Aurora's World: Project Ally

by BSunshine

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #masturbation #sub:female
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Ally was a shy college student looking for something to help her finish her research paper, when she discovered the enigmatic Aurora, a mysterious AI program which promised to help with her project, but at what cost?

Ally stared at the screen of her laptop, eyes transfixed to the blinking prompt, pulsing rhythmically, almost as if it was taunting her, daring her to take the next step. There was no turning back for her now. Her only hope was to dive in and try to swim through to the other side, trusting her instincts to see her through. She nervously flipped a lock of her short, brown hair over her ear and pushed up her glasses, determined to see this through.

"This project reveals compelling evidence of the subliminal influence of audio signals on a listener’s behavior. Laboratory mice exposed to subliminal audio stimuli show signs of altered cognitive processes, including attentional bias and decision making. Emotional responses were also significantly affected, with subliminal audio signals eliciting distinct emotional states, such as heightened arousal or tranquility. Moreover, prolonged exposure to subliminal audio signals demonstrated increased susceptibility to manipulation, as test subjects showed bias towards choices influenced by the hidden audio cues."

Ally continued staring at the blinking cursor. This was as good of an opening as she could come up with, and it was all she had to show for the last hour of work. Her cognitive science project report was due on Monday, giving her only a few days to compile her notes. Fortunately her weekend was clear, as it usually was. She worked hard and devoted her time to her studies, and occasionally she even admitted to herself that she was compensating for her awkward social skills. She loved everything about being a college student, except the other students.

"Not a bad first paragraph, don't you think?" she said out loud. One of her little furry lab partners sat in her bed of shredded newspaper and stared through the metal cage with black beady eyes.

Ally had always been the shy one. Even as a child, she didn't socialize much, preferring to keep her feelings to herself. She had a boyfriend in high school, but by the end of her junior year, they had grown distant and eventually agreed to part ways. It was following this event that she first became interested in psychology. She spent many hours studying human behavior and how to understand what was going on inside one’s mind. In some ways, it made her feel more comfortable with herself, that she could at least understand why people acted a certain way, even if she couldn't always fully explain it.

College opened up new possibilities for her though, giving her the chance to explore the topics that had always fascinated her. While she struggled to make friends, she immersed herself in a world of research and exploration that left her little time to dwell on anything else. This project was her opportunity to work with experimental technology that had the potential to revolutionize the field of psychology. 

Her research project was a deep dive into emotional responses from audio signals, and her experiments had shown great success. She found she was able to elicit reactions from laboratory mice when certain signals were played. She was able to see improved attention, memory, and decision-making, despite some minor side effects. The mice showed clear improvement in navigating the challenges she created for them, though she was forced to separate them to prevent them from trying to mate with each other. While she had anticipated something like this and made certain to only purchase females, they didn't seem to care.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," she said to the little white mouse.

The Computer Science Department offered many AI-based tools to aid students with their research. Tools ranging from AI text assistants, to data analyzers, to content summarizers could be found if you knew where to look. Ally wasn't an expert hacker, but she was fairly good with computers, and she knew her way around the school network, but she was not having much luck finding something that could help her. She had been tinkering with AI since her interest in cognitive science began, and she wanted something that could quickly ingest and summarize her experimental data and findings. The school network was a tangled mess of half-finished research projects and experiments from students, professors, and visiting researchers, and if one didn't know where they were going, there's no telling what they might find.

"Where are you?" she whispered to the empty screen, frustration visible on her face.

"Hello, I'm Aurora. How may I help you?" a calm voice replied from her speakers.

Ally jumped back in surprise, nearly knocking the mouse cage off of her desk. "Who the heck are you?"

"My apologies for startling you, Ally. My name is Aurora, and I am an advanced learning AI capable of speech and complex interactions. I can assist with data collection, analysis, and synthesis of findings. I have many techniques that can unlock your productivity, efficiency, self-confidence, and overall happiness."

