Mrs Williams

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #bimbofication #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #mother #sub:female

Johnathan’s mother was a bitch - but with the application of some very special sound files, he transformed her into something much more appealing…

Mrs Williams
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).

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Johnathan Williams’ mother was a bitch.  She was always nagging him about chores, and school work, and she had a special talent for picking the most bitter battles while he had friends visiting, embarrassing him by screeching him at him while he was trying to play videogames or just chill out with the guys.
Eventually, he had had enough.  He’d found something on the internet – a special set of sound files – specifically designed to fix women like his mother.  Carefully and secretly, he installed a set of hidden speakers in his mother’s bedroom, and then each night for a month, after she was soundly asleep, he would set the files to play quietly over the speakers.
Night after night Mrs Williams absorbed the conditioning from Johnathan’s broadcasts.  Night after night it sank deeper into her brain.
Johnathan suspected it was working when his mother dyed her hair blonde one day, without seeming to know why she was doing it.  He was fairly certain it had worked when she vanished one weekend and came back with larger, rounder tits – the product of plastic surgery.
But the true test would be how she acted as a host.
He invited three of his closest friends around one Saturday afternoon, and when they arrived, he was delighted to watch his mother go to answer the door.
“Hi!” she said, in a higher-pitched, more bubbly voice than she had used in the past.  “You must be Johnathan’s friends!”  She giggled – a stupid, empty-headed sound.  “I’m Johnathan’s mother, and I’m happy to do *anything* to make your visit more enjoyable.”
His friend shuffled awkwardly.  “Ah, thanks,” said one.
“Would you boys like to see my new tits?” Mrs Williams said suddenly.  And before they could respond, she had pulled down the front of her dress to expose her bra-less plastic fuckbags.
Johnathan’s friends goggled in surprise.  “Ah, wow,” said one.  “Nice tits, Mrs Williams,” said another.
Mrs Williams just giggled happily in response.  “You can squeeze them if you like,” she said.  “It’s okay to be rough – whatever you boys want to do with me is okay by me.”
The boys did touch – and they *were* rough – and Mrs Williams squealed in pain – but then she congratulated them on how manly their grip on her tits was.
And just like that, her transition from “authority figure” to “sexual entertainment” was complete.  Within the half-hour, Johnathan’s friends had stripped his mother naked, and she was crawling on all fours from boy to boy to suck their cocks as they laughed and played Xbox.  She encouraged them to slap her if she was less than satisfactory, and they did.
Johnathan took a turn too.  He was hesitant at first, but his mother turned out to be a surprisingly good cocksucker, and soon he was able to stop thinking of her as a parent and simply see her as a masturbation aid.  He came in her mouth twice that afternoon.
Later, the boys took Mrs Williams up to her bedroom and took turns fucking her pussy.  Johnathan’s mother just giggled and bucked her hips against their cocks.  Johnathan was surprised by how wet her pussy was.  Had the hypnotic conditioning done that?  Or was the arousal all natural?  There was no way to know.
After everyone had gone home, Johnathan’s mother went back to her normal personality – albeit one that argued with Johnathan less.  It wasn’t clear to Johnathan if she remembered what she had done with his friends, but there was a haunted look in her eyes.  She said nothing about it.
She didn’t need to, though.  The slutty bimbo personality re-emerged whenever Johnathan had guests, and pretty soon the whole school knew that if you visited Johnathan you got to use his mother as a party favour.  To Johnathan’s surprise and delight, some of the girls at the school started coming over, and Mrs Williams was just as keen to sexually please them as anyone else – providing they were willing to let her son watch….

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