The Hunt

Chapter 1

by ArtemisNeko

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #drugs #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #dom:vampire #mindbreak #ownership #urban_fantasy #vampire

This is a work in progress with slow publishing rythm that I'm using to try to work towards a more.. fantasy-like world

You get out of the subway, doing your best to control your fear as you try to disappear in the rushing crowd.
In the last few stairs out of the station, you glance over your shoulder, and feel your stomach drop as you notice this tall woman you feel has been following you for more than half an hour now, despites your best efforts to lose her; even the busy crowds of a work day weren't enough to shake her off.

You press on towards this cafe you usually hang out on your free time, "if they're open, I should be safe there, hopefully she won't try to rob me or something in front of the customers", but as you throw another look behind you, you fail to notice her anymore.
Slowing down, you try to focus a bit more, "did I finally manage to lose-", but your thoughts are suddenly interrupted as you feel someone forcefully grabbing your wrist, and slipping in your ear "now you're gonna be all nice and calm and you'll do as I say if you don't want trouble".

You bolt, both from the sheer fear-amplified surprise and from a slowly rising fight within you, and throw her "We're in the middle of the crowd, what are you gonna do huh?".
She sighs, rolling her eyes like you just said the most obvious thing of the day, "you know as much as I do that nobody cares about a random stranger anyways, but since you want to play it this way...".
Affirming her hold over your wrist, she forecefully pulls you into a nearby alleyway, before throwing you against a wall, pinning you.

Shock freezes your movements, leaving you staring with wide eyes at the assailant.
"So, either we play it nice and you follow me without making a fuss, or...", She smile and expose their teeth, revealing four long fangs, " won't leave this alley alive.".
Discovering her makes your rising fear overflow and throw you in a panic, making you struggle to push her away.

Pulling your right hand towards you, clawing at what you feel is her lightly-covered arm, you manage to throw her off balance, giving you time to grab a small pocket knife from your back pocket, and manage to open it, brandishing it in front of you as your last act of defiance.
"D-Don't come!" you say, trembling
Another sigh from her, "oh well, if you want to play it this way...".

In barely an instant, she closes the gap between you and her in a swift step, before twisting your wrist, making you yelp in pain, dropping the knife, then she pushes your head on the side before plunging her teeth inside your neck, a sharp pain flowing through you.
A few seconds pass, and as you feel the pain melt away, you feel your mind becoming more and more clouded, making you feel calmer and calmer.

"Aaah, that's it, all nice and docile, just how I want you."
She retracts her teeth from within your neck, licking the wound to catch the last few drops of blood, extracting a small moan from you you try your hardest to repress.
You let yourself fall in her arms, but she pushes you away, sliding a finger on your throat before pushing your chin up.
"Please don't play faint dear with me. And don't worry, I heard this moan."

She maintains a satisfied gaze at you, making you feel small, powerless, even more deeply amplified by the cloud that seems to be settling in your mind, before saying on a mocking tone "See, it won't be so hard to follow me now.".

Some part of you nudges you to be offended at what was just said, but you can't seem to muster up the strength to fight her, to fight yourself.

With a deep sigh, you seem to let out all the pressure of the previous fight, dropping your arms on your side in an abandoning manner.

She releases your chin, taking out a bandage from her bag, "use this to hide the marks, we still have some travel to do".
"- it okay if I don't use it?", you feel your cheeks start to puff up with what you're about to follow with, "I like it"
"- No. You're not officially mine yet, and I don't want some more vampire bureaucratic drama today."

You shiver at the mention of ownership, hardly hiding the surge of pleasure coursing through your body.
You feel her moving closer, taking you in a gentle but firm embrace leaving you no place to wonder about her intentions, as you hear her whisper "Feeling cold, little thing?"

You grab her arm, hiding your face against her, indulging in the warmth, "D-do you want to own me?".
"Look who's behaving now! But yes, I don't really want to pass on such a delicious snack, and I've been meaning to get myself a pet for some time. Now, be good and follow me, and I don't want to hear a word while we walk."

A small and hesitant nod later, she starts to walk into the crowd again, you keeping a solid hold over her arm to try to keep up with her, still feeling confused, but excited and curious about what awaits you.

This is a very short intro of what I'm trying to build, please be patient with me!


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