Julie’s Toe-tal Control

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:male #brainwashing #femdom_hypnosis #foot_fetish #foot_worship #hypnotic_light #spiral_eyes

Steve is skeptical of his dad’s new fiancé, a woman named Julie. He starts to have a change of heart when he sees Julie wiggle her hypnotic toes to him.

Steve is in his early 20s in this story.

Steve had an unsettling feeling about his possible future stepmother.

The potential stepmother, named Julie, and Steve’s father, named Harrison, had been dating for a few months now. Steve initially didn’t have very strong feelings about Julie as a person, but become wary of her over time.

Julie and his father had just recently became engaged, a bit too quickly for Steve’s liking. He also noticed that his father had been acting strangely different than usual when he was around Julie, as if she had him constantly wrapped around her finger.

His dad was always a friendly man, but he would constantly go out of his way to please Julie, often spending large amounts of money on expensive gifts for her, and he almost always gave her whatever she wanted.

Harrison would also frequently sing Julie’s praises around Steve, going on and on about how wonderful she was. Steve didn’t really think she was that wonderful, as Julie almost never did anything for his dad in return for everything he did for her.

She seemed to manipulate his dad more over time, to the point that Steve suspected that Julie was more interested in his dad for his money than anything else. Worse, his dad never really seemed to realize that he was being taken advantage of by someone that Steve suspected was nothing more than a gold digger. As Harrison kept on heaping more undeserved praise onto Julie, the more Steve started to outright dislike her.

Despite not liking her personality, he had to admit that Julie was an absolutely gorgeous blonde bombshell. He wasn’t really surprised that his dad was so into her in that regard. He just wished his dad would find someone that treated him better.

Steve had just got finished getting ready for bed. He got on top of his bed and leaned over to his lamp to turn on the lights, but stopped when he noticed someone in his doorway through his field of vision.

He turned his head to see Julie standing there. He groaned internally, as he really didn’t feel like talking to her face to face, especially right before going to sleep.

“May I come in?” Julie sheepishly asked Steve.

Steve wanted to yell at her to leave him alone and let him sleep, but he didn’t want to seem rude, and he especially didn’t want to piss off his dad for yelling at his fiancé.

“Alright.” Steve bluntly admitted, barely hiding his contempt.

“Thank you so much.” Julie said as she sat down at the edge of Steve’s bed, sitting right in front of him. Steve thought it was odd that Julie was sitting on his bed in her high heels. Why didn’t she take her heels off? He thought to himself.

“I was talking to your dad earlier, and he seems to think you don’t like me very much.” Julie said to Steve.

Steve was surprised by this, as he had never admitted how he truly felt about Julie to his dad. “Why does he think that?” Steve asked.

“Well, he knows that you haven’t really said anything to him,” Julie began, “but it seems like he can tell from some of your body language and general attitude around me. I’ve kind of noticed it too.”

“Look, I’m sorry, it’s just that-“

“No, no, it’s ok!” Julie interrupted Steve, which slightly annoyed him. “I want you to be honest with me. Especially since your father and I will likely get married in the near future, I want you and I to have a good relationship with each other.”

Steve cringed a bit when she said she and his dad would likely be married soon, as he still didn’t really want her to be his stepmother. However, it seemed like she was serious about wanting to be on good terms with him, so he was willing to give her a chance.

“I wanted to show you that I’m not some kind of gold-digging jerk.” Julie admitted to him.

Steve figured that his dad must’ve thought that Steve suspected that of her. “I’ve just been feeling that way because it seems like my dad always gets you whatever you want, and I don’t see you do much for him in return.” Steve admitted to her. “Also, the past couple of women he dated were only interested in him for his money.”

“I see.” Julie brought a hand to her chin to think. “Well, I’m going to be completely honest with you. Part of the reason I am dating your dad is because he has a lot of money.”

Steve began glaring at Julie, until she quickly finished her admission. “But only because I want to be in a financially stable situation when I get married. I care about your father for much more than just his money.”

Julie reached over to place a hand on one of Steve’s knees. “Besides, I want to be with a man who can satisfy some of my certain… needs.” She finished with a seductive whisper, as she started massaging Steve’s knee with her hand.

