Matched Set

Chapter 2

by Callidus

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #sub:male

This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

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Kelle paced on the sidewalk outside the glass doors. There was no signage of any kind. No hours of operation, no business name, nothing. Not that she expected a private sex club to openly advertise itself. Kelle glanced through the glass into the darkened lobby. It was just as Adrianna had described. It could be the reception for any number of businesses.

Kelle ran through the possibilities in her mind. What had she seen? Was Adriana in trouble here? Did she need help? Kelle didn’t even have her number. Did she even know her well enough to tell if she was acting strange?

Adriana had walked like she’d been drugged. Like she was under a spell or something.

Kelle peered into the lobby again. That’s when she noticed a light on the wall behind the reception desk. Her eyes had been adjusting to the dim light outside the dark office suite. Now, she realized that there was a computer monitor on the desk.

As Kelle studied the room more closely she saw that there was a poster or a large photograph in a frame on the wall behind the desk. A townhome in a large city somewhere. Didn’t seem like the United States. London maybe?

The frame had a glass pane protecting the photo underneath. Kelle squinted and could just make out the computer screen in the reflection. It was a grid of photos except some of them were moving.

Surveillance cameras.

The club had a network of security cameras. That meant Kelle was probably already on at least one of them. But… it also meant she might be able to catch a glimpse of Adriana and the other two women.

Kelle Took a deep breath, weighing the risk. There was no sign that said keep out or that she had to be a member to go inside. She wouldn’t be guilty of trespassing unless they asked her to leave and she refused.

Besides, they didn’t seem the sort of people that would have the police on speed dial. The worst case scenario would be… they would do whatever they’d done to Adriana to lure her inside.

Except, you would already be inside and would have done most of the work for them.

In that event, the worst case scenario would be they would do to her whatever they were doing to Adriana right this second. That settled it. She put her hand on the silver door handle and gave it an experimental tug.

The door opened a few inches. Kelle had half expected an alarm to ring out. But all she could hear inside was the whine of the building’s climate system. She steeled herself and pulled the door wide then stepped through it.

She padded across the carpet, through the dark room, to the desk where the computer monitor sat. There was a hallway just beyond the receptionist station. It turned a corner after only ten feet or so.

Kelle stepped behind the desk and examined the screen. There were 12 small boxes displaying live feeds from cameras in other places within the suite. Her heart pounded and she saw herself on one of the thumbnail windows in the corner.

You’re committed now girl, just get on with it.

As she looked over the camera feeds, some of the thumbnail windows suddenly switched out with a different view. The club must’ve had more cameras than they had screen real estate to display them.

Most of the tiny windows showed hallways with multiple doors on either side. One showed what must’ve been a rear entrance at the back of the building. Without knowing the layout of the building, it was impossible to understand exactly what she was looking at.

Kelle growled quietly in frustration, scanning the display for anything that would help. That’s when she noticed a small icon near the top of the window. It was a map button. Kelle instinctively grabbed the mouse and clicked it.

She grinned a moment later when a simple line drawing of the entire suite appeared on top of the video feed windows. There were tiny camera icons scattered across it. Kelle clicked on one, to her mind near the front of the suite, and a larger window displayed video from a camera facing the parking lot and the glass door she had just stepped through.

Kelle begin clicking the other icons, searching the building through the cameras. There seemed to be four main hallways connecting to each other and forming a rectangle. The hallway just beside her joined it at the corner in the lower left.

Satisfied she had a firm grasp of the building’s layout, Kelle began clicking the icons that appeared inside the smaller squares and rectangles attached to the hallways. Those had to be the rooms behind those doors she’d seen from the hallway cameras earlier.

Given the late hour, she wasn’t surprised that they were unoccupied. She did brace herself for an elaborate sex dungeon or maybe an orgy in progress. But, what she saw through the cameras were a series of unremarkable rooms: a conference table surrounded by office chairs; a lounge of some sort with several couches facing each other; what looked like a simple hotel room with a king size bed and a television on the wall.

Kelle remembered the woman’s voice she and Adriana had heard through the wall earlier. One of the rooms along the left side of the building must be occupied. She began clicking through those camera feeds and then her heart leapt in her chest.

