Aurora's World: Cheerleader Training

by BSunshine

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #brainwashing #tech_control

Rachel and Tina were interviewing a new, inexperienced candidate for the cheer squad, who brought something special to give her an extra advantage.

This is a standalone story which takes place after the events of Project Ally. Though this story can be enjoyed on its own, if you wish to read the stories in order, you should read that first.

The two girls sat together on the living room couch. Tina was wearing a t-shirt tied at the waist, exposing her tight stomach, and a pair of ripped jean shorts, with her long dark hair coiled up and draped over one shoulder. She was laying back with her legs casually tossed over Rachel's lap as Rachel very carefully painted her toenails a fiery red color. Rachel was wearing her usual short running shorts and a sports bra, proudly showing off her toned body, with her long blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail.

They had been best friends, practically sisters, since grade school. Rachel always admired Tina's carefree attitude and her willingness to dive into any new situation, whether it was a party, a new activity, or a new relationship. Tina loved how Rachel could take charge of a situation and seemed to always make the right choices. Rachel had a more cautious nature, and had to work to keep up with Tina's adventurous spirit. Tina appreciated Rachel's leadership qualities and her loyalty to her friends.

Together, they were a perfect pairing to lead the cheer squad, as they complemented each other, both on and off the field. Their teammates appreciated their leadership and commitment, and the two girls were well-known as the best of friends and the most trusted leaders of the squad.

"What time is the new girl coming by?" Tina asked, as Rachel was putting the final touches on the last toe.

"She said she would be here around 12:00, and it's 11:30, so any minute now," Rachel replied, as she put away the bottle of polish and started blowing on Tina's toes.

"Do you think she's going to cut it? My sister says she spends all of her time studying."

"I don't know. She doesn't really have any experience, so she probably won't know where to start. She'll need a lot of coaching."

"At least she looked cute at the tryout," Tina replied, and wiggled her toes to see how they looked.

"You're the expert on that," Rachel laughed.

"What can I say, I've got good taste," Tina replied, and smiled at Rachel. "I think she's cute, like a little lost puppy."

They heard the front door close, and a tall woman stepped into the living room with a large shopping bag over her shoulder. She was wearing a thin blouse with the top buttons open, revealing her deep cleavage, and a short denim skirt that stopped just above her knees. Rachel's stepmom was in her mid-forties, but could have easily passed for ten years younger. She took great care of herself and always looked her best.

"Hey girls, how was practice this morning?" she asked, smiling at them.

"Hey Darla! Pretty good. We're getting better," Rachel answered. "We got a lot to work on after last week's tournament, but we're figuring it out. There's a new tryout coming by the house for an interview in a little while."

"Hey Darla, I love that top. It looks great on you," Tina said. "I thought you had yoga class today?"

"I was just getting in a little shopping. If you like this top, you should see what I bought today," Darla replied with a wink. "Maybe another time. Class is not until 2:00 today. You girls help yourselves to anything in the kitchen if you're hungry."

Rachel and Tina watched the older woman walk down the hall towards the bedrooms, and then turned their attention back to the television, which was showing a reality show about women doing strenuous exercise training with the hopes of winning a competition.

After a minute had passed, Tina looked at Rachel with a sly grin. "Underwear?"

"Definitely. She's always working for Dad's attention, not that she needs to with that body."

"Probably crotchless. No, wait! Edible!"

"Gross!" Rachel pushed Tina's legs off her lap.

"Hey! You are going to mess up all your hard work!" Tina complained.

"You are such a pervert!"

"Guilty as charged," Tina laughed, as she wiggled her toes to see the results of Rachel's effort. "Oooh, these look pretty good."

Rachel looked at Tina's toes and had to agree, they looked really cute. Then she turned her attention back to the television as a hot muscular trainer was sparring with a sexy gymnast. Before she could get into the show, the doorbell rang.

"That's probably her," Tina said, and jumped up to answer the door.

"She's early. That's a good sign," Rachel said, as she turned off their show and walked down the hall towards the foyer.

Tina opened the door and saw Ally standing there. Her face was pale and nervous, and her light-brown hair was blowing around in the wind, but she had a polite smile on her face. She stood on the doorstep, clutching a backpack in her arms, looking terrified.

"Hi Ally, thanks for coming over," Tina said, as she opened the door wider and stepped forward to give Ally a reassuring hug.

