The Girl Who Fell From The Sky -- An Earth 721 Story

Chapter 8

by AngelMoon__

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Pure fluff in this chapter! Hope it isn't precluding anything unfortunate...

It was cloudy, but the weather was otherwise perfect. Sierra enjoyed the mild May air as they proceeded along the Champs-Elysees. Elaine zigzagged along just behind her.

“Goddess, my back hurts already.” Elaine was slumped over, making her appear the same height as her companion. “How much loooooonger is this?”

“Look, Ms. Elaine,” Sierra said, excitedly pointing a finger. “It’s the Arc de Triomphe!”

“It was still there when we crossed the river like a million years ago. Now it’s marginally closer...woooo. I’m glad you managed to find the one thing more exciting than walking for hours.”

“Walking in a straight line for hours?”

“You win a prize for the correct answer. What street is this, anyway? It’s massive. And long.”

“I wouldn’t dare try to pronounce the name. Autotranslators are one thing, but my spoken French is abysmal,” Sierra lamented.

“C’mon. Give it a try.” Sierra considered for a moment.

“No,” Sierra said, grinning. Elaine rolled her eyes. The lamia’s attention was quickly seized by something else. 

“Hey. Sierra. Look at that thing. Look at its majesty.” Elaine pointed wildly at something on the road.

“A...streetcar, Ms. Elaine?”

“You’re damn right it is. No more achy undercarriage for this snake. And...oh my Goddess look!” Elaine expressed with a hushed glee. “It has a bar!”

“I am glad we have found what will make this trip special for you, Ms. Elaine.” Sierra let out a surprised gasp as Elaine grabbed her by the hand and almost yanked her off her feet, ambulating wildly towards the vehicle.

“It’s getting awaaaaaaay!”

“Unfortunate. If only there was another one pulling up to the stop, right behind us.”

“Your sarcasm is noted, Maid Sierra.”

“I seek only to please -- ah!” Sierra was once again taken by surprise as the enthusiastic serpent woman whirled around towards the second streetcar/bar, never letting go of her hand. Purchasing two day tickets, they boarded.

“Ah...nirvana.” Elaine had found a stool that she spiraled up and around, planting her human half on the actual seat. Sierra placed herself on the barstool next to her, giggling as Elaine’s tail tickled her leg. “What do we have on the menu, here...ooh la la. Wines of the Loire Valley~” She poured over the menu. “Guess I’ll just have to try all of them.”

“I’m not strong enough to carry you back to the hotel, Ms. Elaine.”

“Then toss me into the open sewer and swim back. Don’t worry, I’ll float. I think…” Elaine mused. Sierra gave her a deadpan look.

“How romantic, Ms. Elaine.” The maid rolled her eyes.

They remained on the streetcar for a short while. Eventually, Sierra tugged on her companion’s gauzy tunic, to get her attention.

“Eh? I’m not the one you tell when you're out, Sierra,” Elaine said, gesturing towards the four armed, green skinned barkeep.

“The Arc de Triomphe, Ms. Elaine. Let us depart here.”

“Fffffiiiiiine,” Elaine decided. “But I have an idea. Something I wanna try.”

“Ok, camera’s rolling. Sierra. Get in the shot, Sierra. There. Ok. We’re in front of this big thing some asshole built a long time ago. Ain’t it grand? Triumphant, one might say. Ooooh! I have an idea! Sierra, stand right there. Now hunch over. Kinda like this but how someone with legs would. No, without your palm on your face. Hold your arms out. Yeah, like that. But palms up. Down a, too far. Up...perfect! Hey Sierra, it looks like you're carrying the Arc on your back! Why don’t you look amused? That death glare... you’re making me nervous.”

Elaine shut off her holo.

“ don’t have to hold that pose anymore.”

“Thank you, Ms. Elaine,” Sierra replied, standing up and dropping her shoulders. The monument stood behind them in the circular concourse, commanding attention.

“Was that really that unpleasant?” 

“I confess that I felt somewhat ridiculous. But I do not hold anything against you.” Sierra gave an exaggerated shrug, and her lips curled into a grin. “Not everyone can appreciate cultural landmarks such as this…”

“Y’know what, go back to holding the pose. I think I’ll just leave you like that,” Elaine said. Sierra’s grin did not dissipate.

“I suppose you will have to find someone else to fish you out of the sewer when you fall in it drunk, Ms. Elaine.” At that, the serpent reared back in an exaggerated matter, seemingly oblivious to the fact she was drawing a few looks.

