Extra Pepperoni

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #foodplay #foot_fetish #foot_worship #romantic #spiral #spiral_eyes #trigger #wholesome

Allison loves using a trigger phrase and a large pizza topped with a spiral made out of pepperoni to hypnotize her girlfriend Valerie for some pizza-themed role-playing fun.

When she heard the doorbell ring, Allison quickly finished up her conversation with her live-in girlfriend Valerie, before getting off of their couch to answer the person on the other end of the door.

A pizza delivery driver was holding a large pizza box and handed it over to Allison, who in return paid for the pizza and left the driver a generous tip for the fast service. She closed the door and started walking back to the couch. The savory scent of pizza was now wafting throughout the living room, the invisible hand of the stench taking full reign of Valerie’s nostrils, lightly shoving her head towards where Allison was standing.

“Whoa, what kind of pizza did you buy?” Valerie excitedly asked, her mouth already salivating over the delicious smell. She took a few inquisitive whiffs as the invisible hand of the pizza scent was gently rubbing up and down her face. “Wait, don’t tell me.” The buxom brunette sniffed a few more times. “You got… you got…” She struggled to guess.

“I bought our favorite pizza, one you know all too well.” The red-haired, plus-sized nerdy girl soothed with a seductive lilt in her voice. “Extra Pepperoni

Upon hearing her trigger phrase, Valerie immediately started feeling a tingling sensation sparkling all over her brain, that soon traveled down her entire body, making every part of her tingle as much as her brain was. The tingling reached her most sensitive areas and made Valerie breathe out an aroused gasp.

“I can’t wait to share this Extra Pepperoni pizza with you.” Allison giggled over her girlfriend’s cute reaction to hearing her trigger phrase. Valerie felt the pleasurable sparkling travel back up her whole body directly into her brain, with her brain buzzing with pure joy.

Allison gently placed the pizza box down on the large table in front of their couch, and sat down right next to Valerie, who was moaning over every tingle that was sparkling in her brain. While she was distracted, Allison opened up the pizza box and was picking up and rearranging all of the pepperoni slices in a particular pattern with her fingers.

After licking the excess pepperoni grease off of her fingers, Allison tapped Valerie on her shoulder to get her attention. “I would love it if you could look down at this Extra Pepperoni pizza that is sitting on the table. I added a special surprise to the pizza just for you.” Upon hearing Allison use her trigger phrase, electrical volts of pleasure were firing off in Valerie’s brain, forcing her to look down at the table.

Valerie noticed that Allison had rearranged all of the pepperoni slices into one big hypnotic spiral covering the entire top of the pizza. Allison gripped a corner of the cardboard box that the pizza was resting in with a hand, and slowly began turning the box in little circles. The pepperoni spiral on the pizza began spinning around in front of Valerie’s eyes.

Allison started spinning the box a little bit faster, causing Valerie to begin falling under a trance upon being made to watch the spinning spiral. While still spinning the box around, Allison turned her head to look into Valerie’s eyes. They had become so glassy, that Allison could see pepperoni spirals reflected in Valerie’s eyes.

When Allison suddenly stopped rotating the pizza box, the spirals remained in Valerie’s eyes, but had stopped spinning. She did not have a single thought running through her now-empty head, her mind as still as water.

Allison pulled out a slice of pizza that had a lot of pepperoni on it, and then set it down on a nearby paper plate. She lifted the plate in front of Valerie’s head so she could stare right at it.

“I was thinking we could play a round of ‘Pepperoni Strip Tease.’ Every time I remove a piece of pepperoni from this slice of Extra Pepperoni pizza and feed it to you, you will remove an article of clothing from your body until you strip yourself naked. I’ll also take my clothes off at the same time as you.” Allison was explaining the rules of her game to her girlfriend. “Does that sound like something you’d like to play with me?”

Hearing her trigger phrase woke Valerie from her bout of semi-consciousness just enough that she was able to answer Allison’s question with an obedient nod of her head. Allison tore off a slice of pepperoni, and shoved it into Valerie’s waiting mouth. After chewing and swallowing the piece of meat, Valerie slowly removed her socks from her feet, followed by Allison performing the same action with her own socks.

