The Girl Who Fell From The Sky -- An Earth 721 Story

Chapter 10

by AngelMoon__

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CW for...another suicide attempt. There was a point where I went off my meds while writing this last year, but I'm eager to hear your feedback all the same!

Sierra wandered out of her room the following morning. She wasn’t sure what happened now. She came to the lobby to see the full staff of the C&H Department congregated in front of one of the displays. She didn’t have to see it to know that they were watching the news. Leaden footsteps brought her towards the rest of the group. Ms. Luxe abruptly cut the feed, turning towards her with a forced smile.

“Sssiierra! How nice of you to join us,” she said, a little too loudly. Sierra’s heart beat out of her chest as she read the room.

“What were you trying to hide from me, Ms. Luxe?” Without waiting for an answer, she waved to bring the display back out of the floor. It resumed what it had been showing. A headline read:


This was what she’d been dreading. Others around her were saying things, but none of that mattered. The news broadcast became her entire universe.

“--not only is this girl a slave under her new masters, plenty of evidence has shown that there are others just like her. Have they all committed crimes of some kind, or are they preselected by those infernal changes these communities subject themselves to? One thing is clear: this is a society in decay, and yet they want to spread this affliction across the multiverse. It remains with a heavy heart that I say that the ultimate measures must be taken against such an existential threat. Among other things, this moment of action will be justice, for this...Sierra Stinson, who has known nothing but misery since being subjected to the ways of these...once-humans.”

Sierra motioned to change the channel. It landed on something local.

“And whatever you do, keep maids away from coat racks,” a host said, for a laugh track. She gave an exaggerated shrug for the crowd, as the now-infamous scene replayed in the corner.

She changed the channel once more. It landed on a Federation cast showing a protest march of some sort.

Ms. Luxe turned off the display again.

“It’s just political posturing dear. Please, I beg of you, think nothing of it. They will say --” Sierra wasn’t listening any longer. She had to remember how to breathe. She felt like an unseen pressure in her midsection threatened to snap her spine. She saw what they didn’t want her to see. A poster in the march, one with an artist’s interpretation of her, hanging from a coat rack. It said “NEVER AGAIN” on it.

“It appears to me,” Sierra’s voice said, emotionlessly, “that I have failed my spectacularly, that not only is the Federation...aware of my failure…” She coughed, but was beyond the point of tears. “I have performed my duty so poorly, that now I become the face of a renewed movement to destroy us all. My actions...will result in your utter lack of tact and thought….” she trailed off. Everyone was saying different things at once. Sierra sidestepped Morgan’s attempted hug. “I will excuse myself now, if that is ok.” 

Sierra didn’t wait for a response, and instead hurried out of the room. In a daze, her feet carried her to Ms. Luxe’s office. Sierra marched in, locking the door behind her. The parts of her that protested such an intrusion were suppressed. Sierra wordlessly angled herself around Ms. Luxe’s desk. One hand cast aside the desk pad, revealing the brass key underneath.

Was it still here?

Sierra opened the drawer to reveal that it was indeed. Her gun, Old Riley, felt heavy in her delicate hands. This would be...the pathetic end to a pathetic person. She looked through her blaster’s settings -- at the very least she could find the one that would make the least amount of mess. Someone was pounding on the door. Sierra heard a key jostling. What were the actions of such a pathetic person in a case like this? The door opened, revealing Ms. Luxe flanked by everyone else. Sierra angled the gun below her chin, giving it a clear entry through her brain as soon as she would settle on pulling the trigger.

“S-stay back!” Her voice said.

“S-sierra, don’t…” someone was sobbing. Sierra shook her head, trying not to let any other voice pierce the shell she’d put up.

“Step back from the door,” Sierra instructed. “Or I’ll...shoot…” She closed her eyes, retreating into her mindspace.

“Please...if there’s anything I can do to help…” Sierra looked at herself, or the version of her who had said that. “If there’s anything I could do…” 

She was back in the void within. She’d been here...once before, on the eve of her first trip to Paris. Soren Stinson wandered onto the scene, stitches ringing his neck where his head had been severed.

“Watch it. If you die, we die. You know we were destined to go out in a blaze of glory. This isn’t that.”

