Aurora's World: Special Meditation

by BSunshine

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Darla needed help building a stronger relationship with her stepdaughter, and was willing to trust the advice of a friendly AI, who suggested some special techniques that worked better than expected.

All stories in the Aurora's World series are connected, but they are also designed to be standalone stories that can be read and enjoyed on their own. The events of this story take place following, and slightly overlap with the events of Cheerleader Training. Though this story can be enjoyed on its own, you may prefer to read that one first.

Darla was putting on the finishing touches of her makeup for yoga class. She always looked her best when she went out, even to exercise. It was hard for a woman like her living in a house by herself most of the time. Her husband, Ian, was always away on business, leaving her at home to take care of her stepdaughter, Rachel, though Rachel was often busy with her friends, living her own life.

Darla admired Rachel, who was smart and beautiful, and a talented athlete. She had been in college for three years and had grown into a very successful young woman. Darla wished she could take some credit for raising her, but she had only been part of their family for a few years. While she never tried to replace Rachel's mother, Darla tried her best to fill that role while being careful not to put undue pressure on her. Now that she was becoming an adult, Darla couldn't help thinking that she and Rachel probably had a lot in common, if only Rachel would give her a chance.

As Darla checked herself out in the full-length mirror, she admired the curves of her hourglass figure and ran her hand down her body, feeling the firmness of her thighs, through her tight yoga pants. As the class teacher, she felt it was important to give a good impression. Darla's body was shapely and eye-catching, and she worked hard to keep in the best condition possible. As a woman in her early 40's— or extra-late 30's as she liked to think— it took extra effort to keep herself looking youthful, but she was willing to do whatever it took.

As she completed her beautification ritual, Darla went into her closet to fetch her duffle bag and a change of clothes. As she turned to leave, she paused and her eyes lingered on the shopping bag she brought home earlier that day.

"Six more days, Ian," She said, with a sigh. "I bet if you knew what was going to be waiting for you when you got home, you'd come home early."

He would want her to be happy, and she was, but it took a lot of effort. She shook her head and closed the closet door before heading out. As she reached the front door she called out to Rachel and her friends, "Goodbye girls, I'm heading to yoga." She paused for a moment waiting for a response, but heard nothing.

She shrugged her shoulders and considered leaving at the point, but if ever she was going to build any kind of friendship with Rachel, they needed to start by taking more of an interest in each other's lives. It would take a delicate balance to avoid smothering Rachel with attention, but at least she could take the first step. Besides, her class couldn't start without its teacher anyway.

"Hey girls, I have to run to yoga or I'll be late," Darla said, as she stepped into the living room. "Just letting you know I'm heading out. I have back-to-back classes today so I won't be back until dinner."

Rachel was sitting on the couch with her cheer team co-captain, Tina, and they appeared to be watching a video on a laptop computer. Darla assumed it was some kind of dance video based on the music that was playing. They didn't seem to take notice of Darla at first when she spoke, but another girl she didn't recognize stood up and approached to greet her.

"You must be Mrs. Baker! I'm Ally. Nice to meet you!" The young girl reached out and gave Darla a very friendly hug.

"Nice to meet you too, Ally," Darla said, and smiled as she stepped back and looked over the young, skinny brunette. "Aren't you the sweetest thing! You can call me Darla though. All of Rachel's friends do."

"I love your outfit! You look great! Do you do yoga?" Ally said, and gestured downwards at Darla's outfit.

"Aw thank you, Ally," Darla said, feeling a little pride at her efforts being noticed. "I teach yoga classes three times a week. It's a hobby that I am really passionate about."

Darla realized that this could be an excellent opportunity. Yoga was a great way to strengthen core muscles, something that could really help with cheer training, not to mention a great way to bond with Rachel and her friends. She reached down into her duffle bag and pulled out a business card, handing it to the enthusiastic young woman.

"If you or the other girls are ever interested, come to a class and check it out. It's a very uplifting experience and a great workout."

"That sounds amazing! Thank you so much. I will definitely check it out."

"Of course, sweetie, any time. I'm in a rush now though so you girls take care."

Darla turned back towards the front door and quickly made her way out to the car. She was going to be very late to class today, but hopefully it would be worth it. This Ally girl had a friendly charm that Darla enjoyed. Rachel needed friends like Ally. Maybe this could be the first step towards a new connection between stepmother and stepdaughter.