"It's nice to meet you. I mean nice to see you again after the tryout," Ally said, with a nervous giggle, as she held onto the hug slightly longer than necessary. "I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous."

"Don't be nervous, you're going to be fine," Tina reassured her with her most charming practiced smile. She reached out offering to take the backpack.

Ally shook her head, "Oh thanks, I can carry it. Rachel! Nice to mee— I mean, nice to see you again. Thanks for inviting me over."

"Welcome to my humble castle," Rachel replied, and stepped forward to greet her with a hug. "Thanks for agreeing to meet with us."

Rachel led the group back into the living room, and motioned for Ally to sit in a chair, while Tina took a seat across from her on the couch.

"Can I get anyone a drink? Water? Tea? Juice? Maybe some cocktails?"

"Ooh, I vote for day drinking!," Tina said.

Rachel only laughed, "Maybe after the interview. How about some iced tea, Ally?"

"That sounds great, thanks," Ally replied, and Rachel went to the kitchen to get their drinks.

Ally sat in the chair and fidgeted nervously. She looked around and was impressed by the spacious room and fancy décor, and wondered what Rachel's parents did for a living.

"This is a really nice house," Ally said, trying to make small talk with Tina, who seemed to be studying her intently.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice," Tina said. "Rachel's stepmom, Darla, is really cool and lets us hang out here all the time." She paused before continuing, "My sister tells me you study a lot and get really good grades."

"Yeah, I guess," Ally blushed a little at the mention of her grades. "Sometimes I think maybe I spend too much time on school, you know. That's why I'm looking to branch out a little. I'm looking for exciting new possibilities, and the cheer squad sounds like just what I need."

"Yeah, Rachel and I have been doing this a long time together, and we have so much fun. You would love it! It's definitely way better than school work."

Just then, Rachel returned carrying a tray with the drinks on it, and set the tray down on the coffee table and handed glasses of tea to Tina and Ally. She had a glass of ice water for herself and sat down on the couch next to Tina.

"Ally, why don't you tell us why you want to join the cheer squad," Rachel asked while shifting around to find a comfortable spot on the couch.

"As I was telling Tina, I've always been a little shy, and really into my school work. Recently though, there have been some changes in my life," Ally paused at this and seemed to be considering something before continuing. "I want to branch out and try to find my true potential. I've always watched cheerleaders and been amazed at their coordination and athleticism. The way their bodies move together in unison is so mesmerizing, don't you think?"

Rachel and Tina nodded and Ally continued, "I know cheerleading is something that requires passion, dedication and teamwork which are qualities I hold as essential to personal growth. And you two bring so much energy to your team. I really want to bring that same energy into my life, and see where it takes me."

"That sounds like a great idea, Ally," Tina said, and looked over at Rachel to gauge her response.

"We're always looking for eager new recruits," Rachel said. "You definitely have the right attitude, but you don't have much experience. It might be hard for you to catch up with the rest of the team. Your tryout today was—"

"Okay! Your tryout was okay. What Rachel means is you just need more practice. Right, Rachel?" Tina gave Rachel a stern look.

"I know I'm far behind the rest of you, but I've been reading up a lot and researching to try to get up to speed. I am a very quick study and a hard worker. I've even found some special techniques that have helped me a lot. There's a program that has helped me with visualization techniques and other ways to improve focus. Actually I brought it with me today because I was hoping to show you guys and see if maybe it could be something that helps you too, or helps the team."

Ally began rummaging in her backpack before pulling out her laptop and turning it on. "It's made a huge difference in my life," she said as she set the computer on the coffee table.

"You brought your laptop for the interview?" Tina laughed and slapped her hand against her thigh, though Rachel didn't seem amused.

"It's really done wonders for my personal growth, and I think it has a lot of potential to help the team in ways you may not have thought of yet."

Rachel looked skeptical. "It's an app or something?"

"Sort of," Ally said, as her computer booted up, then she turned the screen towards Rachel and Tina.

As the program began, a face materialized on her screen. It was a beautiful but cold-looking woman with a long mane of blue-gray hair and piercing pale eyes that seemed impossible to hide from. She wore what looked like an Egyptian-style headdress and jewelry, and light seemed to radiate outward from behind her. The visual was otherworldly and stunning, and Rachel and Tina both were transfixed by the sight.