She saw a claustrophobic room with black walls and carpet. There was just enough space at the edges to walk around some sort of padded table in the center. There was a woman on the table, illuminated by a bright light directly above her. She was wearing designer lingerie with stockings.

She was also strapped down to the table and struggling in her bonds.

Kelle’s eyes we’re huge as she studied the video. The woman was wearing large glasses of some sort. They wrapped across her face and were held down by an elastic strap around the back of her head. She also had shiny black earbuds pressed into her ears.

As Kelle’s eyes roamed down the woman’s lithe body she realized that there were wires running from some sort of electronic box at the bottom of the table. At first, she had mistaken them for more of the black straps holding the woman down. Now, she could see two small cables running up the woman’s legs and… and beneath her lace underwear.

The cables were twitching and Kelle had a pretty good idea of what they were attached to… and what had the woman squirming so deliciously.

It’s a sex club right? This is the sort of thing people come here for.

She shook her head and moved on to the next camera. As the feed switched to one of the cameras in the hallway on the left side of the rectangle, she saw movement. Someone had opened a door and the light from inside spilled out into the hallway casting shadows of the people inside the room.

Kelle switched to a new camera, this one in the hallway that formed the top side of the rectangle. There! Miss Hatcher and the receptionist were talking outside a room at the far end, near the top right corner junction. As Kelle watched, Miss Hatcher pull the door closed and they began walking in the direction of the camera.

Where is Adriana?! Is she in that room they just left? Why would they leave her in there?

Kelle’s mind raced through a handful of scenarios as she contemplated what she was about to do. Miss Hatcher and the receptionist were in the top right hand corner, walking left across the hallway at the top of the rectangle. If Kelle was quick, she could enter the rectangle at the bottom left and make her way right and then up to the room they had just left. The room, presumably, where Adriana still was.

They wouldn’t see her, and if she were quiet they shouldn’t hear a thing. She glanced to the short hallway beside her, the one that would lead her into rectangle of hallways.

Now or never, Kelle!

Kelle stepped away from the desk and walked as quickly as she could down the short hallway and peered around the corner. Empty, just as she expected. She stepped around the corner and then gasped. She raced back to the reception desk and closed the windows she had opened, returning the computer to the state she’d found it in.

Then, she went back to the hallway junction. As she moved into the lower left corner of the rectangle she could hear voices. Miss Hatcher and the receptionist had almost reached the end of the top hallway. In another moment, they would come around the corner and see her.

She raced across the left hallway and moved forward. In her mind’s eye, she was thinking of the camera diagram. She was in the hallway at the bottom of the rectangle. She needed to make it to the end of the hallway and turn left at the corner. Adriana‘s room should be at the end of that next hallway.

What if this is all a mixup? What if something entirely different is going on here? What if… What if Adriana is a member here and this is part of some fantasy of hers?

If Kelle burst in on Adriana in flagrante delicto… she’d be mortified. They probably both would be. But she could laugh it off, just like the mistake with the towel earlier, and everything would be fine. She might not have the fun sort of evening she’d been looking forward to, but she probably get a good story out of it to tell later.

But, if she wasn’t wrong… Adriana needed her help. And, Kelle would be there. She knew that there was a rear exit connected to a room almost in the middle of the top hallway. She would get Adriana, they could make a run for the back exit and then they would be in the clear.

Kelle didn’t imagine anyone would chase them but, just in case, it was a good bet that Adriana would be able to get into the rear entrance of the spa where she worked. If the worst case scenario happened, they could get inside and call the police.

At that thought, Kelle pulled her phone from her dress’ pocket and switched it into silent mode, just to be on the safe side. It only occurred to her then but it might have been a good idea to text someone with the details of where she was and what she was about to do. Just in case the worst case scenario was more dire than she wanted to imagine.

She reached the corner and slowly peered around it, looking down the hallway that formed the right side of the building’s rectangle. At the end, she saw the door on the right where Miss Hatcher and the receptionist had left Adriana. She shut out everything else and began walking towards it.

Kelle was almost in the middle of the hallway when the door on her left suddenly opened. She instinctively jumped backwards, and cursed herself a moment later for not leaping forwards and making a run for her goal.