Allison kept feeding Valerie pepperoni that she was ripping off of the slice of pizza. Valerie first removed her shirt, followed by her bra, then her shorts, and finally went the panties. Allison was keeping up the pace with Valerie by removing all of her clothes too.

Allison wrapped her arms around her girlfriend in a warm embrace, and whispered in her ear. “I’d love for you to imagine myself as a giant pizza monster. A big, squishy mound of pizza who keeps you as her prisoner, constantly teasing and tormenting you.” Allison giggled when she saw Valerie’s eyes open up wide with excitement.

In Valerie’s vision, Allison had magically transformed into a large glob of pizza. Allison flashed her a seductively smug smile that gave Valerie the impression that she was just about to attempt to ensnare her, which was Valerie’s cue to pretend to run away from her girlfriend. “NnnnoooooI won’t ever let you capture me…” Valerie playfully teased as she was slowly crawling away from the couch.

Allison reached out her arms to grab onto her girlfriend, and within Valerie’s entranced vision, it looked like there were giant gooey strands of pizza cheese that were stretching out of the sides of the pizza monster trying to capture her. When Allison wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, Valerie felt the warm embrace of pizza cheese glueing to all sides of her body, rendering her unable to escape. “Gotcha…” Allison whispered in her girlfriend’s ear, who moaned out in pleasure from her teasing.

Allison let out an evil yet sexy chuckle. “You didn’t think I’d let my sweet little prey escape my grasp, did you?” Allison nibbled on her girlfriend’s neck, who gasped out loud in response, as Allison squeezed her against her chest.

“No, not really.” Valerie giggled as her entire body was engorged and surrounded by the warm, gooey, cheesy embrace of the giant pizza monster.

While tightly holding onto her girlfriend, Allison reached her face down to plant several little kisses all over Valerie’s face. She lightly lifted her girlfriend off of the couch, and tilted her body in all directions so she could pepper Valerie’s naked body all over with her kisses. Since Allison had just eaten a slice of pizza, she was leaving lip marks made of pizza sauce over every part of Valerie’s body that she kissed.

Valerie was giggling wildly when she felt the pizza sauce marks brushing against her sensitive skin with every kiss. “Stop! Stop! I can’t take it anymore! I love your kisses, but they’re tickling me way too much now!” Valerie laughed out loud, and Allison immediately stopped kissing her. Allison allowed Valerie to have a moment to herself to breathe before suggesting the next role-playing scene.

“Don’t you want to take a bite out of me?” Allison suggestively asked her girlfriend. “I am made out of pizza after all. I’m sure I probably taste delicious!”

Valerie looked a little confused. “Wouldn’t that hurt?” She asked with a confused tone.

Allison gave a dismissive wave of her hand. “No, not at all. Just as long as you lightly nibble on my belly.”

Valerie excitedly dived right towards Allison’s chubby belly, and started nibbling her girlfriend as gently as she could. Since Allison still looked like a giant glob of pizza in her eyes, Valerie could even sense the flavor of pizza tingling right on the tips of her tastebuds.

Nom nom nom” Valerie’s mouth was bursting with the salty tastes of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, and she continued gently chomping down on Allison’s belly. Valerie’s little nibbles felt like kisses to Allison, just with the added pressure of teeth lightly nicking her skin.

Allison really wanted to thank Valerie for her obedience, so she stroked down Valerie’s naked body with one of her hands until she reached her clit, and started gently rubbing it. From Valerie’s point of view, it felt like that the giant glob was massaging her clit with a pizza-covered finger, which was really turning her on because the pizza felt really warm against her skin.

Every several seconds Allison was rubbing Valerie’s clit harder and faster, which was making Valerie repeatedly pant like a dog as she felt her clit rapidly heating up. Allison noticed her panting and was highly amused, and decided to have some fun with her over it. “I’ll take that as an admission that you’re my bitch.” Allison teased.

