Secret Message

Part 4

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #dom:male #pov:bottom #public_nudity

Secret Message, Part 4
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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It had gone dark again when Kathy emerged from the spiral.  She felt stupid, for having taken so long to find the fifth secret message - and feeling stupid made her pussy throb with wetness and lust.
That was because of the fifth message itself.  It was a compound message, like the last one, with lots of related ideas packed into its constantly-shifting words.
The key message was “I AM AN EMPTY HEAD AND A WET CUNT”, and she typed that into her phone immediately after waking up.  But it was mixed in with other thoughts.  Firstly, it implied that she was stupid *because* her cunt was wet.  It was sluttish behaviour that made her dumb.  And feeling like she was stupid made her wet.  And she liked being wet, so she liked feeling stupid.  And she liked it when people *treated* her like she was stupid.  Being demeaned made her pussy wet. 
Part of her was alarmed.  Part of her was screaming with panic in the back of her head.  Was the spiral actually going to make her stupid?  How would she escape from this if she couldn’t even think properly?  But there was a wall of static between her conscious mind and those alarming thoughts, and if she just relaxed her brain a bit, a spiral would appear too, and then she couldn’t hear the worrying thoughts at all.
Her phone informed her that she’d won the final third of her boob job - and gave her an address and a time for the surgery.  Monday - the day after tomorrow.  So soon!  She was supposed to be working - but she would just have to ask her boss for time off for a boob job.  She didn’t even *want* the boob job, but the app had already scheduled her an appointment, apparently, and she didn’t know how to say no to it.
But even more intriguingly, the app now informed her of two further things.
The first was “AUDIO MODE UNLOCKED!”.  “You’ve progressed beyond the screen!  Just leave your headphones on, and hear the spiral in your mind!  Finding the secret message has never been easier!”  And indeed, the sound playing in Kathy’s ears felt different - more intense - and there were words hidden in it, words she could almost hear.
But the second message got her full attention immediately.  “WANT TO ESCAPE THE SPIRAL?” it read.  “TAP HERE.”
She tapped on her phone screen immediately, and a message window appeared.
“Congratulations on finding half the secret messages!” it read.  “At this point, you may be realising that you’re a stupid little slut who only exists so men can fuck you.  You’re addicted to the spiral, and your cunt is wet and your head is empty.”
Kathy moaned.  It was true.
“But there is a way out!  Keep seeking out the secret messages - and when you find the sixth message, you’ll receive a special reward: directions on how to escape the spiral!”
Could it possibly be real?  Was the spiral going to give her an escape hatch?  Could she reverse the changes it was making to her mind?
She was about to dive straight back into the spiral, to find the sixth message and escape from the degrading trap she had found herself in - but suddenly a strong hand grabbed her hair, and pulled her away from her phone.
“Ah, you’re back from your trance,” said Mitch, holding her head firmly.  He unzipped his pants, took out his cock, and forced Kathy’s head down on it.  Kathy obediently opened her mouth and accepted it.
“Our first guest will be here in a few moments,” said Mitch.  “Here’s what you’re going to do.”  And he proceeded to instruct Kathy in how to behave for the evening.
At first Kathy felt herself wanting to rebel against Mitch’s demeaning instructions - but when Mitch paused for breath, she suddenly heard her own voice speaking in her ear, through the phone headphones. 
“Men know best.  I want to obey,” it said - sounding exactly like Kathy herself.  And then - “I am an empty head and a wet cunt.”
And just like that, Kathy *did* feel empty.  It was as if all her own thoughts had drained out of her brain, leaving it an empty receptacle to be filled.  And Mitch’s words filled it.  She had never been so fascinated by another person speaking.  She hung on his every utterance, and everything he said went straight into her thoughts, without any critical analysis.
She was an empty head - and a wet cunt.  So wet.  She wanted to masturbate - but Mitch hadn’t told her to.  And besides, her cunt was still clamped closed, with the coins inside it, from her trip to the corner store.
When it was done - and Mitch had ejaculated into her submissive mouth - she knew there was one thing she had to tell Mitch.  “Tonight, can I leave my headphones on?” she asked.  “The app - it has an audio mode now.  So it will keep… training me, as long as I keep listening.”
Mitch laughed.  “That sounds like a great idea,” he said.  “In fact, why don’t you use my Bluetooth ones, so you aren’t tethered to the phone?”
And so Kathy became the hostess for a party held at her own house, featuring guests she didn’t know.  Mitch mercifully took the clamps off her nipples - pocketing the currency attached to them - and then unclamped her pussy.  After retrieving the handful of coins from her cunt, he held each one out to Kathy and made her lick it clean, enjoying the way Kathy wrinkled up her nose at the mixed taste of her cunt juices and the dirty metal coins.
“God, you’re such a dumb cunt,” he laughed as she licked at them - and then his eyes widened with delight as Kathy gasped, and her face flushed, betraying her sudden and uncontrolled pleasure at being demeaned.
Her own voice spoke in Kathy’s ear.  “You’re stupid because your cunt is wet.  Your cunt is wet because you’re stupid.” 
And then another voice spoke to her - her father’s voice.  “You always were a stupid cunt, sweetie.  All you’re good for is sucking cock.”
