Ruination Phrase

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #sub:female

The hypnotist promises to ruin girls’ lives - and it just makes girls more eager to seek him out…

Ruination Phrase
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The hypnotist specifically advertised what he called “the Ruination Phrase”.  He was very clear about what it was - and what would happen to you if you requested it.  He would take your money, and then hypnotise you, and then implant a single erotic phrase in your mind that would destroy your life.
It was terrifying - and yet, girls kept coming to him and begging for it.  Sometimes they had been sent to him on a dare.  Sometimes they didn’t believe that hypnotism was real, or that the Ruination Phrase really worked.  But sometimes - indeed, most often - they came because they had a deep fucked-up need to have their life erotically destroyed in exactly the way he offered.
Amy was the last of her friends to visit him.  Her friend Tanya had gone to him as a joke, and had received the phrase “fall pregnant to your brother”.  Now she was eight months pregnant, milk leaking from her tits, and working as a prostitute to cover the costs of her childbirth. 
Her friend Chelsea had been told “you need to cum from being raped”.  She’d spent the last months cockteasing every male she knew into holding her down and fucking her as she struggled and squealed.
Amy had seen all this, and was horrified - and yet, every night she stayed up late thinking about the changes in her friends... and masturbating to those thoughts.
The Ruination Phrase wasn’t cheap, and Amy wasn’t rich, so it took some convincing to get him to do it to her.  She sucked his cock every day for a week, begging him each time to give her the conditioning that would ruin her, and finally, after the seventh time he had cum in her mouth, he agreed. 
She sat there in a stupid little trance, naked in front of him, as he planted the suggestion, and when she woke up and understood what had been done to her, she orgasmed right then and there.  Her mouth fell open and her eyes went wide with pure lust and humiliation.
“Do you hear the Ruination Phrase in your mind, Amy?” the hypnotist asked her.
“Yes, sir,” Amy replied, frantically and wantonly masturbating towards a second climax as he watched.
“What is the Ruination Phrase, Amy?” asked the hypnotist.
“My father needs to cum on the huge udders of his fake-titted cow of a daughter,” moaned Amy - and felt herself cum again.
“Good girl,” smiled the hypnotist.
Amy barely heard him.  She was already planning her first of many breast enlargements and working out how to go about seducing the man who had raised her...

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