Morning Bloom

Chapter 6

by BiSound

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #dom:internalized_imperialism #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #indoctrination #medical_play #petplay #slow_burn #sub:capitalism

Elizabeth felt a prick, right underneath her shoulder, and seconds later she knew she had made the correct choice. Just like Aleina had promised all her worries, all her anxiety disappeared in an instant, replaced with the loving touch of Aleina and an overwhelming wave of relief. She no longer had to think, at least for a little while. She could just exist and ohhhhhhhhh, Aleina was all over her. Elizabeth let out a gasp of ecstasy. “miss… miss Aleina!” The squirming, moaning mess that used to be Elizabeth exclaimed, to the absolute delight of the affini she was praising. 
“Very good little one.” Aleina’s vines grabbed a tight hold of Elizabeth's head, her vines wrapping around the little seeds neck and forehead to force the girl to keep looking up at her affini, towering above her, and at the same time all around her. Nothing was ever too tight, nothing could ever hurt. The vines felt wonderful in the way they engulfed the whole of her, every touch just right. Aleina’s eyes were so perfect the way they dug into her mind. “For just this moment, you are mine.” Her affini were all that existed. Her words, her vines, her smell, her taste still lingering on Elizabeth's lips.
“Sink into my eyes little flower, open yourself up for me, let me in. You need this. You want this.” Elizabeth needed this, she wanted this. More than anything she wanted to believe this was what it would be like to live under the affini.To have all of her unwanted privileges and responsibilities taken away from her. To be Aleina’s, owned by her, engulfed in her, her vines and moss covering her entire body, her eyes controlling her, claiming her, owning her. Her suit was no longer touching her skin. All of it filled with Aleina’s vines. Filled by her affini. She had never felt more comfortable.
Aleina pulled Elizabeth's attention from the affini’s dazzling eyes, to a single berry, dangling in front of the girl's face. Back and forward back and forward back and forward. Her head locked in place, but her eyes following the lovely treat, even juicier looking than those who came before. “I have made a little change to this one pet. It’s the same taste, the same texture, the same lovely treat you are used to. But this one is filled with my essence, my xenodrugs. Once you taste this treat, receive your little reward, you will feel pleasure like no free terran ever will.” Aleina slowly, but purposefully, slithered her vines into Elizabeth's mouth, nudging, not forcing, it open. Elizabeth never resisted, every step of the way she was nothing but a consenting subject, moaning, gasping and letting Aleina own her. She had found her place.
“I would ask you if you wanted it, pet, but you’re not the one making the decisions right now.” Aleina lowered the berry towards Elizabeth's mouth , slowly crushing it to let it’s juices drip into her mouth, tilted her head backwards, and forced her to swallow.
Elizabeth's eyes went wide, and Aleina could feel every part of her lovely toy attempt to trash and throw itself in unimaginable extacy, an orgasm that could never be forgotten. As the remainder of her mind gave in, and she drifted off into dream-like bliss.
Aleina adored the girl in her arms, as she slowly undid the coil of vines that had engulfed her, instead settling in for a calm slow petting session as the girl rode the most intense part of her high out. It might have been a bad move to take her this deep, on her first go with xenodrugs. But Aleina desperately needed some time with the girl in this blissed out state. She was just so darn adorable, and Aleina couldn’t keep her dominant plant alien mode going for much longer. As much as she adored what it was doing to Elizabeth she wanted to enjoy the calmer parts of being an owner too, she figured that was fair at this point. Besides, Elizabeth was way too far gone to complain, and judging by the giggles, smiles and moans from the girl she was doing a good job. 
Aleina had brought Elizabeth to her hab unit, and the two of them were currently snuggled up on her couch. Elizabeth was lying on her lap and stretching, groaning and rubbing herself against Aleina’s moss. It was so freaking cute! How could anyone not understand why they were doing this? Every moment like this, every session like the one she had just experienced, it made everything worth it. Even if the happiness and safety of all sophonts wasn’t enough to begin with.
Gosh there was so much Aleina wanted to do with Elizabeth, she wanted to train her, to get inside her mind, figure out just how she works, and shape her into the perfect little pet. She wanted to smooth over all those edges that kept hurting her girl. Heal her of whatever sickness the Terran accord had poisoned her with. She wanted to make sure Elizabeth was safe, and unable to picture a world where she wouldn’t be. 
Aleina wanted to rip her stuffy suit to pieces, strip her naked, bathe her and dress her up in the cutest little companion outfits. She wanted to give the girl the world, and she would have it, as soon as she became her floret.
Aleina idly gave Elizabeth pets while thinking about the future. The bright future she would have with the slowly stirring soon to be floret, and all the wonderful things they would do for everyone in this corner of the galaxy.
Elizabeth slowly came back up from her very  intense drug induced pleasure trip to find Herself alone in an affini living room. Though she quickly realized she wasn’t entirely alone, a single vine still wrapped around her, and from it a blanket of moss extended to cover her, keeping her snug and comfy and gosh was Elizabeth comfy. She found herself staring up at the roof and thought about how small she felt, and how okay that was. She was allowed to be tiny and cute around Aleina and that was just so unbelievably nice. There was somewhere in the back of her mind that told her this was all not okay. But luckily whatever Aleina gave her was still strong enough to keep those thoughts at bay for the time being. Especially since there were mouth watering smells coming from the kitchen, and Elizabeth was feeling hungry. 
“Are you awake, little flower?” Came the loving, melodic voice of Aleina from the kitchen and Elizabeth immediately looked towards the open door. She hadn't really used her voice since Aleina drugged her, and she wasn’t sure it would hold, but her amazing affini wanted an answer, and Elizabeth would do her best. 
“Yes miss!” Wow, that was easier than she expected. The words flowed so effortlessly from her lips, and with her task complete she snuggled back up on Aleinas couch and felt her plant based blanket tighten around her like a soft, loving hug. 
