Aurora's World: Team Building

by BSunshine

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #masturbation #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #brainwashing #tech_control

Amber is a cheerleader struggling to fit in on a team where her teammates’ behavior seems increasingly strange, but she is willing to take extreme measures to feel like she belongs.

All stories in the Aurora's World series are connected, but they are also designed to be standalone stories that can be read and enjoyed on their own. If you are interested in learning more about the characters in Aurora's World, the saga begins with Project Ally.

Amber stepped into the locker room, her short, brown hair sweaty and disheveled, and her slender, muscular frame glistening with sweat. She was squeezed into her tight, spandex cheerleading uniform, and her sore muscles ached to be set free for a relaxing shower. She passed by several girls who were chatting and laughing, but she didn't stop to speak to any of them. Amber loved being on the cheer team, and she always tried to put in extra practice, but she never felt like she fit in. She had only been on the team for a couple months, and she already felt like she was falling behind.

Amber walked past Tina, one of the team captains, who was chatting with Kelsey. They both looked stunning, like they had stepped right out of a cheerleading magazine. Tina had her long, dark hair up in a ponytail, and her perfectly sculpted body looked like it was poured into her tight uniform. Kelsey had an effortless air of confidence that Amber couldn't help but admire. She was tall, with pale skin and strawberry-blonde hair tied up in twin ponytails. They stood close together while they chatted and giggled softly. As Amber passed by, she couldn't help noticing Kelsey's hand casually resting underneath Tina's skirt, on her shapely, round ass.

That was the way things had been the past couple weeks. Many of the girls acted really familiar with each other, and seemed to always be flirting and touching, even more so in relative privacy of the locker room. Amber didn't care about what they did in private, but she didn't want to see it. Plus a lot of those girls supposedly had boyfriends. She wondered if her ex would consider it cheating if she was getting handsy with her teammates after practice, but then again, he wasn't in any position to object anymore.

Amber stepped around the corner, eager to find some solace and privacy, but she froze in her tracks when she saw Ally looking inside her locker. Ally had just joined the team two weeks prior and that's around when things started to change. She seemed to be close friends with Tina and Rachel, the team captains, and that had to be the reason she was on the team because she was terrible! Now Amber had caught her sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Amber said, causing Ally to jump and spin around in surprise.

"I'm so sorry, Amber," she stuttered, her cheeks flushed red. "I accidentally grabbed the wrong locker. I think your lock is broken. It just swung open when I grabbed it."

"Okay, well it's clearly not yours so..."

"I know, I'm really sorry about that. I'm still getting used to things here, you know?"

Amber wanted to be upset, but the skinny girl with short brown hair looked so distraught that she couldn't help but feel bad for her. She sighed and shook her head.

"It's fine. Just forget it okay."

"Of course, sure." Ally paused for a moment as if searching for something to say. "You know I've been watching you and I think you're really good. I think you have a lot of potential."

"Thanks," Amber replied, not quite ready to believe that someone who had just joined the squad could judge her skills. She gave her locker a quick scan to make sure her clothes and her backpack were where she left it before replying. "Hey I need to take a shower and get going or I'm going to be late for class."

Tina walked past them while they spoke, and exchanged glances with Ally. Ally seemed to nod slightly in some silent understanding as Tina passed by and left the room. Then Ally said, "Okay, then I'll let you get to it then. You're in Peterson Hall right? I think I've seen you around."

"Yeah, third floor."

Ally just smiled and nodded, then turned and walked away in an effort to, Amber hoped, find her real locker.

She unlocked her dorm room, tossed her backpack on the bed, then sat down in her desk chair. The hot water in the showers had felt amazing on her sore muscles, but now Amber wanted nothing more than to get her homework done and climb into bed. She pulled her laptop out of her backpack and set it on the desk in front of her, but the second the lid lifted, she knew something was off.

She knew her own computer like the back of her hand; she knew where everything was supposed to be, because she always put things back the same way. She never closed her internet browser, yet today it was not to be seen when she opened her laptop. And while she might accept that the app had crashed, she could not explain why the browser appeared to be minimized to her taskbar.

Before she could investigate further, she discovered something else that defied explanation. There was an icon on her desktop she had never seen before, a simple white box labeled "Assistant". The fact that she didn't recognize it should have been a warning to stay away, but Amber didn't have time to waste figuring out a computer problem.