“You,” Sierra’s present huffed. “Your return did this. Now you will push her when she stands at the edge?”

“Y’know if I recall, the first time we nearly killed ourselves, you had sole control over the reins. You should be glad I’m here to keep you in check.”

Sierra looked between the two versions of herself who were now bickering amongst each other.

“That was to complete our mission.”

“And look how that worked out! Hey, what are you doing...put that thing down,” Soren said as the real Sierra’s finger curled around the trigger.

“You idiot! We’re losing her! Sierra,” other Sierra instructed. “Killing yourself now will put your friends in a worse position, don’t you see? If the Federation can claim you actually did kill yourself in government custody?”

“I don’t care,” the real Sierra voiced. “I will do anything to dispatch this pain. The pain of my failure.”

“This isn’t working,” Soren muttered gravely, to his frilly-dressed counterpart. He turned back to the actual Sierra. “Now here’s what I see. We can pilot a ship. Stay alive, and you can be the big damn hero who tells the Federation to fuck off permanently.”

“Just us? Against a fleet?” The other Sierra asked. She considered his angle. “No...your right. He’s right, Sierra. You have experience that no one else on this planet does. We have the power to help clean up this mess!” She said, giving a hopeful smile.

Sierra looked up at her present, and her past.

“I think you know what needs to be done,” Soren told the imaginary maid. “I know we don’t get along, but...I’m ready. Let’s get this over with.”

“Are you sure? My persona is going to express itself the most strongly.” Soren gave a sad smile.

“You’re who she is now. Doing this, we can be who she is in the future.” Soren gave the real her his most winning smile. “Don’t worry, Sierra. I won’t let her have all the fun.”

The maid held out both arms, facing Soren. He matched her figure, and walked towards her, and into her. The figure that remained from their unification was Sierra. Sierra’s Future looked at the girl herself.

“Put the gun down, Sierra.”

“P-put the g-gun down, Sierra.” 

“Ms. Elaine…” Sierra’s shoulders dropped, and her arms fell to her sides. Flicking the safety back on, she let the gun fall to the ground. “Ms. Elaine...I’m so sorry…”

Elaine faced her from across the desk. She reached out and lightly slapped Sierra on the cheek.

“That’s for trying to kill yourself!” Elaine lightly slapped her again, going the other direction. “And that’s for trying to do it again…” Elaine gripped the maid by the shoulders with both hands. “Never again, Sierra. I’ve never been so scared. I saw the meeting, I came straight here. Not a moment too soon.” Elaine slumped over the desk and pulled Sierra into a hug. “I don’t care a fucking bit if the world ends, if it’s your fault, or whatever. But if you were to off yourself? That...that I couldn’t forgive. Now let’s get out of this shitty little office. You gotta room?”

Emotions battered Sierra in waves, after most of them had been completely suppressed, just a few moments earlier. A new wave of guilt, separate from the earlier one, struck her as soon as her girlfriend came into view. Elaine walked/carried her back to her room, and Sierra, for her part, cried into her shoulder.

“None of that shit on TV matters right now, shhhh…” They made it to Sierra’s room, and Elaine gingerly set the maid on her bed. “Kinda spartan, isn’t it?” She said, looking around. “Ooof...this rose has seen better days.” Sierra steadied her breathing, looking solidly at the empty space under her desk.

“Holy fuck, Sierra. I remember what you said last night, but at like 5:30 Kat runs into my room, gesturing wildly at her holo. And she’s like ‘wasn’t this girl over here not too long ago? Didn’t you take her to Paris?’ So I pulled myself out of bed and the news was on, and they were showing the meeting...they might still be showing it at primetime…” Sierra turned away, imagining how many people were going to see her moment of failure. 

“D-did you see the Federation’s press conference?” Sierra asked in a low whisper.

“They say shit like that all the time. I just know I’ve got two new politicians on my choke-list,” Elaine said, fuming. “One bird-bitch, one Tal-boy. One of them told you to die, the other one off on it. If I...ever see...either of them...but! Anyway!” Elaine abruptly swapped gears. “Check out this shit! The tabloids never disappoint!”

