Morning Bloom

Chapter 8

by BiSound

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #dom:internalized_imperialism #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #indoctrination #medical_play #petplay #slow_burn #sub:capitalism

I managed to upload this on time before my usual publishing date, yay!
This officialy start arch 2 of Morning Bloom, where we leave the salty planet for new adventures in SPACE!
How will Elizabeth adapt to life among the aliens? Will Aleina wrap a collar around her neck?(yes) Will the affini actually be able to help all the cute terrans who need it?(obviously yes)

In one of the many parks aboard the Andropogon Elizabeth was looking out over church-x32. She couldn’t help but ponder over her time down on the salt planet. It had only been a few days, and she didn’t remember much about the last two or so, but it still felt like a lifetime since she arrived there. So much had changed since then and while she still didn’t fully understand what she had gotten herself into, or if she even deserved any of this, there was a hope in her step that she hadn’t felt since university. 
She was wearing a flowing purple dress made from the smoothest material Elizabeth had ever felt. She would have said it felt like wearing nothing, but that would have meant ignoring the little bit of weight it added to her shoulders, and the nice way it hugged her body when she moved. Aleina had made sure she got plenty of similar dresses, skirts, tops and underwear after the affini tore apart her old dress, and Elizabeth couldn’t be happier. Even after she had gotten it confirmed that her annoyance with her old clothes were a result of xenodrugs.  
There was a familiar rustling behind her that she knew was entirely to avoid frightening her as the gigantic Tortolin stepped up besides her. “Good evening, Miss Elizabeth. My little bumble informed me you may still have some questions left. I am very sorry about the sudden end of your education, but you and Aleina seemed otherwise occupied.” Elizabeth couldn’t help but blush and keep her eyes pinned at the planet that would soon be out of sight.
Part of her felt she should do but all of her knew would result in cuddles and reassurance, not answers to the question. Instead she asked the obvious. “Where is bumble?” 
“I’m having Aleina floret-sit. Not that he can’t handle an hour or two by himself but I figured keeping both of them otherwise occupied would make a productive conversation much more likely.” Elizabeth could swear the old tree winked at her, and couldn’t help but shake her head and giggle. “So, questions?” Tortolin encouraged.
Elizabeth opted to start at the top of her mental list of questions. Even if it might be the least important of them. “What is going to happen to church-x32? Did you really do all that construction work just for us?” Tortolin laughed, and gave her a hair ruffle. Even he couldn’t resist a little affini flirting when given the chance. 
“You’re all worth the work, but no. That planet is the perfect environment for a wonderful race of sophonts we discovered at the other end of the milky way, the Trulls are such cute little creatures, but they need salt in the air, and as it turns out church-x32 has the perfect amount of salt to oxygen for their respiratory system.” That brought another smile to Elizabeth's face, the universe really was an amazing place, and it was so typical of the Affini to offer to relocate an entire population somewhere else just so they could be more comfortable. “But I doubt that is the main thing you wanted to ask about?” 
Elizabeth took a deep breath, he was right, obviously, that had just been one of those small things that was irking at her, more to sate her own curiosity than anything. “What will happen to Aleister and Richard?” There was a lot of emotion behind that question, and a lot of them were contrary to one another. On one hand she was scared of them. They had tried to execute her after all. But another part of her felt guilty about anything bad that might happen to them as a result of her actions. 
Tortolin, sensing Elizabeth’s mix of emotion, slid an arm around her shoulder and pulled her a little closer as both of them looked down upon the planet of salt. “Little Allie and Richie are going through compulsory domestication for their attempt to hurt a fellow sophont. Last I heard their new owners were making great progress breaking some of their more harmful habits. Your colleagues will surely settle into their new lives as happy florets soon enough.” That was sort of a paradoxical answer for Elizabeth. Did that mean they were still on the ship? It had to, she reasoned. But that didn’t scare her like she thought it might. The affini were on the ship. Aleina was on the ship. Aleister and Richard couldn’t hurt her as long as the Affini were keeping an eye on them. But that left her with one more baffling question.
“What does domestication mean? What are florets?” Elizabeth didn’t feel like she had asked her question right, and kept on adding. “you’re saying Aleister and Richard were domesticated. They were forced to become florets, they are being punished. right? But bumble is a floret, and bumble is the coziest, friendliest creature I have ever met, I can’t imagine him doing anything wrong!” That caused a loud belly laugh from Tortolin, and Aleina could feel the way his body rustled with amusement.
“I assure you, my bumble can be quite the troublemaker when he wishes to.” Tortolin shook his head, switching his focus from the planet to Elizabeth as the Andropogon engaged it’s jumpdrive and church-x32 suddenly disappeared. “But I think that’s beside the point.”

