Alex's Teacher

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #sub:female #teacher #slave #stepdaughter

When Chet finds that his bratty stepdaughter is in a lesbian relationship with her university lecturer, he resolves to turn them both into his obedient slaves.

Alex’s Teacher
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
Author's Note: My kinks aren't my politics!  Please support respect, equity, and positive enthusiastic consent, and read more about my content policy at my creator site (link).
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Chet didn’t get on with his step-daughter Alex.  She was 18, and old enough to know better, and yet still she was difficult, and rude, and bratty.  When Alex’s no-good mother skipped town, leaving Alex in Chet’s care, it got worse.  And then when Alex enrolled in a feminism course at college, her attitude became unbearable.
To make it worse, Alex was a cocktease.  She wandered around the house in nothing but a shirt and panties.  On hot days, soaked in sweat, her outfit would contour itself to her tits and pussy, leaving little to the imagination.  She would spend afternoons lying on the couch with her legs spread, her pussy mound poking at him challengingly, as she texted her slutty friends whatever was in her empty little head.
Chet knew she didn’t respect him.  For one thing, he regularly looked through her phone while she was in the shower, and he saw the conversations she had with her friends.  His hope was to find something he could use to blackmail her into being the obedient, father-respecting step-daughter that he wanted – maybe nudes that she’d sent to a boy, or an embarrassing fantasy – but he never found any nudes or fantasies.
Until eventually, he found something better.  A nude – but not of her, but rather of her feminism course teacher, Janet.  The mature woman was naked, masturbating, cupping her generous tits.  It was accompanied by a message: “Hey, Alex baby, thinking of you.  Can’t wait for our next tutorial….”
It was everything Chet needed.  He copied the photo, the message, and as much of Alex’s past correspondence with the teacher as he could find, and then went to the teacher’s office at the college.
“Hello, can I help you?” asked Janet, who clearly had no idea who he was.
Chet didn’t speak.  Instead he stepped into the room, closed the door behind her, and slapped her across the face.
She opened her mouth, and he said, “Do NOT speak, bitch.  I know you’ve been fucking my step-daughter Alex.  I have the photos.  I have the text conversations.  One word, and you lose your reputation and your job, and maybe even go to prison.  How sure are you that Alex will admit that the relationship was consensual?”
Janet’s mouth opened in an O of surprise.  She looked so pretty like that that Chet slapped her again, for fun.
“Get your clothes off, bitch,” he told her.
“What?  Wait…” said Janet.
“Your career and your freedom depend on pleasing me right now, bitch,” he said.  “If you make me repeat myself again, you will not get another chance.  Get your clothes off.  Make it sexy.”
“I’m… I’m not into men…” she said, although she didn’t sound sure of herself.
“What makes you think that I care?  Clothes *off*.”  And he reached out and ripped her shirt off, for emphasis.  It tore right down the front, exposing her bra, and he wondered if she had a replacement to put on after he was done with her.  He hoped she didn’t.
Slowly, face flushed, Janet undressed for him.  Skirt, then bra – revealing the same luscious mature fuckbags he’d seen in the photo – and then panties, to bare a very shapely ass and a shaved pussy with enlarged, pouty labia. 
He got out his phone and took some pictures.
“Hey!” Janet objected, reaching for his phone.  He pushed her back so that she sprawled across her desk, legs spread, knocking her papers on the floor.
“You’ve got five minutes to masturbate before I start fucking you,” he said.  “*If* you can orgasm before I ejaculate inside you, I’ll give you a chance to get me to leave you alone.  Otherwise I’ll be back tomorrow, and every day, until you learn to orgasm from being raped by a man.”
Her eyes widened – and then immediately focused on a point over his shoulder, and she began to urgently rub her pussy.  It wettened quickly.  Chet was impressed.  She had clearly taken him seriously immediately, and got right down to the business of thinking her sluttiest thoughts and readying her cunt for his cock.  He had thought she would have at least another three stupid questions first.
