf’s lips.

“F-Fhuuu.. nnhh… “ she didn’t quite manage words but she didn’t need them, her hips wiggled swaying side to side trying to entice the larger wolf to get on with it already! 

The larger wolf obliged and Those hips drew back leaving her with an empty feeling in her guts but only for a moment before the beast was driving back into her. It was rough and brutal and only now did she really get just how much Garmr had held back when breaking in her throat, she had still been human back then and could only handle a fraction of the abuse her body could now handle, and even then Garm pushed her limits. It hurt, her body burned, and ached. Her claws dug at the dirt hunting for stability as she brutally pounded into the dirt.

She loved every moment of it, every time that steaming rod speared into her and stretched her body just a little more to accommodate it. She wriggled and moaned out a high pitched squeal, when her mates claws raked down her back she arched up pressing into the lines of fire that were painted down her spine. When her mind whited out and she started drooling as pure bliss exploded through her body setting her nerves alight with raw delight and her clamped down spasming around her mate, Garmr simply kept rutting into her, rolling that first orgasm into a brutal second. It was then that she started to understand just how much her mate had been holding back, that the week of having a bitch in heat begging for it and flaunting had been agony for her mate just as much as it had been for her.

She surrendered completely, and by the time her mate was done she was exhausted. Her body was abused and sore but blessedly sated. That thick knot had brutalized its way into her and swelled up, plugging her body so that not a drop of her mate's cum could spill out. The heat had soothed the fire in her core and when she recovered enough to do more than just shivered and whimper on the floor she had snuggled up getting as close as she could to Garmr. The little noises she was making were plenty to affirm her feelings, her appreciation for the larger wolf, and when her mate's arms came down to wrap around her squeezing her tight against the larger wolf she knew that her mate felt the same…

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