Lost in Eden

Chapter 8

by BiSound

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This was suppose to be an epilogue, but it ended up almost twize the size of any other chapter so I am calling it chapter 8!
Thank you for coming along with me for this whole thing, and hope you enjoy how I wrap this all up with a little bow

Athena Tyr, Third Floret was sitting outside her owners hab unit, caring for their flower garden. She was such a lucky one, not only did her mistress give her all the love, affection and drugs she needed to be happy. She even allowed her to use the Garden shears from time to time. She was gently packing a little seed into the dirt as she hummed a happy tune with her new, wonderful singing voice. Affini healthcare really was something to behold. 
It had been a couple of weeks since she got aboard Ipomposis, or at least Athena thought so. Honestly it was all a bit of a blur. Even with the increased awareness of herself, of her body, that had come with the right hormone mix and the effects it had on her, the complete lack of worries, as well as the days spent in drugged up bliss made it kinda hard to tell. Not that she needed to anyways.
Athena happily played with her collar, it was soft red and went perfectly with her cute flowing dress that was impossible not to get dirty when working in the garden. But that was fine, Eden had gotten her so many cute and comfy outfits she had no idea which one to pick on any given day. Good thing she didn’t have to. Mistress took care of all that stuff. All Athena had to worry about was their little garden, and that was just because she really wanted to. 
She waved at their neighbours as they passed by. Affini and florets alike were all so nice and friendly, some of the big plants even took the time to reach a vine down to rub her cheek. It felt lovely and sent her mind buzzing, but no touch would ever be as good as her mistress. 
“How's my favorite botanist?” Athena was interrupted by the most wonderful voice in the world. The voice of Edantira Tyr, Fifth Bloom, her mistress. “Mistress!” Athena got up and ran towards Eden, throwing herself into her arms, letting out a gleeful squee as Edens engulfed her ecstatic floret, pulling her into a tight hug. “How was your day, my lovely flower?” Eden ran a few vines through Athena's hair. The hair growth serum had been doing its job, Athena hair was already reaching past her ears. Soon it would be long enough that Eden could braid and decorate it to her heart's content, filling it with wonderful flowers of all types of colors. “It was lovely, Mistress. I planted a couple more flowers just where you told me, the pink ones!” Athena beamed proudly at her owner who rewarded her with a belly rub. 
“Good Girl! Are you ready for your big day tomorrow?” Athena nodded but Eden could sense the ever so slight tensing up in her body. The caring affini carried Athena past the doorway and placed her pet onto the, for Athena, comically oversized couch. “Use your voice sweet thing.” Eden commanded. Athena had been getting better at talking after her vocal cords recovered from testosterone poisoning, but when she was worried or nervous she tended to slide back into bad habits. Eden slid a vine into the pet room and soon it returned with beeple, the first and favorite among many, many plush toys she had gifted Athena. The alien bug was promptly placed in Athena's hands.
Athena hugged her plushie tight and curled up, her head in Eden's lap. “I’m just a bit anxious, Mistress. Will it hurt?” Eden lightly stroked her hair and hummed calmly. Athena had been worried about her upcoming operation and Eden couldn’t stand to see her like this any longer. Any little worry was one too many after what she had been through. “Listen to my voice little heroine, close your eyes for me, nothing but the two of us matters. Synchronize to my rhythm, focus on my touch, flower.” Athena closed her eyes, and with her plushie pushed against her chest she slowed her breathing, letting Eden guide her. 
“in… out… in… out… descend for me sweetness, down, down, down, down.” Athena felt herself floating as her mistress vines wrapped around her and brought her down. “You’re finally safe, my Athena. You feel safe in my presence, don’t you?” Athena took a second to recognize it as a question, so deeply lost in Eden's voice, but when she did she answered in perfect sync. “Yes Mistress.” 