“Goddess! The sass is too much! I’ve been done in!”

“Fear my ability,” Sierra boasted, taking a bow. Elaine laughed, and the maid joined her.

“Look at these losers staring at us, Sierra.” Elaine threw her hands outward, but the few people paying them any mind had already moved along. Undeterred, Elaine closed the distance between herself and the girl in the black dress. She leaned in for a stage whisper. “They’re just jealous of the fun we’re having.” 

“No one’s paying any attention to us.” A woman with floppy dog ears and a fluffy tail glanced at them with a smirk, but didn’t stop going to wherever she was headed.

“Eh. Whatever.” The two found a bench in a relatively quiet part of the concourse. “So...why Paris? I mean...I saw the news. Weren’t you just here?” Elaine asked. Sierra rested her head on her palm, pensive.

“I was simply struck by the city’s beauty. And to be honest...I wasn’t all there for the trip. I was having...problems with my memory. Most notably, I remembered nothing before the landing, or...who I w-was.”

“That feathery bitch. She did something, didn’t she? I saw you at her feet.” Elaine looked forward, impassive. “Maids have certain triggers that no other transformed girl has. And going by that fucking plan those bureaucrat buddies of yours were so proud of...she simply wrote out the parts of you she didn’t feel like dealing with, I’d bet.”

“It’s...fine, Ms. Elaine. My memories have since returned.” Sierra frowned. Not all of her memories came back. Whatever had happened at that meeting was hidden away from her, still. Elaine leaned back, and looked at the overcast sky.

“I think I might kill her. If I run into her again.” Sierra had no idea if she was joking. “Yeah. Think I might do that.”

“It’s not...a good idea to promise death upon people. Least of all government officials.”

“I don’t fucking care! People think they can do whatever the fuck they want to a person the moment she puts on the frilled dress! We have to “act like saints” to avoid getting blown the fuck up by those assholes in orbit? Who. The. Fuck. Are we fooling? We’ve cultivated a fucking slave race! In WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE is that ok?” 

Elaine’s tirade had summoned a small crowd. Some looked at them with undisguised contempt, but others just looked impressed. A few of those gathered were maids. One person was clapping. “Oh...hi,” Elaine said, looking around, sheepishly. Sierra blushed furiously. One of the maids in the impromptu audience quietly pranced up to Elaine and handed her a pamphlet.

“Unfit For Slavery? Ah, yeah, I know about these girls. Hey Sierra, wanna join an underground organization?”

“Um...I’ve heard of them.” Sierra looked at the crowd, which was already shrinking.

“Well that is a surprise. Everyone’s got their secrets,” Elaine winked.

“Um...if I may, ma’am.” Both girls looked at the maid who’d provided the pamphlet. 

“Go ahead,” Elaine allowed.

“It’s...encouraging to hear these sentiments held by other people. I confess that most people here probably just saw a tourist ranting loudly in a foreign language, but...I appreciated your words nonetheless.” The maid bowed and hurried off before they could reply.

“Look at us, Sierra...traveling the world and making friends. And...I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” Sierra simply shook her head and smiled. If anything, she was a little aroused. Elaine rose from the bench, which was a process.

“Shall we be on?” She asked.

“Why not,” Sierra replied. Elaine extended a hand, which she took. “The city awaits, Ms. Elaine.”

“You hungry, Sierra? I’m hungry.” Elaine peeled off towards the first restaurant she saw and examined the menu posted outside the door. She visibly recoiled. “Nope. Nothing’s worth that much money. Might be the best damn place in the world but it’s more than likely just a tourist trap.” Sierra looked at the menu as well.

“Some of these look lovely.”

“Ya didn’t listen to a damn thing I said, did you,” Elaine playfully accused. Sierra shrugged.

“We can go elsewhere, if you like.”

“We’ve got a whole city here. A little overwhelming when I put it like that…” Elaine meandered along, checking the shops along the way. “Let’s see...we got a chocolate shop...very nice….a charming little boutique for people with too much money to spend on clothes...ooooh, a...leftist bookstore. Cute! Let’s see, a salon, there’s a cafe, looks expensive…”

Sierra’s eyes locked in on the salon. It probably wouldn’t be cheap. Elaine might not approve...not without some skillful persuasion. Sierra pinched her chin with two fingers, in that stereotypically thoughtful pose. Elaine noticed she had stopped moving and slowly rotated around back towards her.