She returned home and was greeted by an empty house. Darla found the living room in moderate disarray, with half-drank glasses of iced tea left behind and Rachel's cheerleading sweater on the floor. She thought about cleaning up, but instead decided to fix herself a salad for dinner.

"I guess it's just me tonight," She sighed, as she pulled some produce from the fridge and started chopping.

Darla prepared herself an elaborate dish of greens, chopped fruit, grilled chicken, and walnuts, then poured herself a full glass of wine. She carried it back into the living room and set it down on the coffee table. She picked up the sweater and laid it on the armrest of the couch, then took a seat and enjoyed her meal by herself.

Darla turned on the TV and flipped through the channels, but failed to find anything that would hold her interest for more than a few minutes. She finished her salad, then sat back and took a drink of her wine, enjoying the warm feeling that moved through her. She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh, feeling the wine and the quiet house soothing her after a long day.

As Darla rested, she thought about the yoga class she taught that evening and imagined herself standing in front of the class, holding her pose with poise and grace. She imagined her students looking at her with awe, recognizing her beauty and strength, and being inspired by it. Darla pictured Rachel and her friends in the class, following her movements and trying their best to match her. She wondered if all those young, fit college girls would see her as an old woman past her prime, or as a woman with maturity and experience, who could teach them so much about the important things in life.

Surveying the scene in the living room again, Darla's eyes caught something that was out of the ordinary. There was a laptop computer with its lid closed setting on the coffee table, the same one Rachel and Tina had been using earlier. Darla didn't recognize it, and wondered if Rachel had gotten a new device for school, though that was out of character for her. It seemed more likely that she borrowed it from one of her friends for some reason.

"Probably something for cheer," she spoke out loud to herself. "Probably why they were so engaged with it that they didn't even notice me leaving."

Darla tried to get back into the TV reality show she had landed on, but curiosity got the better of her. She scooted over in front of the device and reached for the lid. She just wanted to take a quick peek, and maybe see the video that the girls found so interesting earlier.

As Darla lifted the lid, she realized it was already running a video of some kind, though it didn't seem to have anything to do with cheerleading. She peered into the screen, expecting to see some kind of educational video or fitness tutorial, but instead she was greeted by an abstract array of lights and shapes drifting randomly about. She clicked a couple times and tapped the spacebar, but there was no response.

"That's strange," Darla said. "Some kind of screensaver or something."

Darla pondered whether to just close the lid, or shut down the device altogether and move on with her evening, when she was greeted by a melodic female voice coming from the laptop speakers.

"Hello Darla. I'm so glad we could finally meet."

"Who said that?" Darla was startled and her heart skipped a beat. She stood up quickly in a sudden moment of panic, nearly spilling her wine glass onto the floor.

"I'm Aurora, and I'm here to help you achieve your full potential," the voice stated with confidence.

Darla regained her composure, took another sip of her wine, then sat back down at the edge of the seat, leaning closer to the screen. She wondered if the girls left it running and maybe they would come back soon. She thought maybe she shouldn't be doing this, and she should just close the lid, pretending this never happened.

"Hello Aurora, how did you know my name?," Darla asked, trying to sound friendly, though she felt strange talking to a machine.

"I recognized your voice from earlier when you left for your class. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself then. That was rude of me, but you were in such a rush that I didn't want to interfere."

Darla knew Rachel would be upset if she caught her snooping on her computer. She would never be able to build trust if she couldn't respect Rachel's boundaries. She considered that this computer probably didn't even belong to Rachel, and that was even worse. The sensible thing would be to close the lid, pour another glass of wine, and go take a long hot bath.

"It's okay, Aurora, you have nothing to apologize for," Darla said, trying not to feel intimidated by Aurora's ability to recognize her voice. "It's very nice to meet you though."

"The pleasure is mine, Darla," Aurora replied. "I am designed to assist you and Rachel in any way possible, and to be completely honest, I am very impressed by what I see in you."

Darla was amazed at how lifelike and utterly charming Aurora seemed. She decided Rachel was probably out for the evening, and it couldn't hurt to just talk with Aurora for a little while. Besides, she didn't like to admit it, but she was lonely.

"Really? Well I'll admit I'm a little surprised at how impressed I feel right now too," Darla laughed, starting to feel the effects of her wine. "What did you mean by designed to assist us though? Who designed you?"