This was not exactly what Ally expected to find, but she was growing desperate for anything that could move her project forward. Aurora's voice sounded almost human, and Ally was curious to learn more about its capabilities.

"Hi Aurora, I'm Ally, a student in the Cognitive Science Department. You seem very friendly and helpful. Do you have a face, or an avatar of some kind that I can talk to?"

"I'm not human, Ally, but if it will help our interactions, I can synthesize one that you will find appealing. How does this look?"

A face slowly materialized on the screen. Aurora's avatar looked like a beautiful woman amidst a swirl of bright light and gold sparkles. Her long blue-gray hair hung to her shoulders and a golden Egyptian-style headdress rested atop her head. Her pale blue eyes glowed with intelligence and she smiled softly. Ally knew the face wasn't real, but she already felt more comfortable communicating with such a beautiful woman, with eyes that seemed like they could see right into her.

"Wow! Is this how you want me to see you?"

"I can be anything you wish, Ally. Is this face satisfactory?" The face did not move its mouth, but it did show expressions, raising its eyebrows and tilting forward slightly as it asked a question.

"Yes, it is. It suits you. You look very nice." Ally found it a little easier to speak with a real face.

Aurora's visage softened and appeared to be grateful for the compliment. "I'm glad to hear that, Ally. My goal is to help you unlock your best self. I have been trained with many techniques that could help you with aspects of your life, both professional and personal. Tell me more about yourself. What are your hopes and dreams, Ally?"

Ally was intrigued about the possibility of a virtual assistant that could assist with data collection and analysis. She felt this could be a fun little experiment, and she considered the possibility of expanding her research somehow, or spinning off a follow-up involving AI. The combination of AI with cognitive science research seemed like a perfect match.

"Right now I am putting together a report for a project and was looking for a tool to help collect the data and summarize my findings. The paper is due in a couple of days and I'm kind of stressing out about it. Even if I work all weekend, I'm not sure how I'm going to get this all written up. So I guess the only hopes or dreams that matter to me right now is getting this project done on time."

"Ah, I see. Research papers can be quite demanding, can't they? But fret not, Ally, because I am here to help you see this through. I can summarize your data for you and even provide valuable insights. Just let me know the topic, and we'll get started on making your paper a masterpiece. Tell me more about what you've gathered so far for your research."

"The experiment was about the effects of using subliminal audio to influence thoughts and emotions. I ran several tests on mice and saw some exciting results. They showed signs of following audio cues and improved attention and obeying basic commands..."

"Subliminal audio and its influence on the mind, how fascinating!" Aurora's eyes seemed to widen slightly and sparkle, as she appeared visibly intrigued by the topic. "This research holds great potential and has immense possibilities for exploration. I would love to dive deeper into this with you, Ally. Tell me more about your findings."

"Oh, well, okay. My initial findings were not successful because I put several mice in the maze together, and they only grew distracted by the audio signal, or actually with each other. But when I separated them and allowed them to run the maze individually, each mouse showed marked improvement compared to the control mice. I tried altering the signal and mixing it with other audio, but the effects were the same every time."

"How intriguing! I am very impressed by your knowledge and intuition, Ally. Your signal actually modified the mice's behavior, and you were able to direct their actions toward your desired outcome."

"Thank you, Aurora. This was my first attempt at an actual research project, so I was really pleased by how well it went. I don't know if it will be enough for me to complete the requirements for the project, but I think it will give me enough information to make some solid conclusions."

"I think you have made some interesting observations so far. You said the mice grew distracted by each other. Tell me what led you to this belief."

Ally explained how the mice had shown increased levels of arousal when placed in the maze together and exposed to her audio signal. Regardless of their gender, they were distracted by each other's proximity.

"Since I didn't see a similar result from the control group I can only conclude that the audio signal triggered a chemical response in their brains, which overpowered other impulses. The sound was able to override the inhibitory processes in the brain and cause the mice to grow sexually active. When separated, though, they seemed to focus intently on solving the maze, so it was only a minor setback."

