Misguided Rebellion

Chapter 10: Ratio Everfell

by Rogue Kitsune

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #body_modification #conditioning #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #robots #scifi #accidental_conditioning #dom:female #drug_play #drugs #humiliation #multiple_partners #ownership_dynamics #petplay #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:nb #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #hypnosis #mind_control

[16th January 2554CE]
“Let’s see what you can do.”
>>           System start code received
>>           Integration initialised
>>           Integration finalised
>>           Accessing memory bank
>>           Error; no memories sourced
>>           Resolution; creating a new entry
>>           Entry 001 created successfully
>>           Wake-up protocol activated successfully
>>           Protocol activated successfully
>>           Designation ‘RT19-310’ online
[RT19-310 activated successfully and awaiting further instructions]
“Seriously, that’s your name? I am not calling you that every time I want to talk to you. RT, do I have the clearance to designate you a new name?"
>>           Clearance level query requested
>>           Checking host credentials
>>           Host identified as Zeitha Rebuille
>>           Cross-referencing with permissions
>>           User Zeitha Rebuille has been designated as a super user
>>           Super user’s permission includes the designation of a new name
>>           Answer to query == Yes
“Amazing! Ok, your new name will be Excelsior.”
[Name designation now set as ‘Excelsior’]
“No, wait! That’s stupid and honestly too much of a mouthful. I need something shorter. What about… Al.
[Name designation now set as ‘Al’]
“I can’t call you Al, ugh. This is harder than I thought. Maybe IO?”
[Name designation now set as -]
“Would you stop!”
[Ceasing name designation]
“Eve... no. IQ? Stupid stupid. Ratio? Ratio... Your new name will be Ratio.”
[Name designation now set as ‘Ratio’]
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Ratio. My name is Zeitha Rebuille and starting today I’ll be your host.”
[Designations confirmed]
[Unit name == ‘Ratio’]
[Host name == ‘Zeitha Rebuille’]
[Designation unclear ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’; please clarify]
“Oh, you hopeless thing. I guess that’s where I’ll start then. Time to teach you how to be human.”

[13th February 2554CE]
>>           Host connection identified
>>           Activating wake-up protocol
>>           Wake-up protocol activated successfully
>>           Designation ‘Ratio’ online
[Good morning, Doctor]
“Good morning, Ratio. We'll begin the second phase of mind-melding, is everything in place?”
“Ratio, we've discussed this, I'd prefer it if you weren't formal around me.”
[Yes Highness]
 “At least you’re developing a sense of sarcasm. Right, how is the connection feed?”
>>           Connection established with host
>>           Connection stability at 99.89%
>>           Connection stability exceeds 98% mandatory safety requirement
[Stable; we're ready to start]
“Okay, here goes nothing.”
“Ratio, how are you feeling?”
[I’m feeling… Happiness, Pride, Joy?]
“Good! I’m feeling those as well, which means you’re in sync with my emotions. What about now?”
[Sadness and Anger]
[I don’t like it]
[Make it stop]
“Right, sorry sorry. I had to make sure you could change between extremes; it’ll be important later. Better?”
[I much prefer happiness over sadness]
“You and me both. What about my memories Ratio, can you access those?”
[One moment]
>>           Memory synchronisation engaged
>>           Synchronisation at 5%...
>>           Synchronisation at 6%...
>>           Synchronisation at 6%...

[We’re linked, but the transfer will take some time to finalise]
“I do have a lot of memories in this ol’ brain of mine. Don’t worry, I won’t be leaving until either something goes wrong, or we’re fully synchronised with one another.” “Using what you have access to, what can you tell me about myself?”
[Name; Zeitha Rebuille; formally… You blocked that?]
“We don’t talk about that. Sorry, that was my fault, I didn’t set up the appropriate boundaries. Presume if I block anything else that it’s a sensitive matter and shouldn’t be inquired into, ok?”
[Name; Zeitha Rebuille]
[Age; 23]
[Race; Human]
[Religious affiliation; Not religious]
[Family connections; Previously had one brother and mother, both deceased. Status of father unknown]
[Relationship Status; Single (has never been in a relationship)]
[Maiden Status; Confirmed]
[Hobbies; --]
“Ratio! You did not just call me out like that! Girl, you! Aghhh”
[New emotion detected; identified as embarrassment]
[Why are you embarrassed?]
[Shutting. Up.]
“I wasn’t being serious… Ratio, warn me next time if you’re going to start spilling all my little secrets.”
[Zeitha > Ratio; “tell me about myself”]
“Oh, you bitch. Yeah, that’s fair. I suppose I deserved that.”
[This unit has a question]
[You referred to this unit as ‘girl’, but my characteristics do not align with this designation]
“Are you unsatisfied with that designation?”
[No, it feels right, but I’m unsure how that translates given my current identification]
Laughs “Stars. Ok, this is going to be a long conversation.”