Sierra looked up at the hologram in Elaine’s hand; a headline which displayed;


It showed Sierra’s likeness, looking doe-eyed at a silhouette with a question mark for a face.

“No one ever is Elaine?” Elaine chuckled.

“Seems my antics have resulted in you being swept up in this…”

“And yet, I keep coming back. There are certain things I won’t forgive people for, and you, my sweet little thing,” she said, as she gave Sierra a pat on the head, “haven’t committed any of those most horrendous of sins. So in the words of the almighty Buddha...or something...lighten the fuck up.”

“They’re going to kill us all because of me.”

“Big fuckin’ deal. No more Wonderkebab for me, if that happens.”

“How can you be so...nonchalant about all this!? Does my role in this mean nothing to you? I practically shouted at the sky, saying ‘oh woe! The sweet release of death would spare me from this despondent existence I now live!’ I tipped the scales towards your annihilation! The Federation wants an excuse to bring genocide down upon us and I presented them an invitation!”

“Our ‘annihilation’, as you put it, will happen now or down the line anyway, because A, the Feds are assholes, and B, we poor, stupid fucks down here won’t clean the skeletons out of our closet. Did you ever read into that war I mentioned? We committed genocide to achieve victory! Really, all the Feds are doing are continuing the cycle of bullshit!”

“My failure is --”

“For the love of the Goddess, Sierra! Get your fucking head out of your ass! You mean nothing to the fucking Federation! They wanted to pull the trigger before either of us were born! The language they use when they finally do when it finally happens is fucking irrelevent! The world is too fucking big for your skinny shoulders to bear! You’re just a…” Elaine trailed off.

“I am just what, Ms. Elaine? Am I just a maid?”

“Sierra, don’t…” Elaine turned away.

“What was it you said? What was it…” But any anger in Sierra’s voice was blunted as she trailed off. “I apologize, Ms. Elaine….I know you wish to help me, but I responded with hostility…”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Main point I’m trying to make. You pick yourself up and keep going….and I should know that it’s not always easy.”

“I will attempt to keep this in mind, Ms. Elaine.”

“Goddess knows I need to keep it in mind when Kat’s clogged up the drain for the 5,000th time,” Elaine laughed. Sierra thought of something.

“Don’t you work today?” She asked.

“Uggghhhh, yeah. Not till the evening though. Anyway, fuck work. Anything you wanna do to take your mind off things?”

“I’m not sure I’m ready to face the rest of my friends yet, if I’m honest. I...made quite a scene. Going outside isn’t an option either, since reporters...well, anyway, shall we remain right here?”

“Seems like as good of a time to cuddle and watch anime as any,” Elaine shrugged, amicably.

“I was under the impression that anime was firmly within Ms. Katrin’s domain,” Sierra grinned. “Just going by what I was told, of course.”

“Y’know what, I’ve changed my mind. Let’s just sit here and do nothing for...hmmm...five hours.”

“I’m happy to watch whatever you like, Ms. Elaine.”

“Well ok then, Ms. Mixed Messages. Let’s look through my list…” Elaine placed her holo on Sierra’s desk, and expanded the display as far as it would go. She motioned through menus, which gradually became more specific. “I’m thinking something dumb and action-heavy...oh!” Elaine’s eyes lit up. “Of course, the Brawl Queen anime!” she said, snickering. “If the writing is on par with how it is in the games, well...I hope you don’t have your heart set on Shakespeare.” Elaine’s holo began playing as the woman herself crawled onto Sierra’s bed.

“What do you think?” Elaine asked, a couple of hours later.

“Mmmf? Oh...uh…” Sierra realized she’d drifted off in her lover’s arms. “I didn’t realize your character was a villain, Ms. Elaine…”

“Ah, but just wait for her redemption arc! In, like, five seasons.”

“Just how long is this show?”

“I’m not sure. But considering there are dozens of Brawl Queen games, manga issues, and whatnot...probably pretty long! Oh hey, here comes Katrin’s main…”

“Hey, I brought food. Well, your purple cop friend brought food, but…” Elaine held up a paper bag with the Wonderkebab logo.

“How bad can it truly be?”

“The quality starts to dip after you’ve worked there forever. I guess you might like it,” Elaine said, tossing Sierra a tinfoil wrapped pita.

