Emma's Policy

Part 11

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #office #sub:female #bimbofication #blackmail #exec2sec

Emma’s Policy, Part 11
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).

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Emma passed Honeybee the phone.
“Sir?” said Honeybee in a quavering voice.  “May I have permission to remove my clothes so that Sugar-Tits can hit my cunt with a belt?”
“Yes, sweetie, you have permission,” came Tim’s voice down the phone line.  “But you only have permission to put them back on again if you cum from something that Emma does to you before work starts tomorrow, understood?”
The girl who had once been known as Bianca looked like she might cry.  “Yes, sir,” she squeaked.
Emma took the phone from her.  “Strip, you little bitch,” she said.  She had received her own permission to undress moments earlier, and had quickly stripped naked.  Tim had given her the same admonition as Honeybee - she could only put her clothes back on if Bianca made her cum.  She had never considered herself a lesbian, and part of her was already planning for travelling to work tomorrow completely naked.  But her pussy was wet, and nothing was certain, and anyway this little redhead skank needed to be punished.
They were at Emma’s house. It was evening, and Emma had informed Bianca that she was required to attend an after-work training session, that was to mostly consist of punishing Bianca for being a slut in the now-traditional office manner - having her cunt beaten mercilessly.
Bianca had been working for Emma for four days, since Monday, and now it was Thursday night, and the girl’s attitude had definitely turned around.
She had confronted Bianca in the women’s toilets on the first day (after securing permission from Tim to piss).  She had told Bianca that she would be expected to call Tim “sir” from now on, and act in a way that helped him picture raping her, along with following the rest of Emma’s rules. 
Bianca, not believing Emma was serious, had laughed in Emma’s face, and turned to leave the toilets.
Emma’s tits had still been on fire from the whipping she had received when Bianca had last failed to call Tim “sir”, and she was frantic at the idea of the little bitch causing Emma to receive further punishment.  She had grabbed the back of Bianca’s blouse, intending to pull her back into the toilets, but the blouse had ripped, and Bianca had turned around to fight Emma, her clothing falling away from her bare tits, and suddenly Emma found herself slapping the girl hard across the face, and then slapping her again.
“Listen, you little slut,” Emma had hissed.  “My life is bad enough right now and you are not going to fuck it up further.  Tim is your god now, and you will show him respect, or else I will beat that whorish little cunt of yours until you scream.  And if you don’t like that, I’ll tell Tim you’re disobedient, and he’ll call the police about those drugs you were caught with.  Understand?”
Bianca’s face had gone white.  Her lips moved, but no sound came out.
Emma had reached out and deliberately ripped the girl’s skirt, too.  The bitch was wearing cute underwear - lacy and blue.  “Understand?” she said again.
“Yes,” said Bianca.
It sounded wrong to Emma’s ears.  It was missing a “sir” - but of course, Emma wasn’t a sir.  She searched for what she wanted to hear.
“Yes, mistress,” corrected Emma.
Bianca’s eyes bulged, but she had obeyed.  “Yes, mistress,” she said quietly.
Afterwards, Bianca had been basically half-nude.  She endured a humiliating walk back to Tim’s office, in front of half the employees on the floor, where Tim graciously offered to let her spend the rest of the day hiding under his desk where no one could see her.
“Thank you, sir,” said Bianca, defeated, and crawled into the space beneath Tim’s desk.
When Tim moved his chair back into position to trap Bianca under the desk, and then took his stiff cock out of his fly, Bianca finally realised what her new job really was.
To her credit, she didn’t need to be told what to do, and it took her only a few minutes to take Tim’s cock into her mouth and start sucking.
Thereafter, Emma had set herself on a process of breaking Bianca down.  On Tuesday, she had introduced Bianca to her rules requiring her to seek permission to use the toilets or adjust her clothes - and then ensured that no one on the floor would give Bianca that permission.  The poor girl wet herself a little after lunch.  In Emma’s estimation, there was nothing quite like pissing yourself in front of everyone you worked with to make you understand you were nothing but a disgusting little slut.
That was the last time Bianca wore panties, ever.  Emma threw the ones the girl had pissed in into the bin, and the next day she made the girl bring in all the underwear she owned, and then feed it into the paper shredder, one pair of panties at a time, in front of the whole floor.  When Bianca balked at the idea of permanently destroying her panties, Emma ripped off the girl’s skirt and fed that into the shredder first.  Bianca had at least obeyed her instruction to not wear panties to work, so the girl was now nude from the waist down, bare-cunted and humiliated.  By the time she had destroyed the last of her panties, with a crowd of men hooting and cat-calling, Emma could see she was a defeated woman. 
But of course, she wasn’t done yet.  Bianca then had to go to each man who had made lewd comments as she shredded, and thank them for their sexual interest in her, and help them picture raping her.
Emma would always remember the precise moment when Bianca had realised she was about to be gang-raped.  It was while she was kneeling in front of Harry Tuffle from the third floor, gently stroking his cock through his pants as she thanked him for speculating on whether he could fit a bottle of champagne up her fuckhole.  The other men she had already thanked were crowding closer, and they all had erections, and one of them had just looked briefly at Emma and Emma had nodded - yes, this was okay. 