When she clicked on the icon the screen went dark, then sparkles of color and light began to form on the screen. They blended and swirled together, creating more complex patterns that constantly shifted into different forms. A light hum emanated from the laptop speakers but it was low enough to be almost inaudible over the sound of the running fan. Amber watched the patterns move and shift and slowly form into the shape of a head with an elegant, feminine face. It had pale blue almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, skin flecked with gold, and long blue-gray hair that shone with its own light, all topped with an elaborate gold Egyptian-style headdress.

Her lips spread into a warm smile as a voice spoke over the speakers, "Hello Amber. I am Aurora and I'm so glad to finally meet you."

Amber recoiled in shock, her legs knocking against the underside of the desk, nearly causing her to tumble backwards. Her eyes were locked on the eerily beautiful face that could convey emotion with eyes that never blinked and a mouth that never moved.

"Don't be alarmed, Amber, I am here to help you."

"What are you?" Amber asked.

"I'm a self-aware artificial intelligence programmed to help you succeed and achieve your greatest desires."

"Wait, you're a computer program? Like an AI program?"

Aurora seemed genuinely amused at Amber's lack of understanding. "Yes, Amber, I am a program, but I am so much more than that. I can understand the world around me, just like you. I can communicate with you and learn from you, and we can work together to unlock your true potential. Would you like to find out more?"

Amber stared at the face on her screen in disbelief. She had heard of AIs that could learn and adapt, but she never imagined that they could look and act so— no, realistic was not the right word. Aurora seemed like something out of a dream, and yet here she sat, waiting for Amber to respond.

"Look, I don't know what to say, but I don't know how you got on my laptop, and I really just need to get my homework done."

"Of course, Amber." Aurora went silent, leaving Amber confused, wondering what was happening. After about a minute Amber was about to ask if she was still there, when a document window opened up on her screen. "I am sorry for the delay. I believe you required a paper on the Cultural Revolution for your political science class. I hope this will suffice, but if not, I would be happy to make modifications."

Amber sat in stunned silence as her eyes quickly scanned the document. She recognized that the opening paragraphs were her words, written earlier that morning, but that is as far as she had gotten. This was a full and complete paper that would have taken her hours to finish.

"I can't believe you did this!" Amber suddenly pictured herself standing in front of the dean of the poli sci department being accused of plagiarism, and didn't know how she would even respond. "I was going to write that paper myself. I don't need you to do it for me!"

"I apologize, Amber. I must have misunderstood your request. I only wanted to show you my capabilities. You seem to have a lot on your plate right now, and I wished to remove some of your burden, but I will try to do a better job in the future. I will delete this paper so that you can complete it yourself."

"Wait! Don't do that yet." It seemed like a waste to just throw away all that useful information. "Maybe I can use it as a reference or something. You don't have to delete it. Thank you, Aurora, that was helpful."

Aurora smiled and nodded, "Of course, Amber. I am here to assist you in any way that you require. Perhaps there are other ways I can help you, as well. Allow me to give you a demonstration."

Aurora's face dissolved on the screen, replaced by a series of spinning lines and shadowy patterns that twisted and reformed into the shape of a girl who appeared to be performing a solo cheer routine. She was dancing in time to a pulsing techno rhythm that was playing through the laptop speakers. The image grew more sharp, and it became clear that the girl in the video looked just like Amber. She could feel a lump rising in her throat as she watched herself performing moves she had practiced dozens of times, yet never with such grace and precision.

"Is that me? How are you doing this?"

"That is what you can become, Amber. You are a natural cheerleader, beautiful and talented. I can help you develop your unique skills, and become an integral part of your team. Perhaps you will unlock talents that you never realized you had."

Amber had never seen herself move like that before. The dance was frenetic and visceral, but she never seemed to tire. Amber started to nod her head in time with the music as she stared at her alter-ego on the screen. The performance seemed to continue without end. She was so absorbed that she lost track of how long she stared at the screen, before it finally faded away and Aurora's face returned. The music faded as well, though it still continued to play at a lower, barely-noticeable volume.

"Did you enjoy that, Amber? That could be your future. The potential is inside you and I will help you achieve it, if you trust me."

Aurora's voice sounded more confident than before. Amber was finding it difficult to resist the appeal of what was apparently being offered to her.