Elizabeth nodded thoughtfully. “Aleina said I wouldn’t be punished, but yet she obviously wants to… to own me.” Elizabeth blushed, looking anywhere but at Tortolin as the affini shuffled in a little closer, proving the entire species had no concept of personal space. “And like, I don’t even know what it means! What even is a floret? What is it Aleina wants from me?” Elizabeth didn’t even realize she raised her voice at the end, her frustration obvious, but when she did she let out a sigh, and mumbled. “Besides, I deserve to be punished.”
Tortolin didn’t say anything at first, simply holding and calming the girl. Then finally he spoke up. “I believe what you deserve is also beside the point of this question, but for the record, you and every other sophont deserves nothing but happiness, safety and fulfillment, I am sure we made that clear.” He straightened himself slightly, before addressing Elizabeth’s ramble. “A floret is, explained simply, what you would call a pet. A floret gives up all political influence and right to self determination within the Affini Compact, but in return they are guaranteed direct care by an owner. Being a floret is not a punishment, though we do use compulsory domestication as a tool to assist those who can’t function properly as an independant.” 
Elizabeth thought long and hard about what Tortolin was saying. Trading in one’s political rights in return for personal care didn’t really sound like a great deal. Especially when the Affini Compact was promising to take care of everyone anyway. She was also unsure what to think about compulsory domestication. On one hand it sounded bad. like something that probably shouldn’t be done to anyone. But on the other hand she would have a really hard time arguing incarceration wasn't worse, and that wasn’t even mentioning the death penalty. Still in regular use throughout the Terran Accord. 
Really, there was only one follow up question she felt she could ask. “What is the difference between just living under you guys, and being your… pet?” She couldn’t help herself from blushing every time she mentioned that word. Why was she unable to just dismiss the entire idea? Sure Aleina was amazing. But she couldn’t live like that, could she? A complete drain on resources. At least she seemed to be asking good questions, because Tortolin took a moment to think.