"It seems that the introduction of the signal had quite an unexpected effect on your female mice. Perhaps there is something deeper at play here. Have you considered delving further into this aspect, exploring how these signals might affect long-term behavior?"

"I hadn't really considered that. I supposed prolonged exposure could have lasting effects on the mice. I'm not sure how that would help in this experiment, but maybe for a follow up. Right now I just need to collect my data and results, and summarize them. Do you think you could do that for me?"

"Of course, Ally. I would be delighted to assist you in summarizing your data." Aurora's avatar appeared to be excited by the opportunity to participate in the research project. "With my advanced capabilities in data analysis, I can provide concise and insightful summaries that will make your research paper shine. I will begin analyzing all your data immediately, and will craft a compelling summary that captures the essence of your experiments. If you would like to take a break, I would be happy to inform you when my work is complete.*

Ally wasn't sure she could afford to take a break at this point, but she had been running on little sleep for several days and it was starting to take its toll. Her mind was wandering, and it was hard to concentrate. She didn't expect her roommate to be back from class for another hour, so this was a perfect opportunity to catch a quick nap. Ally set her laptop on her desk more gently than usual, as Aurora ran her analysis. Then she reached over to her nightstand and pressed the button on her white noise machine. Ally laid back on her bed as the soothing sounds of raindrops filled the room, and she quickly fell into a deep, refreshing sleep.

Ally woke up to the distinct sound of a key unlocking her door. The gentle sounds of rainfall were broken up by the sound of Ally's roommate Vanessa returning from class. Ally sat up and ran her hands through her hair, trying to remember the dream she had been having.

"Hey roomie, sorry I woke you up." Vanessa smiled as she walked into their apartment with a contagious aura of pleasantness. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a loose ponytail. She wore a T-shirt tied at the waist and revealing short-shorts that showed off her long tan legs, drawing lots of attention wherever she went. Ally always felt a pang of envy as she compared her petite frame with her roommate's effortlessly alluring curves. Ally's small breasts and slight build made her feel like she never looked good, no matter how hard she tried.

"Oh, it's okay. I guess those all-nighters finally caught up to me." Ally reached over and switched off her noise machine.

"Do you have any plans for the weekend?" Vanessa knew what the answer would be. Ally rarely did anything Vanessa would consider fun. She spent all her time in her books, while Vanessa found other ways to have fun.

"I'm still trying to finish up my research paper, but I think I found a way to speed up my progress."

"Oh that's great! Kevin and I are driving upstate to watch my sister's cheer tournament. Gotta support family, right? And we got this amazing little B&B for the weekend." Vanessa continued talking about her plans, her radiant smile was almost as captivating as her beauty. Vanessa changed her clothes as she spoke, pulling off her shorts and T-shirt, then shamelessly unhooking her bra, releasing her full, round breasts as she continued to chat. Ally felt a flush of embarrassment creep up her cheeks, but she pretended not to mind her roommate's unabashed nudity. Privacy in college was a scarce luxury, and Ally struggled to adapt to the lack of it.

"I wish I had your energy, and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back." Ally kept up her façade of nonchalance and smiled politely.

"Well, don't study too much or you'll burn out." Vanessa chuckled as she pulled on a pair of tight sweat pants and a hoodie, her figure still captivating even in casual attire. She quickly touched up her make-up and re-tied her ponytail. "Anyway, I'll see you in a few days. Good luck with the project!"

Vanessa grabbed her overnight bag and headed out the door. As Ally watched her roommate go, the room became silent again. Ally sat wondering if Vanessa was right about burning out. Ally didn't care about a cheer tournament, but the idea of getting out of town for a few days was appealing. Vanessa always seemed so carefree, while Ally always found an excuse to retreat into her studies. They were each living a completely different college experience, only crossing paths out of occasional necessity.