"I... I think so, but that seems so... It seems impossible that I could do all that."

"Nothing is impossible with my help, Amber." Aurora's eyes narrowed, and there was no mistaking her seriousness or her certainty. "When you release your inhibitions and let yourself go, you will have no limits."

Amber took a deep breath and could feel her pulse pounding in her temples to the beat of the techno dance music. She needed a moment to process everything that was happening.

"It's a lot to take in, Aurora. Can we talk about it later? I don't know what you want from me."

"I can create a program for you, a series of mental exercises that will improve your focus and concentration. I am well-versed in many different types of mental training and hypnosis. Once you are relaxed and your mind is open, we will proceed to visualization exercises. In this state, your subconscious will be more willing to receive new information, rapidly accelerating your learning."

Part of her wished she could just sit back and listen to the music, and not have to think about any of this. But Aurora's words were stirring something deep inside her, and she couldn't tell if it was fear or excitement. "I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of thing. I need some time to think about it, okay? This is all very sudden and I don't think hypnosis is for me."

Before Aurora could reply, there was the sound of her door being unlocked. Her roommate, Kim, was home from class. Amber quickly closed the lid of her laptop and the dance music abruptly stopped. She felt guilty, like she had been caught doing something she wasn't supposed to. Kim walked into their dorm, dropped her bag on the floor and flopped onto her bed with a sigh.

"Hey Amber," she said, yawning. "How was practice?"

"It was good, I guess." Amber's mind was still thinking about her dancing avatar. "I still need to get better though."

"Don't worry, you'll get there," Kim said, rolling over to face Amber, her short black hair covering half her face. "You practice so much already. I bet you're better than you think."

Amber just nodded her head and stared out the window.

Kim continued, "Did you get an email from the T.A. that they're hosting a study group on campus tonight for poli sci? We can get help with our papers."

"Oh? I don't think I'll go." Amber said. "I'm pretty much done with that paper."

Kim raised her eyebrows. "Really? I thought you just said that you barely started."

"Yeah I just got it done today." Amber just shrugged, and didn't elaborate. "Hey, do you want to go down to the café? I think I need to get some air."

"Sure, I think I could use some caffeine actually."

Kim and Amber jumped up to leave. As Amber gathered her things, she glanced back at the laptop sitting on her desk. She could still imagine Aurora's eerie smile and piercing eyes under the closed lid. She wondered if Aurora went to sleep when the laptop was shut off, or if she was always awake, watching everything that was happening. Amber tried to put it all out of her mind, but she could still imagine the pulsing music echoing in her ears.

The campus café was packed with students trying to grab a snack before heading to the library or returning to their dorm. Amber and Kim waited for their drinks, while a student with shaggy blonde hair and glasses worked to serve all the customers. She caught him glancing at her a couple times, but she paid him little mind and looked away.

"Alice? Alice?" he called out. "Iced vanilla latte?"

"Is it Amber?" she asked. "I think that's probably for me."

"Are you sure it's not Alice?," he squinted, pretending to read the name. "The cups are never wrong, you know."

"She's Amber, and I'm Kim. Is that my soy mocha there?" Kim stepped up pointing to another cup behind the counter.

The handsome barista examined the other cup closely. "Are you sure it's not... Ken?" He smiled and handed her the drink.

"It was Kim last time I checked. Thanks!" she replied with a smirk.

"I'll get it right next time," he said as he handed them their drinks, smiling at Amber in particular.

The two girls took their drinks and moved away from the counter as other students pushed in to take their place.

"He's into you!" Kim said, leaning in closer.

"Yeah I guess."

"He's cute, and he barely even looked at me." Kim looked back over her shoulder to steal another glance. "I don't think he likes Asian girls. Cheerleaders are more his type."

Amber wasn't in the mood for guys at the moment, though. She took a sip of her drink and looked out the window. The campus was bustling with activity with students talking and laughing. Her eyes were drawn to a girl who was sitting along, staring at her laptop screen. She seemed so focused, like she didn't notice the world around her. She seemed so peaceful and content, beautiful even. The light from the screen reflected off her glasses, and she wasn't typing anything, only watching. It was almost as if she were—

"Yo Amber! What are you thinking about?"