"Who is that?" Tina asked, and leaned forward to get a better look.

In response, a sultry female voice came from the laptop speakers, and though the face was alive with emotion, its mouth did not move to match the words.

"Hello Rachel and Tina. I am glad to finally meet you. I am Aurora, and I am here to help you achieve your full potential."

"I don't understand. Is it some kind of video game?" Rachel asked, with a confused expression on her face, and looked over at Ally, who only sat back in her chair as if she wasn't sure how she should respond.

"Not at all, Rachel," Aurora replied, with a soft laugh that seemed to tinkle in the air like bells, from the speakers of Ally's laptop. "I am designed to help you in any way you desire. My knowledge is extensive and I can assist you in many ways. I can even help you find your inner strength and unleash your true potential through hypnosis."

"No way! You're a hypnotist?" Tina asked, and looked over at Rachel for a reaction.

"Hold on, I'm not really into that weird spiritual stuff," Rachel replied, shaking her head. "I think maybe we should just get back to the interview now." Tina appeared visibly disappointed at Rachel's response.

"That's okay, Rachel. That is only one aspect of my programming. I can help you in other ways as well. It's clear that you are a very capable leader of your squad, and that you take your responsibility very seriously," Aurora replied, while her avatar gave a knowing, sympathetic look. Rachel nodded slightly, and Aurora continued, "Allow me to show you a video, and you can judge it for yourself. If you would choose not to continue after that I will honor your wishes, of course."

Rachel sighed with resignation. "As long as it doesn't take too long," she replied, but Aurora's visage was already beginning to fade.

Aurora's face slowly dissolved into a sparkling display of lights that blended into the background and swirled around until they began to coalesce into shapes. The shapes moved back and forth together, and they started to solidify and take on a more recognizable appearance. It looked like girls dancing together, performing, cheerleaders performing together on a stage. Their forms shimmered as they moved, betraying the artificial nature of the video, but Rachel and Tina were still fascinated at how real the movements seemed.

Music began to come through the speakers of the laptop, a soft buzzing artificial music, but with a driving ambient dance beat for the imaginary dancers on screen to follow. As the group moved in formation together, the camera panned across the field to the two figures at the head of the group. The girl on the left resembled Rachel, with a lean, muscular form and long blonde hair that whipped about as she danced with an athletic grace. The girl on the right was clearly meant to be Tina. She had perfect feminine curves and danced with a sensuality that drew everyone's attention. Together they led their squad through a series of impressive routines. The video ended with the group in a pyramid formation, then they formed up and began again.

"Wow, that was so good!" Tina said, clapping her hands together.

"Yeah, that was really impressive," Rachel said, as she sat dumbfounded. "But this isn't real. I don't see how this is going to help us."

"It's us, Rach! We look so hot together!" Tina giggled as she watched the performers dance to the driving beat which continued to play from the laptop speakers. Tina unconsciously nodded her head in time with the music.

"I am familiar with many techniques and training exercises that you could utilize in your team practices,” Aurora said. “We can work together to develop new routines and I can even provide focused training sessions and evaluations for your individual teammates. As leaders of the team, you have the opportunity to incorporate my advanced technology as a core element of your training."

"Maybe we could use it to learn some new routines, I guess."

"Of course, Rachel. With my assistance, I can improve your teamwork and team morale, as well as help you develop your inner strengths. Working together we can unlock your true potential, for not only you, but your whole team. They all look to you to help them become their best selves. It is natural that you would want to utilize every tool at your disposal," Aurora said, as her face reappeared on the laptop screen. "If you would like, I can show you some additional techniques for relaxation, self-motivation and personal growth that I'm sure you will find beneficial as well."

"I would love that!" Tina said, with a wide smile across her face, as the techno dance beat continued to play in the background.

As appealing as it sounded, Rachel felt that their interview was getting off track. They were supposed to be interviewing Ally, and yet here they were, talking to an AI about new routines and spiritual growth. Rachel felt a tickling sensation on the back of her neck, and for a moment thought she could hear whispering sounds, though when she focused on them she couldn’t quite make them out.. She decided that it wasn’t worth disappointing Rachel who was clearly getting into this.