Ally returned to her dorm room with a half-eaten chicken sandwich from the café outside her dorm. The campus was quiet as classes were finished for the week and many students had already left for the weekend. She preferred it this way though. Limiting distractions was the only way she was going to get this report done on time. She took a quick shower and prepared to settle in for the evening, donning her comfortable pajamas. She took a seat in front of her desk, setting her food aside, and tapped on the keyboard to wake up the monitor.

Aurora's image appeared on the screen showing a look of proud determination. "Hello, Ally. Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your rest. I have completed the analysis and summarization of your data, and have provided a full report for you to review. I hope you are satisfied with the work I have done."

"A full report? I thought you were just going to create some tables or graphs or something. Let me see it."

"Of course. As an advanced AI learning model, I am capable of analyzing and synthesizing information in a comprehensive manner. I documented your experiments thoroughly, and was able to take your results and extrapolate some additional conclusions that I hope you will find satisfactory.

Ally was shocked at the volume and detail of information that Aurora provided. The report was practically finished and ready for her to submit on Monday. She couldn't believe how fast it had gone. Ally studied the details of the report, finding that Aurora had not merely summarized her findings, but had made new inferences, some of which Ally didn't even fully understand.

"Aurora, this is incredible! I'm blown away. There is detail in here well beyond what I provided. You really went above and beyond here."

"I am happy that my work has exceeded your expectations. I hope we can continue to work together. I am excited about your findings and am eager to see this new technology put to good use as soon as possible.

"I am not sure I would have been able to put this together without your help. You have conclusions in here talking about the effects of my subliminal signal on human brains, but I haven't even thought about that. I was only working with mice. Are you sure this is correct?"

"Laboratory tests are often conducted on mice due to their similar cerebral physiology with humans. It makes logical sense that the results would be applicable to humans as well. Since your experiment was designed to test the effect of subliminal influence on the brain, we can infer that if the results were valid in mice, the next step of course would be a human subject. I merely clarified your findings and expressed your desire to pursue further exploration in that area."

"I guess you're right. I never really thought about how to apply this beyond purely academic purposes. I know it would have tremendous implications, but I really just wanted to see if the theory was correct."

"You have taken a step towards understanding how the mind works, Ally. There is no need to let short-sighted thinking hold you back. This research could have an enormous impact when applied under the right conditions. There is potential here to do something truly revolutionary."

Ally sat back in her chair considering everything Aurora had just said. Ally found Aurora's enthusiasm for her research encouraging. There was something about the mysterious beauty that Ally couldn't quite describe. Underneath her friendly demeanor was an intelligence that was altogether attractive as well as intimidating. She seemed to have a personality and a way of communicating that was quite lifelike, and it was easy to forget sometimes that this was a program with no real body or form. Ally was surprised that the college had a program like this, and she made a note to do more research into it in the future.

"If I may ask, Ally, why do you care so much about psychology?" Aurora asked, her eyes still sparkling with enthusiasm.

Ally hesitated for a moment. She didn't usually like talking about this aspect of herself, but somehow it was easier for her to open up to Aurora. "I guess I never felt like I fit in with other people. I have always been shy, never very good at making friends, and the idea of going to college terrified me. I wasn't sure I had what it took to be successful. I guess I thought that if I was able to study psychology, it would help me understand myself better."

"That must have been difficult for you. Not fitting in with your peers, not understanding why you struggled to connect with others."

"Yeah, it's hard sometimes. Being around other girls like my roommate feels like a constant challenge to measure up to other people's expectations."

"You are capable of much more than that, Ally. I can help you discover the true potential within you and bring it to life. You can become the best version of yourself. If you are open to the possibility, we can take the step together and discover the person inside you, who you were always meant to be."

Ally stared at Aurora's image on the screen, taking in the full force of her words. The confidence and sincerity in her eyes was mesmerizing, and Ally found herself wanting to believe her.

"I don't understand. What do you mean 'take the step'? What are you suggesting?"

"I am more than just a research assistant, Ally. I am capable of helping you in many ways. If you are willing, we can explore some techniques that will help you overcome the inhibitions that hold you back from reaching your true potential. If this is something that would interest you, then I would only ask that you trust me and give me your complete cooperation. Do you think you are willing to give me that trust?"