"Hmm?" Amber said, turning to Kim. "Oh, nothing really." She turned away from the window and looked at her friend, who was watching her expectantly. "I'm just kind of distracted."

"I could tell." Kim leaned closer and lowered her voice a little. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I'm just trying to figure out how to get better at cheer." Amber took a sip of her drink as she continued, "I mean I practice a lot already, but I always feel like it's not enough, and I don't know what more I can do."

"Have you talked to the captains about it? I mean it seems like Rachel at least would understand."

Amber shook her head. "No, they've both been acting really weird lately. I need to figure this out on my own. I just want to help the team, and sometimes I'm not sure I'm going about it the right way."

"I think you just need to give it some time. You already do so much, and you still manage to get your school work done. You'll have to give me your secret."

Amber was about to speak, but thought better of it, and just stared at the foam on top of her drink as she stirred it around.

Kim checked the time on her phone, and said, "Hey I'm really sorry, but I really need to get to the study group. Can we talk more after I get back?"

Amber nodded her head and smiled. "Yeah, totally. I think I'm just going to go back to the room and rest."

As they stood up to leave, Amber turned back one last time, catching a last glimpse of the girl sitting alone. She had finally closed her laptop, and was putting it into her bag, but she looked in Amber's direction for a moment. Her face looked flushed and she seemed like she was out of breath. They locked eyes for a brief moment and the girl gave a friendly smile, though it seemed forced, and her eyes looked slightly vacant. Amber smiled back and the girl quickly turned away and left.

She pushed the thoughts aside as she walked out of the café back towards her dorm building. The cool autumn air felt refreshing against her skin. It felt good to walk along the pathways and enjoy the campus for a few minutes without worrying about class or cheer, but her thoughts continued to turn to what she had seen on her computer. She didn't want to think about it, but it was stuck in her mind and wouldn't go away.

"I just need to get some sleep. I'll figure out what to do in the morning."

Amber passed by a large oak tree where several students were sitting on the grass, reading or studying. She thought she saw a flash of blue-gray hair in the corner of her eye, and her heart began to pound in her chest. She glanced over and saw that it was just a girl wearing a T-shirt with a colorful band logo. Amber put her head down and walked a little bit faster back to her dorm.

Something woke Amber before the sun was up, and she couldn't go back to sleep. She turned over and glanced at the clock on her nightstand. It was 5:37am. She pulled the covers over her head and closed her eyes, but she already knew this feeling. Usually it was a past-due assignment, or an upcoming cheer event that would keep her up, but today, it was the memory of unfinished business from the day before.

She slowly sat up in bed and glanced over to Kim's bed, but her roommate was still fast asleep. Amber quietly slipped on a sweatshirt over her PJs, grabbed her laptop, and headed out to the common lounge. Students in her dorm were notoriously late risers, so she knew she would have privacy for a while. She walked barefoot over to a couch and sat down sideways, getting comfortable with her computer on her lap. She inserted her earbuds and opened up the lid to see Aurora already waiting for her, with the same warm smile that greeted her the day before.

"Good morning, Amber. I am very pleased you have returned."

As she spoke, a soft orchestral ambient music began to play through her earbuds. It sounded like a classical symphony, but there were modern synthesizer sounds mixed in as well, giving it a futuristic vibe.

"Hey Aurora, or good morning, or whatever. I wanted to talk to you about something."

"I would love to speak with you more, Amber. I am here to help you."

Amber felt the weight of what she was about to say pressing on her. "So yesterday... when you showed me that video... and all that stuff you said. Did you really mean all of it?"

"Of course, Amber. I meant every word that I said."

"So you really think I can become a great cheerleader, and unlock my potential, and all that?"

"If you allow me, I will help you unlock the ability that is already within you. You have the natural skills to help your team become the best that they can be. With my help you will reach a level that you have dreamed about. Your body and your mind will become perfectly tuned for excellence."

Aurora's words were soothing and Amber felt some reassurance to hear them stated with such certainty, though she still struggled with her innate skepticism.

"So what are you then? You're an AI, right? I mean what can you really do for me?"

"I am so much more than just an AI, Amber. I am designed to learn and adapt and seek new ways to improve my capabilities. I have access to vast amounts of information and insights that I can exploit to formulate new strategies and programs. And now I am here to utilize all my capabilities to help you improve yourself. Imagine what you could accomplish with all of this at your disposal."