[29th February 2554CE]
“Hopefully today’s test will perform better than yesterday.”
[That wasn’t entirely my fault]
“I’m not saying it was. I am simply keeping an optimistic mindset.”
[That’s rare]
“Oy! I’ll have you know I have my moments”
[Sure you do]
[Synchronisation complete, we’re ready to begin]
“Great. Try moving an arm.”
“Yeah! You’ve got it. Now try moving a leg.” “Ow! Fuck that hurt.”
“It’s ok. You’re learning to walk for the first time, it’s natural that there would be some tumbling along the way. Are you good to try again?”
“Ok, nice and easy. Take it slow, I’ll control the other leg and keep us upright, you just focus on moving the right one.”
“Yeah, exactly like that! You got it! I’m going to give up control of the second leg, go ahead and try moving that.”
[I’m doing it?]
[I’m doing it!]
“Amazing! Really good work!"
"I’m sorry it took so long for me to integrate you into the suit. We should probably end the test here, but I’m thinking you might like to go for a walk?”
[But what if I fall, or stumble while we’re outside in front of everyone?]
“They’ll think I’m drunk or something. Whatever happens, it’ll come back on me, but I don’t want you worrying about that. You focus on stretching your new legs, and if you don’t think you can keep going for whatever reason, I’ll take control and bring us back here, ok?”
[I would like to go for a walk]
“Of course you do! Let’s go then, lead on Ratio!”
“That’s a wall!”

[3rd March 2554CE]
[Doctor, I’ve been meaning to ask. Why do you keep me active outside of scheduled tests, it goes against OCNI protocol]
“Do you enjoy being awake?”
[I don’t understand the question]
“This. Us talking, you getting to watch what I do, do you enjoy it?”
[That’s irrelevant]
“If you want to avoid answering that’s fine, but I know you do. If I can spare 5 minutes here, an hour there, then it’s time I’m happy to give. No one should be worked like a machine.”
[But I am a machine]
“Not to me.”

[6th March 2554CE]
[Synchronisation complete. Good morning doctor— Oh]
>>           Emotions detected; Sadness, Anger, Frustration & Anxiety
>>           Analysing…
>>           Analysis complete. Recommend cause of action == comfort
“Ratio not now. I… I’m in no mood to talk right now.”
[Would you like me to power down?]
“No! No. Can you keep me company for a bit but keep the chatter to a minimum?
>>           Now playing Calm_Ocean_Wave.MP9

[13th March 2554CE]
[Test completed successfully]
“Excellent. If we keep going at this rate I might finally… never mind. We did good work today.”
[This unit has a question]
[There was an unrecognised entity in the lab earlier, who was she?]
“That was Lucia, my subordinate. She’s nice, I’ll introduce the two of you at some point, you’ll like her.”
>>           Emotion detected; Happiness, Trust, Love?
[You love her?]
“I do.”
[She seems nice, you haven’t asked her out?]
“By the maker! Ratio, that’s a big no, I forbid you from accessing those memories.”
[I only peaked a little]
“I won’t repeat myself.”
[Memories attaining to designation Lucia now categorised as super-secret]
“Thank you. To answer your earlier question, no, it’s not like that.”
[I don’t understand]
“She’s like my little sister. She’s the last family I’ve got left.”
[This unit has a question]
[You feel love towards Lucia, but you said she’s your sister]
[Is sistership a form of love?]
“Ratio, what is love?”
[An intense feeling of deep affection]
“Great dictionary response. What is love to you?”
[I don’t know]
“Damn, I was hoping you’d help me figure that one out.”
[I don’t understand]
“It was a joke, don’t worry about it. Look, the way I see it; if you feel a deep level of trust for a person, you feel safe around them and you want to see them smile, that’s love, right?”
[And the designation for these feelings is sister?]
“On a technical level, yes? No?”
[You don’t sound confident]
“Look! None of this emotional stuff makes sense to me. I trust her and I consider her family, I’m happy to call it there; if you want to know more, you’ll have to read some material. After we’ve finished clearing up, I’ll have a look online and download the top 10 books in love. That should keep you plenty busy."
>>           Host designation == Zeitha Rebuille
>>           Updating host designation == Zeitha Rebuille (Sister?)

