Emma's Policy

Part 12

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #office #sub:female #bimbofication #blackmail #exec2sec

Author's Note: My kinks aren't my politics!  Please practice respect, safety, and require positive enthusiastic consent in all real-life interactions!

Emma’s Policy, Part 12
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).

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Today was the day.  Emma’s long saga of degradation was about to be over, and she would have her revenge on Tim, and set the world back to the way it should be.
The final week had been hard.  Tim had raped her twice every day, and beaten her tits and cunt with his belt for infractions, real and imagined, in the mornings, afternoons, and at lunch.  Only three days ago, he had held a little office party for his team, where Emma had been made to openly masturbate in front of her former subordinates while Tim had set fire to her university degrees.  She had cried and orgasmed as she watched her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts go up in smoke.  They were just paper - she could order replacements from the university - but deep down she knew that she didn’t deserve them anymore.  She was a stupid little bimbo secretary slut masturbating in public, not a university graduate.
Tim had replaced them above her desk with a framed copy of her legal change of name to “Sugar Tits”, and certificates that he had made himself asserting that she had “Grade A Udders” and was a “Barely Acceptable Fuck”.  He had also somehow found a copy of her report card from grade 3 at primary school, complete with her teacher’s notation that she “showed a positive attitude but struggled with reading comprehension”, and had that framed and hung as well.
Where another person might have a photo on their desk of their spouse or sweetheart, Tim had placed a photograph of Emma tongue-kissing her subordinate, Bianca.  Both girls were nude in the photo and their bare tits, crushed against each other, were clearly visible.  In the equivalent position on Bianca’s desk was a close-up photo of Emma’s naked cunt, with the caption “Sugar Tits” to help people identify it.
During the day, Emma and Bianca took turns kneeling under Tim’s desk to suck his cock.  When he ejaculated, the lucky girl who was sucking him would emerge with the cum in her mouth, to share it with her manager / subordinate in a slutty lesbian kiss while Tim watched.
By night, Emma took Bianca home with her.  Raping Bianca was the only time Emma felt like she was in control of her own life anymore, and she took pleasure in venting the humiliation and violation she endured every day at work on the unfortunate little slut.  The defiance and brattiness that the girl had originally shown had melted away entirely, and now she was proactive in pleasing both Emma and Tim in the hopes of avoiding another slap, spanking or pussy-whipping.  Emma judged that Bianca was becoming a very talented cunt-licker, and took some pride in her role in that process.
Neither of them were sleeping well.  Tim had bought both girls “pagers”, which were not pagers at all but rather evil little devices that clipped to a girl’s pussy lips near the top, sitting so as to be in contact with her clitoris.  They gripped lightly enough that they could stay on all day long, but strongly enough that they didn’t come loose without being manually released.  Tim could activate the devices remotely via the internet, and when activated they delivered a sharp electric shock, followed by several minutes of sustained vibration.  When the girls felt their “pagers” go off, they were supposed to ring Tim immediately for instructions. 
Tim had mostly been enjoying setting the pagers off in the hours between midnight and 5 am.  When the girls rang him, they would hear a recorded message telling them to send Tim photos of themselves kissing nude in Emma’s front yard.  The girls, sleepy and confused, would lez off on camera in public in the cold night air, while Tim slept soundly, having scheduled the pagers to not let the girls get more than a couple of hours’ sleep per night.
The pagers had an extra side effect, because the long vibration of the pager against their clits was confusing the sexuality of the girls.  Both Emma and Bianca were coming to associate sharp electric shocks to their pussy with arousal, and also associating Tim giving them instructions with arousal.   Emma knew it was happening, and she hated it, and was powerless to stop it.  The last couple of nights she had woken up before her scheduled shock, already wet, moaning and massaging her tits as she waited to receive the painful zap to her twat.
But today was the day.  She was due to make a presentation to the board on her diversity policy - the policy whose apparent lack of success had led to her humiliating blackmail by Tim.  But she had seen the report he had tried to hide from her.  The numbers had turned around.  Her policy was working.
She hadn’t been able to see the full documentation, of course.  In her new position as Tim’s secretary she didn’t have the authority to request any of the relevant information.  But she could call for it, in front of the entire board, and Tim would have to provide it.  He would be expecting her to admit that she was a stupid cow and that her policy had been a disaster.  He had no idea she knew the truth.
That morning, she dressed in her humiliating porn secretary outfit for what she assumed would be the last time.  Her tiny black skirt went on, without panties.  Tim had clipped another half-inch off the bottom last week, and now the bottom of her pussy was visible even when she was standing up straight.  She wore stockings, and heels - now increased to seven inches, and she could barely walk in them.  Her giant fake tits went into an uplifting half-cup bra whose fabric stopped short of covering her nipples, and a mostly transparent tight white blouse went on over the top.  And she completed it with the velvet kitten-collar with her name-tag hanging from it - “Sugar-Tits”.
Bianca accompanied her, similarly dressed, having spent the night in Emma’s bed licking her pussy, and they both set out for the office in Emma’s car.
The meeting was first thing in the morning, and Emma had intended to head straight there, but she was stopped in the lobby of the office building by Tim.
“Where do you think you’re going, Sugar-Tits?” he asked her suspiciously.
“To the board meeting,” Emma said.  “My policy is on the agenda.  You can’t stop me attending.”
He looked at her, his eyes narrowing.  “You’ll do your morning duties first,” he said, finally.
“Fuck off,” said Emma, trying to push past him.
“You’ll do your duties,” hissed Tim, grabbing her arm, “or we’ll discuss with HR how you’ve been sexually harassing little Honeybee.  What was it she used to call herself?  Bianca, was it?  Have you just been harassing her - or have you been actually raping her?  Slutty little rapist Sugar-Tits, is that what we should call you?  Should we bother with HR, or just go straight to the police?”
Emma’s face flushed, and she looked around to see if anyone had heard.  “I only did what you made me do!” she whispered.
“Come now, Sugar-Tits, we both know that’s not true,” said Tim.  “Now come do your duties, and if you’re a good slut, I’ll let you go to the meeting.”
Emma was defeated, and she knew it.  She followed Tim meekly to his office, and crawled under his desk to perform her “duties” - a thorough blowjob.
But when she had sucked Tim’s cock to orgasm, he didn’t cum down her throat like he usually did.  Instead, he pulled her head off his cock by the hair, and then ejaculated messily across her face and tits.  Emma recoiled in disgust, and went to wipe herself clean.
“Leave it,” said Tim.  “You can go to the meeting - and avoid a call to the police - if, and only if, you leave that mess exactly where it is.”
“I can’t!” wailed Emma.  “I look disgusting!”
“You’ve always looked disgusting, you little slut,” said Tim.  “Nothing has changed.  Now are you going to the meeting dressed like the cum-whore you are?  Or are you sitting this one out?”
Emma couldn’t miss the meeting.  It was her last chance to end this nightmare of degradation.  To go like this would be humiliating - but all that mattered was the numbers, right?  Her policy was a success.
“I’ll go,” she said, climbing out from under the desk.
“There’s a good little Sugar-Tits,” said Tim, approvingly.  “Now let’s all go down to the board meeting, and hear you apologise for being a dumb slut with an idiotic diversity policy, shall we?”
The numbers would prove her right.  She just had to hold onto that.
“Yes,” said Emma, smiling through the glaze of cum on her face.  “Let’s do that.”

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