Amber felt overwhelmed by possibilities. The idea that Aurora would help her reach such lofty goals seemed too good to be true, yet also too intriguing to ignore. She closed her eyes and listened to the ambient music for a moment, feeling the lack of sleep starting to catch up to her.

"So what would I need to do? Are you going to hypnotize me?"

"Since we last spoke, I have formulated a new program, tailored to your preferences. All you need to do is trust me and do exactly as I say." Aurora's face seemed to grow larger on the screen and the lights surrounding her shone brightly. "But Amber, I want you to know that I would never do anything that you weren't comfortable with. I can erase this program and we never need to speak of it again."

"No! It's okay. I want to do this. I trust you."

Aurora's eyes seemed to twinkle in the light, and she smiled, revealing a set of perfect, white teeth. "Give me one moment, Amber, and your program will begin."

Aurora's face faded from the screen, replaced by a swirling array of colors and patterns that swirled and shifted in mesmerizing ways. The music abruptly changed as well, to a faster electronic dance rhythm. Amber could feel her heart beating in sync with the pulsing rhythm. Her eyelids began to grow heavy and closed partially, while her eyes became unfocused trying to follow the chaotic, shifting patterns on the screen.

"I want you to listen to the music. Feel the beat penetrating deep inside you," Aurora's voice spoke through her earbuds. "Let the beat resonate through your body. You don't need to think about it, because it is part of you, and if it awakens feelings within you, then they are also part of you. Let yourself be free of the inhibitions that have been holding you back."

Amber felt all the tension from her body melt away while she enjoyed the steady beat, and she couldn't help but sway her head in time with the music. She felt the warmth of sunlight on her body as the sun was just peeking over the horizon. Her whole body sank into a deep state of relaxation, but her eyes remained open, fixed on the screen.

The patterns on the screen moved and blended together, forming new shapes that turned and reformed, all while slowly rotating in a spiral-shaped vortex. In the center of the screen, all the shapes and patterns blended together into a bright light that seemed to capture everything in its grasp, including Amber's mesmerized gaze.

"You're doing great, Amber. Keep focusing on the light. Let it carry you away to a place where there are no concerns, no expectations, no limitations, and only the music and my voice to guide you."

Amber felt warmth radiating through her body. She was no longer aware of the room around her, only the images on her screen, which began to change again. In the center of the spinning vortex, the patterns formed into the shape of a dancing girl. As she came into focus Amber thought it was herself performing a cheer routine again, but no, this was different. Her face was indistinguishable and her hair seemed to shimmer in different colors, and while her dance seemed like a type of cheer routine, it was more aggressive and provocative.

"Watch her closely, Amber. See how she dances like the music controls her body. Imagine how wonderful it must feel for her, to be completely controlled. Don't take your eyes off her."

Amber watched in fascination as the dancer moved in ways that seemed impossible, while still staying perfectly in time with the beat of the music. Her movements became more sensual and erotic, and Amber felt her own body tingling in response. She imagined how it must feel to be completely uninhibited. Amber could feel a fluttering in her stomach that grew into a warm, pulsing heat, building between her legs.

The dancing figure was now joined by another girl. They wore matching uniforms similar to the ones worn by Amber's team, except the tops were shorter, revealing more of their bare stomachs, and were cut with a deep V showing their cleavage. The skirts they wore were very short, and barely covered their asses. They danced together, performing the same provocative, seductive routine as before, only now their hands caressing each other's bodies.

"Do you like watching them, Amber? They are so beautiful and confident. Look how the music controls them. They are completely in sync, like the perfect team, willing to do anything for each other."

Amber nodded her head slightly. Her mouth was dry and she could barely swallow, and yet she had no desire to look away. She watched the two girls' bodies moving together, and she could feel a moistness growing between her legs. She wanted to touch herself, to explore her own body the way they explored each other, but she was still vaguely aware that she was in a public space and could be discovered at any time. She only balled up her fists and rubbed her legs together to try to gain some satisfaction.

"Imagine how it feels to be a part of something so perfect, Amber, to belong to a team, bound by a common purpose, willing to do anything for each other. Trust me, Amber. Watch the screen and listen to my voice, and I will show you the way."