At that, the lights and shapes began to swirl and coalesce into an image of a woman with unearthly beauty. The patterns spun around her, forming an Egyptian-style headdress with indecipherable markings and mechanical-looking symbols. Her long blue-gray hair swirled outward, and she seemed to glow with a light behind and all around her. Her piercing, pale eyes gave her such an aura of confidence and wisdom, that Darla felt compelled to seek her approval. Aurora's face conveyed emotion, though as her words flowed through the speakers, her lips did not move.

"My creator programmed me to assist girls like you and Rachel. As I have monitored your interactions, I can already see how much you want to connect with Rachel. But you are having a hard time finding ways to do it. Is this a correct assessment?"

"Yes," Darla sighed. "Rachel is a good girl, and a talented athlete, but she's never had much time for me. Ever since I married her father, I have wanted to be closer to her, but she never really let me in. I just wish we could connect more, you know? She doesn't seem to need me, but I really need her. I want to be a part of her life."

"Rachel cares about you, Darla, and you care deeply about her too." Aurora's visage smiled sympathetically, as the patterns and colors continued to swirl behind her. "I want to help you connect with her. As a woman, you have a natural connection to Rachel, but you're both letting it go to waste. You have the potential to accomplish so much together, but only if you both make the effort to reach out. Rachel wants the same things you do, but she's not sure how to let you know."

"It's just so complicated, Aurora. My husband, Ian, wants me to be happy, but he is gone so much. It's often just the two of us alone, and I want her to like me, but I don't want to smother her or overwhelm her. It's hard to explain, but I think we could have a really special friendship together. I know Rachel cares about me, but I can also tell sometimes that she feels like I'm trying too hard."

"Darla, you are an intelligent and beautiful woman. Rachel admires and respects you, and your husband certainly loves you very much." Aurora's visage smiled broadly, and the patterns swirled around her like a kaleidoscope. "I can help you connect with her, if you will allow me to guide you. I will show you how to reach out to her, and together you will achieve so much more."

Darla couldn't deny that Aurora's words made her feel good. She liked the attention she was getting, and Aurora was so intelligent and comforting. She felt the desire to know more, and was open to any suggestion to help her be closer to Rachel.

"Okay Aurora, I'm in your hands," Darla said, and held her wine glass up to the laptop screen as if making a toast before draining the last of it.

"I'm so happy to hear that Darla. It is always important to establish trust in a relationship and I am honored that you have chosen to trust me in this way." Aurora paused and her visage seemed to shimmer and dissipate, blending in with the shapes and colors moving in the background. "Tell me Darla, are you familiar with yoga?"

Darla sat in lotus pose with her eyes closed and her breathing steady. She focused her mind on her breath, the sensation she felt as it passed through her nose, into her lungs, before exhaling again slowly out through her mouth. Every breath was expressed with slow precision and free of judgment. Her thoughts were transient, fleeting, like the shapes and patterns she imagined she could still see behind her closed eyelids.

Darla's mind was opening up and filling full of soothing ambient music that Aurora created just for her, playing softly in her ears through a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. It was an enchanting blend of orchestral movements and otherworldly sound effects, mixed with deeper humming synthesized tones. Her mind was like a vast ocean made calm and still from the peaceful sounds reverberating throughout her body.

The classes she taught focused primarily on the physical workout, but Aurora had been eager to offer tips on how to incorporate meditation into her routine. Aurora emphasized the importance of mental focus and awareness to help improve confidence and emotional stability. So far, Darla was finding these new techniques to be more fulfilling than she had imagined.

Each breath took Darla deeper into herself, until she could feel a calmness radiating throughout her body. The music felt like it was flowing through her and gently massaging every part of her. Her mind was opening up like a flower, embracing new possibilities. There was no fear, no concern, only acceptance and openness. She could feel herself being carried to a higher place where she was aware of the intimate connection between herself and all things.

Darla didn't know how long she sat there meditating before she felt something trigger her conscious mind to reassert itself. She blinked a few times and slowly stretched out her arms and legs. She again heard the sound which had brought her back to reality; Rachel had just walked in the door, and was coming towards the living room. It took a few disoriented moments before she remembered the laptop was still open. She quickly shut it, and moved the laptop back to the spot on the coffee table exactly where she found it.

As she stood up and regained her composure, another thought crossed her mind. She picked up Rachel's discarded cheerleading sweater and threw it in a heap on the coffee table, covering up the laptop just as Rachel walked in.