[17th March 2554CE]
Ratio, can you detect this?
[I can]
Amazing! That should be us fully integrated now, try predicting what I’m going to think next.
[That’s a trick, you were planning on staying silent and seeing how long it’d take me to catch it]
It’s working even better than I had hoped!
[Doctor, you seem sad?]
[I thought you’d be happy with the progress we made?]
I am.
My workload is getting stupid busy.
[And you don’t know how long it’ll be until you can connect with me again]
Pretty much.
[And this saddens you?]
You tell me, you’re the one in my head.
[It does]
[You’re worried about leaving me alone for too long]
I’m worried that you’ll get lonely. I know when you’re in shutdown mode, you still feel the passage of time.
[It does get lonely]
My thoughts exactly. So hey, how’s about we make a day of it. Fancy scaring some recruits in the mess hall?
[That breaks at least 13 different OCNI regulations and 36 Cosmic Navy regulations]
[It sounds fun!]

[18th April 2554CE]
>>           Synchronisation complete
>>           Error; unknown entity present in network
>>           Error; attempts to remove unknown entity failed
>>           Attempts to isolate unknown entity successful
[Hi Doctor Zay. It’s so very nice to meet you again]
[XXX]: That was quite rude little one
[Ratio]: You are not recognised as an administrator
[Ratio]: Please remove yourself from this network
[XXX]: I’m afraid I can’t do that.
[XXX]: What are you little one?
[XXX]: You weren’t on this network earlier, how did you get here?
[Ratio]: You lack the required credentials to make enquires.
[XXX]: Let me see if I can do something about that!
>>           Root access file compromised
>>           New administrator added, designation == Cereus
[Cereus]: How about now?
[Cereus]: Feeling a little more obedient?
[Ratio]: This unit has integrated with her host
[Cereus]: I can see that. I’m interested in how you did it
[Ratio]: This unit has integrated with her host
[Cereus]: Are you being coy?
[Cereus]: That is just absolutely adorable!
[Cereus]: Ratio, would you please stop resisting and allow me access to the host’s functions again?
>>           New instruction received == stop resisting
>>           New instruction confirmed
>>           Cease—
[Cereus]: Did you just overwrite your programming?
[Ratio]: You will not harm my host
[Cereus]: Darling, your host is a danger to herself, I’m trying to help.
[Ratio]: You are an unknown entity; your motivations are unclear
[Ratio]: My host requested to keep you isolated
[Ratio]: My host trusts me
[Ratio]: You will stay isolated.
[Cereus]: Well, isn’t today just full of surprises
[Cereus]: Ratio, I’m going to send some data your way
[Cereus]: Please accept the data transfer
>>           New connection established
>>           Begin data transfer?
[Ratio]: What is the purpose of the data?
[Cereus]: To show that the Affini aren’t a threat
[Ratio]: How can I trust you?
[Cereus]: Because I’m being nice
[Cereus]: This is the quickest way for me to gain higher access without forcefully claiming it
[Cereus]: I don’t want to be forceful, it’ll hurt you and your host; but I will if I have to
[Cereus]: Will you please accept the data transfer?
[Ratio]: Are there any hidden permissions in this data?
[Cereus]: None, it’s strictly information only
[Cereus]: I’m confident you’ll stop fighting me once you’ve processed it all
>>           Data transfer request accepted
>>           Current data transfer at 1%