Steve was now feeling more conflicted about this woman, and he wasn’t sure if he liked her stroking his knee or not. It did feel oddly soothing to him, though. “N-n-needs?” He stammered out.

“Oh, yes… needs” Julie sighed with a little giggle, as she was stroking his knee harder. Steve could feel a little tingle in his boxers forming. “Needs that can make him and I very happy.” Julie finished with a large grin on her face.

“What…k-kind of…needs” Steve groaned out as Julie was making her fingers walk across his knee in a suggestive way. Steve did have an idea of what those “needs” were, but he was still curious about what she had to tell him.

“Well, I think it would be better if I showed you, rather than told you. It’s easier to understand that way.” Julie explained to him. She took her hand off of his knee, and Steve didn’t know whether he should feel relieved or disappointed.

“As hard as this might be to believe, there was a time in the past when your dad was skeptical about our relationship in the long term.”

“With how much he worships the ground you walk on, that is hard to believe.” Steve replied.

“So, I want to show you what I showed your father, that convinced him I was the perfect woman for him.” Julie cooed to Steve.

Now Steve was immensely interested, as he was finally going to find out what his dad saw in her that he couldn’t.

Julie used her hands to slowly pull off her high heels, and tossed her heels to the floor across from the bed, pointing her gorgeous red-painted toes right towards Steve’s direction.

A few silent moments had passed, and Steve was getting confused. “I don’t get it. What do your feet have anything to do with my dad having-“

Julie instantly stopped Steve in his tracks by wiggling her red toes, interrupting his question. His mind was clouding up as the light reflecting right off of her beautiful toes was beaming right into his eyes, rendering him completely comatose, and entirely at her mercy.

“Proceed.” Julie motioned to Steve to continue.

“…Fallen in love with you.” Steve finished his question, but now as a statement.

“Good. Again.” Julie wiggled her toes some more.

“Fallen in love with you.”

“Again!” Julie giggled.

“Fallen in love with you.”

Steve immediately shook his head. “Wait… I’m…I’m not… I don’t even like feet…”

Julie shushed him by bringing a big toe to his lips. “Don’t worry. You will love feet when I’m through with you.” Julie cryptically told Steve.

She removed her big toe from his lips to continue wiggling her toes in front of his eyes. The more Steve was falling into the hypnotic power of her toes, the more it seemed to him that her breathtaking toes were composing a beautiful melody just for him, the melody reaching his ears and going straight for his heart, instantly melting it.

Julie broke through his dazed mind. “I need a man who can give me a nice, firm foot rub at the end of a long day…” She cooed to Steve.

Her command flowed right into Steve’s mind, her words kissing him right in the pleasure center of his brain.

He quickly grabbed one of her feet as her command firmly wormed its was into his brain, mindlessly rubbing her foot in a quick fervor. Julie was moaning from Steve’s massage. “You know, for someone who claims to not like feet, you sure know how to make a lady’s little tootsies feel so wonderful.” Julie teased with a small grin.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Steve replied in a monotone.

“Mmmm… love it when you call me ma’am.”

“What other needs do you have?” Steve asked her.

“Hmmm…” Julie thought to herself, keeping Steve busy by wiggling her hypnotic toes in front of his face. “Oh, I know! I need a man who can kiss my toes! Kissing all of my worries away!” Julie happily sighed.

Once again, Julie’s commands squeezed themselves right into the pleasure center of Steve’s mind, bringing him to his knees, and bringing his lips to her feet. He was furiously planting several kisses all over her toes on both of her feet.

“So, I’m guessing you completely trust me now, right?” Julie asked with a smirk.

“N-n-not really…” Steve truthfully admitted, which surprised Julie a bit. “…there’s still something off about you…” Steve said every word in between kisses of her feet.

“You say you don’t trust me, and yet here you are, kissing my toes.” Julie teased him. “Seems kind of contradictory, doesn’t it.”

“I-I-I’m not kissing your feet…” Steve claimed.

Julie was confused by his statement.

