Elf-Queen of Tylia

Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 5

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #fantasy #humiliation #sub:female #beastman #monster_fucking #patriarchy #princess #queen

Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 5
Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
Note: As always, this story represents my kinks, not my politics.
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Dastiya felt like she would rather die than strip nude in front of the grinning Beastman who called himself Hunter of Bitches.  But she would also rather die than be stripped of her rank and responsibilities as commander of Tylia’s elite Steel Flowers.  And the Beastman had already sliced through her breastplate straps and exposed her breasts.
So, blushing, she proceeded to remove the rest of her clothes as he watched.  She couldn’t help but notice the way his exposed monstrous dick twitched to attention as her cunt came into view, and when she bent down to remove her greaves, her face was uncomfortably close to the tip of his phallus.  There was white liquid oozing from the tip, with a familiar smell - a smell that for some reason gave her a mild desire to open her mouth and taste it.
Once she was undressed, she tried to pretend she wasn’t completely naked in front of a creature she hated, and began to put on the humiliating new armour.  It was even worse than she feared.  Not only did it completely expose her breasts and groin - and, for that matter, her anus - but every line of the armouring served to direct a viewer’s gaze to those spots.  She felt more naked wearing the armour than she had when she was literally nude.  
When she was done, there were a small collection of straps made of some kind of stretchable fabric left in the bag.
“What are these?” she asked.
Hunter of Bitches indicated a pair of straps.  “Those go from the top of your greaves to your cunt lips, to spread them wide.  It will serve to amplify your pheromones - and to make you more easily rapeable, in the event of defeat.”
Dastiya immediately opened her mouth to say that she wouldn’t wear them - and then closed it.  Hunter of Bitches had made it clear that she had two choices - wear the armour, or have her command stripped away.  And defiance had gotten her nowhere.
Blushing, she fastened the straps to the top of her mythril leg armour, and then stretched them towards her cunt.  Each strap ended in a cruel clamp, and she winced as she attached them to the meat of her cunt-flaps.  It hurt - and she realised it would hurt more with each step - but it wasn’t *damaging* her.  The effect was to splay her cunt wide open, exposing her clitoris and the entrance of her fuckhole both to the Beastman’s view, and to the cold morning air.  It felt weird and obscene and she hated it.
“And these?” she said, of the remaining straps, fearing the answer.
“Some women with larger udders find that their udders bounce painfully if they are not supported,” said Hunter of Bitches.  “If you wish, you need merely cinch those straps there around the base of your udders, and then run these wires between the rings on your collar, and clamps on your nipples.  Your collar will then support the weight of your tits.  You will still experience pain but it is less likely to interfere with your ability to run and fight.”
Dastiya’s breasts *were* large, and she immediately knew that jogging with them unsupported *would* be painful - and yet Hunter of Bitches had expressed these demeaning straps as an option, not a requirement, so she had no intention of wearing them.  
“I’ll be fine,” she said brusquely.
But the mention of the rings on the armour’s collar had brought something else to her mind.  There were similar rings at her waist, and on the gauntlets, and on the boots.  “What are these for?” she said, gesturing to them.
“Ease of discipline,” said Hunter of Bitches.  “Not for you, surely - but soldiers are a rowdy lot… it can be best to make it easy to restrain them when they act up.”
She didn’t like it.  She wondered if she could get away with having a smith break the rings off her armour once Hunter of Bitches was no longer present.
Hunter of Bitches looked her over.  His tongue lolled from his mouth in a mocking smile as he stared at her naked tits and spread pussy - but she didn’t have to guess whether he approved.  His cock - now rock hard and fully erect - showed all the approval she needed.  She shivered with fear at the sight.  Why did these beastfolk monsters need such ridiculously oversized phalluses?  She doubted that the thing would fit fully inside an elven woman.
“Very good,” growled Hunter of Bitches.  “And now we will go and I will teach your bitches real combat.”
That was unacceptable to Dastiya.  “No,” she said firmly.  “I command the Steel Flowers.  They answer to me.  You will neither train them, nor give them orders.  I don’t care what… the cunt who birthed me thinks of this.  These are an elite force, and they need no advice from… beastfolk savages.”
