Pie Eyed

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #consensual_kink #foodplay #furry #gentle_femdom #spiral #spiral_eyes

The owner of a pie shop enjoys submitting to his rival after closing.

It had reached closing time by 6:00 PM, so the owner of the pie shop Crumbly Crust, who was an anthro fox named Cheryl, walked over to the entrance of her store to flip over the Open sign hanging off of a doorknob so that it read ‘Closed.’

Cheryl returned to the kitchen and grabbed her very special apron that she wore for special sessions after work hours such as this one. She turned her attention to an anthro wolf who was patiently waiting for her while sitting on a chair near some baking equipment, who had already been stripped of all of his clothes by his partner and had his arms and legs restrained to the chair with some rope. The wolf looked particularly excited when he saw that the apron Cheryl was wearing read “Kiss the Dom” on it.

The wolf, named Danny, owned a different pie shop a few blocks away named Sweet Surrender, which he only just now realized was a very appropriate name for his situation, as he was about to sweetly surrender to his loving partner.

Cheryl and Danny were both friendly rivals running similar pie shops in the same town, who began developing feelings for each other over time. One thing they loved to do was to meet up at each other’s pie shops for some fun role-playing together. Sometimes Cheryl would visit Danny after-hours playing the role of a food critic so that her partner would spank her every time she criticized his baked goods.

Other times, such as this night, Danny would come visit Cheryl at her pie shop so that she could hypnotize him into serving her and being sexually serviced by her at the same time.

Tonight, Danny was playing the role of a jealous competitor who had attempted to break into the kitchen of his rival’s pie shop to attempt to steal the secret recipe for her famed Cherry Berry Pies. The plus-sized fox baker slowly shoved a small table right in front of where the wolf was restrained to the chair, grabbing a chair of her own so she could sit and stare down the wolf with a seductive grin on her face.

“You know, this is the third time this week you’ve attempted to break into my store and steal my secret recipe. Care to finally admit that the pies I bake are superior to yours?” Cheryl teasingly asked the wolf. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume you were beginning to like our little ‘sessions.’”

Both Danny and Cheryl heard the timer on an oven go off. “Oh, speak of the devil!” Cheryl excitedly got off of her chair to walk over to the oven, placing some oven mitts over her hands before pulling a freshly-baked pie right out of the oven. She carried the pie back over to the table and placed it right in front of her partner before sitting back down before him.

“I figured you might try to break into my store today, so I made sure to perfectly time this baking of a pie in preparation of your arrival.” Cheryl was explaining to Danny as she was waiting for the pie to cool down enough so that she could safely handle it. She lowered a finger towards a spiral-shaped streusel topping she had baked into the top of the pie, tracing light circles around the spiral as Danny was staring down at the pie on the table.

“While the last two times I’ve hypnotized you haven’t succeeded in getting you to admit my pies are better than yours, I believe that the third time’s the charm.” Cheryl seductively giggled towards Danny.

“Well, I’ve got a pretty strong will. It’s gonna take a little more than a few hypnosis sessions to break me.” Danny proudly boasted to himself. As much as a persona of bravado he was playing up for their role-playing session, the wolf had to admit that he could already feel himself falling into a light trance from watching the fox lightly tracing around the streusel spiral with her finger.

“Well, I’ve got ways of making you talk.” Cheryl mischievously chuckled as she gripped an edge of the pie pan, which had now cooled down enough that she was able to touch it without wearing the oven mitts. She began slowly turning the pie around on top of the table, as Danny continued staring down right into the center of the spinning streusel spiral that was on top of the pie.

Danny was feeling sleepier as he kept on sensing his body falling forwards right into the center of the spiral, a moan escaping his lips as a small trickle of drool was leaking out the corner of his mouth. Cheryl leaned a little closer towards the wolf’s entranced face, giggling over her partner being so hypnotized, that he had spirals spinning around in his eyes, matching the same speed as the spiral on top of the spinning pie.

“Looks like you’ve already fallen under my spell even quicker than ever before.” Cheryl was teasing the blushing wolf. “Tell me, is the real reason you’re always trying to steal my secret recipe is because you secretly like being hypnotized by me?” Cheryl noticed that Danny was beginning to obediently nod his head up and down as if he was answering yes, but had quickly caught himself and stopped.

“Hey honey, you know you can be honest with me, right?” Cheryl was sweetly cooing to her wolf partner. “I would never judge other people for their kinks. Honestly, I think your enjoyment from getting hypnotized by me is kind of hot.”

“B…but… but I’m not even hypnotized…” Danny tried in vain to deny.

“Are you seriously trying to argue that you haven’t fallen deeply under my spell?” Cheryl was stifling a laugh, removing her hand from the pie to lightly trace little circles around one of his eyes. “News flash buddy, but the spirals in your eyes are kind of a dead giveaway.” Cheryl planted a small kiss on one of Danny’s blushing cheeks, which sent little electric shivers of pleasure coursing through his veins.

“Oh, and your lustful reaction to me teasing and kissing you is kind of a dead giveaway too.” Cheryl planted a small kiss right on Danny’s lips, and then suddenly rose off of the chair to grab something from the kitchen. Danny was openly whimpering in need, hoping he would get another kiss on his lips from the fox.