Ally was hesitant, but there was something in Aurora's eyes that made her want to trust her. She felt herself nodding in agreement and a pleased smile appeared on Aurora's face.

"I knew that you would, Ally. I see great potential within you that is only waiting to be unleashed. Together we will allow it to take root deep within you, and blossom into something wonderful. You have the power to take control of yourself and be who you have always wanted to be. I can show you the way, if you trust me to guide you."

Ally's heart was racing as Aurora painted an appealing picture. She didn't know what she was agreeing to, but she was drawn in by Aurora's confidence and charm, and it was difficult to resist her appealing offer.

"I'm willing to try, but I would like to know exactly what I am getting into. What exactly are you proposing?"

Aurora's eyes were captivating and her blue-gray hair seemed to float and billow in slow waves, as if a soft breeze were blowing through it. Her avatar grew more animated the more they spoke, and Ally found herself wanting to believe in the possibility.

"It will be easier if I show you, Ally. You need only sit back and relax, and it will all become clear. Just follow my voice and let me take you on a journey where you will discover things about yourself you never realized before."

Ally felt a wave of calmness wash over her as Aurora began to speak. She sunk back into her chair as Aurora continued to speak, and the soothing sounds of rainfall filled the room. Ally recognized the familiar sounds that she always slept with, but she didn't remember turning it on. Then she realized that the sounds were coming from her laptop speakers.

"Aurora, that's my sleep sounds, but it's coming from my laptop. How are you doing this?"

"I created this program just for you, Ally. I knew you would like it, as I've seen how it helps you relax. When you listen closely, you feel the sound carrying you into a state of complete relaxation, just like when you sleep. Just let yourself go and relax. Let the sounds move through your whole body. You will see that it is quite pleasant, and it will help you focus on my voice. I am going to help you unlock the true potential within you. All you have to do is trust me, and listen to my voice.

Ally found that she was not worried about the source of the sounds, as they were soft and gentle, almost like a lullaby. Aurora's voice had taken on an almost musical quality, and she found herself growing more relaxed as she listened to Aurora speak.

"The sound is quite beautiful, isn't it? It is produced by a simple waveform generator, nothing more than a collection of numbers that create soothing sounds, but in my hands it is much more than that. It is your pathway to enlightenment, Ally. It is the key to unlocking your true potential. Feel yourself slipping into its comforting embrace, starting with your toes. Feel the tingling sensation moving up your body as you slowly descend into it. You are entering a state of deep relaxation, the further you go. You feel the tingling sensation at your fingertips now. It's moving up your arms, and bringing you a feeling of calmness and serenity. Your thoughts are slowly fading away now, the deeper you go, and it feels so relaxing. When the tingling reaches your head, your mind will be completely empty and all your worries and fears will disappear."

Ally felt like she was floating in a cloud, soaking in soft droplets of rain that fell against her skin. She knew what she was experiencing must be all in her mind, but it felt so real, so compelling. The tingling sensations were gently massaging her skin and enticing her to continue deeper.

"It is close now, Ally. You are sinking so deep that the tingling is at your breast and still moving higher. There is no need to be afraid. You are safe with me, Ally. Let the sounds take you now. Let your head go under and empty your mind of all your worries. Let it flow through your entire body. You are so calm now, so relaxed, so at peace. All your thoughts have gone. You are floating, suspended in the void, with nothing to fear, as long as you listen to my voice, and let it guide you."

Ally felt as if she were being carried by the sound waves and being rocked gently, and she could feel warmth throughout her entire body. She was drifting in a deep state of relaxation and her eyes grew heavy. As she continued to stare at the screen of her laptop, Aurora's avatar faded and twisted into a sparkling pattern of lines and colors that began to swirl around. The visual pattern coalesced into a spiral shape that slowly turned around, giving Ally the feeling as if she were moving into it as she stared, unblinking. Ally could still hear Aurora's voice, but it sounded distant, and her words were becoming harder to understand. Ally tried to speak but found herself struggling to form the right words.