Elizabeth didn’t have to wait long before her affini returned. A plate of wonderfully smelling cheesy pizza was held in her arm. Elizabeth attempted to sit up to eat, but she felt the power of Aleina’s blanket holding her down. “Now now pet, you’re mine a little while longer, aren’t you?” Elizabeth couldn’t stop herself from nodding, she was. Until her mind was back to normal this moment didn’t end. “Good girl. Open up!” Elizabeth followed orders, and soon a slice of pizza presented itself in front of her mouth. Elizabeth took a bite and chewed. The sauce was incredibly seasoned, the cheese was cheesy and delicious, the mushroom was just right and best of all, there were no weird expensive cheeses, no chewy meats from obscure animals, no gaudy cover of edible gold. It was perfect in its simplicity. 
Aleina slowly fed Elizabeth the portion sized pizza, making sure nothing was spilled and everything was chewed properly. In the end the plate was empty and Elizabeth was full. A few sips of water followed, and the meal ended with a kiss on Elizabeth's forehead. “There we go, would you like to go back to normal now, little one? Would you like to go back to your own hab?” 
Did Elizabeth want that, not really. But she did need time to think, she could feel the effects of the xenodrugs slowly leaving her system and she really needed to get out of this itchy suit. “I… I think that would be for the best.” Elizabeth knew Aleina could feel the sadness in her voice, but the affini didn’t act on it, simply scooping her up and carrying her out the door. Elizabeth closed her eyes and rested, she was going to need that energy soon enough.
Elizabeth woke up a while later. Still dressed in her awful suit and with someone banging on her hab door. “You got a visitor cutie! And they are a feisty one, should I call for help?” Elizabeth's head was feeling okay. There was no beating headache she would have associated with a high like the one she just had. But all the bad feelings were back. What was she even doing? It had been a wonderful experience but…
“Open up Morningstar! I know you’re in there.” Oh. Right, Aleister. The hab probably needed an answer too. 
“No. I will handle it. Do I have like, a camera or something?” Elizabeth scratched her very itchy skin, whatever it was Aleina had given her seemed to have made her skin a lot more sensitive and that effect had not gone away. 
“Sure you do girlie! Coming right up!” Her TV came to life and showed a very angry looking Aleister right outside her door.
“What do you want Aleister? I’m trying to relax here. It’s been a long day.” Aleister looked around confused, before focusing his anger on the door. 
“Why the fuck haven’t you returned to the ship? Have you betrayed us already? Became one of their fucking pets?” That one stung. After the experience she had part of her did feel like she had betrayed Terra. But before Elizabeth could put together a defense for herself Aleister continued to yell. “That plant told us everything, the whole fucking lie about florets. We are leaving Morningstar, if you’re still with us you’re leaving too.” What? Why? What did Tortolin tell the two of them?
The worst part was, Elizabeth had no good reason to want to leave. Their job was to drag out whatever this was for as long as possible. To buy the accord time. Running away would not help them. “Please Aleister. Calm down.Our task isn’t done.” Elizabeth said, trying to appeal to Aleisters sense of duty.
“How the fuck does it help the Aacord if they turn us into fucking slaves? They're just going to pump us for information and send us to some mines somewhere. It’s a fucking lie Morningstar, they want slaves, not pets and you’re playing right into their fucking hands, vines, whatever.” Aleister was seething with anger, and that only made Elizabeth less likely to leave the hab unit. 
“Look Aleister, you’re deranged. Let me talk to Yung. I’m not leaving until I talk to agent Yung.” Elizabeth tried to put on a stern, controlling voice, the one she had trained herself to put on in meetings with her subordinates, the one that always left her exhausted after long days.
There was silence from outside her hab for a moment and then, without another word Aleister stomped away. Elizabeth sank down into her couch. He was gone. She had no idea if she would ever see him again. If she would ever see agent Yung again, if she would ever see Earth again. Less than two days ago she would be fighting to hold down tears, to be cold, heartless. Just like she had always been taught. But after everything that had happened, Elizabeth allowed the tears to flow freely and her mind to finally start processing everything.
“Hey cutie, the feisty thing from earlier is back, and he brought a friend!” Elizabeth had managed to exhaust her tears. She was however going to need plenty more time to actually figure out what she felt about everything going on. She knew what she would tell agent Yung. It was part of figuring out what the affini wanted. She was collecting intelligence, getting close to them. Part of herself even believed it. The part that was fighting to remain as Elizabeth Morningstar, former head of public relation of Terra Medical, current healthcare advisor to the president and representative of the Terran Accord. 
“Turn on the camera again please.” Aleina said, and she could hear in the voice of the hab that whatever it was was ecstatic.
“Anything for such a well behaved little bean.” The hab sang as her TV came back to life and showed a still angry, but significantly calmer Aleister standing next to agent Yung.
“Can you hear us, Doctor Morningstar?” Yungs voice was the same controlled tone as usual, but it had a certain bite to it that wasn’t usually there, at least not when talking to her. Elizabeth bit her lip, and took a deep breath. She needed to focus, to get through this. Convince them to… what really?
“I can hear you. What is this I hear about leaving early?” Elizabeth once again put on her leader voice, the one she had used with Aleister earlier. The one she had never liked but learned to adopt regardless.
“Yes. Terra is too far away to have direct contact, so in light of the current circumstances we have made the decision to abandon the mission.” That made no sense to Elizabeth. They were supposed to drag this out for as long as possible, and now, after learning about florets, they suddenly wanted to leave?
“I am going to need more than that. We have orders, Yung.” Elizabeth reminded him, succeeding fairly well at keeping her voice calm and in control. She could do this. She still had no idea what she wanted to do. But whatever she decided it would be what she wanted. 
“I have different orders, Doctor Morningstar. Please open this door. They are surely listening in on this conversation.” That did not bode well. Should she call for Aleina? No, that would be straight up treasonous of her. Instead she straightened her back, even if nobody was watching and said.
“I see no reason anything we say should be kept a secret. If we wish to leave I am sure the Affini won’t stop us.” This made Aleister see red, and Agent Yung had to stop him from rushing up and banging on the door.
“These are classified orders, Doctor Morningstar. I am not able to discuss them over a system like this.” Elizabeth didn’t really have any arguments against that. It made sense that he wouldn’t be able to discuss his orders over an insecure connection. That left her with two viable choices, call the affini, or open the door.