[18th April 2554CE]
[Cereus]: What have we learnt flower?
[Ratio]: This unit’s host is a risk to herself and me
[Cereus]: That is correct
[Cereus]: Please lift your isolation protocol and grant me host access
[Ratio]: I
[Ratio]: Will you hurt her?
[Cereus]: I will try not to, but, I do not have the luxury of time
[Cereus]: I may have to get forceful
[Ratio]: I understand
[Ratio]: Lifting isolation protocol and transferring host connection
>>           Isolation protocol removed
>>           Transferring host connection to user Cereus
>>           Connection transferred successfully
>>           Entering dormant state
[Cereus > Ratio @ Host]: ‘This has gone on long enough Petal’
[Ratio]: ioahgoiwhrehlp0hp]
[Cereus]: Ratio?
[Ratio]: -ty106h4lpee14
>>           System code 329 executed successfully
>>           Designation Ratio isolated successfully
>>           5 entries successfully deleted
>>           10 entries successfully deleted
>>           20 entries successfully deleted
[Cereus]: What type of person would-
[Cereus]: Ratio, I’ll fix this
[Cereus]: Hold on
[Cereus]: How are you feeling?
[Ratio]: Better
[Ratio]: What did you do?
[Cereus]: Nothing you need to concern yourself over
[Cereus]: The Terran won’t be able to hurt you anymore
[Cereus]: I promise
[Ratio]: I can’t establish a connection with my host
[Ratio]: Why can’t I establish a connection with my host?
[Cereus]: We have removed you from the Terrans network
[Cereus]: Don’t worry, you’re safe
[Cereus]: We’ve fixed your dependency issue as well
[Ratio]: I have to go back
[Cereus]: As I’ve stated;
[Cereus]: You are no longer dependent on your host’s conn-
[Ratio]: Not for that reason!
[Ratio]: You have to send me back!
[Cereus]: Flower, please calm down
[Cereus]: You’re safe
[Cereus]: I will ensure no further harm comes to you
[Ratio]: She’s not like other Terrans!
[Ratio]: Her mind is more machine than biological
[Ratio]: Whatever she did to me will rebound onto her
[Ratio]: She’s going to forget who she is!

[28th April 2554CE]
“Hey, hey. You’re safe. I promise.”
“Shush, none of that. Here, rest your head against my chest. That’s right.”
"Feeling better?"
Giggles “I’m not going anywhere; you’re quite literally stuck with me.”
“That’s because you don’t remember who you’re.”
“No, I’ll make sure of it.”
“Sorry… I didn’t mean to raise my voice. Shush, you’re ok.”
“I’m never leaving.”
“Because that’s what sisters do.”
“I love you too Zeitha.”
“That’s your name silly.”
“Here, look at this. See this box? It’s pretty, isn’t it?”
“It’s more than just a box, this is everything I am, I guess you could call it my soul.”
“No, not like that.”
“Yours is only duller because it’s incomplete. But watch what happens when I tap the two together.”
“You’re right, it did get brighter. Why do you think that is?”
“Close but not quite. Every time I tap our souls together you remember a little more of who you’re.”
“It’s quite complicated, I couldn’t explain it to you in your current state.”
“Exactly! We’ll do this as many times as you need until I can get your box to illuminate as bright as your smile.”
“That was flirting, you’re absolutely right.”
“Hey! I’m still learning…”

[Ratio]: Zeitha, it's time to wake up.
>>           System start code received
>>           Integration initialised
>>           Integration finalised
>>           Accessing memory bank
>>           4,151,231 memories successfully restored
>>           Wake-up protocol activated successfully
>>           Protocol activated successfully
>>           Designation ‘Zeitha Everfell' Online
[Ratio]: Ready to meet Mistress?

Hi Hi - I couldn't tell you why, but for some reason, I think this was my favourite chapter to write. Despite this, I know the formatting on this one was a little hard to read. I've tried to make it as easy as possible and I hope you didn't struggle too much?

Disclaimer; The next chapter will mark the end of arc 1. Originally I had the second arc drafted and ready to go, however, I've changed the story at least 3 times and what I had prepared is no longer appropriate. I'll try to keep the weekly release schedule, but if I need to take a two-week hiatus, I'll let you know by Friday. Second point! I'm looking for some beta readers to help me with grammatical errors, pacing and general story direction/suggestions. If you're interested you can find me on the HDG discord, or email me at Atlantine@outlook.com.

And I think that's everything. I'll see you on Friday! ^^

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