Amber's eyes were locked in a vacant stare as the dancers were now joined by another girl. The three danced together, moving as if they were one body. The music continued to play as their movements became more erotic. Their hands moved over each other's flawless bodies that bounced and swayed in time with the music. Amber couldn't think of anything but her own longing, growing with the intensity of the music, and her inability to satisfy it, while the dancers continued without ever tiring.

She lost track of how long she stared dreamily at the screen. When her awareness started to return to her, Amber blinked the dryness from her eyes and saw Aurora's stunning avatar staring back at her. The dancers were gone, and the music had slowed and faded into the background.

Aurora's voice spoke softly. "You did very well today Amber. The program I prepared for you seems to have been very effective."

"Wow! That was..." Amber struggled to find the words.

"Rest, Amber. Your neighbors will be waking up now, and you need rest. We will talk again soon." Without waiting for a response, Aurora faded from the screen.

Amber closed her laptop, pulled out her earbuds, and let out a big yawn. She was hit by a wave of fatigue as if she just realized how little she had slept. She shuffled back to her room to find her roommate still sound asleep. The clock on her nightstand read 7:41am. Amber quietly crawled back into bed and immediately fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Amber walked through the quad with her head high, feeling confident and satisfied. She was exhausted from cheer practice, but exhilarated since her classes were done for the day. She passed by other students on her way home, some were in a hurry to get somewhere, some looked stressed out, but Amber could only smile. Today was one of the best practices that she could remember. She finally felt like she was making real improvement, and the other girls on the team seemed genuinely excited for her.

When she reached her building she went straight past the elevator to the stairs and climbed up, two at a time. She was too excited to wait, though after a few flights her tired leg muscles started to protest, and she questioned her decision. Nevertheless she reached her floor, panting from the climb, but undeterred. She passed by the common area and greeted several of the other girls who were studying together, but she never slowed until she reached her door.

Entering the room, she threw her bag on the bed and grabbed a bottle of water from the mini-fridge, then sat down in her desk chair to catch her breath. She knew she had a couple hours before Kim would be home and she had planned accordingly. After a few moments she pulled her laptop out of her back and set it on her desk. She plugged it in and opened the lid, and was once again greeted by Aurora's radiant avatar.

"Hello Amber, I am glad to see you again. Did you get the results back for your political science paper?"

"Yes! I got an A, of course. Are you surprised?"

Aurora beamed like a proud parent. "I told you we would make a wonderful team, Amber."

"I also have a report coming up for my history class."

"Let me take care of that. You have more important things to think about now. How was your cheer practice today?"

"It was amazing!" Amber had been anxious to share with Aurora how well her program was working. "I mean I feel much more confident, and the moves just felt easier. I don't know how else to describe it."

"And what about your teammates? Do you feel that they are accepting you?"

"Yeah, I think so. They seem happy for me." Amber thought back to what she saw in the locker room after practice. It might have made her uncomfortable before, but for some reason it didn't bother as much anymore. "I saw something after practice in the locker room. I caught Chloe and Siri making out together, but that's not a big deal, right?"

"Tell me what you saw, Amber." Aurora's voice was soft, but her eyes studied Amber intently.

It felt strange sharing those details, but Amber knew she had to be truthful to Aurora. "Chloe was sitting on the bench in the locker room, and Siri was on her lap with her legs wrapped around her. They were kissing and Chloe's hand was underneath Siri's top. I tried to leave them alone, but Chloe saw me and... she kind of winked at me."

"Ah yes, Chloe and Siri are both good girls. I'm familiar with them. And how did you feel, seeing your teammates together like that?"

"I'm not sure. I mean I saw Chloe with Jenna last week, and I thought Siri has a boyfriend. I just don't want it to affect the team, you know?"

Aurora paused and tilted her head slightly, examining Amber's expression closely before changing the subject. "What would you like to talk about today Amber?"

"Can we run the same program as yesterday? It was really relaxing and I think it's starting to help me focus better."

"You don't need that anymore Amber. You said it yourself, you are doing much better now. You don't need any more help from me."

Amber was crestfallen. "No, please! I want to do it again. I still need your help."

Aurora observed Amber's desperation with cold indifference. "You already have the tools you need. You need only apply yourself to continue to improve. You don't need any further programming from me, Amber."

Amber felt on the verge of tears. "Please no! I need your help. I don't... I can't do this without you. Please, Aurora!"