After five minutes, he unzipped his pants, pushed her hand away from her slutbox, and forced his cock into her now sopping-wet snatch.  He sighed with happiness as it slipped between her well-lubricated cunt lips and into her rapetunnel.  He heard Janet squeak as he penetrated her, so he leaned down and put his hand over her mouth.  He didn’t need to hear anything from her.  With his other hand, he grabbed one of her tits, and used it to pull her body hard against his cock as he began to rhythmically pound her sluthole.
Much to his surprise, she *did* cum, long before he did, and then again when he eventually ejaculated into her womb.  He pulled out of her, pulled her upright by her hair, and wiped his cock off on her face.
“Transfer my cum to your face and tits,” he told her.  He mimed the motion of wiping her snatch with one hand, then smearing it on her breasts and cheeks with the other.  Janet obediently did as she was told.  Her face was still flushed with arousal, and with a flash of insight he realised she *liked* being dominated, and that the reason that she had thought she wasn’t interested in men was merely that she’d never had one overbear her will before.
He photographed her again, her face and fuckbags dripping with his cum, and then said, “Do you want to hear how you’re going to earn your freedom?”
She nodded eagerly.
“You’re going to turn that brat Alex into my fuckslave,” he told her.  “I want you to bring her to my house, both of you with your tits exposed like good bitches, and you’re going to guide her head onto my cock and tell her to suck.  I don’t care how  you do it – blackmail, whatever – but you have a month to get Alex swallowing my jism and thanking me for it.”
Janet opened her mouth like she was going to protest, so he slapped her again.  God, she was fun to slap.
“In the mean time, you can teach whatever classes you have left for the day with that cum still on your face.  How you handle that is up to you.”  He paused.  “Also, I expect you to be teaching the stupid little cunts in your feminism classes that being raped and degraded and serving men is empowering, that it’s an expression of their female rights to eagerly sign up for that, and that being chaste and vanilla and respected in their sex lives is somehow anti-feminist.”
She looked up at him, eyes wide.  “Yes, sir,” she said.
He did a double-take.  He hadn’t asked her to call him sir.  Her face was flushed.  He realised that by raping and blackmailing her, he’d accidentally made this woman’s long suppressed forbidden fantasies come true.
He slapped her again, and left.
From that point on, he visited her twice a week in her office.  He always slapped and raped her.  He always ripped enough of her clothes that she couldn’t dress respectably when he was done, and he always came in her pussy and then had her transfer the sperm to her face and breasts. 
While he fucked her, she told him of her recent sexual encounters with his step-daughter.  After his second visit, she started filming them, and he would watch Janet and Alex lezzing off nude as he raped Janet’s cunt.  He thought the films alone would be enough to control Alex, but Janet promised him she could deliver something more complete.  She had some knowledge of hypnotism, and she had started to play erotic hypnosis games with Alex, where she was giving Alex suggestions that Alex wasn’t aware of.
He was dubious, until she showed him a video of one of Alex’s hypnosis sessions.  Alex, naked and vacant-eyed, stared at Janet, as Janet held up a condom full of sperm.  “This is your father’s cum, Alex,” Janet said.  “He ejaculated it while thinking about raping you.”  She untied the condom and upended it over a glass tabletop.  “Be a good girl for you daddy,” she said.
Slowly, the hypnotised Alex crawled over to the table on all fours, leaned over it, and began licking up the cum from the glass surface like a cat.
When he saw that, Chet ejaculated into Janet so hard that much of his cum leaked out onto her desk.  He wiped it up with a student’s essay about the inherent dignity of women.
Finally the day came.  Chet’s doorbell rang, and he opened it to find Janet and Alex standing on the doorstep together.  Both had their tops pulled up to expose their tits.  Janet was excited, and flushed with arousal.  Alex’s face was vacant and doll-like.
