Mr Davis

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #brat #f/m #hypnosis #revenge #school #teacher

A teacher gets his hypnotic revenge on the spoiled, teasing brat in his class.

Mr Davis
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The students called him “Mr Davis”, all except Sabina, who called him “Colin” - not out of familiarity, but because she knew it mocked him, and because that was what her father, the principal, called him.
Colin Davis should have been promoted this year to the highest bracket of teaching salary, and been given a senior position in faculty. But because spoiled, bratty Sabina had failed his English class, her father was holding him down again.
“If you can’t teach my daughter,” said the principal, “then how good a teacher can you be?”
Colin was sick of both of them. He planned to teach Sabina - her and her father both.
It was easy, really. He knew Sabina had a crush on John, one of the football boys, a crush that would never be returned. John despised Sabina as a shallow brat, and John was gay, but Sabina seemed oblivious - so caught up in her self-obsession that she couldn’t imagine anyone wasn’t attracted to her. So when an anonymous present appeared in Sabina’s locker, she was quick to assume it was a love-gift from her current crush, in the face of all reason.
The present was a leather collar, with a heart-shaped ring on the front. Colin couldn’t suppress a grin when he saw her wearing it. It made her look like a slut - like a whore, or a sex slave - and she seemed to not realise. She was beaming with happiness. She probably thought the happiness was because she had received a gift from John, but Colin knew otherwise.
The underside of the leather was treated with a contact chemical, causing mild euphoria. At least for the first week, until the chemical ran out, Sabina would feel inexplicably happy while wearing it, and crash into depression if she took it off. This should keep it on her neck long enough for its secondary effect to work.
The collar was laced with complicated circuitry. When it detected from Sabina’s pulse that she was asleep, from its light sensors that it was dark, and from its microphones that there was no one else present, it would begin to play its pre-recorded sounds. These recordings were almost subaudible - a mix of rhythmic pulses and white noise, threaded through with repetitive, hypnotic suggestions.
Over the next week, as Sabina wore the collar to bed each night, it slowly hypnotically conditioned her. The visible signs were her dress - she began to come to school looking sluttier and sluttier. She wore more make-up on her face. She wore higher heels. Her skirts were shorter, and her tops tighter. She was completely unaware of what she was doing, and seemed perplexed as teachers and students alike began to treat her with less and less respect.
On the first day that she turned up to school without panties, Colin deliberately dropped papers at the front of the class and had her pick them up. The class gasped and then giggled as Sabina bent at the waist, and her skirt rode up to expose her bare ass and pussy. Sabina blushed, knowing she was the target of mockery, but prevented by her conditioning from knowing why.
Simultaneously, her mind began filling with new thoughts and fantasies. They ran through her head non-stop, sometimes where she could see them, sometimes at the back of her brain where they could influence her indirectly. The thoughts were deeply and powerfully sexual, and the focus of the thoughts was “daddy”.
“Kiss daddy,” said the thoughts. “Show daddy your tits. Be a good slut for daddy. Make daddy’s cock hard. Let daddy rape you. Kiss daddy’s cock. Sit on daddy’s lap. Lick daddy’s shoes. Swallow daddy’s cum. Be daddy’s fucktoy. Think about daddy when you rub your pussy. Cuddle daddy naked in bed. Don’t ever say no to daddy. Tell daddy you like it when he uses you like the slut you are. Cum from your daddy’s cock.”
These ideas ran through her mind constantly. She was sometimes aware of them, and disgusted by them, but she couldn’t make them go away, and every night the collar reinforced them. She found herself getting wet thinking about her father. She blushed crimson the first time she accidentally kissed him goodnight on the lips. She found she kept sitting in his lap - often having forgotten to wear panties. One night she woke up to find herself naked in her father’s bed, having undressed and walked to his room in her sleep. She blushingly extricated herself from his sheets - but not before feeling her father’s erect cock bumping against her thighs as she moved.
There were benefits for Colin as this went on. It turned out “daddy” had a wide meaning to Sabina, encompassing many figures of authority, and after her second week of conditioning he only had to tell her to stay back after class to get her slutting up against him - still hating him, humiliated by her behaviour, but unable to control herself. Unlike her real father, he had no taboos to overcome, and spent many enjoyable afternoons teaching Sabina to suck cock, teaching her to spread her legs, and teaching her how pretty she looked with semen dripping off her face and tits. He laughed at her and mocked her, knowing she would keep coming back no matter how much he degraded her.
Finally, her behaviour at home became too much for her father, and Sabina experienced her first incestuous rape early one morning after she had crawled naked into her father’s bed and begun kissing the tip of his cock, crying with shame but unable to help herself. Her father pushed her face down on his dick, ejaculated in her mouth, and then pulled her up, turned her around, and raped her pussy from behind without even needing time to recover. She orgasmed, and thanked him, and told him how much she enjoyed it, and from then on sex with her father was a regular occurrence.
Colin gave them time - mostly to let Sabina get used to the idea of being a sex toy for an older man. Once he thought she was well trained, he called the police on her father.
As the principal was led away in handcuffs, Colin was already preparing his speech on how it was an honour to take the leadership of the school in these tragic times, and how delighted he was that Care and Protection had agreed that Sabina should come to live with him until this whole matter was straightened out...

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