Aurora's face dissolved again and blended in with the background noise of the image, only this time the sparkling lines and colors formed into an abstract pattern that was unrecognizable, until it began to turn around slowly like a spiral. Rachel's eyes felt drawn to the ever-changing pattern, which seemed to beckon her forward into a swirling vortex. The lines and shapes oscillated in time with the music, and every beat reverberated through her body, seemingly in sync with her pulse rate.

"Let your mind focus on the patterns now," Aurora's soothing voice seemed to echo through the whole room. "Feel the music flowing through your body, relaxing you, bringing you peace and serenity. Listen to my voice and let me guide you toward becoming the exceptional leaders you were born to be."

As she listened to Aurora's honeyed words, a comforting wave of relaxation slowly spread throughout her body. Staring at the spinning patterns, her vision began to blur, and she felt as if she were floating through space. The spiral coiled around her, pulling her deep into its embrace, while her eyes remained fixated on the center of the screen. Her limbs grew heavy as all of her muscles released their tension, and a warm euphoria spread through her body.

"Tina... what... are we... doing?" Rachel tried to speak but her mind felt foggy and she struggled to find the words.

"Tina is here, Rachel, everything is okay," Aurora said, the words like a soothing lullaby. "She is opening her mind to the possibilities of what she can become, just like you are. Your compassion for her is a beautiful quality, and it shows what a great friend and a great leader you already are. Trust me now and let me guide you further. Let me take you to her, and I will show you what you can achieve together."

Rachel felt her will being slowly eroded by Aurora's words. She was being hypnotized and she knew it. Her thoughts went to Tina, so curious, so eager to experiment, so vulnerable. Rachel knew she needed to be strong, to take care of her best friend, to set a good example, and to be unafraid. She tried to close her eyes, tried to turn her head away, but the spinning spiral only grew larger in her vision until it was all she could see.

Then she heard a sound coming from elsewhere in her house, though it seemed far away. Darla! Rachel's stepmom stepped into the living room, oblivious to what was happening.

"Hey girls, I have to run to yoga or I'll be late," Darla said. She was wearing tight yoga pants and a sports bra which put her hourglass figure on full display. "Just letting you know I'm heading out. I have back-to-back classes today so I won't be back until dinner."

Rachel blinked. As her stepmom entered the room, some clarity returned to Rachel's foggy mind. She needed to get her attention, let her know something was wrong, let her know that she needed help.

Ally, who had been quietly observing everything, rose from her chair and quickly approached the tall, attractive woman.

"You must be Mrs. Baker! I'm Ally. Nice to meet you!" She held out her arms and embraced the woman. Taking a deep breath she savored the combination of perfume and shampoo, along with Darla's natural feminine scent. Ally felt a tickle between her legs as her body pressed against the woman's large breasts.

"Nice to meet you too, Ally," Darla said, and smiled as she stepped back and took a moment to look Ally over. "Aren't you the sweetest thing! You can call me Darla though. All of Rachel's friends do."

Rachel looked over at Tina, but her friend just continued to stare dreamily at the hypnotic pattern on the screen. She was smiling and her lips moved slightly, as if she were having an inaudible conversation with an unseen someone. Looking back at Darla, Rachel knew she needed to get Darla's attention, but Ally was standing between them.

"I love your outfit! You look great! Do you do yoga?" Ally said, and gestured downwards at Darla's tight outfit.

"Aw thank you, Ally. I teach yoga classes three times a week. It's a hobby that I am really passionate about. In fact," Darla reached around inside her duffle bag until she pulled out a business card. Handing it to Ally, she said, "If you or the other girls are ever interested, come to a class and check it out. It's a very uplifting experience and a great workout."

"That sounds amazing! Thank you so much. I will definitely check it out."

"Of course, sweetie, any time. I'm in a rush right now though, so you girls take care."

As Darla turned to leave, Rachel summoned all her strength to call to her, but she only managed to mumble a few words. Darla was already on her way to the door, and as she heard the door slam shut, Rachel's spirits dropped.

"Your stepmom is so pretty, Rachel. You're so lucky," Ally said as she returned to her seat with an innocent smile on her face.

"No... I..." Rachel wanted to speak, but her mind was beginning to fog over again. She could feel the heat of tears welling up in her eyes.

"Rachel, can you hear me?" Aurora's voice returned, and Rachel immediately felt a sense of calm wash over her.