Athena was rewarded by a slight cloud of pollen releasing into the air around them. Nothing strong, Athena needed to be mostly sober for the operation, but her floret deserved a little treat. “Good Girl! You are sinking deeper for me, all the way into my arms, where nothing can harm you, where there is no need to feel anxious.” Athena slowly descended into her safe space, right there in the hands of Athena, surrounded by the gorgeous flowers of their garden. She could smell them and they made her feel safe, protected in Eden's embrace.
“We would never do anything to harm you petal. You know that. Soon I will be part of you, and you can’t wait, can you Athena?” The answer came faster this time. As Athena was diving deeper down into the voice of her Mistress, the idea she could ever be wrong became unimaginable, and the answer came easy. “Yes Mistress.”
“Yes indeed, flower. Nothing could go wrong. The idea is preposterous to you. My rose is already growing inside you, after all, Just like my implant will. A little piece of me, with you forever.” Edenantira was right, like she always was. There was nothing to worry about, she was safe. She would always be safe with her Mistress. “It’s time to relax now, my sweetness, stay down here, and let me take care of you.” Athena wondered how she could ever want anything else. 
When Athena woke it was morning aboard Ipomposis. She was safely tucked into her bed surrounded by all of her plushy friends. Everything from squishy Terran animals to recreations in plush of the cutest sophonts and animals from around the known universe. She looked proudly up at her framed award, it was supposed to say; ‘Awarded to the bravest little Floret on Ipomposis: Athena Tyr, Third Floret.’ But it was covered in so many gold star stickers one would have no way of knowing that without asking. Every affini that came to her party had insisted on placing one and congratulated Mistress on having such a brave and heroic little Floret. Oh, and the humans that had been evacuated from Trofi had brought her muffins. Super tasty muffins.
 Athena's thoughts slowly drifted from the memories of that evening to what was happening that day. She was so excited to finally get her implant! She had been so worried yesterday and it seemed kinda silly now. The affini wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, especially not Eden. She was safe, she would never again be in danger. Getting out of her bed she was still dressed in her PJs as she rushed across the room and into the kitchen to meet Eden and get ready for her big day.
Athena was looking at herself in the mirror, trying her best to get a good view of the scar on the back of her neck but getting constantly distracted by a new detail of her rapidly changing body. Her face was so round! Her skin was so smooth, and the curves! She couldn’t help but giggle before running her hand gently across the scar. Beneath it was a part of Eden, a part of her mistress. Everything had gone just according to plan, though Athena couldn’t remember any of it. What she did remember was the complete feeling of safety and love that had surrounded her during the entire recovery. 
There was a polite knock on the bathroom door that she knew only served the purpose of not making her jump as Eden made her way across the room and wrapped her arms around Athena. “Are you getting distracted by the mirror again, little one?” Athena blushed, she was indeed getting distracted by looking at herself, but she had a good reason! Eden had kept her promise. Not a single part of Bruce remained. Sure, if someone tried they might point out the similarities, but that didn’t matter to Athena. This was her body, and just like everything else in her life it belonged to Edantira. 
“I do love how happy you are with all the changes, little heroine, but we do have plans today, remember?” Athena vaguely remembered something, but she couldn’t be sure. Something about lunch? “Seems like the sedatives aren’t quite out of your system yet.” Eden said with a gentle giggle. “We are having lunch with Tritonia and his new floret. A Terran ship, Rotterdam, was captured while you were out and he really fell for this adorable pilot. But they have been having some issues.” As Eden was talking she was gently brushing against Athena's body, sending subtle signals that helped her perform her inspection. As expected things were not up to standards. Athena had managed to take her bath and was smelling wonderfully like the rose she was, but nails and teeth both needed caring for. Without any complaints from Athena, who would probably lie about not preferring it this way, Eden started brushing.
“Triton wanted you to meet with them, explain your point of view and if you feel up for it, tell your story.” Athena was standing entirely still and enjoying the dedicated attention and love of her mistress along with the slight embarrassment of having Eden be the one to brush her teeth. She was just so much better at it. Athena had always hated the taste of toothpaste but the taste of the sap Edantira used was simply wonderful and the vine felt much better and reached places a normal toothbrush had no chance of getting to. “You shouldn’t feel pressured to convince them, little one, but Triton thought his little Alex might have a good experience talking to a happy pet like yourself.” 