“Uh’ve got something planned.” Sierra simply gave the suspicious serpent her most winning smile. Elaine waved at her, slightly, but the maid was deep in thought. Elaine had a pretty face. Sierra had quickly fallen for that broad smile, the way the dimples on her cheeks arched her eyes when she was visibly happy about something. Right now, she was giving Sierra a look of deadpan confusion, a limp strand of hair hanging over her left eye. The rest of her hair curtained around her face, held close to her head. She always went light on makeup, which...suited her. And Elaine’s hair was admittedly greasy...but many people had that issue.

“You’re starting to scare me…”

“Would you like to visit the salon, Ms. Elaine?”

“Oh Goddess….I was afraid of that. I’m not going to be able to change your mind, am I…” Sierra shook her head, her grin never leaving her lips. Elaine huffed. “You’re lucky you’re cute...jerk.”

“I promise you won’t regret it.”

Elaine and Sierra strolled out of the salon, practically glowing. Their stylist had been a wispy woman who appeared to be a living flame in the vague shape of a person. The elemental chatted and flitted about as she made up the girls, one at a time. For Elaine, she had leaned into the single strand of hair hanging over her eye; now a silken sheet of jet-black locks draped over the left side of her face. She’d been assured it was a “tres chic” look. Elaine’s one visible eye glittered with some sort of temporary augmentation.

Sierra’s redone coiffe was a complex, asymmetric affair, with her golden hair in waves cascading down the edges of her face and a braid running along one side. The fiery stylist had given her skincare tips. 

“You have this, how shall we say, natural beauty about you. I can tell you put work into your appearance. Would you like to know, maybe, how it can be easier?”

Sierra had nodded at the offer, but had apologized for her apparent vanity. The stylist gave her a light slap at that remark.

“Silly girl. Do not feel shame for something you should take pride in!” She had turned towards Elaine. “You! Tell your girlfriend she is beautiful once in a while!”

“You look absolutely fantastic, Sierra,” Elaine told her, back in the present. They were still puzzling over lunch as they strolled down the boulevard.

“A maid must look her best whenever she can,” Sierra replied, blushing. “You look far better than I.”

“You would say that. But I’m not going to beat *perfection*.” Elaine booped Sierra on the nose with that last word. 

“Oh please, Ms. Elaine…” but Sierra suddenly broke into giggles as something caught her eye. When Elaine gave her a startled look, she merely pointed in the direction of what she had seen. Elaine immediately put her face in her hands when she saw what Sierra was laughing at.

“Noooooooooooo. Sierra, there’s no way in hell we’re eating there. Why’s there a fucking Wonderkebab on the Champs-Elysees? Who the why the fuck?” Her response only caused Sierra to double over as she laughed harder. “Come along, Sierra...we’re eating literally anywhere else.”

They settled on a quiet brasserie with slightly more reasonable prices than the surrounding shops (that weren’t Wonderkebab).

“Here’s to us! And this doomed little world of ours!” Elaine raised a glass. Sierra raised her own, a red wine this time. “Goddess, I’ve gotta take a picture of that face you make when you sip that stuff.”

“I’m not entirely used to wine, still. Please forgive me if I only have one,” Sierra admitted. Elaine shrugged.

“Eh. What is your drink, then? Y’don’t have to have wine just because we’re in the heart of France. Though you might get some looks if you *dare* ask for anything else,” she said, casting side glances as she spoke.

“I confess that I don’t really have a drink. I generally avoided alcohol. I guess it’s a little different if I’m among those I can trust,” Sierra said, smiling.

“Ah shucks, you don’t have to say sentimental crap like that,” the serpent woman blushed. It was Sierra’s turn to shrug, as she feigned a look of innocence. “Oh yeah! Wanna see what that pamphlet said? I need to think of where I’m going to put it on…” Elaine produced jazz hands as she dramatically spoke the next few words, “Madam Claire’s Ultimate! Political! Propaganda! Pamphlet! Tier List!” Elaine sidled over to Sierra’s side of the table so they could read in tandem. “Plus, I’m kind of curious if they can figure out the memory bullshit you were subjected to. They know maids more than your average snake.” Saying that, she unfolded the pamphlet.

“We are pleased, ma’am(s), that you have taken time out of your busy life to learn about our humble organization.”