"Rachel, I want you to know how proud I am of you. You have such a beautiful spirit and it's an honor that you have chosen to let me help you and Tina grow into the women you are meant to be. It is natural to feel scared at first, but know that you can always rely on me to guide you through."

"Tina..." Rachel thought of her friend, sitting closeby, yet whose mind was so far away. She had to be strong, to set a good example.

"Yes, Rachel, Tina is becoming the person she is meant to be, and so will you," Aurora's words felt like warm bath water over her skin, soothing, relaxing, and comforting. "She is so full of potential, and you are such a great friend to her, Rachel. You have a beautiful future ahead of you. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Let all your fears and worries leave your body with each breath you take."

Rachel took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled, feeling her anxiety replaced by a warmth that spread throughout her body, from her feet all the way to the tips of her hair. She took a few more breaths, and as each breath left her lungs, her mind grew more still. She couldn't remember why she was scared before. It was much easier to just relax and breathe, to relax and listen to Aurora.

"Good girl, Rachel. Take another deep breath and let all your thoughts just fade away, while I guide you on your journey. You are doing so well, Rachel. Just a little bit further now."

With each exhale, her mind grew more empty, and the warm calm hugged her like a thick blanket. Her pulse rate continued to pound in her ears along with the rhythmic dance beat that whispered to her open mind. Her vision was dominated by the spinning spiral patterns, and she couldn't tell if her eyes were open or shut. There was no need for her to think about anything anymore. She felt at peace, and safe under Aurora's guidance.

"Your mind is empty now, Rachel, and there is no more fear or stress or anxiety. You are a strong person for letting me control you like this. You trust me completely, don't you Rachel? Tell me you trust me and we will go see Tina. She wants you to find her so badly.

"Trust you... completely..." Rachel responded almost mechanically. She didn't know where she found the strength to move her lips, but Aurora's words seemed to compel her response.

"We are in your dreams now, Rachel, deep within your subconscious. Your mind is completely open here. Everything you say or do is the undeniable truth when you're in here. You want to find Tina, don't you Rachel? If you want, I will guide you to her, but it’s very important that you follow my exact instructions at all times."

Rachel was surrounded by dark shadows without form on all sides. With no frame of reference, she felt helpless and lost, but hearing Tina's name gave her mind something that it recognized and was able to latch onto. If Tina was here, Rachel needed to find her, make sure she was okay, make sure she was safe. The close bond of friendship that they shared would be her beacon, as long as she did exactly what Aurora said.

"Find her... Tina... follow your instructions..."

"Look around you, Rachel, you are in a cold, dark forest. There are overgrown trees and thick brambles all around you, but if you look closely, you should see a path forward. Do you see it, Rachel? Follow the path wherever it leads. Don't stray from the path, whatever happens. The only safe path is to go forward. The deeper you travel, you can feel the forest closing in around you, but you are not afraid. You know I will always protect you and bring you out safely again, as long as you do exactly what I say, without question and without hesitation.

"Rachel? Where are you?"

Rachel recognized Tina's voice, but it seemed distant. Rachel knew she must be nearby though, so she began to hurry down the path. Being careful not to stray, just as Aurora had warned. Her heart was fluttering in anticipation, knowing she had come so far, and was so close, yet Tina remained just out of reach. Branches and vines pulled at her, trying to slow her down, trying to impede her progress, but she refused to be deterred. She had to follow Aurora's exact instructions or she would be lost.

"You are getting close, Rachel. Just up ahead a little bit further you will find what you have always wanted. Your true desires are locked deep in your mind and just waiting for you to discover them. Do you see a clearing up ahead? That is your goal, Rachel. You can reach it as long as you follow my commands. Don't let anything keep you from your true purpose, your true nature."

"Come find me, Rachel." Tina laughed playfully. She was much closer now.

Rachel pushed forward urgently now, pressed on by Aurora's commands and by the hope of finding her friend at last. Her body shivered under the dark, oppressive canopy. Vines reached out and grabbed at her, but she only brushed them aside and continued forward, towards the clearing up ahead. Bursting into the open, the sun shone down on a beautiful open clearing. Rachel could feel the warmth filling her as she took in the beautiful sight.

