Morning Bloom

Chapter 5

by BiSound

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #dom:internalized_imperialism #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #indoctrination #medical_play #petplay #slow_burn #sub:capitalism

Elizabeth was woken up by soft, sweet noises, and soft… things? Rubbing against her body. She hummed happily, perfectly content to stay right there forever, not thinking about the world outside, about the inevitable war, about whatever the day would bring. But despite her best efforts the sweet noises too turned into words, sweet, swinging alien words. 
“Good morning flower.” Aleina sang, her vines running all across the soft blanket covering Elizabeth's body. The Terran technically wasn’t engulfed by her vines, but it certainly wasn’t far away from it. 
“Good morning Aleina.” Elizabeth sighed, finally opening her eyes, her mind still taking a moment to connect all the facts of the situation. It was hard work, considering how comfortable she was at that moment. But regrettably, it was necessary. 
“You slept through your alarm and we simply can’t tolerate a cutie like you missing breakfast, especially not with such an important lecture today.” Elizabeth felt her pillow pulled up behind as Aleina moved her into a seated position and placed a tray of crepes down in the lap of the Terran girl. There were four of them, rolled up perfectly. “That one is sugar, that one is strawberry, that one is blueberry and this one is my own berries.” Aleina smiled as she locked eyes with Elizabeth, who honestly still hadn’t fully gotten her brain to work out the correct response to this predicament. It wasn’t until Aleina lifted the crepe with her own berries filling it all the way up to Elizabeth's lips she finally figured out what she should do, and took it from the friendly plant lady. There was an ever so slight hesitation from the plant lady before she let go, but Elizabeth quickly forgot about it when she bit into the delicious food.
Once she finished the Aleina berry crepe she was handed the one with blueberry and ate it all without issues. But when it came to the strawberry crepe she could only get down half of it. “I think that’s enough.” Elizabeth said, a little apologetically about the one and a half crepe still remaining, but Aleina didn’t seem to mind at all, her hypnotic eyes locking with Elizabeths. The terran couldn’t help but smile, as the plate disappeared from her lap into the tangle of plant life that was Aleinas body. “Can I get some privacy? I need to get dressed.” Elizabeth requested, with some reluctance in her voice. A part of her did not wish to be left alone at that moment.
Aleina looked puzzled for a moment, like the idea of hiding once naked body was foreign to her,  but pulled away from Elizabeth and retreated her entire body towards the door regardless. “Of Course little one, here is your suit.” The suit, that was left on the bathroom floor last night, was gently placed at the end of Elizabeth's giant bed.It looked immaculate, much better than when she left it on the floor yesterday.None of the wrinkles one would expect from a long day of wear and night in a pile on the floor. “I will wait for you outside.” Aleina left the room, leaving Elizabeth to get dressed.

