Secret Message

Part 3

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #dom:male #pov:bottom #public_nudity

Secret Message, Part 3
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Kathy shivered as she walked along the street, completely naked in the afternoon sun.
This didn’t feel real.  It felt like a nightmare.  Three days ago she had been a normal, self-respecting woman.  Now she was completely nude in public, on her way to buy snacks for a man who had raped her.  There was wet cum on her face and breasts, and cum slowly running down her thighs from her recently-violated pussy.  She had been fucked by somebody - she didn’t even know who - while she had been practically unconscious, lost in a hypnotic, addictive trance that was slowly transforming her into a helpless sex-doll.
She heard a car approaching from behind her.  She froze.  Her hands had already been desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to cover her tits and pussy.  Now she didn’t know what to do.  The car could see her nude ass.  Should she expose her breasts in order to cover it?  Turn around to face the car, so that she could keep covering her breasts and pussy?  Then they would see the cum on her face - and, maybe worse, she would see the face of the driver, and see how they reacted to her whorish state.
She did nothing.  The car roared past her on the road - with nothing more than a jeering toot of the horn to acknowledge that the driver had, indeed, seen her shame.  Kathy flushed red - and, with no other options, she kept walking to the shop.
She could have fled.  Or begged for help.  But Mitch had told her to buy snacks, naked, with cum on her face.  Men knew best.  She wanted to obey.  If Mitch wanted her to do this, it must be the best thing for her to do.  Part of her mind disagreed with that idea, but she found it increasingly hard to form thoughts that expressed those disagreements coherently.
What she wanted to do was vanish into the spiral.  Inside the spiral, she didn’t have to think.  But she didn’t have her phone with her.  All she had was the money that Mitch had thrust into her hand. When you’re naked, you don’t have pockets.  It was sitting on the lounge floor, at home, with Mitch.  Mitch had said he would let her explore the spiral, if she was a good girl and brought the snacks.
The other thing she wanted to do was masturbate.  Her cunt was traitorously wet, for no reason that she could discern.  But it was humiliating enough to be naked - how much worse would it be to rub her pussy as well?
The local store was a small corner outlet, with a modest range of essential groceries.  A young man was behind the only register when she went in, and she immediately felt his eyes upon her naked body.  To her relief, he said nothing, only stared.  There was no one else in the store.
She went from aisle to aisle, collecting potato chips, nuts, candies, and two six-packs of beer. 
She passed the condoms, and thought about buying some.  An anonymous man had cum in her pussy today, and so had Mitch.  He would probably use her again.  She could get pregnant. 
But then she thought about taking the condoms to the register, while completely naked and covered in cum, and thought about what that might be *inviting* - and the embarrassment was just too much.  She left the condoms on the shelf.
She blushed as she took her purchases to the register.  The man at the register stared at her naked tits as he rang up her purchases.  Kathy felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter.
She remembered what Mitch had told her to do at the shop.  “Do I look pretty?” she asked, in a small voice.
“Sorry?” asked the cashier, apparently not hearing her - or just too distracted by her boobs.
“Do I look pretty?” she asked again.  She honestly didn’t know what he’d say.  Of course she didn’t look pretty - she looked like a whore, with cum on her face.  But she looked pretty with cum on her face - that was true as well. 
He laughed, and said, “You look like a sex-toy.  But I assume that was how you wanted to look.”
She felt like she might cry - but she instinctively accepted the truth of what he had said.  Men knew best.  She *did* look like a sex-toy.  And she *had* wanted to look like that.  She didn’t remember why, but she knew it was true.
“Thank you,” she said.
The groceries filled two heavy plastic bags - one six-pack of beer weight down each bag - and she put her money on the counter in order to take the bags.  With one in each hand, she was no longer able to cover her tits or her pussy even as modestly as she had before.
The cashier took the money, and made change.  The remainder came to two notes and a small handful of coins.  Kathy tried awkwardly to pick it up while holding the bags, and initially couldn’t work out how to manage it.