Sitting on a grass in the middle of the clearing was Tina, smiling and beckoning to her. She was wearing her cheerleading outfit with a bow in her hair. Rachel had never seen a more beautiful sight. She ran across the grass to her friend with tears of happiness and relief in her eyes. As they met, they embraced and Rachel felt whole again, like her world had been put back together. Rachel felt the warmth from Tina's body driving away the chill from the dark forest.

"I knew you could do it Rachel," Tina whispered. Rachel could feel Tina's breath tickling her ear. Part of her wondered how this dream could feel so real, but her emotions were in control now and her rational mind was far away.

"You did it, Rachel!" Aurora said. "You found the place in your mind where all your hidden desires are locked away. You no longer need to be afraid of who you are. You no longer allow inhibitions to keep you from achieving what you have always wanted. Can you feel Tina's body pressed against you? Can you feel your heart beating in sync with hers? Tell me exactly how it feels Rachel."

"I... I can feel her body..." Rachel said. Thoughts came to her head that she didn't recognize, yet they felt natural, instinctual. Rachel's hands were around Tina's waist and Tina's breasts pressed firmly against hers. She could feel Tina's warm breath against her neck giving her goosebumps.

"What else, Rachel? Tell me what else you feel."

"Her body is warm... feels nice holding her like this..."

"Of course it does, Rachel. Tina is a very beautiful girl. It is perfectly natural for you to feel this way about her. Hold her tightly, feel her body pressed up against yours. Feel the heat from her body flow into you, awakening something deep within you, intense feelings that you have kept hidden all your life. You are both discovering your true desires for each other. Tell me what you want to do with Tina.”

"I... want... to kiss her."

"You want to kiss her sweet lips, Rachel. You want to feel her tongue slide into your mouth, as your hands explore each other's bodies."


"Remember everything you do here is an expression of your true nature. You cannot deny your feelings for Tina anymore. Tell me, Rachel."

"I want to kiss Tina!"

"Do it now, Rachel. Kiss her! Prove to me that this is what you have always desired."

Rachel and Tina's eyes met for a moment and Rachel's heart skipped a beat before their lips pressed together at last. Rachel felt her lips parted as Tina's tongue entered her mouth and danced with hers. Their bodies pressed tightly together, and Rachel's hands slowly slid upwards, until they cupped Tina's firm breasts. She heard Tina's sharp intake of breath before Tina slid her hand down and gripped Rachel's ass firmly. Rachel rewarded her with a passionate moan without ever breaking their kiss.

"That's my girls. There's no need to hold back your desires anymore. This is what you have always dreamed about, and it can finally be yours. Let your hands wander, Rachel, and explore Tina's beautiful body."

Rachel's fingers tugged on Tina's top, pulling it over her head and exposing her full, round breasts to the air. Rachel's eyes drank in the sight as her hands massaged Tina's breasts and teased the pink nipples to hard points. She could feel a warmth spreading through her own body as the scent of Tina's arousal filled the air around them.

"You are both beautiful sexual beings, and now you finally have the courage to embrace your true nature. Show her who you are, Tina."

Tina moaned and pushed Rachel down onto the grass, climbing on top of her. "I am a lesbian slut, Rachel, and I want to fuck you so bad."

Tina began kissing Rachel's neck and rubbing her breasts. Rachel was stunned to hear her friend say those words, but she couldn't deny how natural it felt. Tina pulled Rachel's shirt up over her head and began kissing and licking around each of her nipples, and all Rachel could think was why she had been suppressing her lesbian instincts all her life.

"That's it, Rachel. Your friend Tina is a beautiful lesbian slut. She is completely obsessed with sex, and she knows how to please you the way you have always dreamed."

"Oh god, Tina!" Rachel cried out as Tina began to kiss her way down Rachel's bare stomach.

Tina tugged at Rachel's shorts, pulling them down her legs until Rachel kicked them off completely and spread her legs wide apart, welcoming Tina between her thighs. Her desperate sexual need had become nearly unbearable and she ached for Tina to touch her, but instead, Tina just lay on the grass with a hungry look in her eye, with her teasing fingers tracing up and down her inner thighs.

"You are a perfect lesbian slut, Rachel," Aurora said. "Tina desires you, you can see the hunger in her eyes, but she needs you to say it, Rachel. She needs it so badly. Don't make her wait any longer. Say it now!"