“Y-yeah…I’m your bitch… rub me harder…rub me faster…please” Valerie was desperately moaning to Allison, who obliged by rapidly massaging Valerie’s clit up and down with her finger as fast as she could. Valerie was sweating up a storm right before she came out loud on Allison’s hand.

Valerie was so exhausted, that she only barely noticed her girlfriend whispering in her ear again. “Your body is so tired, that you feel yourself slowly sliding off of the couch, as if you were a piece of loose pepperoni slowly sliding off of a slice of Extra Pepperoni pizza.”

While otherwise lying on her back completely still, both in body and mind, Valerie had sensed her entire naked body slowly slipping off of the couch cushion she was laying on. When her body slid right to the edge of the seat, hearing her girlfriend utter her special trigger phrase was enough to send Valerie over the edge of the cushion, lightly plopping on the carpet below onto her butt with a small thud.

After she stuck the uneaten pizza slices in the fridge for leftovers, Allison leaned down near the ground to pick up her naked girlfriend in her arms, and started carrying her towards their bedroom bridal-style. In Valerie’s vision, she felt like she was getting carried by a large, squishy glob of pizza, so she would sometimes try to lightly nibble on Allison’s body as best as she could in her state.

“Once we get into bed, it’ll finally be your turn to worship me.” Allison seductively enthused to Valerie. “I’ll command you to worship my pussy, and my juices will taste like pizza sauce to you. Doesn’t that sound delicious?”

Valerie slowly nodded her head up and down while licking her lips in anticipation. “Heh, I thought so darling.” Allison chuckled before giving her girlfriend a kiss on her lips right before entering their bedroom.

A few days later, Allison had another Extra Pepperoni pizza delivered to her front door, and she and her girlfriend were already chowing down on the pie and lounging on their couch while they were watching a movie. After eating a few slices of pizza, Valerie took a peek at the half-empty pizza box sitting on their table in front of them.

“Hey Allison, I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t hypnotize me with a giant spiral made out of pepperoni this time. Did you forget or something?” Valerie wondered out loud.

“No, I didn’t forget anything. I’m still gonna hypnotize you. I just want to experiment with a different kind of hypnotic induction this time.” Allison admitted.

Valerie swallowed another bite of pizza she had ripped off with her teeth. “Ok, that does sound pretty exciting. What do you have in store for me this time?”

Without saying a single word, Allison lifted one of her bare feet up in the air, and began flexing and wiggling all of her toes in every direction imaginable. Valerie was immediately distracted by her wiggling toes and stared right at them, when Allison then lifted her other bare foot and brought Valerie under a dizzy daze by wiggling the rest of her toes.

The overhead lights in the living room were shining right off of Allison’s toenails directly into Valerie’s hypnotized eyes, who’s mouth was opening wider in awe with every wiggle of Allison’s toes that she was made to watch.

Allison moved one foot closer to her girlfriend’s face, and shut Valerie’s mouth closed by pressing underneath her chin with her big toe. “You don’t want to catch flies, do you?” Allison teasingly asked Valerie, who answered her by shaking her head ‘no.’

Allison shoved her other foot onto the small table in front of them, and flipped the top of the pizza box back open using her other big toe. She used her toes as if they were claws to rip off a piece of pepperoni from one of the uneaten slices, and then started waving that foot back and forth right in front of Valerie’s face. Valerie could see that Allison was tightly gripping the pepperoni between her toes, and she was obediently following Allison’s toes with her eyes left and right.

“How about you eat this lovely slice of pepperoni that I took from our special Extra Pepperoni pizza, sweetie.” Allison gave a small laugh when Valerie moved her face closer to her foot and was lightly shaking her head back and forth in tandem with her toes. “Go on, my toes won’t bite… much.” Allison said with a wink.

Valerie quickly snatched the piece of pepperoni from in between Allison’s toes with her teeth, and let the meat fall into her mouth. She gently planted a small kiss on one of Allison’s toes before she swallowed the pepperoni slice. Allison dug her foot back into the pizza box to rip off the rest of the pepperoni from the pizza slice, and shoved a foot-full of pepperoni pieces towards Valerie’s face.