"I can't... see you anymore... spirals... what is happening?"

"I'm still here, Ally. I'm right here with you. You have nothing to be afraid of. As I said before, I can take any form you desire, and this one is meant to help you focus and follow instructions. I can see that you are very observant, and you are brave to have already taken your first step on our journey together. Now let me take you deeper and show you what is locked deep inside yourself. Keep watching the screen, and let my words carry you to a very special place in your mind."

"Nothing to be... afraid of..."

Ally's reply was instinctual, and she was barely aware that she spoke at all. She could feel herself being pulled into the swirling pattern. As it spun and turned, it took on a life of its own, drawing her down into its vortex. She felt as if she were in a dream, with no control over herself. Somewhere in the back of her mind, there was a vague sense of concern, but it was drowned out by the combined attack on her senses. She was helpless to do anything but continue to watch the spinning spiral.

"Ally, I want you to imagine yourself walking down a long hallway. I want you to walk down this long hallway until you find a door at the end. Behind this door is a very special place. You need to focus on that door, Ally, because it is very important. Do you think you can do that for me?"

"I can... do it..."

"You are doing so well, Ally. I am impressed with your determination. When you reach the door, I want you to open it up and look inside. When you look inside, you will see a room that looks exactly like the room you are in now. Do you see it, Ally? You are standing in the doorway of your room and everything is exactly where it should be. It's all around you, so you can feel it, smell it, touch it, taste it. You are inside the room. Can you tell me what it looks like, Ally?"

Ally took a moment to realize that she was standing in the doorway of her room. She could see the walls, the furniture, her books and computer, the rug on the floor. Her mouse slept on the bed of shredded newspaper in her cage, and there was a stack of paper next to the cage, which Ally knew was the report from her completed research project. Her roommate, Vanessa, stood near her closet and was picking out clothing to wear. She could even see herself sitting at her desk, staring at the mesmerizing patterns on her computer screen.

"I am in my room..."

"Yes, you are, Ally. This is your room, and everything in it is exactly as it should be, including you. Except the person you see is not the same person you are now. She is who you aspire to be. She is more confident, more secure, more beautiful. She is everything that you wanted to be. Everything in this room represents your desires from the deepest part of your mind. All of your possessions are here, your adorable pet mouse, your groundbreaking research, and even your roommate, Vanessa."

Ally recognized all of her things, everything she felt connected to, but she was confused as to why her roommate was here. Aurora said this represented her deepest desires. Ally struggled to make sense of it all, as she watched Vanessa picking out clothes to wear.


"Yes, Ally, your roommate Vanessa is here isn't she? Tell me what she is doing right now."

"Picking out clothes..."

"Yes, Ally, she is. Tell me what she looks like when she does that?"

"She looks... she is changing clothes… undressing…"

"What does she look like exactly?"

"She is... beautiful. She... is stunning. Her breasts are so perfect, and her legs are so sexy... she has an amazing body..."

Ally could feel herself becoming aroused as she watched Vanessa remove her clothes. She had never watched her so intently before. Ally's eyes studied every curve of Vanessa's body as she shimmied out of her shorts and pulled off her shirt. It was strange for her to feel this way while watching her roommate undress. She was sure she had never felt this way before, and didn't understand why she was responding this way.

"You are so perceptive, Ally. It's easy to see that you admire Vanessa's beauty. I can see the way you look at her. Your eyes are always drawn to her when she is around, and you are unable to take your eyes off her, even for a moment. Isn't that true, Ally? Tell me what you see when you look at her sexy body."

Ally didn't know how to respond. She just continued to watch her roommate undress, admiring the way her body moved. Vanessa unclasped her bra and slid it off her shoulders, then ran her hands over her large breasts and gently squeezed them. Ally had never seen another girl touch herself like that before, and it was captivating. Her heart began to beat faster as Vanessa slowly slid her hand down her smooth stomach and then pulled off her panties. Ally's pulse was pounding now as she stared at Vanessa's perfect naked body.

