Matched Set

Chapter 1

by Callidus

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“What’s that sound?” Kelle asked looking up from her ePad, straining to hear over the gentle music playing on the room’s sound system. The girl working on her feet, the name tag read ‘Adrianna,’ kept her eyes down and focused on applying polish to Kelle’s middle toe.

Kelle had heard a voice. Muffled but loud enough to be heard through the wall. A woman calling out. Was she in trouble or… ? “Did you hear something? I thought it was a voice.”

“Massage next door, probably,” Adrianna nodded toward the wall behind her.

“I could’ve swore it was coming from over there,” Kelle said, looking at the wall to the right.

“Deep tissue probably. Women make sounds in there.”

Kelle smiled a bit to herself, wondering if Adrianna realized how suggestive that sounded. “I’ve never had a deep tissue massage,” she observed casually. “Does it hurt… or do they make sounds because it’s good?”

Adrianna looked up with one eyebrow raised. “Both,” she said, letting her tongue rest between her teeth just a bit too long.

Kelle looked quickly back to her screen, pretending to be engrossed in her news feed.

Was that a pass?

Maybe Adrianna wasn’t being unintentionally suggestive before? Was she playing an angle here? Trying to get Kelle interested in booking a quiet room so she could get her hands on more than just Kelle’s feet? Kelle tried to decide if that felt creepy or… hot. It was strange how thin the line could be at times.

It didn’t help Kelle’s deliberation that Adrianna was quite pretty.

The other woman placed the cap back on the polish and set aside the brush, grasping Kelle’s foot in both hands and inspecting her work.

“Looks great from up here,” Kelle said brightly.

“You have such pretty feet,” Adrianna observed running her hands over Kelle’s sensitive flesh.

“Uh, thanks,” Kelle muttered.

This feels like a pass. Am I wrong? Is this just one of those conversations that seems so-

“OOoooOOooooOOoohhhh,” Kelle moaned as Adrianna gripped her foot and pressed both thumbs along the arch. Wild, electric sensations raced up Kelle’s leg.

“Bit of foot massage is the perfect way to end, don’t you think?” Adrianna asked, gliding her fingers firmly through the folds of Kelle’s skin.

Kelle’s eyes nearly rolled up in her head as she gripped the arms of the chair. She’d never had a foot massage and the feeling wasn’t bad but it was intense. “That feels really… wow.” Kelle said not quite sure how it actually felt or how she felt about it.

Adrianna wore a sly smile. “Feet are sensitive,” she explained, her thumbs proving the point. “There’s several places in the body where you see clusters of nerves like this. It’s really fascinating, the effects of proper massage in those places.”

“I’ll bet,” Kelle quipped, finding that she had to focus on her breathing to keep herself from panting. It felt like most of her lower body had a low grade electric current running through it. It also felt like her sex had recently discovered it was rather into low grade electric current running through it.

“I do massage as well,” Adrianna said casually. “Would you like to book me for a session? I could introduce you to some deep tissue techniques. See for yourself if you enjoy it.”

“Y-yes,” Kelle breathed, nodding for emphasis. She would most certainly like to do this again while she was nude and oiled and where Adrianna could work over all the other nerve clusters in Kelle’s squirming body.

“Next week, then?” Adrianna asked.


“Great, I’ll see you then!”

Kelle spent the car ride home that day, and many other moments in the week that followed, in a state of anxiety over this new development. Each time though, she discovered that playing with herself really set her mind at ease about the whole thing. For a while at least.

Her stomach was in butterflies, once again, the day she strode through the door for her massage appointment. It had taken her most of the week-long wait to admit the truth. She was entertaining some vague fantasy of using this massage session with Adrianna to get off.

It felt creepy but in a way where ‘creepy’ was some virtuous grandmother that lived in one of those houses that was six inches from the next door neighbor. And Mrs. Creepy’s neighbor was a hot little number name Ms. Turboslut.