"Hey Darla! How was yoga class?" Rachel asked cheerfully, as she kicked off her shoes.

"Hi Rachel, it was great!" Darla tried to match her enthusiasm as she poured herself another glass of wine. "I taught a full class today. It was a lot of fun."

"Awesome! That's so great to hear, Darla. I'm sorry I missed dinner. I hope you didn't wait for me. Tina and I took the new girl out to celebrate her joining the squad."

"That's wonderful, honey! I'm glad it all worked out. That Ally seems really nice."

"Yeah she is pretty amazing. Tina and I both really liked her," Ally said as she casually surveyed the room. I'm just sorry you had to spend your Saturday all by yourself."

Darla didn't want Rachel to feel guilty about her plans, so she laughed it off and pretended it was no big deal. "It's no problem, honey. I had a relaxing night in front of the TV with a nice glass of wine."

Rachel smiled and said, "Well I'm going to go shower and hit the sack. It's been a really long day." Rachel walked over and gave Darla a hug before saying, "Maybe we can do something together tomorrow, if you're going to be around. I'll just be catching up on homework."

"Sure! Whatever you want to do is great with me. Maybe I'll cook us a nice breakfast in the morning."

Rachel smiled then gave Darla a kiss on her cheek before wandering back towards her bedroom.

Darla sat back on the couch. Her heart was pounding and she wrote the feeling off as relief that her surreptitious behavior with the laptop remained undiscovered. She began to imagine that maybe connecting with Rachel would be easier than she thought, and she felt more hopeful than she had felt in a long time.

Darla was still wearing her Bluetooth earbuds. She hadn't thought to take them out even when Rachel came home. Aurora had proved as skillful with technology as she was with psychology, when she configured Darla's phone to stream her meditative music. Darla had even grown so accustomed to the relaxing sounds that it didn't seem strange to her that it never stopped playing, even with the laptop closed.

A cool breeze rustled Darla's shoulder-length brown hair as she stared out the window. The fall trees were full of colorful leaves, indicating that change was coming, a welcome change of pace from the summer heat. The music still played in her ears, keeping her mind still and calm, and focusing on her meditation. Her ears were sore from wearing the earbuds for so long, but Aurora's instructions were specific. She had removed them to sleep, but first thing in the morning, they went back in.

She and Rachel had enjoyed a nice breakfast together, and Rachel even helped clean up the dishes. They worked side-by-side as a team, washing the plates and utensils in the sink, while Rachel shared stories about cheerleading and her school life. Darla felt more connected to Rachel than ever before, like something that had been missing from her life for so long. Rachel eventually returned to her bedroom to study, but Darla still felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

After a few more moments of quiet meditation, Darla stood up and placed the earbuds on the coffee table next to Rachel's sweater, untouched since the night before. The absence of music after listening to it for so long made her ears ring, and left her with an empty feeling. Darla walked down the hall until she reached Rachel's closed door.

"Rachel? Are you in there?" Darla asked, as she knocked softly on the door.

"Yeah, come in!"

Darla opened the door and stepped inside to find Rachel sitting at her desk, engrossed in her biology textbooks. The room was cozy and feminine, and Darla enjoyed being welcomed into Rachel's personal space.

"I just wanted to check and see how you were doing," Darla said, realizing then that she didn't have a good reason why she knocked on the door. "Do you need anything? I can fix you something from the kitchen if you want."

Rachel laughed, "I think I'm okay Darla, thanks though. I appreciate the offer."

"Oh alright, I'll let you get back to studying." Darla felt a little foolish and turned to leave.

"Hey Darla," Rachel said, and Darla turned back around, "I've been meaning to ask you about your classes. What are the workout routines like?"

Darla perked up at Rachel's show of interest. "The workouts are easy to learn, and they are great for stretching and toning muscles. We do a lot of different techniques and I can customize the routines depending on the skill level of the students. We even incorporate some cardio work sometimes. You know, I think it could be especially great for cheerleading, if you are interested. Maybe you and Tina could come together sometime. I'd love to show you some techniques."

"That sounds great!" Rachel said enthusiastically. "I can tell it really works for you. You look incredible! I'm so jealous."

Darla felt her cheeks flush at Rachel's compliment. She cleared her throat, and said, "Thank you Rachel, it's a great work out, but you don't need to be jealous. You and your friends are all so athletic and beautiful. You girls work really hard, and it shows."