“You truly think your dress-up dolls are better than beastmen warriors?” asked Hunter of Bitches.  “Even after our little… confrontation?”
Dastiya blushed.  She was already trying to forget how easily this wolf-man had just overpowered her.  “Absolutely,” she spat.
“Then let us make a little bet, shall we, cocksleeve princess?” said Hunter of Bitches.  “The cunt who birthed you has told you that your soldiers are to enforce the respect and equity laws, that require your elven women to treat us with courtesy, yes?”
“Yes,” admitted Dastiya.  Queen Sylene had told her that, as much as she hated it.
“Very well,” said Hunter of Bitches.  “Just last night, three elven bitches were seen to use hate speech towards our trade-attache, the one known as Glant.  All three were seen to throw garbage at him in the street.  When our soldiers attended, the dissidents fled.  They are believed to be hiding now in the royal game preserve – the forested area near the city outskirts.”
He grinned at Dastiya’s tits.  “We will have a bet, you and I, Princess Daksya,” he said.  “The two of us will enter the game preserve to hunt down these bitches, rape them in accordance with the law, and bring them in chains before the cunt that birthed you.  If you catch and rape more of the bitches than I do, I will recognise you as a warrior, and offer no interference in the training of your soldiers.”
His cock twitched as he moved his gaze up to look her in the eyes.  “But if I win,” he said, “you and your sword-wielding fuckdolls will do as you are told.”
She didn’t like it.  But technically she had no power to resist Hunter of Bitches - he had the support of her mother, and if she defied her mother, she might be stripped of command entirely.
“Deal,” she said - and the wolfish eyes of Hunter of Bitches gleamed with cruel anticipation in response.
They set off into the game preserve at the same time, and Dastiya immediately regretted it.  Hunter of Bitches, still naked, loped off easily into the trees at a frighteningly fast speed which Dastiya could not hope to match.  
And meanwhile, every step Dastiya took caused the straps to pull at her cuntflaps, and made her unsupported tits bounce painfully.
Technically speaking, Hunter of Bitches was correct.  The new armour was lighter, and Dastiya could potentially move faster than she ever could have in her previous full-plate battle garb.  But moving at anything more speedy than a fast walk caused pain in her tits and pussy.
She jogged anyway, ignoring the pain, because she had to beat Hunter of Bitches.  But she had only been searching the royal woodlands for a quarter of an hour when she heard a distant female scream, a rough growling, and then a mixed sound of female crying and long, slutty moans.  
Hunter of Bitches had already caught one of the dissidents, and was raping her.
Dastiya tried not to imagine it - but her imagination was too active.  She could picture the elven woman bent over a fallen tree trunk, her clothes ripped from her body, and Hunter of Bitches thrusting his massive cock into her pure elven twat from behind, his tongue lolling from his mouth, his eyes sparkling with amusement as he enjoyed the woman’s pain and degradation.
Why did imagining it make Dastiya’s cunt throb?
She tried calling out to her prey.
“If you’re out there, hiding, please, give yourself up to me.  There’s a Beastman looking for you too, and your treatment with me will be far better than if he catches you.”
No elven women stepped forward to surrender themselves - but was that a flicker of movement, off to the right, at the edge of Dastiya’s vision?
She felt a surge of frustration at these silly bitches.  She hated having to police the beastmen’s laws, and she hated that these women were putting her into that position.  What had they hoped to gain, publicly insulting the trade attache, and throwing things at him?  Such petty defiance wasn’t going to make the beastmen leave - and nor could Tylia afford them to, dependent as it was on their miraculous fertility treatment.  The foolish cunts had ruined their lives for nothing - and drawn Dastiya into their folly along with them.
Hot with her sudden anger, Dastiya sprinted in the direction of the movement she had seen, ignoring the pain that came with each bounce of her unsupported tits.  She wanted to support her titflesh with her hands - but knew that would make her run slower.  She would merely have to accept it.
There!  Up ahead!  A flash of long, golden hair; a glimpse of skin.