There were three people coming out of the room on her left. A man and woman in business clothes. There was another woman behind them: tall and dressed in latex fetish wear. She was caught! They’d seen her.

Or had they?

The man and woman’s faces were blank, their eyes distant. Their gaze swept across her but didn’t register. They said nothing and gave no reaction to her at all. She was frozen on the spot, staring at them while they stared through her. No one said anything.

Except the tall woman in latex. Kelle heard her from inside the room: “Wait a moment pets, I’ve left my phone.”

Kelle heard footsteps as the latex woman roamed around. Kelle looked back behind her. She could retreat down the hallway, back the way she’d come. But there was an excellent chance she would run into Miss Hatcher and the receptionist. She could try blowing past this new group but it was very likely the tall woman in latex would spot her.

That only left…

Kelle turned the door handle immediately to her left.


She had only a moment to decide what to do next. She crossed the hallway and tried the handle there. She had only the faintest recognition that there were strobing lights visible underneath the door as she turned the handle and pushed it open with one smooth action.

Music poured into the hallway. A driving techno dance track with pulsing bass. Kelle grimaced but she was already committed. She stepped into the room, turned and closed the door as quickly and quietly as she was able.

Just before the door was fully shut she heard the latex woman’s voice: “What is going on out there?” She had a thick accent.

Kelle turned around, putting her back to the door and scanned the room for a place to hide. Her breath caught in her chest as she took in the bizarre scene in front of her. There were four couches arranged in a square in the middle of the room. The seats all faced inward and, in the middle of the couches, there were four large televisions mounted to a thick metal column running from the floor to the ceiling.

There were people seated on the couches. None of them turned to look at her. No one even seemed to notice she’d entered the room. They looked as blank as the zombie couple she’d just seen in the hallway. They were all focused on masturbating to the rapid fire porn blazing on the screens.


On the TVs, glistening feminine bodies wearing bright neon colors were thrusting and shaking as they were relentlessly fucked by huge porn cocks. Kelle saw the backs of three heads at the couch in front of her. And, on the right, two more men seated at either side of another full-size couch. The men all were naked, their chests shiny with sweat as they furiously pumped their rigid, leaking cocks.

Over the din of music, Kelle heard the latex woman’s voice outside the door: “Stand there pets, I’ll just be a moment.”


Kelle padded across the carpet, around the outside of the sofas, to the other side of the room. On the couch at the far side of the room, hidden by the televisions, Kelle found a lone woman seated in the middle cushion. She was naked and all curves, luscious and beautiful. The woman’s short, curly dark hair framed her gawking face.

They all wore that same expression: mouth hanging open, eyes wide and staring into the screens. The woman had one hand between her thick legs while the other pinched at the swollen nipples of her pendulous breasts.

The door opened, light from the hallway spilling into the room.

You’ve got to do something, she’s gonna see you!

Kelle yanked off her dress, praising herself for wearing something that could be removed quickly. She tossed the garment underneath her as she sat down beside the curvy brunette and quickly yanked her panties down her legs.

She opened her mouth and stared, blankly, into the screen pushing one hand between her legs and using her other to quickly pinch her nipples into hardness. Kelle pushed her underwear beneath the couch with a foot just as the latex woman stepped around the televisions and came into view.

Kelle stared intently at the screen, seeing the woman stalk by in her peripheral vision, but not allowing herself to look, not even with her eyes. On the television, she and her voluptuous couch mate were watching women dancing. Women with impossibly perfect bodies. Taught muscles beneath golden tanned flesh. Women with perfectly sculpted legs and asses, wearing insane whore heels. Women with professional make up, plump botox lips and huge, gigantic silicone tits.

The latex woman slowly circled the room, she was behind Kelle now, taking her time as she paced around them. On screen, a platinum blonde with breasts larger than her head was staring lewdly into the camera, dancing with a sports bottle in her hand. She upended it over her chest and poured half a liter of thick, glistening oil onto her enormous breasts. Her huge nipples hardened instantly, poking out towards Kelle and the woman beside her.