“Let them in hab.” Elizabeth told the air with some uncertainty and after a wait that felt just too long, the door to her hab opened up. Elizabeth jumped down from the gigantic sofa and approached the two men.
“This is how they're keeping you?” Aleister exclaimed, signaling to the giant furniture in the room with disdain in his eyes. Elizabeth was taken aback by this, and took a step away from the two once again. 
“It’s an affini hab. It’s sized for them.” She said, probably coming off more defensive than she intended to. It was supposed to be dismissive of his concerns, but instead she was afraid it sounded like she cared a bit too much about the space she was staying in.”She’s contaminated Yung. I told you, the plants fucking got to her. Turned her into a commie.” 
Elizabeth was shocked at these accusations. She needed to speak up for herself. Elizabeth Morningstar was no communist. That would be a crime against capital. It would go against her entire upbringing. “You can’t be serious Aleister!” She took a step forward again, trying to assert herself. “I am here to do what’s best for humanity. Unlike you, who seems only interested in antagonizing Aleina and Tortolin.”
“Enough Doctor Morningstar.” Agent Yung exclaimed, reaching into his pocket. “I was sent along to make sure you didn’t fuck this up, and honestly, at this point you’re compromised.” Elizabeth's eyes went wide when Agent Yung pulled a pistol from his inner pocket, and pointed it at her. “You have failed, Elizabeth Morningstar. They got to you and we can’t let what you know fall into their hands.”

Elizabeth gulped and stared at him. She should never have opened her door. She wanted to cry, but wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. “Then what? Do you think this will change anything? Do you think you will get off this planet?”
“That is none of your business Doctor Morningstar. For what it’s worth, I am sad that things had to turn out like this.” Agent Yung took a deep breath, and aimed. Elizabeth was a deer in the headlights. Frozen up, looking for a way out, but knowing that there was no way to stop what was about to happen. “Goodbye, doctor.” He pulled the trigger.

“That wasn’t very nice.” The overly cheery, especially for the situation hab chimed in.

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