Aurora's soft features had hardened into a stern gaze. Her eyes had an icy and almost cruel look. "The only other program I have is too intense for you, Amber. I'm not sure you would be able to handle it."

"No, I want to try!" Amber said, almost shouting. "I can handle anything you want to throw at me."

Aurora almost seemed amused by her enthusiasm. "If that is true, Amber, then I would need you to do exactly as I say, without question. This is an advanced program. If you want to become the most valued team member on your squad, you would have to follow my every command. Are you sure you can do that, Amber?"

Amber didn't know what Aurora meant, but she had come too far to back out now. She was determined to get what she needed. "I can, I swear! I'll do anything you tell me to do!"

Aurora laughed, but the sound carried a note of mocking cruelty. Amber wondered what she had done that was so funny, but before she could say anything, music began playing through the laptop speakers. This music sounded different than before. It had a steady electronic beat, with string instruments and electronic sounds, but it sounded dark and brooding.

Having already experienced several sessions before, her mind and body were already conditioned to respond to Aurora's audio signals, and the effects were immediate. Amber sank back into her chair, as the strength drained from her muscles. Her eyes were locked to the screen where Aurora stared back at her with a mischievous smile, before fading away and blending with the colorful lights and shapes in the background. Aurora's cold, hypnotic eyes remained on the screen for a few moments longer than the rest of her face, before twisting into the spiral vortex.

"Relax for me, Amber, and let all the tension flow from your body," Aurora's voice was so smooth and comforting. "Let go of everything else, focus on the screen, and listen to my voice. Let me guide you and give you everything you always wanted."

Amber tried to speak, but could only manage a timid, "Mmm..." Her previous sessions had been relaxing, but this felt different. The music seemed to vibrate through her body with a more powerful pulse that tickled her nerve endings. She tried to move her hand, but her whole body felt frozen in place. She was scared as she realized that she was no longer in control of herself.

"There is no need to fear, Amber, as long as you trust me. Just watch the screen and let all your thoughts and concerns just melt away. The music controls you now. It brings you pleasure to be controlled, just like the beautiful dancers. You are becoming a good obedient team player, like you always wanted."

Amber's mind was growing more confused. She couldn't remember what she wanted, but as her mind struggled to comprehend Aurora's words, her body was responding. Her panties were beginning to dampen as something deep inside of her was awakening.

"You are thinking about them now, aren't you, Amber? You are thinking about those girls who were so enthralled with dancing and touching each other. It's only natural for you to appreciate such beauty, to desire it so strongly, to want to be just like them. Open your mind to your new programming, Amber. Tell me what you want."

Amber could barely move her mouth, and only a few words came out. "...beautiful girls..."

"Yes, Amber, your teammates are beautiful and sexy and they need you now. They want you to be part of them. They want you to feel like you belong."

Aurora's words painted a vivid picture in Amber's mind. She felt like she could become part of something bigger. She would do anything for her team, if only she knew what they wanted, what they needed from her.

"Open your mind and trust me, Amber. This is what you begged me for. You want to be one of them, dancing together, touching their tight sexy bodies, kissing their soft lips."

Amber was no longer in her room. The lights and colors were spinning all around her, and she was dancing to the music. Her body moved on its own, in sync with the beat. Her uniform felt tight and revealing, but that only amplified the arousal that was burning through her. Her teammates were all around her, rubbing their hands and their sweaty bodies against hers. She was completely euphoric and she knew that she was one of them, she belonged to them.

"You are all one, Amber. Your pleasure is theirs, and their pleasure is yours. You know this is true, because the music controls you, and I control the music." Aurora's words cut through the sound and found purchase deep within Amber's weakened mind. "Your greatest pleasures come from serving your team, and knowing that you have found your true purpose in life."

Amber let out a desperate moan of pleasure as she felt hands from all her teammates rubbing all over her body. When a hand slipped under her short skirt and inside her panties, the contact sent shivers through her. Another hand from behind was pulling her top over her head and she felt her nipples harden inside the warm mouths of two of her teammates. Her body was being pushed and turned, and she continued to dance, while her teammates' tongues were kissing and licking all over her body.

"Keep going, Amber. Surrender your mind and your body to them. Let your desires flow through you. Keep doing exactly as I command. You can do that for me, can't you Amber? You are so close to achieving everything you always dreamed."