“Here, let me help,” said the cashier, grinning.  He walked out from behind the register with a handful of black devices - small bulldog clips, for holding bundles of notes together.  He took one of the notes - and used a clip to pin it to Kathy’s left nipple.  Kathy squealed in pain - but she couldn’t defend her tits without dropping the groceries, nor did she really try.  After all, men knew best.
She squealed again when he clipped the second note to her other nipple.  Both notes were now hanging from her tits, like strange pasties.
“What about the coins?” Kathy asked.  She had intended to tell him to just put the coins in one of the bags - but before she could continue, the cashier smiled - and kissed her on the lips.
Kathy made a noise - and kissed him back.  Men knew best.  And, in any case, it felt good.  Her pussy throbbed with appreciation.
And then she felt the cashier’s hand on her pussy.  Not just on it - he was spreading her pussy lips, and pushing something inside.  The coins!  He was pushing the coins up her cunt!  And then a moment later, he was pulling her pussy lips back together, and - ouch!  OUCH!
She pulled away from him, squealing.  He had used the last of his bulldog clips to clamp her pussy lips together - effectively turning her cunt into a coin purse, now securely closed.
The cashier laughed, and said, “Thank you for your business.  Have a nice day, now.”
Kathy breathed deeply.  She knew that any normal woman would drop the groceries, and rip the painful clamps off her tits and pussy.
But since the spiral, she was no longer a normal woman.  Men knew best.  If this cashier thought her pussy should be clamped closed, then…
She made a distressed squeak, and blushed, and said, “Thank you, sir.”
And then she left the store, carrying the grocery bags, with the notes still pinned to her exposed tits, and the coins trapped in her clamped-shut fuckhole.
She passed a couple walking their dog on the way home, and the look in their eyes as they stared at this cum-spattered naked whore with clamps on her nipples made her feel less like a human who deserved respect than anything else in her life. 
It also made her pussy throb so much that it was an effort not to pull the clamp off her cunt and masturbate right then and there.
It never occurred to her that she *could* take off the clamp.  A man had put it there.  Presumably Mitch would tell her to take it off when she got home.
But when she got home, Mitch did no such thing. When she knocked on the door - asking permission to enter her own house, she realised with a blush - Mitch opened it, and then stood in the doorway, blocking her entry.  His eyes shone with mirth as he saw her new decorations.
“Have fun at the store?” he asked.
She blushed.  “Can I come in?”
“No,” he said.  “Kneel.”
Kathy looked around.  She was still in public, in her own front yard.  People could see.  But what choice did she have?  And she did want to obey.
She knelt.
Mitch unzipped his fly, and took out his cock.  “Suck,” he commanded.
With a moan, Kathy took his cock into her mouth.  It was embarrassing - but it was also a reward.  She realised that all the time she had been walking, the back of her mind had been thinking about how she needed more cum in her - and now she would get some.  She enthusiastically began fellating his penis.
From next door, she heard a door bang.  Her neighbour, Mr Green, had emerged from his front door.  Instinctively, Kathy tried to pull away from Mitch’s groin, and cover herself - but Mitch put a firm hand on her head, keeping her trapped against his cock.
“Morning!” she heard Mitch say, and she saw him wave to Mr Green.
“Kathy - are you all right?” asked Mr Green.
Kathy could hardly reply with a mouth full of cock, but Mitch replied for her.  “She’s fine!  She likes doing this.  She’s quite a whore.  You should come round some time and ask her to do it for you, as well.  I’m sure she’ll oblige.”
Kathy burned with humiliation, but had no choice but to keep sucking Mitch’s cock as her neighbour watched.
Presently, she felt Mitch shudder, and a moment later her mouth was filled with cum, which she swallowed eagerly.  When he was done, Mitch pulled out of her mouth, and led her inside, pulling her by her hair in a way that forced Kathy to cum.
Once she - and the groceries - were in, and the door was closed behind her, she looked up at Mitch, pleading.  She wanted him to tell her she could take off the clamps, or at least let her look at her phone.