Every time Kelle’s brain thought about driving over to Mrs. Creepy’s place to get herself a badly needed reality check, she wound up parking in the neighbor’s driveway by mistake… then being invited in so Ms. Turboslut could fix them some martinis while Kelle snuck into the bedroom and raided the nightstand for a dildo and sex wand; also helping herself to some baby oil for good measure.

Around that time, Ms. Turboslut usually showed up in the bedroom wearing a micro-bikini and sporting a couple pairs of handcuffs. Then, she’d hogtie Kelle and punish her for blocking the driveway.

Kelle could admit it: her fantasies had been a little weird lately.

She took a deep breath, standing in the lobby, and reminded herself that she wasn’t going to do or suggest anything unprofessional in this session. At worst, she might masturbate over it after the fact but that was perfectly healthy and normal.

And besides, you’re useless with pain. If deep tissue massage lives up to its reputation, you’re gonna be too busy wimping out to ask about a happy ending.

Then, Adrianna emerged from one of the private rooms at the end of the hall and waved her back. Kelle fought to keep her eyes focused on the other woman’s face. Struggling not to take a long drink of the second-skin yoga pants or the mid-riff tank top that was deliciously framing Adrianna’s rippling abs and thick shoulders.

Kelle promised herself she’d wait until she got home before she started picturing a microkini on the pretty masseuse.

The massage room was warm. The table and bamboo furniture were bathed in dim light. Spicy incense filled the room as Adrianna closed the door behind them.

“You can leave your clothes on that bench there,” she said fiddling with bottles of clear oil on a shelf.

Kelle hadn’t worn much and what she had worn was easy to remove. She peeled off the dress and dropped her panties on top, scooting her sandals beneath the bench to keep them out of the way.

“Alright,” Adrianna’s voice said behind her, “I’ve got a towel for you…”

“Oh thanks!” Kelle said turning around, “I appreciate tha-” the words died on her tongue.

What she’d anticipated was Adrianna holding up a towel between them. High enough that Adrianna wouldn’t see more than legs as Kelle climbed onto the table. Then, Adrianna would drape it over her ass and there would be no awkwardness or unintended naughtiness to this typically benign social ritual.


“… on the shelf above your clothes.” Adrianna finished.

Kelle stood there, her whole body humming with adrenaline, wanting to shrug it off with a wink and a laugh. But the look on the other woman’s face did not make her feel like laughing.

Adrianna’s eyes grew wide as they descended, drinking in Kelle’s body. Her mouth dropped open slightly.

Kelle felt her pulse behind her jaw as she realized that Adrianna was gaping at her landing strip. She’d shaved herself several days ago and had debated on taking it all. But, somehow it felt naughtier to leave something deliberate. Something that said ‘I decorate my pussy for the people I share it with.’

Although she hadn’t actually planned on sharing it with Adrianna… yet.

“Whoops! I’m sorry,” she finally said. Managing something like a self-deprecating tone. Managing to not reveal how intensely turned on she’d just become.

“I talked right over you instead of listening.”

She smiled and grabbed the towel in question. She was mentally applauding her casual performance: the spectacular show she’d made of not revealing that she’d spent a whole week jilling off over fantasies that all began more or less with what had just happened. Everything was fine.

Then, her nipples stiffened and betrayed her.

Adrianna saw it happen. Her eyes stayed glued to the thick nubs for several long seconds. Then, she looked up as if suddenly remembering something. “Let me turn on some music.”

“Sure. Thanks,” Kelle replied holding the towel uselessly at her side. What was the point now?

She could see all the way to Miami. Kelle thought. And, no towel is gonna hide these, she added, glancing down at her traitorous nipples.

“Why don’t you lie down?” Adrianna suggested as gentle synth music filled the room. “We’ll start on your back.”

Kelle nodded, took a breath and mounted the table.

It turned out that deep tissue massage was a lot like being in a car wreck. Just very slowly.

