Morning Bloom

Chapter 9

by BiSound

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #dom:internalized_imperialism #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #indoctrination #medical_play #petplay #slow_burn #sub:capitalism

Elizabeth awoke the next morning feeling rested, but a little lonely. Since making contact with the affini she had gotten used to waking up with Aleina around. Though the terran girl quickly shook the feeling and got out of bed, stretching. She had a big day ahead of her after all. A date, with an alien, and not just any alien, an affini. But not just any affini, it was Aleina, the affini that had made her intention to own Elizabeth very clear. Elizabeth felt nervous, but was looking forward to seeing her affini again. Even if in the end Elizabeth decided to turn down domestication, she still hoped Aleina would be her friend. 
“Hey hab, can you compile me some cereal?” Elizabeth asked, and was almost surprised when the rhythmic voice she remembered from Church-x32 chimed in.
“What’s the magic word?” Oh yeah. She changed her hab over to English/Floret last night, how could she forget?

“Please?” …The hab did not respond. “Can you compile me some cereal? Please.” Elizabeth could swear the lights in the room turned ever so slightly brighter as the voice chimed in.
“Sure thing cutie! It's already ready for you in the kitchen!” The hab declared, brightly and happily. Elizabeth had to admit that she would have missed this, even if it might take a while to get used to.
The cereal was perfect. For a lot of things compilers were kind of boring, a little too perfect. But it was good for cereal. There wasn’t much more to it than milk and cereal anyway.
While eating Elizabeth considered her situation properly. She was going on a lunch date with Aleina and she was… excited? There had never been much room for romance in her old life and she hadn’t ever had much interest in the snobs that she met back on terra. But that wasn’t all, Aleina was an alien, an affini. Wonderfully different and infinitely fascinating. Her dad would be furious if he ever found out, so mad he wouldn’t even care that Aleina was a girl. 
Elizabeth giggeled mischievously to herself as she finished her bowl. Was it bad of her to take pleasure in doing things she knew would piss off her parents at her age? Probably, this was something teenagers were supposed to do. But she had never gotten to have that rebellious phase in her teenage years. It was time to catch up and getting together with a communist alien-girl sounded like the perfect way to start. 
‘Getting together with’... more like giving yourself over to. It wasn’t hard to argue why this was a terrible idea for anyone who values their freedom. She knew she was supposed to be one of those people, but part of her had a hard time justifying actually being one. 
Regardless of her long term decision about actually becoming a floret, Aleina was still her best friend on the ship… Tied with bumble, obviously, and she wanted that relationship to grow closer. She could spend time valuing the pros and cons of domestication later.
Aleina was rushing around her hab unit, trying to figure out how to make her date with Eliz perfect. She had read up on terran dating culture and was determined to give her girl the perfect day out on the town. 
She had everything planned out perfectly, arranged their meals and multiple activities they could do. There were also many many possible instances of flirting and romance marked down on her schedule. She got the flirting part down. Just like most affini it came naturally to her. But romance was a bit of an enigma. The concept was fine enough, things humans would do for each other to show their love. That was adorable! But all the things she had found in those books and movies seemed so arbitrary. 
But regardless of that, Aleina was determined to create the perfect romantic date for Eliz, to charm her with her knowledge and understanding of terran ‘date’ culture. Then, after three days, for some reason she didn’t understand, she would propose that her girl sign up to be her floret. 
Looking over her checklist for the 50th time just to make sure everything was ready she grabbed the bouquet of flowers and the box of chocolate that looked nothing like a human heart but all her sources insisted on calling heart shaped regardless.
Aleina was ready for this. This date would be perfect! With that thought repeating in her mind the affini still only in her second bloom left her hab and determinately headed out for her date.
Couldn’t that swamp tree just arrive already? Elizabeth was pacing the living room of her hab unit dressed in her cutest dress. A flowing leaf green and sky blue number. Her hair was done up without too much fanfare, but Elizabeth liked how it looked, and hoped Aleina would too. 
Finally the hab unit rang out. “Hey cutie! You’re date is here, go and have fuuun!” The voice sang out and Elizabeth took a deep breath, stepping over to the front door as it opened with a friendly swosh. 
There stood Aleina, the same lovely affini she remembered from the planet, and she smiled down at her. A smile Elizabeth couldn’t help but return. “You look lovely, little one.” Aleina said, a vine twirling around Elizabeth that made her let out a happy hum. It wasn’t as intense after a day without her xenodrugs, but it was still wonderful. “I brought you the appropriate gifts for a date.” The affini held out the bouquet of white flowers, identical to the once growing on her body and a red heart shaped box with a bow around it. 
“Thank you, but you really didn’t need to, I don’t even know if I have a vase for this…” Elizabeth turned around to a ding from the compiler as a vase filled with water for the flowers emerged, at least that solved that problem. Elizabeth placed the flowers in their place and without prompting the hab exclaimed.
“Youuu’re Welcome!” Elizabeth blushed, and Aleina couldn’t help but let out a swoosh of amusement behind the poor terran girl.
“Thank you.” She mumbled, as she moved the vase over to the coffee table. Before she could turn around a vine slithered it’s way up to her lips with a heart shaped chocolate. Seeing no reason not to, Elizasbeth accepted the gift with a chomp and turned to a smiling Aleina.
“I know little flowers. I wanted to.” Elizabeth blushed as the vine coiled itself around her arm and led her back close to Aleina, who placed a loving kiss on her forehead. “Are you ready for the best date of your life?” The plant asked confidently.
Elizabeth blushed and forced herself not to look away. “It will actually be the first date of my life… you know, real date, not just a ‘date’ for an event I had to bring someone for.” Elizabeth couldn’t help but frown, but Aleina was quick to brush a vine against her cheek.
“No bad vibes little one, today is going to be fun, with just the two of us.” The terran pup is guided to look up at her affini and as usual that was enough to make her grin wide. 
“Let’s go!” Elizabeth exclaimed, and Aleina guided her out the door.
Elizabeth stayed close to Aleina as they walked through the living area of Andropogon. There were affini all around, tending to their gardens, just relaxing, or talking with each other. While the ship was a military vessel everything was being prepared for the expected rapid influx of Terrans, specifically, florets. Aleina didn’t entirely know how to feel about that. On one hand it would be nice to be around other humans, and she loved spending time with bumble. But she had never met a human floret. Would they be similar to bumble, or more like the normal humans? Whatever that even meant in the outskirts of terran territory. 
Aleina, for once, was allowing Elizabeth's thoughts to wander. There were no bad thoughts, just wonder and anticipation in the girl's mind, and that was something Aleina liked to see.
“We are almost there, little pup!” Elizabeth felt herself swooning as Aleina brought a couple of moss covered vines to cover Elizabeth's eyes. She could feel long grass brush against the exposed skin of her sandal covered feet as it waved in the wind. Her affini guided her forward off the path and into what must be one of the many many parks aboard Andropogon.
“Open your eyes, flower.” Elizabeth could hear Aleinas voice right next to her ear. She hadn’t even realized her eyes had closed, and upon receiving the request from her affini she opened up, blinking in the light. 
Right in front of a little lake lay a red and white blanket with a picnic basket standing on top of it. Aleina was already seated on one side of the basket and was quick to guide Elizabeth over to her side. This was really nice. Just like in the movies! 
“Is this to your liking, little one?” Aleina brushed her vine against Elizabeth's cheek and the pup made happy noises as she rubbed into the moss. 
“Yes, this is very nice.” She leaned into her wonderful plant monster, who slithered her vines into the basket to bring out all sorts of food and drink. Soon Elizabeth found herself relaxing against Aleina while being slowly fed fruit. “I have always wanted to go on a picnic.” Elizabeth sighed, looking up into those amazingly enchanting eyes of Aleina who ruffled slightly in response.