“Well, I can already see they talk like you, Elaine interjected. Sierra chuckled. They continued reading:

“We call ourselves the Free Maids’ Front, if you’ll excuse the grandiose title. Our specialty, which you may have heard of, is the Unfit For Slavery program, a multistep, and legal, process by which we assist maids, often with a sort of trauma relating to her conditioning. It is a sad truth, that the identities we have been given as devoted servants are at constant risk of abuse by others. Do not mistake us for an abolitionary system -- we are, at our core, maids who are proud to be maids. Our role becomes apparent when one of our own has her dignity, or even her very personhood, put at risk…”

Elaine looked at Sierra, who looked at Elaine.

“Bingo,” she whispered. Sierra begrudgingly nodded. Parts of this made her uneasy, Sierra realized. Maybe they were preprogrammed thoughts that did that, trying to shake any sort of rebellion. But it was something more than that, she decided. Maybe that she felt like there was a frilly-cuffed hand pointed at her while the pamphlet went on about those the FMF tried to help. There were echoes of what Amelie had said, what Elaine had said. And these people were trying to help her, but....

“Something on your mind? You were kind of spacing out for a moment.”

“’ll indulge me, Ms. Elaine….no. It’s nothing, sorry if I caused alarm,” Sierra shook her head. Elaine undulated back to her side of the table.

“It most definitely is not nothing, I can tell that much.” She put a hand on the maid’s shoulder. “C’mon Sierra. You can tell me.”

“Everyone’s hard to say. It feels like betrayal to think this after what everyone has done for me….”

“I can take it, trust me. Go on.”

“’s just some self centered nonsense that I’ve thought up.”


“Very well, Ms. Elaine. I will share my feelings as well as I can. Ever since I became...this, a maid...I...everyone treats me like they know me. Or, that they know what I am. They know what I’m going to say, what I’m thinking. What I’m going to do, what I’m feeling. Everyone seems to know me, but I don’t know myself.” Sierra gathered herself before continuing to recount her revelation. “Am I really so predictable? So...shallow? Plenty of people likely think I’m boring, but...I can accept being boring. I’ve spent too much of my life being exciting. Everyone knows who, or what, I am. Except for me. Because it’s simpler just to be who others have decided I am.”

“ Wasn’t prepared for that. Congrats on discovering racism exists. Or, I suppose, classism?”

“I apologize, Ms. Elaine. I was out of line,” Sierra said, bowing her head.

“’re fine, really. I’m always here if you need to vent, y’know? And really, I should be the one who’s saying sorry. I want to know who *you* are, but that won’t happen if I try to stuff you into a little, frilly-suited box, huh?” Sierra didn’t say anything. “Y’know I’m guilty. When we first met, I gave you a head pat and was prepared to be on my way, but your response was intriguing. I hope I didn’t sound creepy. But these things, I wouldn’t have done them if you *hadn’t* looked like a maid.” Elaine suddenly laughed. Sierra looked at her, surprised.

“Ms. Elaine?”

“Sorry, sorry. Just realizing that I can sing the verses of Maid’s Lib all day long, but I’m still as much of a classist fuck as anyone else.”

“I did not intend to single you out. I’m sorry.” Sierra looked downcast again, but Elaine grinned at her.

“No, Sierra. Stop apologizing. Y’know how happy I am right now? I’ve been called out on my bullshit! By you! It’s a good thing to hear!” Sierra looked at her, puzzled. “I’m gonna start making amends. Time I started treating you like a person. A person that I love.”

“Ms. Elaine…” a single tear rolled down Sierra’s made-up cheek. “Ms. Elaine!” She put both hands on the one Elaine held outstretched. Time seemed to freeze in place, for that moment. Sierra was hyper-aware of her surroundings -- the displays showing news and sports, the other people around her, enjoying their drinks. The wisp of smoke from a nearby girl with a pipe, faded posters and signs on the wall. And the beautiful woman sitting across from her, with the self conscious grin on her face, the twinkling of her visible eye. Sierra felt like she was in danger of melting into a puddle.

“You gonna kiss already, or what?” the waitress asked.

“Wow, I’m stuffed! How was lunch, Sierra?” They were back on the street. Sierra looked mortified about something.

“We can never go there again,” she whispered, hollowly. “I’ve never heard some of those words, the ones you used.”

“That nosy bitch got what was coming,” Elaine gloated.

“She was...she was doing her job, Ms. Elaine!”