“Oh my fuck!” Kelle whimpered as Adrianna’s hands kneaded the flesh of her upper arm. Her fingers felt like a vice. Kelle could’ve sworn, earlier, that the woman had managed to separate muscle from bone while working her legs.

“Deep tissue is intense,” Adrianna said conversationally. “But the feeling that follows… the afterglow over the next few days… that’s what keeps people coming back for more.”

Kelle thought about those books. The ones about the woman who was in a terribly toxic relationship but because there was kinky sex involved she kept going back. Kelle wondered if that’s how it was with repeat customers. Deep Tissue was the name of an abusive lover that they stayed with, even though Deep Tissue would occasionally get them drunk and-

“Jesus-tap-dancing-christ!” Kelle bellowed. She felt like her arm was made of play dough and it was hanging on by a paper-thin strand that was being pulverized by Adrianna’s formidable hands.

Kelle was about to make a joke about massage being used for amputation when she heard a woman cry out from the other side of the wall. Adrianna’s hands stopped. She’d heard it too.

“What was that?” Kelle asked, a bit tensely.

A moment passed when there was no sound but the music and their breathing in the small room.

“It sounded like it was next door. Our neighbors to the right.” Adrianna said quietly, her hands shifting to Kelle’s shoulder.

“Do they uh… do deep tissue massage over there too?” Kelle quipped.

Adrianna was quiet a moment.“I think,” Adrianna adjusted the towel, “it’s some sort of… sex club.”

“What?! In an office park?”

“Why don’t you roll over?” Adrianna suggested, lifting the towel.

Kelle acquiesced, anxious for a chance to see the other woman’s face. Her eyes were strange, not embarrassed but… guarded as she dropped the towel over Kelle’s loins.

Kelle settled into the table once more. She could already feel a gentle throb in her legs. She considered that this would either be the beginning of the ‘afterglow’ of the deep tissue massage or the onset of paralysis.

“What makes you think that?” She asked quietly. She could see wheels turning in Adrianna’s mind. There was a story here for sure.

“We had a mixup yesterday.” Adrianna said, rubbing fresh oil into Kelle’s stomach. “A woman came into our lobby saying she was here for her 3:30 session. I’d been expecting someone at 3:15 for a massage so I just thought she got the start time mixed up.”

“What happened?” Kelle asked, trying to keep her nipples in check as her imagination began working on how this story ended with ‘and that’s why I suspect it’s a sex club.’

“I sent her to one of the rooms and asked another girl to cover my 4:15. Then I grabbed my kit and went to join her. When I walked through the door she was… kneeling on the table.”


“Her clothes were in a neat pile in the corner, except her shoes. Bedroom shoes, y’know? She was still wearing those.”

Kelle gawked. “So, she was nude in heels… kneeling on the table?”

Adrianna closed her eyes to gather her thoughts. She was flushed. “No, not ‘nude.’ She was wearing… things under her clothes. Leather straps with buckles and rings made of and steel. All over her body. She had on a collar thicker than any of my belts.”

Kelle couldn’t tell if it was the massage but she was becoming aware of a warm and not unpleasant ache beginning to make it’s way through her body.

“I just stood there. I didn’t know what to… I didn’t say anything for a second and then she said some really weird stuff.”

“Like what?” Kelle croaked, realizing how far south Adrianna’s hands had traveled. They were below her belly button now and agonizingly close to-

“She said ‘This slave has obeyed. I have the documents. No one will know they are missing for at least a week.’”

“That is weird,” Kelle breathed, hearing the effect of Adrianna’s hands in her own voice.

“I glanced at this stack of papers she’d set down on the table. It was like… a bid or something. For a contract with the city? Like architecture or construction stuff.”

“And she stole them?” Kelle whispered, biting her bottom lip as Adrianna’s hands continued massaging almost directly over her pubis.

“I guess. I don’t know. But she realized that something was wrong and she like ‘woke up’ or something. Like one second she was on autopilot and the next, she was flipping off the table and getting back in her clothes and she was out the door in a blink.”