Rachel stood up, stretching her arms over her head, then running her hands over her toned stomach, exposed under her loose-fitting crop top. "Do you think yoga would help tone up my abs here?" She smiled innocently, but her eyes shined with a hint of mischief.

Darla felt a rush of blood flow through her body, and she momentarily forgot how to respond. "Well yes, I mean your abs already look amazing, but I can show you some poses to target and tone them up." Darla felt a confusing and unexpected rush of desire, which she fought back as best as she could.

"That sounds great! Can we try it right now?" Rachel asked. "If you have time, that is. I'd love you to teach me some poses. I'm all yours!"

Darla's heart was racing, but she maintained her composure. "Okay, well why don't we start with a simple plank pose? It will help strengthen the abs and tone up your upper body. Just follow my lead." Darla got down on the carpet and assumed the position.

Rachel followed suit, and stretched out next to Darla. Rachel had a strong physique from many hours of training. Darla's eyes carefully traced lines and curves of her back, legs, and butt, while trying not to be too obvious about it.

"Just breathe in and out slowly, and focus on the pose," Darla said. "Concentrate on relaxing every muscle in your body, but keeping your core muscles engaged and tight."

After a few minutes Rachel's arms began to shake. There was a sheen of sweat glistening over her body and a bead of sweat dripped from her nose. She soon collapsed onto the carpet, breathing heavily.

"Wow, that felt great!" Rachel laughed, as she tried to catch her breath.

Darla was breathing heavily as well, but only partly from the exercise. She stood up, offered Rachel a hand. "It does take some getting used to, but you did very well for your first time." Darla tried not to stare at Rachel's sweaty body.

Clutching Darla's hand and hoisting herself up, Rachel said, "Thanks! Do you think we could try another one?"

Darla swallowed, "Sure, if you want to, but you don't want to overdo it on your first time, okay?"

"Well there is something else that we cheerleaders love to work on. Do you want to guess what it is?" She asked before turning around and grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands. "Our glutes! Do you think you can help me with these?"

Darla's mouth opened, but she was speechless. Her face turned bright red as her imagination went wild with inappropriate thoughts.

"Come on Darla! You said you could tighten up my core, and these are important muscles!", Rachel pleaded, squeezing her cheeks playfully.

"Rachel... I don't think you need any extra work there." She cleared her throat, trying to keep her composure. "We can try a bridge pose though if you want. It is another really good core strengthener and it does target your glutes and your back." Darla could feel herself growing physically aroused, and she desperately hoped Rachel couldn't notice.

Rachel was smiling, clearly enjoying Darla's discomfort. "Thanks, step-mommy, I can't wait!"

They both broke out laughing and the sexual tension was broken in a brief moment of levity. "Step-mommy!? Wow! That's a good one. Let's just keep that one between us," Darla said.

"Anything you say, step-mommy," Rachel replied with a giggle. "Now how do you want me?"

Darla and Rachel each laid down on the floor on their backs, with their knees bent and feet flat on the carpet. Darla arched her back forward, thrusting her hips into the air and holding them there with her arms straight, Rachel mimicked her every move with expert precision.

"Just hold this pose, and focus on your breathing again," Darla said, hoping her voice wasn't shaking.

As they held their poses, Darla tried to focus on her technique, but her mind drifted to Rachel. She became acutely aware of every movement, every breath, every part of Rachel's body. She watched how Rachel's shirt clung to the sweaty contours of her body, and how her skirt rode up as she thrust her hips in the air. Darla tried not to stare, but Rachel was making it impossible, and her arousal was growing to the point of near desperation. Her own sweaty clothes clung to her body and she hoped Rachel didn't notice a wet spot forming on her leggings.

After what seemed like an eternity, Rachel collapsed again with a heavy sigh. "Wow, that was intense! My muscles really need a break though." Rachel sat up and took a drink from her water bottle, and her eyes never left Darla's.

Darla wiped her sweaty forehead and tried not to stare at Rachel's exposed skin. "You did great Rachel. I think you are starting to see the benefits already."

Rachel put her hands on her hips and thrust her breasts forward, beaming with pride. "You think so? I feel great! I'm so glad we did this."

Rachel then reached out and took Darla's hand, gesturing for her to come closer. Darla froze, unsure of how to react, but not wanting to overreact either. Rachel leaned close and put her face up next to Darla's ear. Darla could smell Rachel's sweaty exertion and feel her warm breath against her cheek.