Dastiya threw herself forward, through the thick underbrush, in a flying tackle, and made a noise of satisfaction as she collided with the lithe body of a young elven woman.  The two elves fell to the ground in a tangle of limbs.  The fugitive was trying to claw at Dastiya with her fingers, but Dastiya’s armour still protected her well, everywhere except her tits and cunt, and Dastiya was able to ignore her prey’s feeble struggles, and pin her to the ground.
The girl was pretty, Dastiya had to admit.  Of mature age, for an elf - which was to say, a little over the age of 30 - but still with the flush of youthful innocence.  She wore only a simple white robe, which had been ripped in the struggle, and now exposed her pale breasts to Dastiya’s gaze.
“Please,” the girl said.  “Have mercy.”
“Are you one of the idiots who threw garbage at the Beastman last night?” asked Dastiya.
“Yes, but…” began the girl.
That was all Dastiya needed to hear.  She took the thin rope from her belt and used it to bind the girl’s hands above her head.  Then she looked at the girl.
The punishment for an elven woman disrespecting a Beastman was rape.  Dastiya was responsible for carrying it out.
The truth was that - as much as Hunter of Bitches’ exposed cock haunted her thoughts - women were Dastiya’s preferred gender, and she had had many pleasurable nights with the women under her command.  But she had never taken a woman against her will.
There was a first time for everything, she supposed.  And was it really rape, when it was not only permitted, but required, by the legitimate law of the land?
She rearranged herself to be straddling the girl’s face as the helpless elven bitch lay on the ground.  It was convenient, now, that her cunt was exposed, because she was able to press it down against the struggling girl’s mouth without having to remove further clothes.  
“Lick, you dumb slut,” she said, her voice husky with lust.  “And make me cum fast.  I still need to catch your friend before the Beastman does.”
She felt the girl’s hot tears against her thighs before she felt the girl’s tongue reluctantly begin to probe her clitoris, but to be honest, both sensations heightened Dastiya’s arousal equally.  She ripped the girl’s robe further, tearing it completely so that the girl’s cunt was exposed.  It was pretty, and Dastiya wondered if she should lick it, or hurt it.
Well, she could lick a pretty girl’s cunt any day she wanted to, and this rape was supposed to be a punishment, wasn’t it?  She spread the girl’s pussy lips with her fingers, found her clitoris with two fingers, and squeezed hard.
The girl bucked and squealed beneath Dastiya, but there was no escape for her.  Dastiya smiled, and continued to torture the poor girl’s cunt.  She pinched and pulled her clitoris, forced her fingers into the girl’s fuckhole, and spanked her entire pubic mound.
Dastiya had always been slow to cum, and she lost track of time as she humped the girl’s face, moaning sluttily with each caress of the crying girl’s tongue against her clitoris.  And yet, she still was surprised to find herself reaching orgasm faster than she ever had from consensual sex.  Her body shook and trembled as she came.  She grabbed the girl’s clitoris and pulled hard, even as she felt herself squirting into the girl’s mouth.  The girl was crying, and Dastiya didn’t care.
“This is your own fault,” she breathed, as she rode the girl’s face through her orgasm.
She had completely lost track of her surroundings while cumming, but as the pleasure slowly cleared from her mind, she felt a sense of panic.  She had to get up and keep hunting - she had to find the third girl before Hunter of Bitches did….
Except that it was already over.  There was a dog-like chuckling sound from the trees nearby, and Dastiya looked over in horror to see Hunter of Bitches watching her.  And he was not alone.  In his fist he held a pair of rope leashes, and the leashes ran to rough noose-like collars around the necks of two naked, crying elven women   Each of the women had their hands bound with rope, visible red slap-marks on their face, light claw scratches on their tits and backs, and Beastman semen visibly dripping from their violated cunts.
How long had Dastiya been raping the elven girl?  Hunter of Bitches had caught both the other girls and raped them as Dastiya had been slutting away with a single fugitive.  
“Honestly, you did better than I thought, Princess Cocksleeve,” laughed the Beastman, as he watched her awkwardly lift her drooling pussy off the elven girl’s face.  “I didn’t think you would catch even one - or, if you did, that you would be too pure and childish to bring yourself to rape her.  But it seems Red Horn was right - elven bitches *do* think with their cunts.”