The brunette groaned in pure ecstasy at this. Her hand jumped from between her legs and clamped on hard to her other breast. Her body shook as she thrust her hips forward and back, lewdly. Desperately. Kelle could smell the woman’s dripping sex. She hadn’t cum, as Kelle had initially suspected, in fact she’d stopped herself. She’d driven herself right to the edge of orgasm and then denied herself.

The latex woman stepped into view on her right, still strolling with a patient, casual gate. Kelle gasped and hoped that it came across as wanton sexual desperation. The hairs on Kelle’s neck were standing as straight as her own nipples. She could feel the latex woman’s eyes on her as she kept walking past the couch to Kelle’s right and back towards the door of the room. Kelle kept her unblinking eyes on the screen and watched. There was nothing else to do.

Several agonizing moments later, the woman was out of view and Kelle saw light from the hallway as the door opened once again… and then closed.

Kelle stayed put, not knowing how long it would take the latex woman and her pets to make it down the hallway and out of view. She began counting backwards from one hundred, hoping a minute and a half would be enough time.

She lost count of where she was around fifty. She’d gotten distracted by a gorgeous woman with Asian features wearing a micro bikini and sensuously pulling her thong forwards and back through the deep cleavage of her glistening ass. She looked just a bit like Adriana.

Kelle started counting down again, this time from sixty. She was somewhere in the thirties… or she thought she was… when she realized that she wasn’t counting again. She also realized that she wasn’t pretending to masturbate anymore.

Her fingers rubbed firm circles across her throbbing clit, in time to the music. The hand working her breasts moved from one to the other, making sure neither of them suffered very long without some attention.

It had been enough time. Probably. She’d done a fair amount of counting and quite a bit of… watching. She could get up and leave now. She would… in just a few more…

Kelle felt her pussy begin to sizzle as a powerful orgasm welled up inside of her. Something about that seemed wrong. It felt like it would be against the rules. And something about that seemed very wrong to Kelle.

The people in this room, the woman beside her they didn’t allow themselves orgasm. They masturbated themselves to the edge, stopped and then rode out the denial as if it were better than the release. If Kelle made herself cum (ooooh god yesssss!) she might give herself away. The others might realize she didn’t belong here.

What would they do? Would they out her? Would they fetch Miss Hatcher? The savage looking woman in latex? Or, would they take matters into their own hands? Would they gang up on her? Would the men hold her down and pin her to the couch?

They’d hold her arms tightly and make sure that Kelle was masturbated properly. The woman would use her own slick and experienced fingers between Kelle’s legs while toying with her breasts. Strong hands would hold her head towards the screen, fingers pulling her eyes open and forcing her to watch as she was brought to the edge of climax over and over until…

Until Kelle was one of them. Then, she could be trusted to stay on her own orgasm denial routine. They would all return to their seats and the only evidence that Kelle hadn’t always been one of the helplessly masturbating people in this room would be the soaking wet dress she was sitting on.

The dress she’d so cleverly chosen so that she could rapidly get naked for her massage. With Adriana…

Christ, Adriana needs me! What the hell am I doing?!

With far more effort than it had taken for Kelle to ride the edge of orgasm, she pulled her eyes away from the screen and shut them. It helped a bit. But the throbbing music and the chorus of groans and heavy breathing were like siren whispers of temptation: urging her to relax back into the sofa, to open her eyes and continue drowning in porn bliss.

Kelle gripped the arm of the couch, pulled herself to her feet and turned away from the screens. She retrieved her dress and slipped it back on. Adriana might ask later about the large damp spot but that would be the least strange detail in the story of what had happened tonight.

Kelle turned back and headed for the door, holding up a hand to shield her eyes from the wicked temptation to look back into the screens and be mesmerized by the porn. She focused on the floor and the couches instead.

On the fourth couch, there was a man and woman sitting next to each other. He was short and thin. The woman seemed quite tall by comparison, with gorgeous red hair. They both pumped their huge, throbbing cocks in the exact same rhythm.

Kelle reached the door and paused to listen for voices on the other side. With the music blasting, she couldn’t know if there was nothing to hear or if there was and she just couldn’t hear it. Dammit. There was nothing to do then… but open the door and take her chances.