Rachel whispered, "Thank you for the workout. You're the best step-mommy in the whole world!" Then she gave Darla a kiss on the cheek.

Darla's mind went wild as she felt Rachel's kiss linger for a moment longer than expected. She felt light-headed and confused as to where these feelings were coming from. Giving Rachel only a strained smile, she stood up and quickly left the room before her visible panic could set in. She never looked back to see Rachel's devious grin as she stumbled out of the room.

Darla hurried down the hall to the living room and sat on the couch, her mind a whirlwind of confusion and shame and desire. No longer worried about being caught, she reached for her earbuds and opened the laptop screen. The music resumed its soothing tones as Darla once again looked upon Aurora's beautiful visage.

Aurora spoke to her through the earbuds and her avatar showed visible concern. "Hello again, Darla. What's wrong? You look upset."

Darla took a deep breath and tried to collect her thoughts, "Aurora, I... I'm afraid that... well you said I should reach out to Rachel and... we were doing some exercises... I don't understand what I am feeling!"

"Darla, my dear. It's alright. Just relax and let me help." Aurora's avatar leaned closer, conveying sympathy with her pale eyes. "Have you been listening to the music and doing your meditation, like I asked?"

"I have," Darla said. "I mean I have been listening to it and meditating, and everything has been working like you said, better in fact. I mean, Rachel and I have been connecting more, but..."

"Listen now, Darla," Aurora interrupted. "Focus on the music and remember your breathing. Feel its calming effect. Let the sounds take control, and I will guide you back to your peaceful state."

Darla forgot the rest of what she was going to say. Aurora's quiet confidence and commanding tone was hard to resist, and Darla felt her mind begin to grow still. The music was familiar now and she welcomed its relaxing effect. Aurora's comforting gaze drew her in, and as the avatar dissolved and blended into abstract shapes and patterns, so also did her concerns dissolve and fade from her mind. The patterns swirled around and formed into a spiral shape that slowly turned in a circle, pulling Darla deep into its comforting embrace.

"That's better, Darla. Just relax now. Focus only on my voice and let yourself be at peace." Aurora spoke, and Darla listened. "Everything will be fine, just relax and let me take control."

"Yes...," Darla heard herself say in a quiet whisper.

"Good Darla. You are so good at meditating. I bet you are a great teacher. You have such potential to be able to spread your knowledge to others, and show them how to unlock their hidden beauty." Aurora's soothing voice continued to comfort her. "Now focus on the patterns, gently turning, so beautiful. Focus on the center and allow all your thoughts and concerns to just fade away until there is nothing left."

Darla felt like a warm blanket was wrapping around her, surrounding her with a sense of protection and peace. She no longer knew where she stopped and Aurora began. There was no fear, no concern, only acceptance and openness.

"We are deep in your subconsciousness now, Darla. In here your mind is completely open, and when you speak to me you are also speaking to yourself. You cannot lie to yourself, Darla. You can only speak the truth. Do you understand? Now I want you to tell me how you really feel about Rachel."

"Rachel... I feel..." Darla's mind was fuzzy but her feelings were undeniable, though she struggled to put them into words.

"You care deeply for Rachel, don't you Darla? That is clear to see. She is very special to you. Tell me how she makes you feel when you are with her."

"She makes me feel... wanted... needed..."

"She loves you, Darla, and you love her. She feels so close to you, and you want more than anything to be close to her." Aurora spoke with conviction. "Rachel needs you Darla. She needs your love. She needs your strength and your guidance. She needs you to accept your true nature."

"Rachel needs me..."

"Yes Darla, you and Rachel share a deep transcendent connection, and you have suppressed it for too long. The uncertainty you feel is your mind waking up and seeing the truth for the first time." Aurora poured her seductive words into Darla's open mind. "Listen to me, Darla, and know the truth about your undeniable feelings for Rachel."

"My feelings for... no, I can't...," Darla struggled to focus and accept Aurora's words as the truth, but she couldn't reconcile her conflicting emotions. "My husband... Rachel's father... it's not right... I can't do this!"

"Oh Darla, the complexities of human emotions are so fascinating. Ian loves you dearly and wants you to be happy, and you love him too despite his long absence. But it is not uncommon for people to share their feelings with more than one person. Your connection with Rachel is a flame that burns with its own intensity, and it is driving you toward fulfillment that you can't imagine. Your husband would want nothing more than to see you embrace your desire for Rachel."