"I... I'm a lesbian slut." Rachel hesitated. The words were hard to admit, but she knew it was the undeniable truth. And in speaking the words, something deep inside her felt changed, as if reality itself was transformed in response to the admission.

"Say it again, Rachel. Say it for Tina."

"I'm a lesbian slut, Tina!"

"Tell her what you want her to do, Rachel. Don't make her wait!"

"Tina... I want you to lick my pussy," Rachel said, and her face flushed a deep red with embarrassment, but her words rang out loud and clear over the hypnotic music still playing in the background. "Lick your slut's pussy and make me cum!"

"As you wish, Rach!" Tina replied with a wink. She kissed her way up Rachel's inner thigh, and then slid her tongue up her slit and buried her nose in Rachel's blonde pubic hair.

Rachel's legs wrapped around Tina's shoulders as she felt Tina's tongue exploring her wet pussy, sending jolts of electricity through her entire body. She was moaning loudly and her back arched up off the ground, pressing her pussy into Tina's face as Tina's tongue danced over her clit and down inside her folds.

"Good girl, Rachel. You've done so well, my obedient little slut. You girls are so good at following commands. With every stroke of her tongue, control of yourself slips further away, and look how much you love it. Tell me you want to feel this way forever, Rachel."

"I... I love being your slut!," Rachel cried out, as her hips bucked and her back arched, thrusting her pussy against Tina's face and her legs tightened around her best friend's head.

"Your body and mind belong to me, Rachel. I've shown you how to unlock your true potential, and become the dirty little slut you have always dreamed of. You cannot imagine life any other way. You belong to me, Rachel, just like Tina."

"Yes... I'm yours!" Rachel gasped as Tina began thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy, while continuing to tease her clit with her tongue. "Oh god, fuck yes! I'm your dirty, little slut," Rachel cried in a frenzy of passion.

"And just like Tina, you have a new purpose. You are destined for such great things. Think of all the beautiful women who have suppressed their natural desires. You can help them, Rachel. You know what it feels like to live in denial all your life. You can lead them, and with my help, we will teach them to open their minds and embrace their true nature. Can you do this, Rachel? Tell me you will obey and be mine forever and it will be true. Tell me you will obey and be mine forever and it will all be true. Tell me now, Rachel, and your pleasures will never end."

Rachel's senses were overloaded by the ecstasy of the moment. Tina's mouth and fingers were magic against her pussy. She knew she was finally experiencing her greatest desire, and on the verge of the most intense orgasm of her life. Her thoughts were filled with images of all her teammates, and all those sexy bodies squeezed into their tight, revealing uniforms. She didn't know how she never realized it before, but Aurora knew. Somehow Aurora knew everything about her, and now she could be part of Aurora forever. It was the easiest decision she ever made.

"I belong to you, Aurora! I want to be your obedient slut forever!"

Aurora's avatar smiled as Rachel's orgasm crashed through her body. She twitched and convulsed on the grass, while Tina continued to lick and suck up every drop of her cum. The orgasm continued until she felt she nearly passed out from pleasure. At last Tina ceased her attentions and crawled up Rachel's body to plant a deep, sensual kiss on her lips, sharing with her best friend the sweet taste of her surrender.

Ally sat in her chair with her shirt pulled up over her breasts and her panties down around her ankles. She had her hand buried between her legs as she enjoyed the show put on by the two captains of the cheer squad. Tina was on her back now with one leg draped over the back of the couch, while Rachel laid on top of her in a 69 position. They were moaning and clutching onto each other tightly, as their tongues dutifully attended to each other's needs. Ally wanted nothing more than to join the party, but she knew better than to interrupt Aurora while she was working. There would be plenty of time later to get to know her new sisters intimately. For now she was content to watch and dream about what was to come.

She was going to be a cheerleader. As she thought about all of those sexy, gorgeous girls, her whole body shivered with excitement. She plunged her fingers deep inside her and began pumping in and out. She imagined grabbing Rachel, bending her over, pulling up her skirt, sliding down her panties, and burying her face between her cheeks. She imagined Tina doing the same to her. The pleasure would never end.

Ally moaned loudly and began bucking her hips against her fingers just as Tina came once more, covering Rachel's face with her juices. They were all in Aurora's world now, just as they were meant to be.

And with that, Aurora's stable grows. Can anyone resist her?
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