She touched the door handle. The light of the TV behind her cast a dancing glare on the sheen of the wood door. Not quite a reflection. If the door had been truly reflective…

I’d be a goner.

Kelle had the wickedest thought then. Picturing herself getting caught in the spell again. Right now. Now that she was at the door and almost out of the room. Turning back and surrendering to the irresistible porn once more.


It would be soooooo hot. Sabotaging herself just as she was about to escape. Succumbing to the temptation… walking back to her spot on the couch and jilling off beside the pretty brunette. Submitting to the pleasure of masturbating and never letting herself cum.

But Kelle had never really been one of those seize the moment kinds of people. Except she had been tonight hadn’t she? Earlier with Adriana. Again when she’d cowgirled up and stormed in here. Tonight she’d been all about seizing the moment.

Fuck yeah girl, YOLO!

Kelle felt a vague sense that she was lying to herself.

Lying about that being the reason she’d taken her hand off the door handle. Ultimately, the reason didn’t really matter did it? She turned around.


On the screen, there was a porn goddess waiting for her. The woman was a young brunette with impossibly large yet completely natural tits. She was bouncing her whole body, spinning her breasts in opposing directions as she smiled opened mouth and nodded at Kelle.

Kelle whimpered and walked back to her spot on the couch.

NooooooOOooo. No, no, no no!

Her couch mate was humping her left hand now. Her right was rubbing the leather cushion where Kelle had been sitting moments ago. She’d left a small puddle. She could see the sheen in the glaring light of the TVs. The curvy woman, ran her fingers through what was left of Kelle’s juice… and then sucked them into her mouth.

Kelle groaned in ecstasy as she pulled her dress off and dropped it at her feet. She sank into the couch and pinched her nipples into twin points of molten erotic fire. The woman beside her never looked over, never spoke… even as she lifted her right leg up and over Kelle’s left, then captured it in the crook behind her knee.

She pulled Kelle’s legs apart. Opened her. Wide.

Kelle sobbed and pushed a hand between her legs to resume her glorious, endless masturbation. Except the curvy brunette’s right hand was already there. Kelle squealed in pleasure as the woman’s fingers dipped into her with no resistance whatsoever. Kelle was so, so wet.

On this screen there was a pair of women dancing beside a sparkling pool in identical black swimsuits and high heels. They looked into Kelle’s eyes and smiled as they started peeling off their clothes for her.

The woman picked up the pace and Kelle was already building to another mind melting edge. She’d lost. So had Adriana. Kelle would never find out what they’d done with her. She’d never come racing in to help. Because she was too brain fried on surrendering her orgasms to do anything about it. She’d hate herself for losing. But, she’d get over it.

No! Adriana needs you! Get up! Get up now!

Kelle couldn’t muster the will to do anything as her pussy was expertly played with. She began to buck on the couch gasping as she felt the first pop of the orgasm. Of course, that’s when the woman’s hand slipped out of her and stopped moving.

Kelle gritted her teeth. She dug her nails into her palms and tried to convince herself this wasn’t the greatest sexual rapture she’d ever felt. Her willpower was leaking onto the couch beneath her. She drew on every drop she had left and grabbed the woman’s arm and began humping it furiously.

There was only one way to break free from the spell she’d fallen under. The woman instantly realized what Kelle was trying to do and began fighting to pull her arm away. But Kelle had much more leverage and twice the strength. Something about the woman fighting back pushed Kelle over the edge in an instant.

She howled and began to gush, her body bouncing off the seat uncontrollably as she came. The orgasm punched a hole in the porn haze her mind had been drifting in. She had to leave now!

But woman sensed this was her plan and plunged her hand into Kelle’s sopping pussy once more, trying to steal away the brief moment of clarity and get her under sex control once more. Kelle moaned weakly. The same part of her that had nearly cum when she’d sabotaged herself at the door was so, so horny for her to do it again now.

Kelle leaped up from the couch and turned her body away. The woman’s hand pulled free with a gooey slurping sound. Kelle snatched her dress from the floor and ran for the door, looking over her shoulder. She was half expecting the woman to tackle her and drag her back.

Reality, or whatever passed for it in this room, couldn’t have been further from that. The woman was sucking Kelle’s cum from the fingers of her right hand while her left drew rapid circles over her own slick folds. Her eyes never left the porn as she licked her fingers clean.