Despite what must have been a dry cleaning and the top of the line quality the material of her suit felt coarse and uncomfortable. Her skin was far from as sensitive as last night, but when compared to the incredible sheets her suit felt itchy and somehow, wrong.
Elizabeth left her hab and met up with Aleina outside, sliding her new tablet into her purse. Agent Yung was nowhere to be seen and Elizabeth was grateful for that fact, if a little suspicious. What could that man be up to? Aleina didn’t seem to bother much with it though. Not waiting for him before leading Elizabeth out of the bubble of fresh air and back into the unrelenting salt. 
The salt had been annoying yesterday, but with her itchy suit and her mind still trying to deal with everything that had happened that morning it was down right unbearable. She could swear the wind had picked up from yesterday, and the small particles felt like they were piercing her skin. She suddenly understood why bumble had opted to hide inside Tortolin yesterday. 
“Oh gosh, let me help with that.” Suddenly the storm of salt was gone, and instead she was engulfed in vines… sort of. Aleina was taking care not to touch her, but that didn’t stop her from feeling incredibly protected, and that was very weird. Shouldn’t she feel captured? But she really wasn’t, Aleina would follow her movements, gently guide her, and undoubtedly let her out if she requested it. “Are you okay inside there, flower? The salt seemed to be bothering you.” Aleina was, obviously, entirely correct. The salt had been bothering Elizabeth, and while she could still taste it on her lip that problem had been solved with basically 0 effort from the affini.
“Uhm… yeah, thank you.” Elizabeth scratched her arm, partially in embarrassment, but mostly because her suit had gotten so itchy. The vines, meanwhile, were moving gently around her. Guiding her in the right direction and soon enough they opened up and allowed her inside the building.
As she turned around Elizabeth witnessed a bizarre, yet weirdly alluring sight. Aleina had collapsed her humanoid form in order to turn herself into a shield for Elizabeth and was now returning herself to normal. It was wild to look at how Aleina twisted and turned her very being, returning to her usual familiar, if gigantic form. That was when Elizabeth realized these humanoid forms she was used to seeing the affini as wasn’t what they actually looked like, if they actually looked like anything. Sure she had watched Tortolin open up to carry bumble, and seen both Aleina and Tortolin retrieve items from between their vines. But the reality of these creatures choosing to take on a humanoid form was news to her, and she wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about it. Perhaps it should be horrifying, feel like some kind of trick, but at the same time Elizabeth couldn’t help but feel flattered, in a way. They had taken the time to look familiar to them, and even if they weren’t entirely successful the effort was endearing, in a very weird way. 
Elizabeth was helped back up into her seat and was soon joined by bumble, who was very happy to tell her all about his evening with Tortolin spent cuddling and getting high on xenodrugs. Aleina knew Tortolin had made sure bumble wouldn’t go into details, because they really didn’t need Elizabeth to gain an interest in core world honey. beeples were especially tolerant to xenodrugs after all, meaning the once that made for a good time for bumble would make for a very effective class Os regiment for Elizabeth. 
Surprisingly, at least from Aleinas point of view, Elizabeth seemed to have 0 complaints about her accommodations. Aleina had obviously been aware the girl’s hab was set to treat her like a floret, it would have been very un affini of them to make a mistake like that. But she would have thought the girl would at least complain about the condescending TV and content block. Instead she was gushing about the bathroom and how comfortable the bed was, even though she did throw in a little quip about how using the kitchen would have been impossible. But giggled along when bumble said Aleina and Tortolin would take care of cooking. 
“Total seed.” Tortolins shook with amusement next to Aleina, the ‘total seed’ in question having no way of understanding the Affini dialect they spoke in.  Aleina couldn’t help but return the gesture of amusement, though she didn’t feel as sure as her mentor.
“Are you sure? She might just be making the best of the situation. She’s not automatically floret material just because she would fit in nicely as part of the Compact.” Aleina didn’t feel as sure as Tortolins. Sure she was hoping Elizabeth would soon be curled happily within her vines, high as a kite. But she still had her doubts. Elizabeth was incredibly receptive to their advances, but at the same time she didn’t want to assume anything, especially considering how important she was to everyone working in communication.
“Aleina dear, she is giggling with my beeple and fell asleep listening to your biorythms last night, and according to what you told me she was entirely comfortable effectively inside you. Total seed. Though I don’t know if it’s a result of her nature or treatment under the accord.” Tortolin pondered, while the human and the beeple switched from catching up to relaxed snuggles. 
“I would assume it’s a combination.” Aleina did not have time to answer before a friendly swish came from the door as it slid open, allowing two terrans to enter the classroom. Terry at the back, and in front of him a very angry, very tired Aleister. Elizabeth didn’t notice the new arrivals at first, but it instantly became obvious when Aleister screamed at her. 
“YOU!” Aleister pointed straight at Elizabeth, who perked up with a horrified look on her face. “What the fuck are you doing fratenizing with these… plants.” Aleister's eyes were burning with rage and it was obvious to Aleina that poor Elizabeth was not handling it well. Somehow she managed to act before the usually much faster Tortolin and stepped in between the humans.
“Now now, little one, you look tired. You should take a seat. We will bring you breakfast.” Aleina knew she was more than capable of de-escalating this  situation with a simple prick, but that felt like it would have consequences down the line. For now shielding Elizabeth with her body would have to do.
“Get the fuck out of my way, filthy plant. I have business with the little traitor.” Aleister spat. Aleina felt the terran she wanted nothing but to personally care for struggling to hide her emotions from the room. The poor thing was riddled with fear, guilt, anger and an overwhelming uncertainty. 
Aleina was weighing the pros and cons of several different responses when Terry intervened, putting a hand on Aleisters shoulder and sighing. “Please, mister Thorn. I told you to relax. This is a diplomatic mission.” Aleister turned around, staring at Aleister for a second with a sneer.
 “Diplomatic mission? Are you fucking kidding me? These plants have done nothing but act condescending and fill Morningstar's mind with commie propaganda!” Aleister pointed towards Elizabeth again, who held tightly onto bumble for emotional support.