Athena was in deep thought but still had no issues following the motions with mouthwash and spitting before getting gently leaned into Eden as she started on Athena's nails. “I’ll do my best Mistress… but am I really the best person for this? I betrayed the rebels didn’t I? Even though I was never really one of them. Are we sure they won’t hate me?” Even though her worry did carry through in her words Athena couldn’t help but feel extremely relaxed with her mistress doting on her like this. She knew that as soon as her eyes had closed the illusion of a humanoid form had disappeared, as Eden managed to simultaneously do her hair while forming and painting her nails. Calming fumes filling the air to add to said relaxation. 
“Triton's little bun isn’t dangerous sweetie, they’re just a little worried. Poor thing broke down when they woke up. There was something about fertilizer and slave work.” Athena hummed in confirmation, while feeling Edens vines gently applying nail polish to her fingers. She remembered rumors along those lines back during her time in the navy and with the rebels. They were nonsense obviously, the only thing Eden had ever done to Athena was make her happy. 
“I will do my best to calm them down. Thank you for letting me help Mistress.” Athena looked up at Edantira as she put her back on her feet. She could have stood there forever. Staring up at her Mistress until the inevitable heat death of the universe claimed them both. But as the responsible of them Eden took charge. “Good girl, I will be right back with your outfit.” Eden placed a rose behind Athena's ear before she slid out the door. She could probably have just sent a vine off to grab something, but she wanted to give Athena some time to admire her changes and while Athena didn’t quite connect the dots, that is exactly what she did.
Athena was following Eden along the technically not dirt path going through the central park of the habitation area aboard Ipomposis. They passed plenty of happy florets and affinis playing and cuddling, watching the stars above them or enjoying the company of other affini and florets. Athena was light on her feet with her soft companion dress and comfy flats. The tightest fitting thing on her: the collar Eden was leading her along by. She was a little wobbly, but no worse than any other floret. Besides, Eden knew just how much to pull on her collar to remind her it was there, without risking Athena stumbeling. While she was still a little worried, she was really looking forward to meeting with Tritonia and Alex. She hadn’t seen Triton since her party, and he had been super nice to her. He even took the time to scan the muffins to make sure nobody had done anything bad to them! She was also looking forward to getting to be useful to her owner and her friends. On one level she knew that her saviors had ways of dealing with problematic florets, but it filled her with pride that  they rather ask her to help. It also made her feel even safer among the affini knowing they on some level valued her and other humans' individuality.
“Here we are flower.” Eden's words caused Athena to look around, noticing the tables set up outside of a cute little hab unit with a sign reading ‘pets and snuggles cafe.’ “Looks like our friends haven’t arrived yet, little one, how about we have a seat.” Eden guided Athena over to a table with two chairs obviously sized for affini. That didn’t bother Athena though, who got to be lifted into the air and seated on her mistresses lap. She didn’t pay much attention as another happy floret approached their table and took their order. but she did notice the light poke from her mistress as their friends approached. 
Tritonia looked as regal as always, with a liking towards deep purple flowers for decoration, and an even taller form than most other affini. He had also leaned into the traditional Terran captain aesthetic, with big blue cloth shoulderpads, however he like many affini wasn’t a big fan of covering their body, so instead the shoulderpads held up a cape that flowed behind him wherever he went. Athena had thought about how much better the aesthetic fit him than it ever fit her dad when they first met, but at this point she was far beyond those kinds of thoughts. She was, however, still fully able to wonder how he was making his cape flutter in the wind when there wasn’t really any wind to speak about. While Triton looked proper like always, the sophont next to him sure didn't carry themselves similarly. Athena was quick to realize it must be Alex, both from their mostly enforced closeness to Triton, but also from the uncomfortable look on their face. 
That didn’t mean they were acting anything like Athena expected. She had expected some proud free Terran, still standing up against their owner. But instead they just looked sad, defeated. Athena decided the best thing to do would be send her a friendly smile and a slight wave. But Alex just looked down. Triton escorted his new floret over to the table and gracefully had a bar stool brought over. Athena felt a little bit bad for them, not getting to sit on their master's lap, but she figured it was probably on Alex's request. 