She got half of her wishes.  He made no mention of the clamps, but he said, “My friends will be here in an hour and a half.  You can look at your spiral until then.”  He threw her phone to her, and she caught it, gratefully.
But just as she was about to go into the spiral, her phone suddenly rang.  She looked at it in dismay.  Was this a real call, or was it the app?  The caller ID said it was her father.
“Hello?” she said, answering the phone.
“Kathy!” said her father’s voice.  “I’m glad I finally caught you.  I was wondering if you wanted to come to dinner tomorrow night?  Your Uncle Trevor is in town, and we see him so rarely since your mother passed away.”
Kathy’s “Uncle Trevor” wasn’t really her uncle, but rather an old family friend.  A little younger than her father, Trevor had been a frequent visitor when Kathy was young, always kind to her and interested in her life.
Kathy sighed - both with relief at so normal a request, and with pleasure at the idea of seeing her Uncle Trevor.  “Sure!” she said, enthusiastically.  “That sounds great.  I’ll come round tomorrow night.  What time do you want me?”
“Seven would be good,” said her father.  And then he paused, and said, “By the way, I hear you’ve been quite the slut lately, Kathy.”
Kathy’s breath caught in her throat.  She said nothing.
“I hear you’ve been sending people nude photos,” continued her father.  “I’m quite hurt to be left out.  Why didn’t you send me one of those photos, sweetie?”
Kathy wanted to cry.  She knew this wasn’t her father.  It was the app.  It had to be the app.  She didn’t want to do it.
“I’m sorry, daddy,” she said, aware that she sounded childish, unable to stop herself.  “Do you… do you want me to send you one now?”
There was a long pause.  Kathy had stopped breathing.  Was she really going to send a nude photo to her own father?  If he asked her to, she would.  Men knew best.  She needed to obey.
But her father said, “No, honey.  I’m your father. It wouldn’t be right.”
Kathy exhaled, more relieved and grateful than she had ever been in her life.
“But I bet your Uncle Trevor would like to see one,” said her father - or at least, whatever was impersonating her father’s voice.  “Send him one of your slutty nudes, honey.”
“Nooo…” moaned Kathy.  But she meant yes.  And her father’s voice knew it.
“Yes, honey.  Do it now,” he said.  “And then ring him up, and tell him that you’ve always wanted to fuck him.”
Kathy felt a tear trickle down her cheek.  She was going to do as she was told - no matter how much she didn’t want to.  She needed to obey.
“See you tomorrow,” said her father, and then the phone disconnected.
Choking back a sob, Kathy used her phone to photograph herself - naked, cum-splattered, her pussy clamped shut, money clamped to her nipples - and then emailed the photo to her Uncle Trevor.
She waited a moment - and then dialled her uncle.
“Hello?” said a deep, familiar voice. Kathy recognised it immediately.
“Hi, Uncle Trevor,” she said.  “This is Kathy.”
“Kathy!” he replied - joyful, but also confused.  “I just - did you just send me a picture?”
She took a deep breath.  “Yes,” said Kathy.  “Uncle Trevor… I’ve… I’ve always wanted to fuck you.”
There was a long silence down the phone.
Then - “I’m glad to hear you say that, Kathy.  Because secretly, I’ve always wanted to fuck you too.  You’ve turned into a gorgeous young woman.”  He paused.  “You know I’m in town this weekend?”
Kathy was crying, then, because she didn’t think she was talking to the app.  She knew that this was really what her uncle was saying.  “Yes,” she said, quietly.  “You’re coming to dinner tomorrow night.  I’ll see you at my dad’s house.”
“And we’ll catch up, and you can tell me all about this photo, and how you….”
“How I want to fuck you,” said Kathy, her voice breaking.
She could almost hear her uncle smiling.  “I’m looking forward to it,” he said - and then ended the call.
And just like that, her relationship with the uncle she’d known since childhood was ruined.
She had never wanted to escape into the spiral more desperately.
So she did.

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