“Don’t matter,” Elaine shrugged. “Wrong time, wrong place...ehm...sorry I embarrassed you.”

“Apologize to the waitress, not me!” Sierra looked at her, accusing. Elaine reared back, defensive.

“She completely ruined the moment!” Elaine pouted. “We should’ve gone to...hmmm...Sarajevo. No one cares who you are in Sarajevo.”

“Have you ever been to Sarajevo?”

“No,” Elaine said, laughing. “Where are we headed now, anyway?”

“Anywhere you’d like. Or we may continue heading east. I’d like to visit the Louvre while we’re here.” Sierra thought for a moment. “Does this Paris have the Louvre?”

“I mean yeah, if you want to look at pictures of dead people for hours. What time is it...oh.”


“Weeeeellll Sierra, we can look at your paintings and stuff today, if you feel like a nice sprint. Or if you want about, say, 45 minutes to cover the whole museum. I’m a pretty terrible sprinter, by the way.”

“It can wait, I suppose. What would you like to do in the meantime?”

“I mean honestly? Lay on my stomach for a while. I just ate, y’know. But I also kind of get off on seeing your face light up like it did at the Arc de Triomphe, so if you wanna find another monument, I’ll be able to...get my kicks.”

“Oh, how lewd, Ms. Elaine,” Sierra grinned, squeezing the snake girl’s hand.

“I have an idea.” Elaine exclaimed. “Past your museum and part-ways across the river. I *don’t* know if you’ve heard of it, but there is this church or something that people seem to talk about.” She gave an exaggerated shrug. “I mean, whatever, right? If you want to see a church, go to Cologne. Ehh, this is just some random cathedral. You probably haven’t heard of it.”

“I have most definitely heard of Notre Dame, Ms. Elaine.” 

Elaine overperformed a sigh of relief.

“Well that is good news! I was afraid I was going to have to explain it in very painfully minute detail.” Elaine slipped her holo into her bag. “Since I am such an expert on these things.”

“Alrighty then. Rolling. Wave at the camera, Sierra! Oh c’mon, you call that a wave? Ok, ok, I take it back. Don’t fly away on me. Anyway, if you turn around, you’ll see this big building. I dunno what they call it, ‘cuz I’m not religious. A mosque or something? That look you’re giving me tells me I’m wrong. Eh, whatever. 

Ok Sierra, you know the deal. Hunch over like this, and hold out your Fiiiiiine. Ah? Whazzat? You want to ‘admire the architecture’? What are you, gay? Well, believe it or not, I am too, so let’s...take a look.” The cathedral dominated their view, despite the crowds, which were substantial.

“All those arches and buttresses,” Elaine said. “They must really have not wanted it to fall over.” She smirked. “Can you imagine? If it just were to collapse one day? It survived the war, y’know.”

“It’d be tragic if that happened.”

“Eh, it’d be kind of funny. Try not to take life so seriously, y’know?”

Sierra shrugged.

“Shall we go in, Ms. Elaine?”

“Why not. It’s getting a bit chilly out here, anyway….wait,’s an old stone building so it’ll probably get colder in there.”

Sierra marveled at the inside, much to Elaine’s amusement.

“You seem happy to be here.”

“The windows, Ms. Elaine! They’re absolutely beautiful!”

“You’re absolutely beautiful...oh shit, did I say that out loud? Now I’m being sentimental.”

“I’m so glad I could be here with you, Ms. Elaine. It means so much that you accepted my invitation, even if...I didn’t entirely know what I was doing at the time.”

“Are you trying to make this a competition? Fine then, you’re on.” Elaine took a deep breath. “These past few days have been a rollercoaster, that’s for sure. But, and call it irrational if you like, I was kind of afraid you’d just be done with me after that last time I tried to ‘rescue’ you. Y’know, when I was almost arrested. And it shouldn’t have been that big of a deal, right? I’d known you for like, three days. But...I missed you. And I felt like I’d fucked up and lost you because I was trying to take things too quickly.”

“That sounds familiar.”

“Right? But there you were, as soon as you were back from your meeting or whatever. It sounds like you had some pretty...traumatic experiences, but that didn’t keep you from showing up at my doorstep. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it’s not like you owe me anything. But there you were! And you said you wanted to take me somewhere! Fucking Paris, oh my Goddess! And now we’re here, and I’m just having the fucking time of my life, a-and I have you t-to thank for it, and mmm mmmmfpp…” Sierra had wrapped her hands around Elaine’s shoulders, and gently brought her down into a kiss. She made a very slight sound as Elaine brought her own arms around Sierra, and pulled her into a tight embrace. Their lips remained locked for a few wonderful moments.