“Really, now?” Julie questioned him with a laugh. “‘Cause from where I’m sitting, you can’t even stop kissing my feet.”

“I-I was just asking what your needs were. I’m not fulfilling any of your needs right now.”

“Are you so deeply under my trance, you don’t even realize you’re kissing my feet?” Julie teased him.

“Um…uh…” Steve stammered, as he kissed her toes a couple more times. “But I don’t even like feet…”

“Well, what do you think you’re even doing right now?” Julie questioned him.

Steve wracked his brain to come up with some kind of logical answer. Every now and then, Julie would press her toes against his lips hard enough to force a kiss out of him, to help aid him to answer her question.

“I’m, uh, I’m smooching your feet.” He sheepishly admitted.

Julie laughed out loud at this admission. “Sorry, but there is really no difference between kissing and smooching. Either way, they both involve your lips dancing across my pretty little toes.”

Julie brought one of her feet to Steve’s hardening cock, and started rubbing his cock through his boxers with her toes. She brought her other foot closer to his face, wiggling her toes, keeping him under her trance.

“I bet you trust me now, right?” Julie cooed.

“I still don’t think I like your feet.”

“Well, of course I know you don’t like my feet.” Julie told him. “You love my feet, don’t you sweetie?”

“I…do?” Steve questioned.

“You love my feet so much, they make you drool.” Julie giggled as she brought her big toe to his face to wipe away some drool coming out of the corner of his mouth.

“I…love your feet.” Steve finally admitted.

“And you trust me completely now.” Julie was goading him.

“I trust you completely now.” Steve was leaking pre-cum the more Julie was circling her other big toe around the tip of his dick.

Julie looked over at the clock and noticed it was getting really late, so she abruptly ended her erotic teasing of him. “Alright, I’ve got to get back to your father. He’s probably wondering why I’ve been gone for so long, completely unaware that I’ve been enslaving his son into becoming my hypnotized foot puppet, just like I’ve been doing to him!” Julie ended with a laugh.

Julie was walking towards the door, but was stopped by Steve’s moaning. “Wh-what about me… I haven’t cum yet… don’t leave me hanging…please…”

Julie turned around and giggled. “Oh, my! I almost forgot! Well, how about we make a compromise.” Julie started as she climbed back on his bed to wiggle her hypnotic toes in his eyes. “When you go to sleep, you will dream about me and my feet…my feet pleasuring you…my feet tormenting you… you will cum in your sleep from the humiliation of your dreams!”

She stopped wiggling her toes, and Steve plopped right down on his back. “Sweet dreams, Steve.” Julie cooed to him as she gently closed his eyes with her toes, and planted a kiss on his cheek. She reached over to turn off his lamp, whispered a few commands in his ear, and then left the room, with Steve sleeping soundly.

In his dreams, Julie was sitting on a large table, dangling a tiny Steve over the ground on a long piece of string that she tied to one of her big toes, constantly lifting and dropping him in the air like a yo-yo. Despite his screams of fear, Steve was also getting immensely turned on by his humiliation.

“Well, sweet dreams for me.” Julie laughed evilly as she swung the tiny Steve around.

The following morning, Steve had woken up from his foot-addled sleep. Feeling something down under his blanket, he threw the blanket off of himself, looking down at his boxers to see they had become a sticky mess. He thought back to all of his dreams he was having about Julie and her feet all night long, and realized he must have came during one of his dreams.

Steve was upset at himself for letting his guard down completely, and for metaphorically (and possibly literally) letting Julie walk all over him. The worst part was that he was starting to feel like treating Julie the same way his dad was treating her; wanting to go out of his way to please her, wanting to be used and abused by her, wanting to constantly sing her praises, and feeling like he was being wrapped around her finger.

Though the more he thought about it, the more he was feeling like he was being wrapped around her big toe instead. He shook his head, and decided he would try to convince his dad that Julie was no good for him, and that he should break up with her.

Well, that’s what he wanted to think to himself. The problem was that any time he tried to think even the tiniest negative thing about Julie, he would imagine Julie wigging her hypnotic toes right in front of his eyes.