Kelle yanked open the door, still carrying her clothes, and darted back into the hallway, slamming it closed behind her. She just stood there for several seconds, breathing. She glanced around. The hallway was still and, mostly, quiet though she could still feel the throbbing rhythm of the music tempting her on the other side of the door.

No! Not again. No way!

She pulled her dress on. Her phone was missing. Kelle spun around to face the door. It must’ve fallen out when she’d stripped out of her dress. For the second time.

Stupid, stupid stupid!!!!

She slapped the top of her head with three quick and fierce blows. She wanted to scream at herself but the anger was clearing her head and she was starting to remember that she’d been, prior to slipping into the accursed porn room, trying not to get caught.

She couldn’t go back for it. She couldn’t. If she went into that room again she would never leave. And that was all there was to it. She turned around and went to the door at the end of the hall.

It was unlocked, thank god. Not knowing what to expect, Kelle worked the handle slowly and quietly. Once she’d cleared the latch from the frame, she carefully pushed the door open. Her eyes fell, instantly on Adriana’s duffle bag.

It sat on the floor next to the door. Her clothes were piled neatly on top of it.

Kelle turned around and checked the hallway one last time. She couldn’t hear a thing. She knew how many cameras were watching her right now. If someone hadn’t spotted her yet it was only because the surveillance software was busy looking through others video feeds right now. But that wouldn’t last.

Kelle slipped inside and shut the door just as silently as she’d opened it.

The room was a bit larger than a doctor’s exam room. It was practically empty except for a shelf of large plastic bins off to one side. And the woman being held captive in it.

Adriana was standing in the middle of the room, facing away from Kelle. She was naked, of course, her arms were bound tightly to her torso with thick four black straps that buckled along her spine. She wore a tall, a really tall pair of high heels. They pitched her feet so far forward Kelle couldn’t imagine how she was standing in them.

A glint of chrome answered that question. There was a metal plate set in the floor between Adriana’s feet. A polished chrome rod rose out of it, up between her legs and… and disappeared inside Adriana’s pussy.

Kelle’s eyes widened. She stepped closer and realized that there must of been some sort of sex toy at the end of the rod. She could hear it purring inside Adriana. This close, Kelle could smell the other woman’s sex. It was delicious and nothing like the woman Kelle had just escaped on the couch.

“Adrianna,” she whispered, “don’t say anything. It’s Kelle.”

Adriana didn’t react in any way.

She knows my name… right?!

“From the massage earlier,” Kelle added. “Just hold tight a second.” She looked around the room for the camera she knew must be in here. If only she’d had time earlier to check the feed, she’d already know where it was.


It was much smaller than Kelle had imagined. A simple white circle, with a small black lens in the center, mounted above the door. It looked like it had been stuck to the wall with glue. Kelle grabbed a plastic bin off the shelf, it was very similar to the ones she kept in her car to hold groceries, and set it upside down in front of the door. She carefully stepped on, praying the plastic would be sturdy enough to hold her weight.

She reached up, stretching as far as she was able… and pulled the camera free!

Tiny wires were fixed to the back and ran into a hole in the wall. Kelle held firm to the small white disk then stepped off the plastic bin and yanked it hard. The camera snapped free of the wires with almost no resistance.

Trespassing, destruction of property… good thing they’re kidnappers or I might be in legal trouble.

Adriana hummed in a low, throaty sound.

“I’m… going to get you out of here! Just keep quiet.” Kelle hastily tossed the camera into the plastic bin and returned it to the shelf. “Okay, let’s get you-“

Adriana twitched in her bonds and growled as her whole body tensed. Her head thrashed from side to side. That’s when Kelle noticed the black earbuds in her friend’s ears.

Oh lord.

Kelle stepped around and saw that Adriana’s eyes were trapped inside of a thick set of glasses. They were identical to the ones she’d seen on the blonde from the camera feed earlier. The dark glass lenses were the color of smoke and hid Adriana’s eyes beneath. But, there was light spilling out from around the edges, shining on Adriana’s cheeks.