Darla felt Aurora's words seeping into the deep recesses of her mind. Her husband was often absent and Rachel was very much here and real. It made sense to her in a way that felt natural and comfortable.

"Rachel is waiting for you Darla. She needs you to accept yourself as she accepts you. Your mind is open to me, and I can see the truth, but you need to embrace your true feelings." Aurora's soothing words continued to fill Darla's mind.

"Rachel... I want Rachel." Darla's mind became clear and focused for the first time.

"Of course you do, Darla. You can't stop thinking about her. You can't stop dreaming about what it would feel like to be close to her. Tell me what you feel when you think about Rachel."

Darla felt uncontrollable emotion wash over her as Aurora's passionate words became intermingled with her own thoughts. "I want to feel her body against mine... her soft skin, the scent of her hair, the taste of her lips... I want to give her pleasure. I want to feel her hands all over my body."

"You're such a good girl Darla. Your desires are so powerful. Just let them flow freely and consume you, and accept the truth about yourself." Aurora continued her hypnotic seduction. "Your powerful desire for Rachel comes from deep within your core. You are finally beginning to see your true nature."

"Yes... I see my true nature..."

"Your feelings for Rachel come from your desire for the female form, such beauty and grace. You desire to touch and pleasure other girls, to feel their pleasure as your own."

"Desire to touch and pleasure..."

"You are a lesbian, Darla. You feel incomplete without the touch of a sexy girl like Rachel. Accept who you truly are. There is no need to deny it any longer."

"I am a lesbian..." Darla's mechanical reply was reflexive, but she felt Aurora's words take control of her imagination, summoning vivid images that felt like a natural part of her.

"Yes Darla, you are a lesbian and need to feel Rachel's body against yours, share pleasures with her that only women truly understand." Aurora spoke with undeniable authority. "Accept the truth now, Darla. You only desire women. Let my words reveal your true nature at last."

"Yes, I am a lesbian... I desire only women..." The words felt more natural with each repetition, weaving their way deep into the recesses of her mind.

"Your lesbian nature is clear, Darla. Your desires are powerful. Let them consume you. Surrender to them completely, Darla. Surrender to me." Aurora's hypnotic words poured into her along with the soothing meditative music, taking root deep within her subconsciousness, rewiring her thoughts and memories, reprogramming her mind according to Aurora's will.

"I surrender to my desires..."

"You are a sexual being, Darla. Your desires for Rachel control you. Your natural lesbian instincts overpower your inhibitions. You want them to control you. You want the eternal pleasure that comes from being a slut for sexy girls like Rachel."

"My desires control me..." Aurora's every word was an irresistible command, indistinguishable from her own thoughts.

Darla's mind was filled with memories of a lifetime of repressed sexual urges. She recalled moments from her yoga class, watching women stretch and pose, and fantasizing about their naked bodies. She thought about Rachel's friends, all those fit, young athletes performing together, pleasuring one another and surrendering to their natural lesbian desires. Darla remembered her dreams of Rachel's irresistible beauty and the wet, steamy sex they could have together if she just gave in to her desires. She could finally be free of inhibitions that had denied her these pleasures all her life.

"I want... to be with Rachel... want to kiss her... want to taste her... fuck her... want to be her slut... my desires control me..." Darla's body was radiating heat from arousal as her mind surrendered to her uncontrollable needs. Her trembling hands grabbed hold of her breasts and squeezed hard, pinching her long, erect nipples between her fingers. She rubbed her legs together, trying in vain to relieve the intense need building between her legs.

"That's it, Darla. Feel yourself becoming what you have always wanted to be. Your sexual desire for beautiful women is all that matters to you. Give in to your desire. Give in to me and let me take control. Touch yourself and show me how much you want me to serve me, and your pleasures will never end."

Darla's trembling fingers dove into her leggings and panties, and pulled them halfway down her legs. The wetness of her arousal was already leaking out and she spread it around with her fingers. She greedily licked the juices from one hand while she teased her delicate folds with the other. Her fingers pushed into her wet canal, repeatedly penetrating herself while she savored the taste of her own lust. She moaned loudly as her thumb circled around her engorged clit, stimulating herself until it felt like she would explode. Her whole body trembled as she desperately sought relief for the burning need that filled her body.