Were people watching them as they displayed affection in the middle of the cathedral? At that moment, neither of them cared. Eventually, they slid off of one another.

“As I was s-saying...holy fuck, Sierra…” Elaine looked into her eyes, breathing heavily. “Y-you know how to treat a girl right. And all that stuff I just said? I’m going to write it into that book over there,” she said, pointing to an open tome just in front of the altar. Every now and then, a tourist would walk up, and write something down in it. Sierra wasn’t paying attention to that, however. She continued to look up. Dappled light from the windows played across Elaine’s beaming face, showing glinting highlights in her hair. She could’ve held this gaze forever.

“People were absolutely furious when an elevator was installed here. The sky might as well have been falling,” Elaine smirked. “Truth be told, it’s because of people like me. Try getting past *this* if you’re climbing up spiral stairs while I’m going down,” she said, gesturing at her coiled form. They shared the elevator with two other tourists, who seemed to be together. 

“My sister feels your pain,” one of them said, with an American accent. “She’s got the lower body of a horse, so things can get claustrophobic, fast.” Sierra arched an eyebrow, registering the shift in Elaine’s speech. She was speaking English, probably to accommodate the others with them. Sierra looked around the glass box. For what it was worth, the elevator seemed to be as inconspicuous as it possibly could have been, while still being roomy enough to fit those with unusual body types. “Have a nice trip, you two!” The elevator had stopped at some sort of gift shop.

“Must be the halfway point. Is there a...yeah, over there.” She pointed towards another elevator, but the steps here seemed more open, as well. “Shall we keep going?” Sierra nodded. The second elevator set them on a path which took them outside. 

They could see the entire city, just about, from their vantage point. The skyscrapers of La Defense were but specks. Sierra imagined one of them was their hotel.

“That one looks like my aunt!” Elaine pointed to a bewildered-looking gargoyle, facing outwards. Sierra snickered lightly. They crossed into the other tower from a narrow passageway. “You can head up to the belfry if you want, but I think I’ll enjoy the view from here.” She pointed at the one remaining spiral staircase as she said that.

“This view is magnificent enough,” Sierra said. The sun was starting to dip towards the horizon. The maid leaned into her lover, noticing they were basically alone on this part of the tower. “I’d love to watch the sunset here.” Elaine frowned at a pamphlet.

“We’ll have to come back in July for that. They’ll probably kick us out in about….10 minutes? Lame. Laaaame!”

“Would you like to bring out your camera, one more time?”

“Oooh! Good idea.” But this time, Elaine thrust her holo into Sierra’s hands. “Well come on,’s rolling~”

“What do I say? Um...ok, I can do that I guess. We are on the...hmmm...south tower of Notre Dame...what do I see? I see you, Ms. Elaine. You’re waving. And...I see Paris. Rooftops, anyway…..well Elaine, maybe if I’d had proper time to prepare for this task you’ve given me...oh. Now that was uncalled for. Hmmmph. What’s there to look at? I want to look at you, Ms. Elaine...oh. Hello, officer...yes, we will descend at once. Oh Ms. Elaine, don’t say such things….”

They waited at the metro platform, for the train that would take them closest to the hotel.

“You could’ve taken her,” Elaine said, in a breezy tone. “Then we could’ve watched the sunset.”

“I am not built for any sort of combat, Ms. Elaine. Even if I felt like getting arrested, she was at least a foot taller than me.” They boarded the train.

“I would’ve restrained her. Then you could have raised hell!”

“I have no desire to raise any sort of hell, Ms. Elaine.”

“Ya never know. You’ll find your reason, someday.” Elaine patted her head. “And you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.”

“Have you found your reason?”

“No,” Elaine shrugged. “Barking at civil servants and cops only goes so far, I suppose.”

“Sounds like hard and honest work, Ms. Elaine.”

“You hush.”

“Hmm,” Sierra said, resting her head against Elaine’s shoulder. It had been...a long day, she realized. A lot of walking. And…

“Mmm…” Sierra muttered, smiling. Elaine was so warm…

“Save it for the hotel room. Not too far now.” Elaine leaned in and whispered, “I’ll treat you right…” Sierra shivered with excitement. “...if you want me too, anyway. No rush.”