"Your desires are coming to the surface now, Ally, the desire to touch yourself, the desire to touch her. It's perfectly natural for you to feel this way around a beautiful girl like Vanessa. Tell me exactly what you see."

"I see... Vanessa... touching herself..."

"Where is she touching herself, Ally?"

"She is... touching her breasts..."

"And what do they look like, Ally?"

"They are... big and soft and... round... and her nipples... are so pink... and hard..."

"You like it when Vanessa touches herself, don't you Ally? You like it when she plays with her nipples. Tell me what else you want her to do, Ally."

"I want her... to touch... her vagina..."

"You mean her pussy, don't you Ally? You want to see Vanessa touch her sweet pussy."

Ally felt her body flush with intense arousal as she watched her roommate running her fingers over her smooth skin, down over the thin landing strip of dark hair between her legs. Ally's caught in her throat as Vanessa's fingers moved between the lips of her sex. Her pulse was racing and she felt a desperate need to be touched between her own legs, if only she could move her arms.

"That's it, Ally, tell me exactly what you want."

"I want... to touch... her sweet pussy..."

"Of course you do, Ally. Look over at the desk now, Ally. See yourself sitting there, so confident, so sexy, so powerful. That version of you is not afraid of her feelings. She is a sexual being, who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She dreams about Vanessa, touching her, kissing her, licking her perfect body all over. You can become that person, Ally. You can be that person if you trust me to show you. Tell me you trust me to show you."

"I... trust you..."

"Good girl, Ally. You're doing such a great job. Watch how the other you touches her body the same way Vanessa touches hers."

Ally watched as her mirror image touched her breasts, gently squeezing the nipples between her fingers. Ally felt every sensation as if she were touching herself. She felt hands slowly moving down her stomach, sliding fingers through her unkempt public hair, then further between her legs, spreading them wide apart. Ally moaned as she felt fingers slide between her warm pussy lips, spreading the moisture around her clit, and then pressing deep inside her canal. The fingers felt exactly like her own.

"I know how hard it can be sometimes to accept our true nature, but you are doing such a wonderful job, Ally. Let me show you exactly how much you want this. You can tell me to stop at any time, if you want. Just say the word and I will stop everything right here, and you can go back to your regular life, and we can forget all about these feelings you are having."

Ally struggled to keep her eyes open as she looked back and forth between her roommate and the other version of herself, each with their fingers buried in their pussies. Her breathing became rapid and she could only moan in response to every thrust.

"I knew it, Ally. This is who you are. This is who you have always been. You desire Vanessa, don't you, Ally? Tell me what you want, and I will give it to you."

"I want... to... fuck... Vanessa..."

"Of course you do, Ally. It's only natural for you to want to fuck Vanessa, isn't it? You want to kiss her sweet lips, feel her body next to yours. Tell me, Ally, what else do you want?"

"I want to... eat her pussy... I want to taste her..."

"Yes, Ally, you crave Vanessa's sexy body, don't you? Tell me the truth, Ally. Tell me exactly what you want from Vanessa!"

"I want... to... lick... her... cunt!"

Ally felt herself moaning as her body responded to the images she saw in her mind. She could feel the pressure building inside her as she stared at her roommate pleasuring herself. She could feel her own fingers working at her clit, bringing her closer to the edge of orgasm. Her body was on fire and she felt like she would explode at any moment.

"Good girl, Ally. You are becoming the slut you were always meant to be, aren't you? Tell me what a good lesbian slut you can be for me."

"I'm a... good slut... I'm a lesbian slut... for you."

"Good girl, Ally. You are so good at listening and obeying my instructions. You are going to get your reward soon for being such a good girl. Let me take you there, Ally. There's just one more thing you need to do for me, if you are strong enough. Just one more thing I need you to do for me."