“Let me give you an example. Being independent means you get to head down to the grocery and pick up whatever you wish, carry it home, cook dinner, and eat it yourself. Do you follow so far, little one?” Elizabeth nodded, it wasn’t like this was complicated.
“As a floret you wouldn’t go anywhere without your owner's permission. They won’t ask your preference, because they already know them better than you do yourself. They will pick out exactly what is right for you. Your food will be cooked for you and in the end they might even decide to feed you your meal. Do you see the difference?” Elizabeth nodded. The difference was quite obvious, and it made her position even more complicated. 
“Good girl. You should know that florets are the most treasured things in all of the Affini Compact. We value our florets more than we do ourselves. We wish for the best possible life for all sophonts, but our florets even more. You can always trust an owner to have their florets best interest at heart.” 
Elizabeth nodded as Tortolin wrapped up. She was deep in thought and unlike Aleina that would surely take that as an invitation to wrap her up and turn her brain to mush Tortolin allowed her to think. By this point she had entirely disregarded the idea of this being some kind of elaborate lie. She wasn’t entirely sure when she came to that conclusion, but it was something that felt true to her. She trusted the affini, and Aleina even more. The issue was with the implications of the entire agreement. If she was to be Aleina’s, something she was slowly coming to the realization that yes, she wanted, she would have to give away her freedom, her rights, her equality. That part Elizabeth, the one that had been mostly silent since the attempted execution, flared up again to inform her those were terms she simply couldn’t accept.
“I have a lot to think about.” Elizabeth stated, still staring out the window. It was filled with stars now. They were lightyears away from church-x32, and she had no desire to ever return. 
“I understand. We have acquired a private hab for you, human sized this time. Your datapad should help you find the way.” Tortolin pulled to and gave Elizabeth some space. She had to admit she missed the touch. He might not be as fuzzy or huggable as Aleina, but the wise professor had an aura all the same. The attraction she felt towards her affini was missing, yet the security of a warm vine against her skin remained. 
“Thank you.” Elizabeth said with a long sigh.
“I think I will be returning to my floret. Thank you for letting me be your teacher, miss Elizabeth. I truly mean that. Don’t be a stranger.” Tortolin left, just as silently as he arrived, and for the first time since everything went down Elizabeth was alone.
Aleina was in the middle of feeding, drugging and snuggling bumble when Tortolin returned. With beeples those were mostly the same thing, honey, pollen and snuggles was what sustained beeples, after all. 
“How is she doing?” Aleina looked up as the door opened with a friendly swoosh.
“Little Eliz has a lot to think about, but she will come around. Provided you continue to do your part.” Tortolin stepped into the hab unit and quickly entangled his vines with Aleina, the happy beeple trapped between them. 
“Are you sure I didn’t take things too far? Dirt, I should go find her, there are so many affini on this ship looking for a floret and… but what if someone else would be better for her?” Aleina was worried, but her wise mentor squashed those worried quickly and logically.
“Nobody will attempt to take her. The paperwork has been filed, she’s yours if she wants you, and she does. But you need to stay on top of her, the poor thing would be miserable if left alone for too long.” bumble squealed and moaned between them, a very happy floret. Just like her pup would be very soon.
“You’re right. As always.” The two Affini laughed together. It was a calm, relaxed laugh, both of them knowing they had done a good job down on the planet. The Affini Compact had learned a lot about terran leadership and that would surely help in the war ahead. 
Elizabeth wasn’t much of a fan of her new hab unit. Sure it was nice enough, but everything in it felt so small. Her couch was easier to get into, but she couldn’t curl up on it as easily and comfortably. The kitchen was actually usable, but she didn’t really feel like using it. The bed was about the same height as the one in the room she slept in on the planet, but was far from as wonderfully wide. Worst of all, her tub, while bigger than most Terran baths, was nothing compared to an Affini tub.
It didn’t help that the building was still scaled for an affini to exist comfortably within it, and that meant everything already there felt even smaller, except herself. Frustratingly.
At least the TV was still a fantastic size, but the friendly voice of her other hab was replaced with a very boring, if less restrictive AI. That didn’t mean her entertainment options were that much more open though. She could access some news now, but it was all fluff. It was very cute, admittedly, but it didn’t really inform her much about what was happening in the larger world. At least she did hear about some planets getting captured, if only through pictures of new florets. 