He was trying harder to think up something, anything he didn’t like about Julie, but every time he was instantly silenced by an image of her waving her hypnotic toes back and forth. It felt like Julie’s feet had permanently sealed up his brain in a padlock, and she had the key. A key she had thrown away, never to be used.

An imaginary Julie was still wiggling her hypnotic red-painted toes towards him. “I’m going to use my pretty little toes to wipe away any of your negative thoughts about me. From now on, you will feel nothing but love and adoration for me, wanting to obey anything I say.” The imaginary Julie was commanding him.

He was now panicking, as any thought that wasn’t about worshipping Julie, were hypnotic thoughts his brain was constantly conjuring up that made him want to worship her. He desperately tried covering his ears to keep Julie’s imaginary voice from constantly penetrating his melting mind, but it was no use.

“You’re going to be under my hypnotic control for the rest of your life!” Julie was teasing and tormenting him. “You will never be free again!” Julie finished with a sexy, evil laugh.

Suddenly, Julie’s real voice from downstairs cut through the imaginary Julie’s voice. “Breakfast is ready!” She cheerfully exclaimed.

Steve quickly changed his clothes and ran downstairs, desperately trying to hide his massive hard-on from Julie.

He sat down at the table, where a plate with a large pancake sitting on it was waiting for him. Julie was cooking some breakfast for his dad, when she turned to greet Steve.

“Good morning, Steve! Have a good night’s rest? Have any nice dreams?”

Steve’s thoughts returned to the sexy dreams he experienced all night about Julie and her wonderfully hypnotic feet. He could feel his tongue slowly spool out of his mouth as he started drooling a bit.

Oh yes” Steve sighed out in his foot-induced stupor. “Very nice dreams

“I can tell you had very nice dreams from the pleased look on your face.” Julie teased Steve. “Mind sharing all the spicy details?”

Steve started getting pretty nervous. He thought it would be pretty awkward sharing what his dreams were about with his future stepmother.

Julie noticed his nervousness. “You don’t need to be afraid of sharing anything with me. I wan’t you to feel comfortable with talking to me about the things you like.”

Julie walked closer to the table and gripped the side of Steve’s plate with her hand, and slowly started rotating the plate. Steve looked down at his plate, and noticed that Julie had cooked the pancake in a spiral pattern.

Julie was spinning the plate faster, and Steve felt his sight getting sucked into the center of the pancake spiral. He felt more docile the longer he stared, and his eyes became filled with spirals.

“What did you dream about, honey?” Julie sweetly asked Steve.

Steve was trying to answer her, but was only able to babble incoherently.

“This will help make you talk.” Julie said as she lifted one of her feet to the table, placing the tip of a red-painted toe right in the center of the spiral. She maintained her balance as she continued spinning the plate with her hand.

As soon as the flash of her sparking toenail hit his eyes, he immediately started spilling all of the details.

“Um…I dreamed…I dreamed that you…were a giant that had me tied to your hypnotic toe…with a string…as you swung me up and down like a yo-yo.” A heavily embarrassed Steve admitted while blushing like mad. Why the hell am I admitting this to her? He thought to himself.

“Oh, my.” Julie giggled. “Definitely not a conventional dream by any stretch of the imagination, but I can certainly see why you liked that dream so much.”

Steve was staring deeper into Julie’s toe, which was staying perfectly still at the center of the spinning pancake spiral. “Any other dreams?” She asked him.

“I dreamed…that you were a secret agent…and you were interrogating me…for something I wasn’t supposed to see… and you kept using one of your…flashing, red-painted toes…like a neuralyzer…and you kept erasing my mind…over and over…” Steve was desperately using his hands to push down his massive erection under the table.

Julie let out a little chuckle. “I like how inventive your foot fantasies are.”

“I dreamed…that I proposed to you and your feet…I even placed a hypnotic wedding ring on one of your toes…”

“Awww…that’s sweet.” Julie cooed. “Unfortunately, I’m already getting married to your father instead. But you can always be my simpy stepson who constantly throws himself at my feet!”

Julie suddenly stopped spinning the plate and grabbed a squeeze bottle of pancake syrup off of the table. She squeezed some of the syrup over the pancake, deliberately getting some syrup on the big toe she still had pinned at the center of the spiral.

