Monika's Honesty

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #sub:female #spanking

Monika’s stepfather learns hypnosis can’t make her stop being a slut - but it can aid with punishment…

Monika’s Honesty

Story by All These Roadworks (2020).
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Her stepfather tried hard to give Monika a proper moral education.  He worried that she was in danger of turning into a slut.  It wasn’t that her pussy was wet so often - although that certainly was a worry - but that she *lied* to him about it.
“Just tell me, honey,” he would say.  “If you tell me that your cunt is wet, we can spank it, to punish it, and over time you’ll be less of a slut.”  But she would blushingly deny her arousal, and he would grab her and feel her lying slut pussy and find it dripping wet, and he would have to pull the clothes from her in order to give it the spanking it needed.
Eventually, he grew tired of her lies, and dragged her to a hypnotist who sympathised with his particular style of discipline.  Monika struggled, but together they strapped her into a chair for treatment.
“I can’t make her not get aroused,” the hypnotist told him.  “The sex drive of teen girls is much too powerful for that.”
“That’s fine,” said Monika’s stepfather, and presented an alternative plan.
It didn’t take long for Monika to understand what had been done to her once the treatment was over.  She had always had a preference for skirts and dresses, but now found herself unable to wear pants or shorts at all.  To her horror, she found that the awareness of her own arousal now triggered a hypnotic response in her - she would immediately slip her panties down her legs and discard them, get down on all fours to crawl, flip her skirt or dress up at the hem to expose her ass and pussy and down at the top to expose her tits, and be unable to stand or adjust her dress for the duration of her arousal.
It made disciplining her very easy.  Her stepfather would find her crawling around blushingly, her bare cunt wet, and he would instantly know to grab her and spank her twat until it turned a bright red.  Sometimes this would make her orgasm embarrassingly under her stepfather’s hand.
Naturally, it wasn’t just at home that the hypnosis compelled her to behave like this.  It had quite an effect on the perception of her among her friends.  But as her stepfather said, “If you don’t want people to think you’re a slut, don’t be a slut.”  Monika tried hard to not be a slut, especially after the first time she took off her panties, got down on all fours and exposed her cunt on the dance floor of a nightclub, and even harder after the first time two of her male friends she’d known since primary school, Jake and Caleb, shoved a beer bottle into her cunt and fucked her with it until she orgasmed in front of them.  But she just kept getting so wet, so often... slowly, she came to believe that she truly was a slut, and that she deserved to have her pussy spanked and be casually used for sexual entertainment by her friends.
Of course what neither Monika nor her stepfather knew was that whenever she saw Jake or Caleb socially, they would go through her handbag while she wasn’t looking and replace her birth control pills with identical-looking aphrodisiacs they had bought on the dark web, and that they would dose her drink with more at every opportunity. 
Monika had made the mistake of telling them about her father’s treatment of her.  They found it incredibly erotic.  She made the further mistake of inviting them to dinner at her house, about a month after her hypnotic conditioning.  Shortly after their arrival, she drank a cup of soda they had dropped an aphrodisiac into, and a half hour after that she was down on all fours wiggling her cunt at them while she blushed.
“It’s okay, sir,” said Caleb to Monika’s stepfather.  “She’s told us how you discipline her.  We don’t mind if you spank her twat in front of us.”
Her stepfather took them up on the offer, standing over Monika, spreading her knees and ass cheeks, and rhythmically slapping her wet pussy as her friends watched.
“If I could suggest, sir,” said Jake as he watched, “this treatment you’ve given her is fantastic.  Have you thought about adding more aspects to it?  Perhaps giving her an urge to spend time with men who she knows will discipline her properly.  Maybe you could have her compelled to say what slutty thoughts she’s thinking when she’s asked.  And while you can’t stop her getting wet, have you thought about stopping her from orgasming without the permission of a man?”
Monika wailed, and orgasmed under the beating of her stepfather’s hand on her fuckhole.  Her stepfather looked at her, his cock hard in his pants.
“Those are excellent ideas, Jake,” he said.  “I think we’ll make it happen.  Now, Monika, I believe you’ve been showing your cunt to these two nice boys on a regular basis.  That’s cockteasing, and I won’t have it from a young lady living under my roof.”

She looked up at him in confusion, spacey from the pain and the orgasm.

“Crawl over there and use your mouth to give these boys some satisfaction, young lady,” her stepfather said.  “It’s a slutty thing to do, but then, it seems you’re a slut.  Your cunt is already bruised, so we’ll work off the blowjob with a good spanking of your tits once you’re done...”

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