White Pineapple

Part 1

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #exhibitionism #office

Note: Not all tags applied to this story apply to the first chapter - but future chapters support the #incest and #office tags.

White Pineapple, Part 1
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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At the time, playing with her then-boyfriend, Jaclyn had thought hypnosis sounded hot. She’d let him hypnotise her so that when he said a trigger word, she would be bound to follow his instructions, whatever they were.
When they’d broken up, though, he’d refused to remove the suggestion, and instead published her trigger publicly on the internet.
She discovered this at Halloween. She was attending a large party, dressed as a princess, when a man in a harlequin mask and tuxedo stopped her.
“Jaclyn?” he asked. She said yes.
“White pineapple,” he said, and she felt herself go limp, not in control of herself.
“I’m now in control of you,” he told her, and she knew it was true. “But I don’t want you to feel that what’s going to happen to you is not under your control. I want to give you choices. For example, you have a choice right now. You can go and sit in the corner over there, where it’s slightly less public, and take off your top, of your own free will, or I can tell you to start loudly shouting ‘Look at me, I’m a dirty slut.’”
She trembled, and then quickly scooted to the corner and sat. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, she pulled off her top and sat there with her tits exposed. She wished she’d worn a bra. She let her hands cover her breasts, figuring she hadn’t been told not to.
“Don’t worry, Jaclyn,” her tormentor said. “No one’s looking - yet. I’m sure you don’t want all your friends to see you being a whore, do you?”
Unable to trust herself to speak, she just shook her head.
“Next, you can choose to take your hands away from your tits and ask me to take a picture of you - or I’ll tell you to remove your skirt and spread your legs.”
She mewled unhappily, but couldn’t bring herself to ask this man to photograph her tits, so a moment later he did as he threatened, and she found herself unable to stop herself removing her skirt to reveal her pretty panties, and then spreading her legs wide.
“Good girl,” he said. “Now ask to suck my cock, or else I’ll order you to remove those panties and spread your cunt with your fingers until further order.”
Again, she couldn’t bring herself to beg, so soon she found herself sliding her panties down her legs and using both hands to spread her pussy for his inspection. She was completely nude, and her friends were only metres away. She couldn’t bring herself to see if they were looking. Her face was red with humiliation.
“Good girl,” he said again. “Now, crawl into the centre of the party on all fours, naked like this, and show everyone your spread cunt... or else I’ll tell you to masturbate without letting yourself cum for the next hour, no matter what happens.”
She squealed, and then said quietly, “Please, no. Please, just tell me to masturbate.”
“There’s a good slut,” he said. “Masturbate for the next hour. Don’t let yourself cum. Don’t stop no matter what is happening.”
She felt her fingers started to work her fuckhole. She wanted to cry. She wished her pussy wasn’t so wet.
“Last choice, Jaclyn,” her tormentor said. “I think this little display of yours is pretty. You can choose which order I give you - to put on this display for each of your father, brother, and employer, while begging them to fuck you - or to put on this display at every social event you attend in the next three years.”
“No, no,” she begged. She couldn’t think straight. Her cunt was wet. She was being a whore right among her closest friends. She was masturbating in public. “No...”
“What’s that, bitch? You don’t want to choose?” the masked man asked.
“No...” she whimpered. She wanted to cum already, and she had to keep doing this for an hour?
“If you don’t choose, then I order you to do both. Show this to your daddy and your brother and your boss, and then also at every social occasion you attend.”
“No!” she squealed - and this time it was loud enough that people heard her. She heard the footsteps of approaching partygoers. She tried to stop masturbating and cover her body, but she couldn’t.
The masked man chuckled. “Have a nice life, bitch,” he spat, and then walked away, just as her friends began to see what she was doing over in the corner and gasp in disgust...

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