“Did she go next door?” Kelle asked, biting back a moan.

“Y-yeah,” Adrianna said, her eyes far away. “I wasn’t sure if she was in trouble or something but she looked again at the suite numbers on the building and marched next door. I guess she got them mixed up. I wasn’t sure I should follow her but… I did.”

“What did you see?” Kelle hissed, her body writhing forward and back on the table, trying to coax Adrianna’s fingers those last few inches to glory.

“Nothing really. It was like a normal reception lobby,” Adrianna murmured. “The girl that had run from the massage table talked to this woman behind the desk and then rushed into the back. I explained what had happened to the receptionist and asked if the girl needed help.”

Kelle nodded but said nothing, her breath whistling through clenched teeth.

"The receptionist told me. It’s a club for people who like to play games. Kinky stuff. The woman liked being commanded to steal things from her job. So, the manager, some woman named Ms. Hatcher has other members plant fake documents for her to ‘steal’.

“Then, the girl reports back to receive her ‘reward’. The receptionist said all the members do that sort of thing. Under the direction of Ms Hatcher. She’s like a conductor of kinky games or some such.”

“That’s so… strange,” Kelle whimpered, her hands squeezing into fists to stave off the sudden spike in arousal… and to keep them from treating her nipples to a deep tissue massage between her thumbs and fingers.

“Yeah,” Adrianna said, lost in thought. “I never thought places like that were real… much less next door.” Her hand was still massaging Kelle everywhere near her steaming pussy without actually making contact.

“Mmhmmm!” Kelle hummed. She had to leave. Right now. She had to go to her car and masturbate right this second. Or, she was going do it right here in front of Adrianna.

Then Adrianna’s eyes roamed over the towel and spotted Kelle’s growing wet spot. Her eyes popped open and looked right into Kelle’s.

Oh no… oh god! Kelle could see it all cross the other woman’s face: she’d been on autopilot, lost in her thoughts. She’d had no clue what she was doing to Kelle. Adrianna had been almost sexually gratifying a client… and she was absolutely mortified.

Kelle sat up as Adrianna covered her mouth and took a step back.

“I’m sorry!” She gasped. “I’m so sorry! Ohmygod, I shouldn’t have done that!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!” Kelle whispered frantically, gently waving her hands to try and calm the other woman down. “It’s not your fault!”

Adrianna’s eyes opened wider. Kelle knew what she was thinking. Like she knew air was made of nitrogen and oxygen. She just knew. Adrianna was thinking about things like license revocation, termination and legal charges.

“Adrianna!” she hissed, remembering how thin the walls were and trying to keep her voice down. “This isn’t your fault. I…” she had to say it. She had to.

“I like you! I’ve been… thinking about you all week. And that story and your hands… I couldn’t help it. It was me… not you.”

The room was utterly still for a moment.

Adrianna lowered her hands from her mouth. There were tears forming at the corners of her eyes. But… there was a slight smile at the edges of her lips. “You like me? Like… like me?”

Kelle nodded but said nothing.

Then Adrianna smiled. “I like you too,” she said in the softest whisper. “I was flirting like mad when I painted your toes.”

Kelle breathed again, it felt like the first time in minutes. A grin broke out on her face. “I knew it!”

“I wanted to book you for a massage so I could see you again but…” Adrianna’s smile vanished. “I should’ve gotten someone else to do your session. It was a bad idea… This is my job. I can’t do that here.”

For the fourth time in her whole life, Kelle knew just the thing to say in this sort of situation. She thought of all times she’d only thought of it a week later, when the chance had long slipped away. She thought about the handful of times she’d had it… and been too afraid to say it. In the space of a couple breaths she thought about every missed opportunity in her life.

She willed confidence into legs. She stepped off the table and stalked forward, fire dancing in her eyes. She backed Adrianna into the corner, then she let go of the towel. It slipped from her waist, falling to the floor with a whisper of fabric.

Not this time.