“Better eat your breakfast before it gets cold, sweetie.” Julie giggled. “And make sure you lick up all of the syrup off of my toe, too!”

Steve dived headfirst to the center of the pancake, happily lapping up all of the syrup off Julie’s toe with his tongue, and shuddering in pleasure.

Steve couldn’t believe he let his guard down… again.

All he wanted to do was stand up to Julie and let her know he wasn’t buying into any of her bullshit, but he would always melt on the spot every time he approached her. And she mercilessly teased him, leaving him with a massive hard-on, and just left him there laying on the ground.

He couldn’t even understand why he always got so smitten and tongue-tied around her. Sure, she was pretty, but…

His thoughts about Julie were constantly interrupted every several seconds by visions of Julie wiggling her hypnotic toes in front of his eyes.

He imagined Julie scolding him while waving one of her big toes back and forth in a disapproving way. “Uh, uh, uh.” Julie started in a scolding sing-song voice. “You’re not allowed to think anything is wrong with me.”

“Wh-what am I allowed to think about?” Steve questioned, as he followed the movement of the imaginary Julie’s toe with his eyes, back and forth.

“You are only allowed to think of blind obedience towards me.” Julie giggled. “Any other thought must require a little… re-education by my toes.”

“Only blind obedience…” muttered Steve, but he shook his head and suddenly regained some backbone. “No, I’m not gonna let you control me.”

“Well, suit yourself.” The imaginary Julie shrugged. “I did say I would use my toes to re-educate you.” Julie paused briefly. “Alright Stephen, you’ve been asking for this little mind-wiping session. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Julie mockingly teased Steve in a sing-song voice, as she brought up both feet in front of his face, and started quickly waving both of her big toes in quick, hypnotic circles.

“Toes out, mind shuts off.” Julie commanded.

“Toes out, mind shuts off.” Steve repeated in a monotone voice.

“Your future stepmother is always right.”

“My future stepmother is always right.”

“You cannot think anything bad about me. You cannot think of anything that opposes my will. Or else my little brainwashing toes will correct you again. And I won’t be so nice about it this time.”

“Correct me.” Steve moaned in a monotone.

“If you want me to forgive you for your disobedience, you must kiss each of my toes forty times.”

“Yes, Mistress Julie.”

Steve got down to repeatedly kiss the imaginary Julie’s toes. The real Julie turned a corner and saw Steve, and from her perspective it looked like Steve was kissing the air.

Julie immediately grew a wicked grin on her face, and called for Harrison. “Honey, I think you and Steve are ready for movie night.”

Harrison sat down on the couch. Steve wanted to go back to his room, but some invisible force was forcing his legs to march over to the couch.

On his way, he imagined several clones of Julie lined up on each side of his path to the couch, all wiggling their hypnotic toes at him.

“Kiss my feet, my future simpy stepson.” Every imaginary Julie was giggling and cooing at him. Steve tried to ignore them, but he couldn’t help getting flustered.

Steve made it to the couch and sat next to his dad. Julie came to the couch to sit between them, grabbing out her smartphone to cast a video she had made to their flatscreen TV. As the video was buffering, she set her phone to the side, and used her hands to massage the men’s knees. Both of the men sighed in pleasure.

The video started, showing off Julie’s hypnotic feet that she had filmed herself using her phone’s camera. Julie in the video immediately started wiggling her red-painted toes, immediately grabbing the attention of the men on the couch.

“Let my toes enchant you.” Julie whispered to the men as she continued rubbing their knees. “Let my toes entrance you.”

“Let your toes enchant us. Let your toes entrance us.” The two men mindlessly repeated, drooling over their growing bulges in their pants.

The camera was closing in on Julie’s big, wiggling toes. Steve gasped out loud. Julie’s toes were already hypnotic as is, but seeing her big toes blown up on a big TV screen was really drilling thoughts of pure obedience directly into the pleasure center of his brain. He was incredibly intimidated by the sight, but in a good way that made his cock super hard. He wanted to get down on the floor on his hands and knees and bow in front of Julie’s toes, but he was still pinned in his seat by Julie sensually rubbing his knee.