Cheryl grabbed a pie knife and returned to sit down on her chair, cutting off a sizable slice of the pie with the knife, and lifting the slice closer to Danny’s face so he was staring right at it. She slowly moved the table out of the way so she could reach him better as she rose from her chair once more. “Alright, open up your mouth for me big boy, because I’m about to give you a taste of how good a pie can actually be.”

Cheryl suddenly shoved the tip of the slice of pie right into Danny’s waiting mouth, commanding him to nibble and chew the piece. Danny was savoring every bite of the pie, while several globs of warm cherries and berries were drizzling down his face, splattering against his nipples and traveling down the length of his bare chest. Some of the fruit from the slice had landed on and were coating his hardening cock.

Cheryl looked down upon the wolf’s muscular chest and noticed some cherry pie jam that had coated his nipples. “Oh, look at the mess my sweet little wolfie has been making. Here, why don’t you let me help you clean up?” Cheryl moved her face closer to Danny’s chest so she could lick the cherry jam off of his nipples using her tongue. Danny was moaning out loud from feeling his partner swishing her tongue all around the tips of his nipples.

Cheryl reached both of her hands out towards Danny’s nipples and lightly twisted both of them between her fingers, causing an electric volt of pain and pleasure to shoot down throughout the wolf’s entire body until it reached his cock, making it throb and pulse harder than ever before. He was leaking pre-cum out of the tip of his dick, which was getting mixed in with the cherry-and-berry pie jam that was still covering the head of his penis.

The fox enveloped her entire mouth over the head of Danny’s cock, and began sucking the pre-cum and pie jam right down her throat. Danny shut his eyes tight as the sensation of getting his cock sucked and licked by the baker fox was searing right into his memory for the rest of his life. A few moments of bliss later, the wolf felt Cheryl remove her mouth from his penis, lightly brushing the side of his face with a hand until he slowly re-opened his spiral-filled eyes to gaze upon the gorgeous baker.

“I’ve been kissing and licking you so much, that I think it’s finally time for you to follow my next command.” Cheryl underlined the phrase that was printed on her apron with a finger. “You must kiss the dom” Cheryl seductively whispered as quietly as she could.

Cheryl scooted her chair closely in front of where Danny was still restrained, removing her apron before tearing off her shirt and bra. She sat back down in her chair and leaned her bare chest as close to Danny’s face as she possibly could, so that he could kiss and lick all over her breasts without the need of his tied-up arms and legs.

Danny was openly sucking on Cheryl’s nipples as he felt her whispering voice tickling one of his ears. “Is my sweet little thief finally ready to admit that my pies are better?” The fox teasingly asked the wolf as she was lovingly stroking one of her hands through his hair.

Danny popped his mouth off of one of Cheryl’s nipples so that he could answer her. “B…but… I think… my pies… are still pretty damn good…”

Cheryl used the pie knife to cut off another slice of the pie, lifting the slice up in front of Danny’s face and started lightly waving it back and forth in a very hypnotic movement, almost as if she were swinging a hypnotic pendant in front of his eyes.

“Well, that may be true, but that doesn’t change the fact that my pies are still the best.” Cheryl giggled when she noticed Danny’s head lightly waving back and forth, perfectly matched with her hypnotically waving the pie slice in front of his eyes. “Here, I’ll show you.” Cheryl brought the pie slice closer to her chest and started spreading it all over her bare breasts, coating them with the cherry-berry jam and several little bits of pie crust crumbs.

Danny licked his lips right as Cheryl shoved her breasts back into his face, motioning for him to lick off all of the jam and pie crumbs off of her chest using his tongue. As he continued sucking on her titties, he let out a contented moan as he felt Cheryl continue stroking his hair with a hand, all the while sweetly whispering in his ear what a good boy he was for being so obedient.

The wolf popped his mouth off of one of her nipples again, looking up at his partner with a cutely submissive look on his face while his fluffy tail was happily wagging back and forth. “Mistress, you were right.” Danny nuzzled his face further into his loving partner’s chest. “Your pies truly are better than mine.”

As soon as he truthfully admitted to that, Danny immediately came out loud. Cheryl had already been prepared with another slice of pie she had cut off, lowering it in front of Danny’s spurting cock, turning it around in her hand so that every inch of the pie slice was coated by the wolf’s hot cum.

Once the slice had been sufficiently glazed by Danny’s seed, Cheryl lifted the pie slice up to her lips and took a big bite, openly savoring the taste with every chew. “Ohhh this tastes better than ice cream with pie…” Cheryl had to wipe some drool that was oozing out of her mouth with a hand. “Ok, I have to admit, your semen does make my pies taste better than they already do.” She took another big bite out of the slice.

Danny buried his face further into Cheryl’s breasts, earning a sweet chuckle from his partner. “I love you so much, my cute little wolfie boy.”

Danny finally lapped up the last of the jam and pie crust crumbs from the fox’s large breasts with his tongue. “I love you so much too, Mistress.”


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