“Come in,” he told them.  He led them into the lounge room, then took out his cock, and waited expectantly.
“Alex, can you hear me?” said Janet.
“Yes, mistress,” said Alex dreamily.
“Alex, when I snap my fingers, you’re going to be aware of what’s happening and what you are doing,” said Janet.  “You are going to have your full personality, and your full normal reactions to events.  But you are going to run the script we talked about called Being a Good Girl For Daddy, do you understand?”
“Yes, mistress,” said Alex.
“The more ashamed and humiliated and degraded you feel about what’s happening to you,” said Janet, “the more aroused you become.  And the more that your daddy makes you aroused, the more you will love him and obey him, even if you hate him at the same time and don’t *want* to obey him, understand?”
“Yes, mistress,” said Alex.
“Good girl,” said Janet.  And snapped her fingers.
Awareness came to Alex’s face – and then her cheeks reddened with rage and humiliation.  Her hands moved, as if to cover her exposed tits – but stopped, unable to do so.
“What is this?” she growled.  “Janet, what are we doing?  Why is my stupid fuckhead father here with his cock out?”
“We’re doing what we’re supposed to,” said Janet.  “Now – be a good girl for your daddy.”
With a cry of rage, Alex fell to her knees, and began crawling towards Chet.  “No,” she wept.  “I don’t want to.”
“Yes, you do, sweetie,” said Janet.  Judging by her flushed cheeks and rock hard nipples, Chet thought her cunt must be gushing like a river.
Alex reached Chet, and rose.  Her nose wrinkled in disgust – but she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and a moment later Chet exhaled with pure delight as his step-daughter’s lips closed on his rock-hard cock, and she began to bob her head up and down to give him a surprisingly skilled blowjob.
Janet stepped forward and put her hands on the back of Alex’s head, guiding her to take his cock deeper into her throat.  She looked at him with lust.
“The Good Girl Program,” explained Janet, “will make her want to keep you sexually satisfied; to do her chores and other obligations around the house; to be completely honest with you about her entire life, and proactively admit her sexual behaviour, sexual fantasies, and any bad behaviour she has engaged in; she will continue dressing and behaving sexily around the house, and even embarrass and degrade herself if she thinks it will turn you on; and she will be unable to stop herself picturing your cock any time she is aroused, whether masturbating or fucking someone.”
Chet grinned, and gripped Alex’s hair, forcing her down on his cock until he heard the satisfying sound of her gagging, before releasing her again.  “What about that other thing, about loving me?” he said.
“Yes,” said Janet.  “She’s going to have very complex emotions.  She’s going to hate you for enslaving and raping her – but the more you abuse her, the wetter it will make her, and the wetter she gets from being abused by you, the more she will feel overwhelming love for you.  You may find her doing things like desperately kissing you while telling you she hates you; or crying and babbling that she loves you while bouncing on your cock.  It should be a lot of fun.”
“God yes,” said Chet – and orgasmed, ejaculating into his step-daughter’s mouth.  She tried to pull away, but he held her in place by her hair until she started swallowing his cum.
“And what about you?” he asked Janet.  “I said I’d let you go once you gave me Alex.  Do you want to be set free?”
She looked down at her student/lover’s face, impaled on Chet’s cock, and then back up at Chet.
“No,” she whispered.  “No.  God, no.  Please, slap me and rape me.  I need it so badly.  And…” - she looked suddenly excited – “I tutor *other* girls too.  Some of them are even brattier and sluttier than Alex…”
Chet smiled, and looked down at his step-daughter, her mouth still plugged with his cock, his cum leaking from the corner of her mouth.
“Okay,” he said.  “I suppose you’ve earned your right to stay a slave.  After all” – and he chuckled, and lightly slapped Alex on the cheek, noting with pleasure that she flinched from the pain but showed no sign of biting down on his cock – “you’ve done such an excellent job of educating my step-daughter in feminism…”

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