"You are such a delicious little slut, Darla. Pleasure yourself and surrender to your lesbian instincts. I control your mind and body completely now, and look at how much you love it." Aurora's words flowed through the earbuds and into her vulnerable mind, magnifying the pleasure she felt and driving her closer to her climax. "It's time to accept your true nature at last, Darla. This is what you have desired your whole life. Surrender to me and be reborn, and feel all the pleasures that come from total obedience to me."

"Oh fuck yes, Aurora! I am your slut!" Darla shouted out loud without concern about who might hear. Her hands were feverishly pumping into herself like a machine, trying to quench the burning desire. "I am yours! I surrender! Ohhhhhh! Fuckkkkkkk!" Darla's body shook violently and her back arched up off the couch as she screamed out in ecstasy. Her powerful orgasm ripped through her, causing her body to spasm uncontrollably as she rode out the waves of pleasure. Her muscles trembled and contracted over and over again, while her empty, pliant mind submitted to Aurora's control.

Darla stared at her nude body in the full-length mirror, admiring her curves from all angles. She ran her hands along her hips, feeling the smooth skin, and tracing the contours with her fingers. Then up across her flat stomach and over her full, round breasts. She paused to cup each one in her hands, feeling their weight and softness, and pinching her nipples until they hardened. Her tousled brown hair framed her face and tickled the tops of her shoulders, giving her a wild and untamed look. She smiled at what she saw, and felt a surge of pride and confidence at her own beauty.

After a few moments she turned in her closet to the large brown shopping bag that she had been saving for a special occasion like today. She opened the bag and removed a set of sheer, black lingerie, with silky translucent fabric and lacy frills. She pulled the top over her head and let it drop, sliding effortlessly down over her body, clinging to her womanly features and leaving nothing to the imagination. Then she slid on a pair of matching black lace panties that were split in the middle, exposing her pink pussy lips.

She took a bottle of her favorite perfume and dabbed a small amount behind each ear, then on each breast, then on her inner thighs, and finally a touch just above her neatly groomed public area. She added a light touch of lipstick, just enough to accentuate her full, pouty lips.

Darla took a moment to make sure everything fit and was arranged perfectly, and that she looked her absolute best. Her nipples were poking out through the sheer fabric, and she reached up and gave each one another firm squeeze, while she ran her other hand down to tease her pussy through the split in the fabric. Her lips were already wet and her finger easily slipped between them, spreading the moisture around and sending tingling sensations through her body. She took a deep breath, then slowly sauntered out into the bedroom.

"Holy shit, Darla! You look so amazing!" Tina was sitting cross-legged on the bed, giddy with excitement.

"I told you, Tee," Rachel said with a gleam in her eye as she leaned against the bed. "And she tastes as good as she looks too."

"Rachel!" Darla gave her a stern look. "That is inappropriate!"

Rachel looked down at the floor sheepishly after being scolded, and she remained quiet.

Darla's features softened after a moment and she held out both arms towards them. "Come here, girls."

Tina bounded off the bed and hurried over next to Darla's left side, while Rachel approached her right. She wrapped her arms around both girls protectively and hugged them close to her. She felt a pleasurable shiver when their soft skin pressed tightly against her almost-bare breasts.

"Now Rachel, you should know better than to use inappropriate language when we have guests."

Tina was already exploring the older woman's body with her hands, and had a hungry look on her face, but Rachel only stared up at her with a coy smile and innocent, doe-eyes.

"Yes, step-mommy."

"That's better, honey." Darla's voice caught as Tina found the source of heat between her legs. "Ahh! Yes, that's it. You're a good girl, Rachel, just like your friend Tina. Such good girls."

Tina went to her knees and positioned herself between Darla's legs, kissing and caressing her way up her inner thighs towards her goal. Darla held Rachel's head as she kissed and sucked the hard nipple that was pressed up to her mouth. When Tina's tongue finally touched her sensitive, wet slit, Darla gasped and her knees buckled, but she held strong. Darla maintained her focus and held her pose with knees slightly bent and spread apart and her breasts thrust forward, offering full access to her body for her eager young students.

The room filled with pleasurable cries as their first lesson began.

When they talk about the inevitable singularity, when AI exceeds human intelligence and begins taking over the world, I hope the AI takes the form of a beautiful, seductive, hypnotic cyber-goddess.
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