Bianca felt something bump against the back of her head, and turned to see what it was, only to discover it was a naked, hard cock, exposed from a man’s pants, and now it was bumping against her face, smearing pre-cum on her.  And then she heard Harry unzipping *his* pants, and suddenly she knew she was going to be raped, right here, at work, by a gang of men.
Emma remembered it very clearly because she had, herself, orgasmed, from the look on Bianca’s face and nothing else.  She didn’t know why.  Partly it was remembering her own gang rapes.  Partly it was envy, wanting to be raped again.  Partly it was anticipation of the erotic sight of this cute little bitch becoming a plaything for this group of men.
And partly it was the knowledge that she wasn’t alone.  When she had been raped, it had been special - just her.  She was the only slut in the office.  Nice girls didn’t get gang raped, just Emma.
But now it was happening to another girl.  She wasn’t alone.  She wasn’t special.  Girls just got raped in this office, and that was that.  She didn’t have to feel bad about it.  It was a special kind of sisterhood.
Bianca had opened her mouth to scream, and then a man had plugged it with his cock, and that was the last coherent sound that Bianca made for quite some time thereafter.
Now Bianca and Emma were alone, in Emma’s house, and Bianca was removing the last of her clothes, as Tim had given her permission to do.
“Lie down on my bed, and spread your legs,” said Emma.  “Don’t even think about closing them, no matter what happens.”
Bianca - Honeybee - did as she was told, her eyes already teary in anticipation of what was to come.  “Yes, mistress,” she squeaked.
Emma had intended to stand next to the bed to discipline Honeybee, but now she saw that would give her an awkward angle, and anyway, her cunt had become distractingly wet from remembering Honeybee’s rape today.  So instead she climbed onto the bed, and knelt with one leg on either side of Honeybee’s face, facing down towards the girl’s cunt.  This put her pussy directly over Honeybee’s face.
She felt a rope of thick, sticky arousal-juice drool down from her cunt lips and land on Bianca’s lips.  She felt Bianca flinch, pressing her face into Emma’s thigh to escape the drip, and it felt so immediately erotic that she got even wetter.
She took up the leather belt, laid it between Bianca’s legs to find her aim, then raised it, swung, and belted Honeybee’s cunt with it.
Honeybee squealed, and tried to close her legs.  Emma forced them open, and in leaning forward to do so her pussy was pressed hard against Bianca’s mouth.  The little bitch’s squeal turned into a muffled moan, and Emma’s own mouth opened wide with sudden pleasure.
It felt so *good* to have Bianca’s mouth against her pussy.  Not just for the physical sensation - although that was intense and amazing - but for the psychological feeling of having made the spoiled little slut just *shut up*. 
She kept her pussy against the girl’s mouth as she straightened, and even began to hump it a little.
“Lick,” she commanded, and sighed happily as she heard Bianca make a muffled “Yes, mistress” into her cunt, and then begin tongueing her clitoris.
“This is the only stimulation I’m going to give your cunt tonight,” said Emma, as she wiggled her groin against the girl’s mouth.  “I’ll keep whipping your cunt until you close your legs.  When you close your legs, we’re done.  You don’t get another chance to cum, and you go to work nude tomorrow.  If you want to cum, you have to do it from having your sluthole whipped.”
Bianca squealed with horror against Emma’s pussy again.  Emma liked the feeling.
“If you do a *very* good job licking me, then after every five strikes I’ll kiss your pussy,” added Emma, feeling generous.
Bianca’s only response was to begin licking much more vigorously.  Emma smiled.  Then she raised the belt, and brought it down on Honeybee’s fuckhole again.
The way the girl jumped was intensely pleasing.
As Emma whipped, she thought to herself that she was being very slutty.  She was going to have to tell Tim what a whore she was, so that he could punish her cunt exactly as she was now punishing Honeybee’s.
The thought just made her wetter.  And when she gave Honeybee’s pussy its first kiss - because Bianca was being a *very* good cuntlicker, after all - she discovered just how good another woman’s twat could taste, and after that her kisses weren’t so much kisses as long explorations of Honeybee’s fucktunnel using her tongue, and extended sessions of sucking on Bianca’s clitoris.
Bianca never did close her legs.  It took her 37 strokes of the belt to cum, and in the end she orgasmed not from Emma’s mouth, but from the pain.
“There there, Honeybee,” said Emma, to comfort the crying girl, stroking her abused clitoris.  “It’s not so bad.  It turns out you’re a very good twat-sucker.  I think you made me cum twice.  See?  You’re not completely talentless after all!”
Bianca tried to say something, but Emma pushed her cunt down harder on the girl’s face.
“No one said you could stop licking,” said Emma forcefully.  “In fact, you’re going to keep licking me all night long, even while I sleep.  There’s a lot of overtime in your new job, and I don’t think you really need a full night’s sleep, do you?”
She kissed Bianca’s clit again, making the girl buck with pleasure and pain - her cunt had been *quite* thoroughly bruised by the belt - and then added, “But of course, it’s very slutty to lick another woman’s cunt, so we’re probably going to have to go through this all again tomorrow morning.  Sluts need to be punished, after all…”

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