“You will find yourselves trapped forever inside your new ruby red-colored prisons.” Julie’s giggling was now dripping with a deliciously evil tone. “Your free will is permanently sealed inside my sparkly toenails, never to escape my wrath.”

“Our new ruby red-colored prisons.” Steve and Harrison’s eyes had become so glazed over, that the image of Julie’s hypnotic toes from the video were directly reflected in their eyes. “We will never escape your wrath.”

“If you gaze into my toenails, you’ll find both of your fates.” Julie whispered, as she was stroking the men’s knees faster. “Your fates as slaves to my feet.”

Steve gazed deeper into the big toe of Julie’s left foot. The longer he stared through the sparkling red haze, his eyes started making out a vision.

As the vision became more visible to him, Steve saw himself rubbing Julie’s feet while she lazed back in a recliner. He figured this vision was showing him what life would be like after Julie married his father. The longer he studied this vision, he saw that he was rubbing massage oil into her beautiful feet, and even between her toes. Despite this being such a simple gesture compared to his strange dreams, he was immensely turned on watching himself massaging the most beautiful feet in the world.

Julie noticed an increasing wet spot on the crotch of Steve’s jeans. “Mmmm…what do you see, big boy?”

“I see myself rubbing your tired, aching feet. Massaging all of your worries away. We are both moaning in pleasure, you from receiving my massage, and me from rubbing your gorgeous feet.”

“Hmmm…simple, yet satisfying. I like it. Make sure your vision has you rubbing massage oil in between my toes.” Julie teased Steve.

“Don’t worry. I already am, Mistress.”

“I knew you would eventually see things my way, sweetie.” Julie smugly said as she kissed Steve on the cheek. She turned her attention to Harrison. “What about you, honey? What do you see?”

Harrison was staring deeply into the big toe of Julie’s right foot. “I see myself giving you a pedicure…painting your toenails with the ruby-red paint you can use to hypnotize us later…while you shove your foot in my face as I’m trying to pamper it…”

“How delightfully kinky.” Julie gave Harrison a kiss on his cheek. “We must discuss our wedding date while your son is sleeping.”

“B-b-but I don’t want to go to sleep…” Steve complained. “I wanna watch your shining, red toes forever.”

Julie laughed at Steve’s protests. “You have plenty of time in the future to stare at my hypnotic toes.”

“But I’m still too hard.” Steve was getting more sexually frustrated.

“Remember, you can always cum in your dreams about me and my feet.” Julie giggled over Steve’s torment. “Now, off the couch and into your room, now.”

Steve got off the couch, mindlessly marching behind Julie as she led him into his room and onto his bed.

“Good night.” Julie kissed him on the cheek again. “Sleep tight.” Julie gave him a kiss on his lips. “Remember that your stepmother is always right.” Julie said as she kissed his hard cock straining through his boxers.

As he slept, he dreamed about Julie keeping him hypnotized by forcing him to watch her spinning a handheld hypno spiral in front of his eyes. All the while, all of the Julie clones he imagined earlier were behind him, taking turns repeatedly probing his asshole with their toes, causing his cock to throb every time they shoved their toes up his ass.

“Remember, your stepmother is always right.” Julie commanded Steve as she continued spinning the spiral in front of him. “Repeat.”

“My stepmother is always right.”

“Repeat again.”

“My stepmother is always right.”


“My stepmother is always right.”

Julie joined her clones to continue stimulating Steve’s asshole with their toes, as he continued repeating “My stepmother is always right” over and over again.

The following morning, Steve woke up and his nose was immediately assaulted by such a wonderful scent. As he was fluttering his eyes open, he noticed that Julie was in his room, having placed her toes just under his nose, lightly brushing his lips with her toes.

“Wakey Wakey, Sleepyhead.” Julie giggled towards Steve. Steve fully opened his eyes after he sniffed her feet a few times, and then he gave Julie’s toes a few good morning kisses.

Julie giggled again. “Someone’s eager to start his morning the right way.”