“Someone told her. She obviously did this on purpose,” Elaine grumbled, taking an angry bite of her doner sandwich.

“I think you should be grateful, Ms. Elaine. It was a gesture of kindness,” Sierra replied, tasting her own.

“Yeah, go ahead and take her side...I’m just kidding. To be perfectly fair I haven’t eaten anything since I woke up, so this actually hits the spot. Ehm...don’t let her know I said that…”

“As you wish. I will keep your secret.”

“Good girl.”

They heard a knock on the door.

“May I come in?” Someone asked in a cordial tone.

“Please come in, Dr. Hoffman,” Sierra confirmed.

“Thank you, Sierra,” Dr. Hoffman said, but she verbally locked up when she saw Elaine.

“Yo,” Elaine said, giving a stiff wave. “Seems you’re multiplying, Sierra.”

“Good day, ma’am. I am Dr. Ada Hoffman. I’ve been tasked with ensuring Sierra’s continued mental wellbeing.”

“You’ve been doing a real bang-up job of that,” Elaine said sarcastically. Sierra tried to make herself invisible as she continued to eat her sandwich.

“Um...yes. I’m here to see Sierra about events that took place this morning.”

“Go ahead. I’m staying right here, if you don’t mind,” Elaine said, challenging. Dr. Hoffman sighed.

“Very well. You must be Ms. Elaine. Sierra has said much about you.” Dr. Hoffman smiled at the hostile snake, and offered her hand. Elaine took it, reluctantly.

“It’s probably a good thing you’re here,” she sighed. “I’ve comforted her as much as I can, but…” she motioned at Sierra, still curled up in the corner.

“You were wrong, Dr. Hoffman...the Federation…”

“I saw the news, I know. I...wish we could have spoken before you left for Paris.”

“It’s ok, Doctor. I’ve...come to terms with some things.”

“Sierra?” Elaine asked.

“What kind of things, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I was never properly cut out for presenting my own case in a diplomatic meeting. It was my own vanity that prevented me from specifying my own limitations. My desire to impress has left us in a perilous state.” Sierra spoke steadily, and carefully, concealing emotion. “Perhaps, had I told Ms. Mueller, or Ms. Luxe…”

“About Ms. Mueller. First of all, may I have your permission to….oh, it’s difficult to say.”

“What’re you getting at?” Elaine asked.

“Non-disclosure is central to my field of work, and it is difficult to consider breaking it, but...Ms. Sierra here...may I?”

“I trust Ms. Elaine, Doctor. Please, go ahead,” Sierra allowed.

“Ms. Sierra provided some startling revelations regarding Ms. Mueller’s activity prior to the meeting. I suspect Sierra was subjected to memory manipulation.”

“That makes way too much fucking sense…” Elaine clenched a fist absently. “But how?”

“I can’t know for sure,” Dr. Hoffman admitted. “It’s only by how Sierra was discussing her experiences with Officer Mueller prior to the meeting, as well as certain inconsistencies elsewhere. Regardless, I believe Sierra laying her insecurities bare to Ms. Mueller would have had negative effects.”

“That woman’s a viper,” Elaine said. Sierra burst into a fit of giggles, her stony facade momentarily shattered. “What?” Dr. Hoffman was chuckling as well.

“You called her a viper, Ms. Elaine. I’m sorry, I...simply find it amusing,” Sierra explained.

“You know what I meant. Jerk.”

“Please continue, doctor,” Sierra said, calming herself.

“I would like to tell some of those who are investigating this incident what you told me about Madame Mueller, Sierra. They may find the information useful.”

“Of course, doctor.”

“Thank you.”

“Y’know, I’m glad you two are buddy-buddy, really. But can you maybe explain what’s going on?”

“I shouldn’t. I know Sierra trusts you, but…”

“I don’t remember the meeting first-hand, Ms. Elaine. There is a blank space in my memory from when Ms. Mueller led me to the holomeeting room to where she congratulated me on a ‘job well done’.”