As the two affini embraced across the table, entwining their bodies and starting to converse in their own language, Athena took a shot at a greeting. “Hey there, Alex right? I’m Athena Tyr, Third Floret, nice to meet you!” She gave another friendly smile and a little wave. “uhm… yeah, Alex Johns...” There was a slight cough from above them. “Sorry, I mean Alex Crenata, Seventh floret.” Triton seemed satisfied, but Alex was looking away again. Athena was struggling to keep her smile, but an encouraging brush from her mistress helped. 
“That’s Okay, I guess it takes a little getting used to, new name and everything.” Athena wasn’t very good at faking anything anymore, and that was a bit of an issue here since she had kinda dropped her yuky old name before becoming Eden’s. But she managed somehow. Alex looked up, still not meeting her eyes. “I guess, It’s not like I have much of a choice.” They shrugged, and Athena felt bad for them. Their situations were very different after all. She had been an affini informant and enthusiastic volunteer, Alex had been taken from a rebel ship. If Athena wanted Alex to feel better about all this, she would need to figure out what Alex’s deal was, why did they not feel comfortable with Triton?
“My affini told me you were a pilot.” Alex did smile at the mention of their former task aboard Rotterdam. Athena on the other hand felt a little uncomfortable addressing Eden so casually, but felt the moment called for it and the lack of correction from Mistress led her to believe Eden agreed. “I guess so, yeah. I trained to be a pilot, commercially. Didn’t even sign up for the navy when the war started. But Rotterdam got pulled into the supply lines, like everyone else I suppose.” Alex seemed to be opening up a bit, that was good, the first step was to talk, get to know each other. Alex continued. “How about you? I heard your situation was a bit complicated.” 
That caused Athen to sigh, complicated was only the start of it. She really wasn’t sure how much she should tell about her experience. “I used to be an engineer aboard Terra Glory. Not really by choice, got pressured into it by my dad.” Alex’s eyes went a bit wide with the mention of Terra glory, but they let Athena continue. “We were attacked by Ipomposis, you know, this ship. But it happened just as I was about to jump away on a transporter and well, long story short I got lost in space.” 
Athena then went on to tell the story about how the affini had saved her from going insane aboard the transporter, and how she met Eden. If nothing else they seemed captivated by her story. 
“So then you got saved by the affini and finally united with Eden?” Alex finally had a proper smile on their face as Athena seemed to wrap up her story before getting to everything that happened aboard Saturn Rise. At some point their food had arrived, and Eden was feeding Athena pasta, while Alex’s sandwich sat untouched on their plate. “Uhhhh… sure, eventually.” Athena's skills at lying and hiding her intentions had quickly disappeared since becoming a floret. She leaned in and received an extra large swirl of pasta to break the awkward silence. It did not work. “Anyway, why did you become a rebel? You don’t really seem like the militant free Terran type.” 
Alex clearly wanted to push to get the rest of the story, but they relented, and finally taking a big bite of his sandwich he started to explain. “When the government tapped out our captain and a sizable part of the crew sided with the rebels. It was to join them or get stuck on a planet.” This made little sense to Athena, once she got picked up by Saturn Rise it was work or get thrown out the airlock. If they had offered to drop her off on a planet she would have taken it straight away. Clearly Athena had become much easier to read, because Alex noticed her confusion. 
“I get it. If I didn’t believe in their cause why didn’t I leave? Truth is, I was afraid. All the rumors, I thought if I stayed it was only a matter of time before they showed up anyway and captured me. But in the end, I guess that happened anyway.” Alex looked down, tears swelling up in their eyes. Athena looked up at the two affini, very apologetically, but Eden gave her a reassuring pat on the head. Triton, looking worried but not angry, gave her an approving nod.