“I didn’t…” protested Dastiya.  “I mean, the law…”
Hunter of Bitches laughed over her words.  “Now, admit that I am your superior, princess,” he told her.  “Say the words.  ‘I am a stupid useless eleven cunt, and no elven cunt can ever be the equal of a Beastman.’”
Her face coloured red.  “I will not!” she protested.
Hunter of Bitches sighed - and then, in one loping stride, faster than Dastiya could see, he had crossed the clearing, placed one clawed hand on her throat, lifted her off the ground, and pinned her against a tree.  She struggled, and flailed with her hands, but his claw tightened threateningly, and Dastiya started to choke as her air was cut off.
“You made a bet, princess,” Hunter of Bitches growled.  “You made a deal.”  He pushed closer against her, and she felt the tip of his monstrous erect cock tickling against her naked, spread pussy.  It made her feel sick.  She struggled to breathe.
“Now you will say the words, Princess Cocksleeve,” he whispered.  “Because I can rape three elven bitches this day as easily as two, and you know you are powerless to stop me.”  His cock poked a little harder against her pussy.  She felt its tip press against her clitoris.  “If you even want to,” he added.
She clawed at her throat, her vision blacking out.  Finally, mercifully, Hunter of Bitches relaxed his grip.  She was pinned to the tree now as much by the mass of his body as by his hand, her feet still nearly a foot above the ground, her face level with that of the Beastman.
“I am a stupid, useless elven cunt,” she began, in a voice that was barely a whisper.
“LOUDER, slut,” demanded Hunter of Bitches.  He pressed forward again, and she felt the tip of his cock rest at the entrance to her fuckhole.  Her whole cunt spasmed at the threatened violation, and to her horror and shame she felt herself growing wetter again.  “Scream for me,” the Beastman growled.  “Let the world hear.”
She felt herself start to cry - and that itself was the worst humiliation.  She had not cried since she was a child.  “I am a stupid, useless elven cunt!” she yelled, at the top of her voice.  She could only hope that no one else was in the game preserve that day to hear her.  “And no elven cunt can ever be the equal of a Beastman!”
“Good slut,” breathed Hunter of Bitches.  But instead of letting her go, he leaned in harder - and to her horror, Dastiya felt his thick, monstrous cock slowly slide into her vagina. 
“No!” she screamed.  “No!  No!”
“Your face-cunt says no, princess,” said Hunter of Bitches.  “But your breeding hole says yes.”  His dick slid further into her.  Dastiya had never had her fuckhole so *full* before.  The Beastman’s cock stretched her out, even as it kept sliding deeper into her than anything had ever probed before.  
She tried to scream again, but Hunter of Bitches silenced her with a kiss - or at least, a beastfolk kind of kiss, turning his head slightly sideways and almost *biting* her mouth with his jaws.  His long, wet tongue forced its way between her lips, exploring and violating the inside of her mouth.  It was like kissing a dog, and Dastiya had never felt so dirty or degraded in her entire life.
She waited for the Beastman to start to thrust, to ram his cock in and out of her unwilling pussy, to split her open with his animalistic cock.
But he didn’t.  He just kissed her, with his cock inside her, unmoving.  
And when the kiss was over, he pulled out of her, and set her back down on the ground.  Free.  
And it was more humiliating for Dastiya than if he had actually raped her, because she was completely unable to hide the expression on her face as he backed away from her - an expression of *disappointment*.  And she knew he saw it, because of his amused, mocking smile.
She knew that, for all her humiliation, she would spend that night replaying these moments in her head - and imagining what would have happened if the Beastman had *not* released her - and rubbing her cunt as she thought about it.  
And Hunter of Bitches knew it too.
“Very well, Princess Cocksleeve,” said the Beastman.  “Let us deliver these traitorous fuckdolls to the cunt that birthed you.  And afterwards you can go to your soldier-dolls and introduce them to their new, improved uniform, and tell them how excited they should be to be exposing their tits and cunts to their Beastman superiors.  And then we can see about training them in the way that an elven bitch *should* be trained….”

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