“Have you never been to one of these before?” Aleina asked inquisitively, like the plant had just assumed this was something all humans did from time to time.
“There wasn’t really much time for outings in my life, and a picnic was considered beneath a ‘family like mine’” Elizabeth rolled her eyes, and sank further into her affini to hide her annoyance. It did not work.
“I will file away talking about your family for a later time little pup. But for now I think the topic should be avoided.” Vines and moss were engulfing Elizabeth as Aleina continued to feed her apple slices and orange boats. Elizabeth nodded in agreement. This was a happy day. No reason to think about bad things when she could instead get lost in her affinis eyes. She felt like she could stare up into them for hours. Forever exploring the intricacies of the galaxy of complexity within her enigmatic, alien, yet obviously loving eyes.
Elizabeth's breath slowly grew calmer, as she fell into sync with the rustling of Aleina’s body, the shifting of her affinis eyes. All thoughts slowly seeped out of her mind, until the only thing left was utter adoration for her… “Mistress.”
Well… this was unexpected. Not a bad thing mind you, but Aleina really hadn’t expected her little pup to get this lost in her already. The affini could feel her seed in near perfect sync with her already, usually one would need the implant before that happened. “You really are malleable, aren’t you, my little pup.” Aleina sang. She probably shouldn’t be doing this. But the confirmation from her floret to be was so adorable!
“Mistress!” Filled with such need, such longing, such adoration, all targeted at her, Aleina. Her flower fulfilling the last order Aleina had given her. Aleina couldn’t help herself, she had to indulge. 
“That’s right pup, I’m your owner, your Mistress, or at least, I will be soon.” She ruffled the hair of her soon to be property. “Do you want to play, little pup, do you want to… fetch, for me?” Aleina asked, her words laced with enough suggestion and melody she knew it would be more like an order to her flower, who peaked up with a wide grin and repeated nods. 
“Yes mistress!” She beamed, and Aleina happily retrieved a ball from the basket and held it, ready to throw.
“Fetch!” Aleina exclaimed and threw the ball a little bit away from the two of them. Her pup immediately leaped from her lap and ran to grab the ball before returning to Aleinas lap, snuggling up and presenting the ball. 
“Did I do good, Mistress?” The girl's mind was obviously still deeply entranced in Aleinas presence, and Aleina couldn’t help but wonder how she got this malleable, this suggestible. But for now she filed that thought into the back of her mind along with a serious talk about her seed’s baggage. Today was a day for new, happy experiences, today was a day for indulgence.
“Good girl! Have a treat!” Aleina got to watch as her pup's eyes went wide at the sight of one of those berries she loved so much. “Munch.” Aleina ordered and despite the word being said in the local Affini dialect the lovely terran still followed it. As her human rocked with pleasure, feeling so good squirming against Aleina’s vines, she found the opening to grab the ball from her date. “Eyes on me girl! Fetch!”
The process repeated time after time, Aleina would throw, her pup would fetch, and Aleina would reward her little petal with another treat. By the time they finally wrapped up the little seed was panting from exhaustion and curled up half asleep in Aleina’s lap. “You have been a very good girl for me, my loveliest. Now it’s time for a little doggie nap, and when you wake up, how could you tell if this really happened, or was just a very lovely dream?” Aleina was saying her words with so much rhythm, so much suggestion she knew her pup would latch onto every word. The way she was looking spellbound up at her only made it more obvious. “Time for a nap pup.” Aleina slowly calmed the lights behind her eyes, and watched as her loveliest sank into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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