“Uhm, Alex… That doesn't have to be a bad thing, does it?” Athena claimed, and Alex looked up. “I mean, it’s not like any of the rumors were true. The affini never lied to any of us.” Athena took a bit of a break, she really wished she had a script for this, but no, she had to wing it. “Like… Once I saw what happened to Terra Glory. I knew the war was over. There is no world where we ever had a shot at defeating the affini.” That did not seem to make Alex feel any better, so Athena continued. 
“Stuck out there in space, all alone, I realized something. Faced with an undefeatable foe that claims to want nothing but to love me and make me happy. That claim to bring a better world, to free me from the things that ruined my life… all I could really do was trust them.” Athena let out a sigh, getting rewarded with a big sip from her glass of water. “So I did, and I hope you will do the same.” It occured to Athena that what she was saying was sort of similar to that floret speech she had heard not long after she first got lost in space, just a bit clumsier.
“I think I get it. The only good option, right?” Alex sighed, they didn’t seem entirely convinced by that argument, but at least they seemed to get it. Athena nodded. “My mistress has made me happier than I ever thought I could be, and I am sure Tritonia can do the same for you.” They laughed, mostly without grim undertones. “We shall see, but I still want to know the rest of your story.” Athena went red, starting to uhmm and aaah to find her way around admitting to helping the affini capture a rebel ship. Lucky for her Triton came to the rescue, like he had a tendency of doing. 
“It’s time to head back home, little bun. I am sure Miss Edantira would love to have her little Athena tell you the whole story once you have settled in a bit more.” Alex didn’t seem happy about this, but at least they didn’t argue. “Fine. But I’ll hold you to that.” 
“I’ll hold you to that, who?” Triton asked his floret, with great amusement and a deep blush from said floret. “I’ll hold you to that… master.” Even Athena couldn’t help but giggle at the little show of resistance. Both florets were helped back down from their chairs and Athena approached Alex.
“Can I hug you?” She asked, giving her best puppy eyes. Alex pulled her into a hug with a laugh. “You’re telling me the rest of that story next time Athena… But thank you, I’ll try to trust him.” Alex was rewarded by a gentle pet from Triton they failed to hide their enjoyment of. While Athena was lifted into her mistresses arms as soon as the two florets broke their embrace. They said their goodbyes, and both pairs headed back towards their hab units. 
“You did very well my little heroine. My perfect blooming flower.” Eden pulled Athena into her vines, holding her tightly as she strode through the door to their home. “How about we end the day with a bath, and some cuddling?” Athena could swear she felt herself purr at that idea. “Will you give me your xenodrugs Mistress?” She asked hopefully.
“Any time my sweetness.” Eden placed Athena in the pool. Her owner soon joined her in the warm water and she was once again surrounded by vines and flowers. Athena felt the xenodrugs in the bubble bath seep in through her skin, clouding her mind and enhancing every touch, she found herself left with one last strong, clear thought. She had found her place, right here with Eden. Her mistress had figured out who she was underneath all the hurt and pain. She was Athena Tyr, Third Floret, beloved pet of Edantira Tyr, Fifth Bloom.
She was allowed to be happy, to be herself, forever lost in the vines of her Eden.
The former Captain Harry MacStruggle awoke, groggy and sore from his cryosleep. As his eyes adjusted to the sudden influx of light, he noticed to his horror a friendly, plant formed face staring down at him.

“Hey there little petal. I’m Galium Atlantica, Eight Bloom, they/them pronouns but you will call me ‘Owner’.” Gali took a break from their speech to let the reality of his situation sink into the heart of the hateful man below them.

“You are my new pet! Now I know from your file that you have been quite the bad seed. But don’t worry, I forgive you.” The friendly face of Harry's now owner couldn’t hide their obvious glee. “And I’m sure you will soon come to understand the error of your ways.” 
Harry Atlantica, Fifth Floret was too horrified to scream, as he was pulled into the first of many loving hugs. 
Thank you again so much for reading.
Special thanks go out to all the wonderfull sophonts who helped me troughout the writing of this story. You know who you are.
PS: the name MacStruggle is a very obscure reference, one I doubt anyone will ever get.

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