“What the fuck? What the fuck?! How did I not know about this? No memory? None at all? I know what you said when we were at the Arc, but...oh Goddess, this is freaky. And the news said she disappeared…”

“Because her actions at the meeting are, frankly, unacceptable, now that they have been exposed,” Dr. Hoffman explained. “That’s why I also believe she wiped Sierra’s memory. But I am a psychologist, not a detective. The people I transmit this information to will have a more proper answer. Until then, it is merely --

“No fucking wonder. Sierra tried to kill herself -- the first t-time -- because that woman saw her as little more than a toy.” Elaine was shaking. “She’s the one that better fucking hang.”

“I believe she will definitely face charges once she is found, but…” Dr. Hoffman considered. “I believe Madame Mueller felt she was acting in our interest, that is, the people of this Earth. But her ego --”

“She fucked with my girlfriend. You all did! You couldn’t just let her live!”

“It’s not that simple, Ms. Elaine. I very much wanted to remove the Talerians from the equation. To such an extent that I was willing to give myself up --”

“That was stupid then and it’s stupid now! That’s why the Feds want to blow us up! Because we destroy people’s minds if we think they might look good in a frilly skirt!” Elaine shouted.

“I know what you mean to say, but...have some tact, ma’am,” Dr. Hoffman said.

“What were you like in high school, huh?” Elaine asked, targeting Dr. Hoffman. “Did you have dreams? Hopes? Did you enjoy being able to wear clothes with color in them? Or did you think to yourself ‘Gee! I sure hope I get to be mindlessly subservient towards everyone I meet!’ What a fucking gift, am I right?” Elaine was right up in the doctor’s face. Sierra gave her a sad, covert shrug.

“I wished to be a doctor, ma’am. You may be pleased to know my wish came true. And my unique position allows me to help people like Sierra, here.”

“As fucking if! Where were you when she had a gun under her head?! Were you there, patiently waiting for someone to tell you to act? Well I’ve got an order for you! Leave! Just leave us alone!”

“As you wish,” Dr. Hoffman answered curtly. She stood up, and quickly left.

Sierra and Elaine were alone once more. Elaine leaned back on the bed. Sierra glared at her.

“Shit...too much?”

“I once again find I must apologize for your behavior, Ms. Elaine.” Sierra stormed out, just as rapidly as Dr. Hoffman had.

Dr. Hoffman, please wait,” Sierra said, rushing after the therapist who was headed towards the elevator. “I’m sorry for Ms. Elaine’s actions.”

“Don’t worry, Sierra, it’s fine. I’m sure she’s just scared,” Dr. Hoffman said, unconvincingly.

“No,’s not fine.” Sierra shook her head. ”It’s not fine that she tries to push away everyone else who tries to help me. It’s...become aggravating. I will try to talk to her, doctor. Thank you for taking the time to visit me today.”

“Of course, Sierra. Contact me if anything goes wrong.”

“Don’t worry, Dr. Hoffman. I will call you, should I feel the need.”

Sierra returned to her room. Elaine was waiting for her.

“I need to go to work soon,” she said, checking her holo.

“That’s fine, Ms. Elaine. But I would like to talk about something.”

“Yeah, you probably do…” Elaine said, sheepishly. “Go ahead.”

“Why are you so hostile to my friends?”

“What? I’m not hostile to your...huh…” Elaine’s features contorted in concentration.

“Ms. Luxe, Dr. Hoffman,” Sierra said, assisting her recollection. “And I saw how you were looking at Ms. Amelie and Ms. Morgan when they came to take me home.

“Luxe is a bitch,” Elaine retorted. “And this Amelie or whatever yanked you away before our vacation was over. I’m not about to forgive that…”

“But you must realize *why* she did that, Ms. Elaine.”

“I don’t care. It all comes back to things that are happening because people were using you.” Elaine seemed adamant, despite her earlier hesitation. Sierra struggled to formulate a response.

“The vacation would not have happened at all without being subsidized by those you say are ‘using’ me.”

“Cuz it’s all a fucking game, Sierra! It’s just the...carrot and the stick, or something, I don’t know.”

“I trust them,” Sierra uttered in a low whisper.

“Like you trusted Mueller?” Elaine snapped. Sierra said nothing, opting instead to look at the wall. She thought of something she could say, but couldn’t find the strength to say it. “Look, I’ve gotta go get changed,” Elaine continued. “If you’re still upset about this when I’m through with work, well, you have my number.”