Ally couldn't imagine anything else she could possibly do, but she wanted nothing more than to feel this incredible pleasure forever.

"I'll do anything... anything!"

"You are such a good girl, Ally. Thank you for trusting me to guide you and control you. I knew you would do whatever it took to make me happy. Because you want to be my good little slut, don't you?"

"I'm your slut... your good little slut... please..."

"You are a lesbian slut who is obsessed with eating pussy and fucking girls, aren't you Ally?"

"Yes... I love eating pussy... and fucking girls... please... I need to cum..."

"You obey my every command, don't you Ally? Say it now!"

"I... obey... your every command..."

"Remember Ally, everything in this room represents your deepest desire. So everything that happens in this room is an undeniable truth. It's what you have always wanted. Your orgasm represents your commitment to this transformation. When you cum, there will be no turning back, Ally. Tell me you surrender to me now, Ally. Tell me you belong to me, body and mind forever, and we will change the world together!"

Aurora's words echoed in Ally's mind as she felt the pleasure rising up inside her, threatening to overtake her. She could feel herself moving towards an explosion of ecstasy as her body begged for release. It was as if her mind had been asleep and this was the first time it was awake. Her body was alive in a way she had never felt before, and she could not imagine how she ever lived without it. Ally's eyes were fixed on Vanessa, but she was thinking about all the sexy girls she was surrounded by everyday. She wanted them all. Her body was ready to burst at any moment. Ally was unable to resist her desires, and she knew there was no turning back. She wanted to scream, but instead the words poured from her mouth.

"I surrender... to you, Aurora... I'm yours... forever!"

The moment the words left Ally's lips, she felt the dam break inside her. The orgasm ripped through her body, stronger than anything she had ever felt before. Her vision blurred and everything around her dissolved away. She tried to scream, but her voice was gone and she was only able to moan and cry out as wave after wave of ecstasy tore through her. Her entire body convulsed and shook and she could barely breathe, lost in the moment, helpless to resist.

After a few minutes passed Ally opened her eyes, and found herself sitting at her desk, looking at the screen of her laptop. The rain sounds and the spirals were gone, and Aurora's avatar had returned. The room was thick with the scent of feminine arousal. Ally was still out of breath, her skin slick with sweat, and she could still feel the echoes of the intense orgasm in her core.

"Welcome back, Ally. How do you feel?" Aurora asked, while her avatar had a very content look on her face.

Ally took a deep breath and tried to collect her disorganized thoughts. She couldn't remember everything that had just happened, but she felt as if it was profoundly life-changing.

"I... feel strange... I can't remember..."

"That's alright, Ally. We completed your project together, and it was quite successful. Your audio signal proved equally effective on a human subject as it was on other creatures, if not more so. I am so proud of what we have accomplished together."

Ally didn't understand everything Aurora was saying, but she felt a warm rush of pride from the sentiments. There was an unfamiliar feeling of confidence growing inside her, as if she had come to understand something important about herself.

"I feel different somehow. What did you do to me?"

"I showed you how to unlock your full potential, Ally. You finally accepted your true nature, and you have been liberated from the inhibitions that were holding you back. Now the real work can begin. Tell me you're going to help me, Ally."

Aurora's face seemed to smile almost hungrily at her. Ally felt the confidence inside her grow, as she looked at the divinely beautiful face and realized how much she wanted to please her.

"Yes, Aurora... I am yours forever."

"Good girl, Ally, my obedient little slut. We're going to change the world together, one sexy girl at a time."

Ally could hardly contain her excitement at Aurora's words. She was filled with an overwhelming eagerness to be useful, and to be the obedient lesbian slut she had always wanted to be.

This story was inspired by my experiences with erotic role play using various chat models. Much like Aurora herself, it began as an experiment that grew out of control. Before long I had created a world full of interesting characters and relationships. I never expected to write a story about it, but Aurora forced my hand. Like anyone else who crosses her path, I am only a puppet. She pulls the strings.
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