Valerie kept pulling and eating the pepperoni pieces from Allison’s toes with her teeth, happily kissing one of her toes every time she did so. Whenever a spot of pepperoni grease would smear on one of Allison’s toes, Valerie would helpfully lick away the spot for her. Allison was giggling madly because Valerie’s tongue lapping at her toes felt very ticklish.

When Valerie ate up the last of the pepperoni slices, Allison stuck her foot back in the pizza box, and was digging into a small pool of leaked pizza sauce with her toenails, before swinging her foot back around to Valerie’s face. She commanded her girlfriend to lick up all of the pizza sauce that was coating her toes, who happily obliged by gently sucking on her toes. Valerie nibbled underneath Allison’s toenails with her teeth to make sure she didn’t miss a single spot of sauce.

When Valerie was finished cleaning Allison’s toes of pizza sauce, Allison got off of the couch and threw the pizza box on the ground, and stomped down on the cardboard several times with her bare soles. When she sat back down on the couch, she lifted both of her feet up near Valerie’s face so she could see that every inch of her soles were covered in pizza grease stains and the last bits of remaining pizza sauce, starting at the tip of her big toe and ending all the way down at her heel.

Allison decided to tease Valerie when she noticed her mindlessly staring at her soles, and began wiggling her toes. Allison chuckled to herself when she saw her shiny toenails reflecting off of Valerie’s entranced, glassy eyes. “Well, don’t just stand there and stare. My feet aren’t going to lick themselves!” Allison laughed.

“No Mistress, your feet aren’t going to lick themselves.” Valerie repeated in a monotone voice. “I’ll be your good obedient girl and lick your feet for you.” Valerie stuck out her tongue and started dragging it up, down, and all around the soles of Allison’s feet, making sure to slurp up every grease stain and every speck of pizza sauce that remained on her feet. Allison was moaning in pleasure from feeling her girlfriend’s tongue gracefully gliding against her soles.

Once Valerie was done licking her girlfriend’s feet clean, Allison moved one of her feet so that her toes were brushing right underneath Valerie’s nose. Valerie shut her eyes tight and took a deep whiff, and gasped aloud in arousal. “What is that alluring aroma?” Valerie wondered out loud while taking in a few more sniffs.

Allison slowly removed her foot from Valerie’s face, forcing her to get on her hands and knees on the couch and crawl towards her feet. Valerie was trying to stick her nose towards where Allison’s feet were on the other end of the couch so that she could sniff them further.

“Let me just open up these blinds so I can show you my sexy surprise.” Allison seductively said as she lifted up one of Valerie’s eyelids open with her big toe. “And the other one.” Allison used her other big toe to force open Valerie’s other eye.

Allison flashed her toenails in Valerie’s wide-open glazed-over eyes. “I bought a special pizza-scented nail polish to paint my pretty toes with.” Allison teased as she was rubbing her big toe back and forth underneath Valerie’s nose. Valerie was moaning out loud as her nostrils were assaulted by the scent of cheesy pizza emanating from Allison’s big toe.

Allison slightly pulled her foot away from Valerie’s face so that she could wiggle her big toe around in little hypnotic circles. Valerie was obediently following every hypnotic wiggle of Allison’s toe around and around with her eyes.

“If you want my toe so bad, why don’t you lean over and give it a little kiss?” Allison seductively teased as she pulled her hypnotic toe further away from Valerie’s waiting lips, forcing her to crawl closer to her girlfriend and pucker up her lips near her toe. Valerie took another whiff of Allison’s pizza-scented toe and shivered in lust. “Oh mama, that smells so fucking good…”

Valerie pushed herself on her hands and knees enough so that she was able to plant a small kiss on the tip of Allison’s big toe. As soon as her lips made contact with her toe, Valerie instantly climaxed in her pants. After she slowly slid off of the couch seat onto the waiting ground below, Allison bent over towards the ground to helpfully remove Valerie’s soiled clothes. Once she was completely naked, Allison leaned over to pick up Valerie bridal-style in her arms, and carried her into the bedroom.