“Enough. Tensions are running high.” Tortolin interrupted the yelling match before it could escalate, then calmly turned to face his fellow affini. “Aleina, you should take Elizabeth out and go through the lesson with her. I will take care of the other two.” Aleina nodded, and before any of the humans could say anything swooped Elizabeth up in her arms and carried her out of the room, bumble returning to his owner with a careful wave to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was not fine. Her mind felt like it was in shambles and she had no idea what she was doing anymore. Was Aleister right? Was she a traitor? Would she never be accepted back home again? Would the affini ever be able to accept someone like her as a part of their world? Did their world even exist? 
The only thing that kept her sane was the touch of Aleina, and that was just because all the thoughts rumbling around her head stopped her from thinking about how inappropriate this was, and luckily Aleina put her down somewhere soft before she could register anything but how soft those vines felt against her still sensitive skin.
“Would you like to share your thoughts, little flower? Or would you rather just listen for now?” Aleina asked so softly, her vines still resting against Elizabeth. The giant alien flower was dominating her vision. Luckily the question broke her out of her spiraling mind. Aleina wanted an answer, that is something she could manage.
“Can you just… talk? I don’t feel like I understand. What is even the point of all this? What do you get out of it?” Elizabeth swore she could see Aleina beaming with pride, like she had just asked the exact question the plant wanted her too. How they kept doing that she had no idea. 
“That happens to be just what our lecture today was supposed to be about! I’m afraid I don’t have the presentation. But we will manage, won’t we?” Elizabeth looked up, and gave a timid nod, and just like she was getting used to by now a little red berry appeared right in front of her face and without thinking much she ate it right from the branch. Seemingly making the affinin pull her further into the embrace of those loving vines. 
“Very good Elizabeth, let’s answer those questions of yours? Shall we?” Aleina didn’t need to wait for an answer this time. She knew what Elizabeth would answer, and more importantly she knew that Elizabeth knew, the two of them growing more and more in sync as Elizabeth sank deeper and deeper into those wonderfully exotic eyes. 
“Our main goal is just to keep everyone happy, Elizabeth. I need you to believe that for me. But I know that is hard to believe, coming from the world you grew up in and we do have another intention for some of the... special cases among you.” Ah, there it was. Finally she would learn what was actually going on, provided they didn’t… no, she wanted to trust Aleina, she wanted to trust the Affini. She would hear what Aleina had to say before making up her mind.
“You seem to be getting along very well with bumble, and as I’m sure you are aware by now, bumble is Tortolins floret. Florets are treasured pets and companions, sophonts under the personal care of their affini owner. I suppose that is what you would call our selfish reason to conquer galaxies. The acquisition of perfect little florets to love and cherish.” For some reason it felt to Elizabeth like Aleina wasn’t talking about just any random creature and that dawning realization led her to the next, obvious question.
“Who is it that… that becomes florets?” Elizabeth asked with a trembling voice. Her eyes still locked on Aleina, no idea if the feeling of want, dread or disbelief was what was rocking her. Was this something she could even believe? It was definitely the most comfortable possibility of what domestication might mean. But it made no sense, pets were a drain on resources, they had no real value. Though they had promised her value as she thought of it no longer meant anything. Perhaps. Just maybe she could believe it.
Luckily for Elizabeth Aleina had already grown quite skilled at reading the girl's emotions, especially when she started spiraling, and knew continued explanation and information was the best way to distract her. “There are those who need domestication, and those who want domestication. Sometimes they are one and the same, sometimes a floret starts in just a single category. But that never lasts long.” Elizabeth was unable to break eye contact with Aleina, letting the affini read her every emotion. She was left with lots of questions, but two of them dominated her thoughts to the point of no other getting to the forefront, did she want to be a pet, and who needs to be a pet?
Seeing how there was no way she would let Aleina answer the first question for her, she went with the second one. “Would… Would I need to be domesticated?” That didn’t come out like Elizabeth planned. But it did cause Aleina to rumble, and The realization dawned on Elizabeth she was even more tightly wrapped up in the affinis vines. She seemed to remember some kind of agreement they had about not engulfing her in vines, but she didn’t have it in her to complain about Aleina pushing the limits of that agreement. 
“I don’t know… do you?” Elizabeth noticed the playfulness of the affini’s voice, and she couldn’t help but blush. Aleina had turned the question back at her, and was leading her towards that one question she didn’t want Aleina to answer for her. Did Elizabeth really want to be domesticated? Did she really need to  be a pet? At least this provided an answer to one of her earlier questions. There was a place in the society the affini promised for someone like her.
“But jokes aside, I honestly do not know. We do not know the full extent of your place within the Terran government, but from where I stand…” Aleina’s eye was piercing into Elizabeth's soul as she let the words hang in the air, before finally breaking the tension once again. “I think you are a very good girl Elizabeth, neither a danger to yourself nor others, are you? That only leaves yourself, doesn't it. Do you need my guidance, Elizabeth, do you need my… love?” Elizabeth was thoroughly overwhelmed by the plant surrounding her. She may not technically be engulfed yet, but it was only a matter of time. The only thing remaining of Aleina’s earlier human form by now was her face, staring down at Elizabeth, keeping the terrans attention squarely at the affini. It was clear that Elizabeth did not have an answer, at the very least, not one she was ready to give Aleina. 
“I can see your anxieties little one, I can feel your hesitation, your fears. Your wish to believe but you’re unable to let go of your insecurities, your indoctrination. I can take it all away, little petal, Do you want that? For just a moment, do you want to feel what it feels to belong to us? to be Mine?” A part of Elizabeth's mind was screaming at her to shake her head, to fight against the plant's vines. To not give in to the temptation the creature was giving her. That part of her feared there would be no going back, feared the plant would break her if she gave her another inch.
But there was another part of Elizabeth’s mind which screamed at her to submit. She had been born with so much power, so much privilege, so much influence she had never wanted nor deserved. But none of it had ever let her do what she truly wanted. The plants could have it for all she cared.
Elizabeth couldn’t remember making a decision, and later on she would find ways to justify her decision to the part of her still fighting back. But in that moment, the side not corrupted by her parents, her bosses, and the institution that was the Terran accord, won out.

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