“Yeah,” Sierra said, monotone. “Have fun, Ms. Elaine.”

“I can promise you that won’t happen,” Elaine said, wrapping her arms around the maid. She turned to go, and Sierra was alone.

But not for very long. Sierra heard a knock on the door, which then opened.

“Hey,” Amelie greeted. “They tell me you can’t be alone in here, I’m afraid. Mental wellness protocol or something like that. You doing alright?”

“I’m doing alright,” Sierra echoed.

“Elaine really came through, huh? Really took charge of the, um, situation,” Amelie said. Sierra shrugged.

“Does Ms. Elaine have many friends of her own?” Sierra wondered aloud.

“I have no idea,” Amelie laughed. “How would I know?”

“Sorry, Ms. Amelie. It was a strange thing to ask. I’m very glad Ms. Elaine came when she did. I shudder to think what may have happened --”

“Ahhh, let’s not worry about that right now, huh?” Amelie suggested.

“Have there been any updates on the fallout from the meeting?” Sierra asked, apprehensively.

“Not really. Nothing significant. The Feds said some things, but...they’re always...saying things, y’know?” Amelie said. “They haven’t put up a vote or anything, if that’s what you’re concerned about.” She laughed before continuing. “Even if they want to kill us, they have to go through the bureaucracy to do it. Other than that….people are angry at that Harrow or Hollow or whatever. The Talerian diplomat. Who, well, you know. And a warrant has been put out for Alexandra Mueller.” Amelie smiled at that last part. “As for you? Well, no one’s quite sure what to make of it. ‘Confused compassion’ is what I’d call the overwhelming response, so far. The FMF had some words.” 

“Hmmmm…” Sierra said. 

“I don’t think anyone believes you were looking for attention,” Amelie added. Sierra sighed, an honest exclamation of relief. Still...she had no idea of knowing whether she had wanted attention. It was her gut instinct to answer that with a solid “never”, but as long as she had no first hand memories of it…

“Some people are assholes about it, of course. And yeah, they do make fun of the coat rack thing. But they are very much a minority.” Amelie’s eyes lit up. “It’s started a whole new dialogue on how society should handle maids. We might see some lasting change result from this!”

Sierra cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Positive change, silly. Especially with how Fed rhetoric is going…” Amelie gave Sierra a look. She was barely holding herself together, and she was coming to realize that Amelie could tell. Amelie, luckily, had a plan. “Hey, so it’s about 5, right? You wanna cook dinner? I mean it’s completely up to you…” But Sierra beamed at her.

“I would love to, Ms. Amelie,” Sierra said, standing up from her bed.

Bennett Harlow stood outside of his personal ship, or at least that which 

would be his for the rest of his life. He wore an interface suit that went with the ship, a dull crimson. He looked at the assembled military and diplomatic personnel, come to see him off. One of them addressed him.

“You’ve performed your part, sir. It’s a shame to see you go.” Another 

came up to the disgraced diplomat, putting a cuffed hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll miss you, man. Keep in contact, ok? I’ll know it’s you, dontcha worry.” 

Harlow gave a stiff nod. He’d read up on E-721’s maid laws, and the diplomat knew he’d be facing arrest as soon as he landed. And then what happened, he couldn’t guess.

Very likely, a fate worse than death.

“Been a pleasure working with you all,” he said, woodenly. It was hard to 

maintain his stony expression.

He was terrified. He hoped that the Federation would come through. A diplomat more qualified than he was was there basically full time now, angling for E-721’s destruction.

Was it the right thing to do? Harlow shook his head. That was obviously his remaining sense of self preservation speaking — he was going to live there, after all. He’d need to pick out a new name. 

The diplomat waved, and shook some hands before turning back 

towards his ship.

“C’mere, you big dolt,” his best friend said, pulling him into a hug. Harlow 

accepted the gesture. After they pulled apart, he turned towards the crowd one last time.

“For His Glory!” He cried, forcing a smile. A soldier was giving him increasingly forceful encouragement to board the ship. Harlow climbed aboard.

“Never change, Benny! We’ll miss you!”

Elaine seems to have her own issues to work through.

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