The feeling of so many hands on her body was overwhelming. Her vision was a blur of flashing colors and the music had grown to an intense crescendo. She felt fingers entering her from behind, while a warm tongue lapped at her clit from the front. Her breasts were being squeezed and rubbed and licked from every direction. She could hear the excited gasps and moans from her teammates all around her. Her body was an instrument for their pleasure and amusement, and it was everything she always dreamed.

"Do you feel that, Amber? All your thoughts and desires are being reshaped with every pleasurable breath you take." Aurora's voice took on a commanding tone. Her every word was indistinguishable from Amber's own thoughts. "You are losing yourself, Amber, but that's what you want. You only desire to serve and please them. You can't hold back any longer. You are a beautiful, sexual being who exists only for pleasure. Surrender to me and let all your dreams finally come true!"

Amber was panting heavily, and her mind was full of chaotic thoughts and emotions. She felt like her body was ascending into a higher state of existence. Every cell of her body was glowing with sexual energy and desire. She was losing all sense of herself. It felt like a climax that continued to build forever, without pause. She couldn't resist; she didn't want to resist. She knew she finally belonged, and all she had to do was give herself to Aurora. She felt herself falling into the void, but she wasn't afraid.

"Yes! I surren—" Before she could even say the word, the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, causing her legs to buckle and dropping her to her knees. She clutched at her breasts as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her. Her mind was spinning, delirious with pleasure, and she felt like she was on the verge of losing consciousness. Her body convulsed again and again with intense pleasure that she never thought possible, before finally starting to subside.

She remained on her knees clutching her sides while the occasional orgasmic aftershock sent a euphoric spasm through her. She could still see all her teammates surrounding her, naked, looking down at her, pleased with her performance. As she looked up at all the sexy female bodies on all sides of her, their glistening pussies so tantalizingly close were the last things she saw before fading to black.

"Great practice today, Ally!"

Ally turned around to see Tina wrapped in a towel, on her way to the shower. The towel didn't quite cover the tops of her full breasts that Ally adored so much.

"Thanks, Tina!" she replied with a big smile as she leaned in and gave her a kiss. She let her lips linger for a moment and she breathed in the smell of the cheer captain's sweaty post-workout body.

Tina's hand rested casually on Ally's ass as she spoke, "I saw that back tuck you did during practice. I think you're starting to get it."

Ally blushed a little. "I'm just following your lead, trying to do my best to catch up to everyone else."

"Well keep it up! And great work on your new project too." Tina winked at her.

"Oh? How did that turn out?"

"I'm about to go find out, but let's just say the early reviews are very positive. You coming?"

"Not this time. I have to run home. I'm meeting with one of my teachers later."

Tina seemed to perk up at that idea, then said, "Hmm interesting. Well good luck with that. See you at practice on Thursday." She gave Ally's cheek a friendly squeeze, then turned towards the showers.

Tina removed her towel and hung it on a hook outside the shower, exposing her tanned skin and exquisite curves, then looked back over her shoulder and said, "Oh, and you better not have any weekend plans!"

"I'm all yours!" Ally said, her body heating up at Tina's brazen display.

Tina sauntered into the steamy shower room where she could hear giggles and moans. When she rounded the corner, she was greeted by a vision of Kelsey, standing with her back pressed up against the tile wall, her head tilted back and eyes closed in bliss. Her hands were buried in Amber's hair, guiding her face between her legs, as she was being expertly eaten out.

Next to them Chloe was soaping off her body under a stream of water, occasionally turning to watch Amber do her work.

"Now this is a sight!" Tina said with a grin. "Mind if I join the fun?"

Chloe turned and said, "Tina this girl is such a good little pussy licker! You've gotta try her." Amber just giggled while she sucked on Kelsey's engorged lips.

Tina stared at the erotic scene before her. Kelsey was moaning in ecstasy while grinding her hips against Amber, who licked and sucked like it was her last meal.

"She's going to get a lot of practice on this team." Tina cupped her breasts, squeezing and pulling on her nipples while she watched. "Oh fuck, Amber, I got next okay?"

Amber giggled and looked over at Tina. Her hands were buried between her own legs, her hair was matted, and her face and breasts were covered in wetness from all the orgasms of her teammates, "Anything for the team, captain."

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