Getting Along

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/f #hypno #sub:female #catfight #enforced_love #f/m

Goldie and Jenna are schoolyard rivals who hate each other - so when Goldie’s brother starts dating Jenna, he uses hypnotic help to force the girls to “get along with each other”.

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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It was bad enough when Goldie’s older brother began fucking her bitchy classmate Jenna.  The two couldn’t stand each other.  Goldie hated just the thought of Jenna being in the house she shared with her family.  The reality of listening to Jenna’s whorish moans as her brother drilled the little bitch’s cunt was even grosser.
When Jenna came to breakfast one morning wearing nothing but Goldie’s brother’s shirt, and with what Goldie was sure was her brother’s cum drying on her bitchy little face, the two finally got into a vicious catfight.  Goldie’s brother broke it up, and told them in no uncertain terms that they would get along with each other, or they would both be shown the door.
He graciously paid for them to attend counselling together.  The counsellor tried to convince Jenna to be more respectful of Goldie, and get Goldie to be more tolerant, but this approach went nowhere, so he finally put them into a hypnotic trance.
“Okay, girls,” he told them as they stared blankly ahead.  “You are going to get along.  You are going to find what you both have in common and bond over it.  Every time you want to be mean to each other, you are instead going to be nice to each other in appropriate proportion.  And you are going to be good role models to your peers over how to be civil under difficult circumstances.”
They were well-meaning instructions, but the girls, at the end of the day, had the kind of slutty, twisted minds common to teen women their age.
Almost immediately after the session, Goldie formed the intention of saying to Jenna, “Well, that accomplished nothing, you stupid bitch.”  Instead, she found herself leaning forward and kissing her classmate on the lips.  Jenna stiffened, and Goldie could tell she wanted to slap her away, hard.  Instead all she did was moan and kiss Goldie back.  They were being nice to each other, in equal measure to how much they wanted to be mean.
Goldie tried to insult Jenna again.  Instead she said, “You have such gorgeous tits.  I’m not a lesbian but sometimes I wake up at night soaking wet thinking about you undressing for my brother.”
Jenna said, “Sometimes I pinch my nipples hard to punish myself for not being as pretty and popular as you, Goldie.”
They both blushed deep red.  Jenna kissed Goldie again.
“I love your brother, you know,” Jenna whispered into Goldie’s neck afterwards.
“I love my brother too,” said Goldie.  She meant it differently - brotherly love - but she felt her compulsion triggering.  She needed to bond with Jenna over loving her brother.
That’s how she found herself only hours later on her brother’s bed, nude but for her socks, wiggling her ass and cunt at her brother’s cock.
“Come on,” Jenna was saying to Goldie’s shocked brother.  “We’re friends now.  If you want to fuck me, you have to fuck her.”
“It’s okay,” Goldie heard herself saying.  It wasn’t okay.  She didn’t want to fuck her brother.  But... she did want to bond with Jenna.  She wanted it very badly.  She wanted to share her brother’s cock and her brother’s cum with this gorgeous bitch that she love-hated.  She wanted to form terrible thoughts about Jenna and feel them translated into slutty lust.  She wiggled her ass again, desperate for Jenna to see her being fucked by her own brother.
And as her brother’s cock slipped into her wet cunt, she looked over at her phone, to make sure it was still videoing everything.  Because afterwards she was going to upload the whole thing to the internet, so that all her peers could see what a good role model she was...

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