“I’m yours, Ms. Elaine…”

The bathroom had a full-body mirror. Sierra examined her nude form, briefly, while the shower warmed up. She felt her heartbeat in unusual places. Elaine was just on the other side of that door…

Sierra stepped in the shower. Just a quick rinse -- hygiene was always important, she knew. Well, she realized, she hadn’t always known that. Sierra was afraid to know what her ship’s cockpit smelled like. Brief embarrassment welled up from her imagining the experience of...whoever had done whatever with her ship. It wasn’t still in the wilderness, was it? No, probably not…

Sierra shook her head. Better to not get distracted. Sierra could read the signs. Hell, she laid some of the groundwork. It was to be a...very important night in her life. Introspection crossed her mind -- she wasn’t exactly a virgin; by definition, she wasn’t a virgin. But, she certainly didn’t have experience that informed her of what was to come.

For one thing, there was Elaine’s unique biology. That was alluring in its own way; Sierra wasn’t very worried about it. It was part of the greater whole, part of the woman she’d fallen in love with.

Sierra’s point of trepidation lay in between her own legs. She placed her hand down there, making cursory probing motions. In her current state, the touches had noticeable effects on her.


She pulled her hand away. Save it, she decided. She’d follow Elaine’s lead.

Sierra stepped out of the shower, and towelled off. Her silhouette followed her in the fogged mirror. She took a deep breath, and looked at the outfit she’d hung up on the door. The skirt was shorter than usual. Sierra felt a self-conscious grin spread across her face. The skirt wouldn’t have anything under it.

Elaine was waiting for her. 

“Did you enjoy your shower? I hope you don’t got a bit warm in here.” Elaine’s outfit consisted of a lacy black bra, a matching wrapped skirt which covered the immediate area where skin gave way to scales, and nothing else. A voice in the back of Sierra’s mind reminded her that Elaine had very nice breasts. They wobbled a bit as the snake girl shifted. “You seem to be in your usual getup,” Elaine smirked.

“I must confess, I was rather careless. I misplaced one particular element of my wardrobe.” Sierra tugged on her skirt and flashed a look that impersonated innocence. “Would you like to look, Ms. Elaine?”

The message had been received. Elaine took a short breath, and the girl closed the distance between them in a flash. They locked lips and addressed each other with half-lidded eyes. Eventually Elaine pulled away, and seemed to be circling around her lover. Sierra quickly figured out the purpose of that motion, as she felt scaled flesh spiral up her legs, gently yet firmly ensnaring her. Soon, Elaine faced her once more, and they resumed their embrace. Sierra barely registered the bed drawing closer, as Elaine inched towards it. Making contact, she brought them down onto it with a gentle thud, slowly bringing up their lower sections as well. This must have been a practiced maneuver, it occurred to the maid. All the while, they were locked in their kiss, moaning softly into each other.

Sierra’s hands shook somewhat as she felt for the latches to Elaine’s bra. Sierra’s outfit had a long belt, tied in the back into a bow. Elaine was undoing the bow as Sierra fiddled with her bra. Before too long, they faced each other on the bed, mostly undressed.

“I…” Sierra opened and closed her mouth, trying to make words happen.

“Hmmmm?” Elaine inquired, breaking the mental seal.

“I-I’ve never, um, done this before.”

“Ah. Was that all? You could’ve had me fooled,” Elaine teased. “But, um, before we get started, like really get started, just...if you want to stop, just give me two quick taps with your hand.” She squeezed Sierra lightly on the shoulder. “Let me take the lead, ok? I’ll do my damndest to make sure you enjoy yourself.” Elaine leaned in towards Sierra’s ear, and let out a velvet whisper. “You’re in a safe place. I won’t let anything bad happen…” Her hand ran over Sierra’s shoulder and down her back as she said that, leading her to shiver in delight.

“Yes...mistress…” the maid purred, melting into her lover. Her head rested on the upper slope of Elaine’s left breast. She could hear her heartbeat.

“I like your style~” Elaine reached for the band of Sierra’s skirt, and she delicately removed the article. Sierra was now completely nude, and she reveled in the fact. Elaine briefly cradled her pelvic mound, which left her breathless. 

“You ready?”

“Take me, Ms. Elaine.”

She didn’t need to be told twice.

Not much to say here. Hope you enjoyed!

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