She took a step forward and leaned towards Adrianna; close enough to kiss. "Then let’s go somewhere else," she whispered in a sultry purr.

Adrianna’s eyes were huge; shocked at Kelle’s boldness. But only for a moment. A smiled found its way to her face. She laughed, quietly. Conspiratorially. “I… can’t make plans like that while I’m on the clock. We’ve got rules. But… I get off in an hour.”

Kelle’s mouth parted in a huge grin as she nodded eagerly. This was happening!

“Am… am I done?” She asked quietly.

Adrianna blinked, shaking her head in confusion. “Oh!” She suddenly got it. “Yeah, we’re all finished up. You can… put your clothes back on.”

“Just for a little while though,” Kelle whispered with a wink.

Now Adrianna was biting her lip and nodding. She put a finger to her lips to indicate secrecy then spoke up for the first time in several minutes: “You’re all finished. I’ll step out and let you get dressed.”

“Thank you so much,” Kelle called out in an exaggerated voice.

Neither of them could stop grinning as Adrianna stopped the music track and exited the room.

Goddess! Kelle ran her fingers through her short black hair, gasping as adrenaline hammered through her quivering limbs. She’d done it. She’d taken the chance and it worked! She shook her head, still not quite believing it.

Girl, you are getting laid tonight!

She rushed to her clothes and started getting dressed.

“Well how was it?” the woman sitting at the desk asked as Kelle emerged from the hallway. Adrianna stood behind the woman’s chair, giving Kelle a look with one eyebrow arched wickedly.

“I don’t think I’ll know for a few hours yet,” Kelle said glancing up in time to see Adrianna hiding her face behind her hands as she pretended to scratch her forehead.

The woman at the desk nodded knowingly. “Deep tissue can be like that. Well I hope we see you again!”

“Thanks so much. Have a good night!” She waved as she stepped through the door. She looked back through the glass to see Adrianna and the other woman smiling at her, then turning to each other. Chatting about some workplace stuff, no doubt.

Kelle walked to her car, her whole body glowing. It was the best feeling she’d had in a very long time and she was pretty sure it had nothing to do with the massage.

Well, maybe not nothing.

Kelle passed the hour lost in her thoughts. Imagining what would she would say when Adrianna emerged from the spa; where they would go; what Adrianna would taste like. She shook her head, still not quite believing what had happened. How close it almost came to being a total disaster before it turned into… something amazing.

What if wasn’t just a one-night thing? That would be fun. And, such a brilliant story to tell later. What if… they really hit it off? What if they spent the next day finding out they loved the same music, hated the same food? What if… what if they were telling the story of tonight over drinks with their circle of friends one day, just before announcing they were engaged?

Kelle hid her face in her hands, laughing at herself.

Don’t fall in love yet girl. Just have fun and see where it goes.

When she looked up, Adrianna was walking through the door with a duffle bag over one shoulder. She was scanning the parking lot. Kelle bit her lip and just took her in. She was so pretty! Her hair pulled back in a dark pony tail revealing all the lines of her neck and shoulders. Kelle turned off the car and went to open the door.

Her hand had just closed on the handle. She had the perfect thing to say when she walked up. She was sporting a huge grin, thinking of the way Adrianna’s eyes would look when she said it. She was so caught up in her daydream it took her a moment to realize that a woman had walked up to Adrianna from behind. Adrianna turned suddenly, obviously surprised at being approached in the nearly deserted parking lot.

Kelle glanced around and saw the glass door of the suite next door to the spa slowly closing on its hydraulic hinge. The woman had come from the sex club. Kelle sat up in the car seat, her hand tight around the door handle but she stayed put.

Was this the receptionist? Or the girl-thief that had run from the massage table? The manager woman? Hatcher or whatever her name was?

She seemed to be asking Adrianna something. Adrianna was shaking her head no. They were both smiling.

Probably following up to make sure Adrianna didn’t call the cops.