Kelle’s eyes went wide. Thinking of the addictive porn feed from the other room. If Adrianna had been watching it the whole time… Kelle snatched the glasses of the other woman’s face. Adriana’s eyes were huge, staring straight ahead as if they’d been glued open.

Kelle didn’t dare look into the glasses to see what they’d been beaming into Adrianna’s eyes. She tossed them into one of the plastic bins, followed by the tiny black ear buds.

“Adriana?” Kelle whispered. “It’s Kelle.” She was still staring ahead into nothing. Or maybe not into nothing. Maybe she was still seeing what the glasses had been feeding her. “Adriana?”

She blinked.

Kelle gasped and smiled. She reached out and gently pushed a sweat-soaked strand of hair off her forehead. “Adriana, can you hear me?”

She blinked again and started to move her head. She looked at Kelle.

“Wh- where?” She closed her eyes, shook her head and blinked repeatedly. “Where are we?”

“The neighbors to the right,” Kelle whispered. She stepped behind Adriana and began unbuckling the straps binding her arms to her body. “The sex club.”

“You need to…” Adriana voice cracked like she’d just woken up, “…get out. You need to leave.”

“I know,” Kelle said as she worked feverishly at the buckles. “I found out the hard way what they do here. Don’t worry I’ve got a plan. We’ll be out of here in just a minute.”

“W-water,” Adriana rasped.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any. I-I don’t even have my phone.”

“Bag,” Adriana whispered.

Kelle looked to the door. Someone was going to come check the camera at some point. But how long? She chewed her lower lip and sighed. “Alright. Alright, just a second.”

Kelle stepped to the bag and unzipped it. She found the sports bottle as well as Adriana’s phone. She grabbed both. Then she pulled out the large jacket at the bottom. Adriana wasn’t going to have time to get properly dressed.

“Here,” Kelle thumbed open the bottle’s lid and pressed it to Adriana’s lips. She took a long swing and then lowered her head and swallowed. She nodded for the bottle and Kelle fed her another mouthful. Then, she set down the bottle on the floor next to the phone and jacket.

“I just need to finish getting these off,” Kelle resumed unbuckling the last two straps. And, then, Adriana’s arms were free. She stretched them out and rubbed her biceps. Suddenly, her arms shot straight out in both directions, bobbing up and down as Adriana tried to maintain her balance atop the one bar prison and the savage high heels.

Kelle wrapped an arm around her torso to steady her and kept it there as she stepped around in front of Adriana once more. “We’ve got to get you… off that,” Kelle said, nodding down to the chrome bar impaling Adriana’s sex.

Adriana stared ahead, giving the slightest nod.

“Just, grab my shoulders,” Kelle knelt down and wrapped her hands around the backs of Adriana’s thighs, just below her butt. “Keep your arms stiff, okay?”

Adriana nodded and obediently straightened her arms.

“One… two… three!” Kelle grunted and straightened her body, pressing her legs and feet into the floor with everything she had. She held firmly to Adriana’s thighs, squeezing the flesh there as she lifted the other woman an inch… then two. She remembered to breath and started taking regular breaths in and out as she kept lifting.

The base of a purple dildo slipped out of Adriana’s pussy, it was covered in creamy white honey. Kelle growled and kept lifting as a thick round nub came into view. Then, three more inches of thick silicone and it wasn’t done yet.

“Jeeeesusss,” she grunted as she continued to beat her all time squat record.

Kelle’s legs were almost straight. Adriana’s arms were locked at the elbow and trembling mightily. They weren’t going to be able to get high enough to dislodge the toy. “Hold on!” Kelle wrapped her arms around Adriana’s thighs and took a quick step backwards. The wide head of the purple toy pulled free with a sucking sound.

Adrianna fell onto Kelle’s shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. Kelle spread her feet wide to handle the weight and started to tip towards her right to set Adriana down. “Wait!” she stopped and straightened up again.

With her right hand, Kelle reached down and quickly pulled off the high heels and tossed them aside. Then, she set Adrianna down and took hold of her by the shoulders. “Are you okay?”

Adriana shook her head. “I’m not sure.”