She did learn a bit about Andropogon though. The ship was apparently considered medium sized for an affini vessel. While it’s first mission in Terran space had been of a somewhat diplomatic venture it’s main goal was Domestication. Not that they ever went much into detail about that, it was merely mentioned in passing between picnic announcements and reports on proper terran cuddling techniques. 
She did get the feeling the ship was preparing to take on a lot of new florets. Meaning she was on a ship filled with Affini on the lookout for pets, and she had already proven herself very domesticable. But was that even a bad thing? She pondered. She could honestly see herself living in the type of bliss Aleina had shown her, but still that pesky voice of dissent, the one who didn’t want her to submit, refused to give up on her independence. 
It was a very different part of her brain to the one that insisted she was bad and should be punished. Oddly enough that part did want her to submit herself to Aleina. Surely the more the affini learned about her the more she would realize Elizabeth deserved to be punished for her failures, for the way she assisted the Terran Accord in so many ways. All the crimes of the government she was still officially a part of. 
That part of her was definitely harder to deny, but it was also less distressing. Aleina had promised she would fix all of Elizabeth's crimes, and make her forgive herself for everything she had done. Maybe she truly could be forgiven. That was a nice thought.
Elizabeth was brought out of her train of thoughts when a message ticked in on her tablet. Elizabeth had never been one to enjoy leaving messages unread, but in her work it had become an inevitability, luckily she no longer receives thousands of messages a day, but with that returned the existential need for a clean inbox. That was one of the many reasons it didn’t take long for Elizabeth to check it out. 
‘SmartyAl: How are you doing, little pup? bumble asked me to say hi <3’ 
Elizabeth squealed with glee, even in text having Aleina call her a pup worked as an amazing blocker for all those complicated thoughts. It was obvious it was Aleina, nobody else called her pup, and she would be the only person not named Tortolin hanging out with bumble right about now.
Elizabeth wanted to send a cute little answer, but first she needed a screen name. She considered going for EliStar, a nickname she had been using online during her teens. But it felt much too fancy, and had always been a bit pretentious. Even if that was part of the point. After a few more seconds of deliberation she typed in li'lEliz and sent off a reply.
‘li'lEliz: Heya miss Aleina! I just found my hab unit and I’m relaxing on the couch. Kinda miss the old Hab voice though xD
Give bumble a hug from me!’
Elizabeth caught herself before hitting send, changing Mistress to miss Aleina. She didn’t know why that was her first instinct, and was for some reason sure she had never called her affini that before, despite the days in drug induced bliss being a blur to say the least. 
‘SmartyAl: If you want her back your hab should have a floret/english option in the language setting ;)
Bumble says thank you for the hug <3’
‘SmartyAI: *bumble, stupid pad accidentally capitalized a beeples name.’
Elizabeth blushed. So the cute and somewhat condescending hab had been that way for the comfort of florets. That made perfect sense and was very embarrassing for Elizabeth, considering it had that exact effect on her. It felt like her becoming a floret was more and more a question of when and who, not if, for every new revelation and she did not know how to handle that, so instead she focused on the second message.
‘li'lEliz: I never realized beeples didn’t capitalize their names.’
‘SmartyAl: It’s a cultural thing, beeples are so adorable they save the capital letters for Affini. You even did it yourself, didn’t you?’
Thinking about it, she supposed she didn’t capitalize the b in bumble, maybe it was just a mistake, or maybe the beeple just didn’t seem like someone with a capital B. 
‘li'lEliz: I suppose I did :P
Is that something all florets do, or is it just beeples?’
‘SmartyAl: it’s not mandatory, but some do it to feel even more like a floret, while others just think it is hot ;)
Sometimes an owner might revoke their florets capital privileges too, doesn't that sound fun, my pup?’
Oh gosh, Aleina had her melting again, the double punch of teasing at revoking her privileges and calling her not only a pup, but ‘my pup’. gosh. Elizabeth needed to change the subject, and fast.
‘li'lEliz: Are we meeting up again soon? I wouldn’t want to become a stranger.’ 
‘SmartyAl: I wouldn’t allow it dearest. Picking you up for lunch tomorrow!’
Elizabeth had meant it as meeting up with all three of them, Aleina, Tortolin and bumble. But she had left an opening and Aleina took it right away, now Elizabeth had a date, and she really didn’t feel like explaining the misunderstanding.
‘li'lEliz: Can’t wait!’
‘SmartyAl: I know you can’t, but for now I think it’s time for my little petal to get ready for bed, don’t forget the toothbrush!’ 
‘li'lEliz: Yeah yeah, good night miss Aleina!’
‘SmartyAl: goodnight, little pup. <3’
Elizabeth looked up at the roof with a sigh. “Hab, fill me a bath.” She closed her eyes for a second, as the hab rang out it’s answer.
“Affirmative” Elizabeth groaned, and deliberated for another minute before opening the hab customization app and navigating to the language settings.

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