The woman was gesturing towards the club. The club where people played kinky games… and stole documents from the city planning office. Adrianna was still shaking her head no. The woman smiled bigger and waved her over as if Adrianna were a child afraid to try out a roller coaster.

She wants Adrianna to go inside with her?

The woman didn’t seem like a manager… she just didn’t have that aura to her. The receptionist most likely. But why would she be inviting Adrianna inside? Were they going to offer Adrianna a membership to buy her silence in their little mixup?

Bitch, she’s got plans with me tonight!

Kelle slowly pulled the handle and the door quietly unlatched. She wasn’t sure how the other woman would react but walking over would give Adrianna the perfect excuse to bow out gracefully. She gently pushed on the door-

Just as the suite door opened once again and tall, regal woman in a dark green dress stepped out. Kelle stopped. It was her. Ms Hatcher. This was a woman in charge of people. She stepped over to Adrianna and the receptionist, her hands clasped before her.

Kelle could almost hear her tall stiletto pumps clicking on the asphalt. The diamonds at her ears, wrists and neck were dazzling in the lights of the parking lot. Her eyes shone bright and magnificent, even from this distance. And, she was gorgeous.

Hatcher reached out for Adriana with one hand, her eyes beaming. Adrianna took it and they shook hands… and kept shaking. Ms. Hatcher was nodding at whatever Adrianna was saying. She drew Adrianna’s hand into both her own, squeezing it affectionately and gently pulling Adrianna closer.

Adrianna took an awkward step forward. Ms. Hatcher was speaking now, nodding her head up and down in a steady rhythm as her eyes stayed fixed on Adrianna. Her left hand held tight to the pretty masseuse’s as her right floated up between them and began drifting back and forth, gesturing as she spoke.

Kelle could see the flash of her diamond bracelet from where she sat in car. It must’ve been dazzling up close. She had no idea what they were talking about but wasn’t so sure she wanted to walk into the middle of it. She wouldn’t want to make things any more difficult for Adrianna given how awkward the situation was already.

But if any of the three women were feeling awkward it didn’t show. They were all smiles as Ms. Hatcher continued speaking and waving her hand. Adrianna was nodding herself now, in roughly the same rhythm as the pretty manager.

“C’mon, c’mon,” Kelle hissed through her teeth, more than ready for this to be over.

At last, it seemed like they might be ready to wrap up. The receptionist shifted on her feet, then stepped behind Adrianna as Ms. Hatcher, kept talking. She had shifted from nodding her head up and down to drawing circles in the air instead. Adrianna mirrored the motion.

“Finally!” Kelle quipped as Ms. Hatcher took a step back. She was dying to ask Adrianna what that had all been-

Kelle frowned as Adrianna took a step forward, towards Ms. Hatcher. Then another. The other woman was still holding her hand. Still talking. Still drawing circles in the air with the motion of her head.

Something was wrong. Kelle’s eyes narrowed. Adrianna’s body language was strange. Like she was tired: shoulders drooping, feet dragging as she took another step forward. The duffle bag slipped from her shoulder. The receptionist was ready. She caught it in both hands as it fell.

Adrianna didn’t even notice. Her head was weakly rolling on her shoulders, following the circles being drawn by Ms. Hatcher. The pair of women took another step. Hatcher was leading Adrianna into the club.

The receptionist shifted the bag onto her own shoulder and pulled the door open for them. Ms. Hatcher was smiling brightly as she continued talking and led Adrianna inside. Adrianna’s feet shuffled across the threshold, her face never leaving Ms. Hatcher’s.

The receptionist followed them, stopping in the doorway to scan the parking lot. Kelle held her breath as the woman’s eyes swept over her car.

She’s making sure there aren’t any witnesses!

Kelle felt a dreadful tightness filing her stomach.

The receptionist, seemingly satisfied, disappeared inside and let the door slowly drift shut behind her.

Kelle suddenly inhaled, sharply. She stared, dumbstruck, at the lobby of the sex club through its glass doors. Inside, the lights switched off.

To Be Continued

Author’s Note:
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