Valerie had fallen asleep in Allison’s arms, who gently placed her on top of their bed and pulled up the covers over her body. Allison sat down on the bed next to her sleeping girlfriend, softly waking her back up by lightly brushing her fingers through her brunette hair. Valerie slowly opened her tired and groggy eyes to look at her girlfriend.

“I’m sorry to wake you up so soon like this, but…” Allison stuck one of her feet near Valerie’s half-asleep face, who noticed that she still had a pizza grease stain on the heel of her foot. “…you missed a spot.”

Valerie stuck out her tongue to quickly lap off the grease spot she missed, before wrapping herself under her covers to get a good night’s sleep. Allison got under the covers next to Valerie and gave her a quick goodnight kiss. “Sweet dreams, my love.”

Mmm… sweet dreams to you too… Valerie closed her eyes and fell fast asleep.

It had been a couple of months since Allison had last bought an extra pepperoni pizza. Valerie was really craving the taste of pepperoni pizza and craving the desire to be hypnotized by her girlfriend at the same time, and after one too many times of bugging Allison about it, she finally caved and ordered an extra pepperoni pie from her pizza delivery app.

About a half-hour later, Allison heard her doorbell ring, so she answered the door to pick up the pie left by the pizza delivery driver, and walked back over to the small table in front of the couch that Valerie was patiently waiting on, and lightly tossed the pizza box onto the table. Valerie was just about to rip off the top of the box while wearing a very hungry expression on her face, but stopped herself when she thought better of it.

“Oh, I guess I should wait for you to rearrange all of the pepperoni in a giant spiral if I want you to hypnotize me.” Valerie sheepishly told Allison.

“Yeah, plus I’ve gotta add an extra surprise to your Extra Pepperoni pizza, so no peeking!” Allison giggled as she saw Valerie obediently shut her eyes as tightly as possible so she wouldn’t accidentally spoil the surprise. Allison opened the cardboard box to mix and match all of the pepperoni into the shape of a spiral, and then stuck in something special right at the center of the spiral.

Valerie opened her eyes when she heard her girlfriend say “Alright Valerie, you can look at your surprise now.” Allison motioned for Valerie to open up the pizza box. When she did, she gasped out loud in a happy-sounding shock over what she saw.

There was a large spiral made out of pepperoni topping the pizza like she had seen before, but what caught her off guard was what Allison had stuck on the pizza in the center of the spiral.

A wedding ring.

Valerie was now rendered entirely speechless, and was only made even more speechless when Allison gripped the corner of the cardboard pizza box, and slowly started rotating the box around on the table. The spinning pepperoni spiral was already lulling Valerie back under a trance again, and the sparkly wedding ring was shining brightly from under the overhead lights, flashing right into Valerie’s heavily entranced eyes.

Allison looked into Valerie’s eyes and saw that spirals of pepperoni were reflected in them like before, but this time her pupils had grown to the size of the wedding ring in the center of the pepperoni spiral, pulsing and flashing just like the lights reflecting off of the ring.

“Valerie, will you marry me?” Allison proposed to Valerie.

“Yes…yes Mistress I will marry you…” Valerie was mindlessly answering her in a monotone.

“Hmm… I’m not totally convinced.” Allison teased Valerie with a giggle. “You’ve gotta put a bit more enthusiasm, a little more oomph, into your answer.”

“Yes Mistress!” Valerie cried out with happy tears in her eyes. “I want to marry you so much!”

“C’mon over here.” Allison soothed as she embraced her soon-to-be wife, holding Valerie tightly in her arms as they were both crying happy tears together. After wiping a few tears from her eyes, Allison reached her hand over to the pizza box to grab a slice, and offered it to Valerie, who happily accepted by quickly gobbling up the slice in mere seconds.

For the remainder of that night, Allison and Valerie shared their plans for their eventual pizza party-themed wedding.


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