Kelle nodded. Who the hell could be okay in this situation? “Let’s get your jacket on,” she said, reaching down for it and pulling it up Adriana’s arms. The other woman stood passively and let Kelle dress her.

Her eyes were fixed on the wide, flat end of the fiendish purple toy.

“One of those fancy cervix massagers,” Kelle quipped, trying to keep the worry out of her voice. “I’ve been saving up for one of those.” She finished pulling the jacket up Adriana’s arms and turned her so they faced each other. “How was that?” Kelle asked casually as she zipped the jacket.

“It felt good,” Adriana said quietly.

“I’ll bet,” Kelle reached down and grabbed the phone. She was going to leave the sports bottle but then thought better of it. She might be able to throw it or hit someone with it in case they ran into trouble. She hefted both items in her hands and looked at Adriana.

“We’re going to go straight out that door, down a hallway. We’re going through either the sixth or seventh door on the right. One of them has a back door but I don’t remember which.”

Adriana listened to her passively, then nodded.

“I’m going to go first. You need to stay right behind me. Can you do that?”

Adriana looked at her. “Okay,” she said finally.

“Okay.” Kelle led them to the door. She looked between her hands and decided the sports bottle would need to ride in her right. She’d need her left for the door handle so… she dropped Adriana’s phone the pocket of her dress.


“Yes,” Adriana said, her voice a little stronger.

Kelle considered another count down but she’d never forgive herself if they got caught by a margin of less than three seconds. “Let’s go!” She turned the handle and stepped through the door.

It was considerably cooler in the hallway. It was also, blissfully, unoccupied ahead of them. Kelle glanced once to her left down the other leg of hallway. Empty. She took a deep, hopeful breath and jogged forward, not able to hear Adriana’s bare feet behind her.

One, two, three, four, five… six!

Adriana grabbed the door handle in her left hand and pushed. It was locked.


She raced to door number seven and slapped at the handle. The door clicked open and swung wide revealing a small storage room. Several piles of cardboard boxes were stacked to the left and right of a path leading through the room… and to a fire door rigged with an alarm.

Nothing to do about that.

“We’re going to need to run as soon as we get through that door,” she whispered over her shoulder. “Do you know how to get into the back door of the spa? Is there a keypad or a-“ Kelle gasped as she turned. Adriana was still back at the room she’d been a captive in, leaning against the door frame like she was trying to get her balance.


Kelle broke into a full run back down the hallway, berating herself the whole way. Adriana’s legs were probably numb from the shoes. She should’ve taken that into account. Kelle reached her and wrapped her left arm around Adriana’s waist, gripping the other woman firmly.

“Good news, I found the door out. Just lean on me and I’ll get us there.”

Adriana said nothing but nodded.

“Can we get into the spa through the back? We’re going to set off the fire alarm when we get out.“

“Keypad,” Adriana croaked. “Just keep hitting eight.”

Kelle nodded and readied herself. “Okay, here we-“

“HALT!” a woman’s voice bellowed from down the left hand hallway.

Kelle glanced past Adriana’s head. It was the latex woman again. She was already charging towards them. Kelle broke into a run, pulling and dragging Adriana along. The other woman kept pace as best she could.

Kelle chanced a glance over her shoulder as the pair reached door number seven. The latex woman was rounding the corner and still coming at them at full tilt.

Kelle threw the two of them over the threshold and kicked the door shut behind her. She dragged Adriana forward, towards the fire exit, flailing with one hand and pulling down as many cardboard boxes as she could manage to block the way behind them. She slammed into the door with her shoulder, pressing the red paddle and spilling them onto the asphalt.

She could see her breath and there was a thin mist hovering under the lights of the rear parking area. “C’mon,” she panted and pulled Adriana to the left, towards the spa’s rear door. She could hear yelling behind her.

They reached the door and Kelle stabbed the eight key repeatedly. As promised, a tiny green light blinked happily and the door’s lock clicked loudly. Kelle yanked it open and practically tossed Adriana inside. Then she threw one last look towards the neighbors to the right, the fire door had already swung closed and clicked shut.

Kelle didn’t wait to see when the latex woman would come charing through it. She followed Adriana inside and pulled the spa’s back door shut.

It dawned on her then, that she’d never heard the fire alarm go off.

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