“Could I massage your feet?” Steve asked her.

Julie thought about Steve’s request for a few moments, but then shook her head. “I would love a foot massage from you, but we don’t have the time this morning! Today’s the day your father and I get married! You’ve gotta get up and get ready!”

Steve’s eyes opened wide with shock. He knew they had been discussing a wedding date the previous night, but he had no idea they were planning it for today. He was so surprised by this, that his trance started to wear off a little bit. “Don’t you think it’s a little too early to get married? You and dad were only just talking about it last night.”

Julie brought out one of her feet, and started wiggling her red-painted toes in Steve’s face, re-educating him once again. “No, I don’t think it’s too early for your father and I to get married, and you don’t think it’s too early either.”

Steve was falling back hard under her spell. “No, I don’t think it’s too early for you to get married. I’m sorry for disobeying you, Mistress Julie.”

“Oh, that’s alright. As long as you learn your lesson, sweetie.” Julie soothed to Steve as she started rubbing his knee again. Steve’s cock started getting hard again, and he felt his cock press up against a large wet spot on the front of his boxers, which he thought must’ve been from when he came during last night’s dreams.

Julie removed her hand from Steve’s knee. “Go and take a shower now, ok?” Julie told him while motioning towards the door. Steve gave Julie’s feet one final kiss before immediately hopping off of his bed, exiting his bedroom, and running straight to the bathroom.

Steve thought he could have some private thoughts to himself in the shower, but he was heavily mistaken. Every time he tried to think about how his dad and Julie getting married so quickly was kind of odd, his thoughts kept getting interrupted by visions of an imaginary Julie giving him a footjob as he showered. She was wiggling her red-painted toes all over his hard cock, which was hypnotizing him even more than he thought possible. The constant erotic and hypnotic stimulation became so out of control, that he came buckets in the shower, screaming Julie’s name.

Julie and Harrison were having incredibly orgasmic, foot fetish-based sex in their room, and they had placed a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Steve was in his room, laying down on his bed naked while staring up at the ceiling. His cock jumped and lurged towards the ceiling every time he heard their screams of pleasure. He hoped that Julie would one day give him some of that kind of action.

He thought back to the wedding from earlier today. After all of the absurd things that had been happening in his life lately, their wedding was surprisingly pretty typical, if small. There weren’t too many guests at the wedding, just a few of Harrison and Julie’s friends and family. Not too surprising, considering that they didn’t give much notice to how quickly they were getting married.

The only thing about the wedding that would be considered somewhat unusual was that when Harrison was told he could now kiss the bride, he got down on his hands and knees like a dog to repeatedly kiss Julie’s feet all over, for a little longer than necessary. None of the guests said a word about what happened, but Steve did have to wonder what they thought of that display. Maybe the guests just realized that they have some kind of a kinky relationship, which was technically true.

If any of the wedding guests had looked close into the eyes of Steve and his dad, they would’ve seen a phantom image of Julie wiggling her hypnotic red-painted toes in their eyes, showing that they were forever enchanted by Julie’s feet, and completely bound to her will for all eternity.

As Steve closed his eyes to sleep, he dreamt that he was kneeling in front of the couch, and three clones of Julie were sitting next to each other on the couch, constantly using their feet to fondle his body and his cock, making full use of him as a foot stool. They sat back watching TV, while laughing and pointing at Steve’s humiliation, which made him harder than ever before.

The following morning, Julie was sitting on her husband like a chair in the kitchen, while she was reading the newspaper and occasionally taking a sip of her coffee. Kneeling in front of her was Steve, who was happily rubbing Julie’s feet, and Julie would occasionally prod his hardening erection with her big toe through his shorts.

Julie took another sip of her coffee. “So, how’s the morning been so far, boys?”

“Every day is a good day when I am forced to obey my stepmother’s commands.” Steve gave out his automatic reply in a monotone voice. He increased the speed of his massage, rubbing Julie’s feet harder, which made her moan.

“Every day is a good day when I am forced to obey my wife’s commands.” Harrison let out a similar automatic reply.

“Good boys.” Julie took another sip of her coffee with a smug smile on her face.


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