She moaned.  It hurt to hear those words said by own father - and at the same time, it was hard to contradict them.  They echoed in her empty head, repeating themselves in her subconscious.
By the time the first guest arrived, more voices were speaking to Kathy through the headphones.  Her boss told her she was a bimbo, and she’d only ever been hired because of her tits.  Her Uncle Trevor told her that he wanted to fuck her, that she was only good for fucking.  Mitch’s voice told her that she looked pretty with cum on her.
She couldn’t really hear the real world now, over the voices in her ears.  And behind the voices was the static - and she knew there were more words in the static, a secret message that she could hear if she only paid enough attention.  And so she listened carefully to every word that her headphones said, and let it fill her empty little head with its degradation.
She hadn’t realised just how much she’d let what men were saying bypass her normal thinking until she heard the doorbell ring, and opened the door to the first guest.  It was a well-dressed man with close-cropped hair and a short black beard.
“Hi!” she said.  “My name’s Kathy!  Welcome to the party!  You can do whatever you like with me tonight, no matter what!  Why don’t you try it out, by slapping me across the face?”
She paused - and then blushed.  What had she just said?  Slap her across the face?  It was what Mitch had told her to say, and she had just nodded, and accepted it, and not even thought about it until she’d parroted it back right now.  She froze, not sure what to do.
The man looked past her into the house, where Mitch stood in the hallway.  Mitch nodded.  “It’s for real,” he said.  “Go for it.”
The man nodded, satisfied - and then slapped Kathy across the face.  She gasped, and reeled backwards, clutching her face.
“Say thank you, cunt,” said Mitch.
Kathy couldn’t hear him, but she could see his lips move.  “Thank you,” gasped Kathy, disoriented and confused.
The man slapped her again.
“Thank you, *sir*,” he said, smiling, and again, Kathy read his lips.
“Thank you, sir,” said Kathy.  “I’m sorry.”  She didn’t know what she was apologising for.
“She’s got special headphones in,” said Mitch.  “She can’t hear you very well, so just use force to get her to do whatever you want.”
The guest laughed - but in Kathy’s ears, she was hearing her own voice speak.  “I deserved that,” it said.  “I deserved it for being a dumb cunt.”
The guest said something else - but Kathy couldn’t hear it over the earphones - and when she didn’t respond, the man grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her sharply and painfully downwards.  Kathy fell to her knees, and then the man took out his cock, and pushed it into her mouth.
As Kathy obediently accepted the guest’s dick, she reflected that she was once again being used as a cocksleeve by a man whose name she didn’t even know.  Only a few days ago, this would have been unthinkable, but now it felt *right*.  Men knew best.  She wanted to obey.  She was humiliated and degraded by it, of course - but she couldn’t seem to summon the willpower to resist.  It was easier just to open her mouth and suck.
And it was all temporary, of course.  There was a way out of this.  The app had told her so.  She just had to keep listening, and finding the secret messages.
Soon, the guest was filling Kathy’s mouth with his cum, and Kathy swallowed it submissively.
“Good girl,” said the voice of her Uncle Trevor from her earphones, and Kathy couldn’t help but blush with pride at the praise.
As each of the other guests arrived, Kathy repeated her performance.  She would open the door in the nude, tell the guests they could use her however they liked, and encourage them to slap her across the face - which they each did, in turn.  She would then add (on Mitch’s instruction) that because she couldn’t hear them, they should just force her into doing whatever they wanted.
Most of the guests made use of Kathy immediately upon arrival.  The second guest pushed her up against the wall, pushed her legs apart with his knee, and sank his cock deep into her pussy, fucking her quickly and violently until he had ejaculated into her unprotected twat.  The third guest came in her mouth, and the fourth spattered his cum across her face.
“Thank you for making me pretty,” said Kathy, after this last indignity - and she was genuinely upset when Mitch ordered her to clean the cum off her face afterwards.
The fifth guest fucked Kathy in the ass - and she actually did struggle and try to resist when this happened, as she had never been anally penetrated before.  But one of the other guests helped hold her down, and it became clear to her that she had no choice in how her body would be used.  Mitch at least made her violator use lubricant on her virginal ass.  The sixth guest arrived while Kathy was still being ass-fucked, and to silence her pathetic moans of distress, he pushed his cock into her mouth, which worked very effectively.
As she was raped, Kathy just tried to focus on the sounds of the static and the spiral in her ears.  She heard her father tell her she was a slut and a whore that was only good for fucking.  She hear her boss tell that she was a stupid bimbo sex-decoration.  She heard her own voice remind her that she deserved all of this for being such a wet-cunted empty-headed whore.
And as she felt the anonymous man ejaculate into her anus, and shortly thereafter the other man cum in her mouth, she realised she could hear the sixth message, as clearly as if it were her own voice speaking.
She swallowed her mouthful of cum, and when the cock pulled out of her mouth, she said it out loud, so that she wouldn’t forget.
“If men don’t want to fuck me,” she whispered, “I’m worthless.”
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