Abby's Identity

Part 6

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #mindfuck #sub:female #identity_break

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Abby’s Identity, Part 6
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Richard unlocked the wicked chastity belt, and allowed Abby to take it off.  Her hand immediately went to her pussy, intending to find the orgasm she had needed all night, not caring how humiliating it might be to masturbate in front of Richard, but Richard slapped her hand away.  He grabbed her hands, and put a set of cuffs on them, and cuffed them behind her back.
“No!” he said, sharply, as if speaking to a dog.  “Bad slut!  You don’t deserve to cum!”
She whimpered, and pulled at the cuffs, but there was no way to reach her pussy.
Richard went to the kitchen, and brought out some food in her dog bowls.  One was full of milk.  The other had three peeled bananas in it.
“Kneel and spread your legs,” he told her.  She obeyed.
He then took each banana and slid it into her wet cunt.  She moaned with pleasure at the feeling of the violating object.  For each banana, he dipped one end in her pussy and fucked her a couple of times with it, until it was wet with her pussy juices, and then he turned around and did the same for the other end.  When all three were done, he put them back into the dog bowl and used a knife to slice them into chunks.
“Enjoy,” he said.
Abby leaned down to eat her breakfast.  With her hands behind her back, it was more difficult to support herself, and she splashed a fair bit of milk on the floor.  Richard told her to lick up her mess, which she reluctantly did.
The banana tasted like her cunt, unsurprisingly, but she ate it all.  Some of Richard’s cum dripped off her face onto the banana, and she had eaten it before she had time to react.  When she was done, she licked the bottom of the bowl clean.  She wished there was more.  It had been an exhausting night.
After that, she realised she needed to use the toilet.  Richard let her into the cabin’s bathroom, and laughed as she realised she couldn’t lift herself high enough to sit on the toilet without being shocked by her collar.  She looked up at him, desperate, needing to piss.  He just opened the front door of the cabin, uncuffed her hands, and passed her a roll of toilet paper.
“Crawl until you can’t see the cabin before you start,” he said.  “I don’t want any unpleasant messes near my property.”
Blushing, Abby crawled on all fours into the woods, and found a place to piss with her leg raised like a dog, and then empty her bowels.
When she came back, Richard was waiting for her with a hose. 
“No, wait!” she said.  “The collar…”
“It’s waterproof,” he said, and turned the hose on her.  The cold water blasted her, and she shrieked.  He walked over to her and soaked her at close range, scouring every inch of her body, as though she were an animal or an object, and then he shoved the nozzle into her anus, filling her bowels with cold water, before removing it and then shoving it into her pussy.
This last was too much for Abby after all the night’s torments, and she orgasmed, lying on her back, twitching, wet, cold, a hose nozzle jammed into her fuckhole. 
Richard kicked her cunt with his boot in disgust, and she orgasmed again.  Then he turned off the hose, threw a towel at her, and told her to come inside when she was dry.
She wasn’t sure if she was in trouble for cumming, but she thought she’d better play it safe.  She masturbated outside the cabin until she was wet - “Apologies should always be delivered with a wet cunt,” Richard had said - and then crawled inside.
“I’m sorry I’m a disgusting bimbo slut and I can’t control myself, sir,” she said.  “I’m sorry I orgasmed like a slutty animal.”
“Come over here, Rape-Udders,” Richard said, beckoning her to the plastic children’s table with the crayons.  “It’s Dumb Slut Drawing Time.”
Abby crawled over to the table obediently.
“I want you to draw me another three pictures,” said Richard.  “I want you to draw me three reasons why Rape-Udders is a good girl.  Write on each one ‘Rape-Udders Is A Good Girl Because…’ and then the reasons.”
“Yes, sir,” said Abby. 
“Take your time with them,” said Richard.  “Oh, and Rape-Udders, I don’t want you doing any more of that very careful writing you did on your last picture.  You’re a dumb bimbo and that isn’t how you write.  I want it to look more childish.  I want more spelling errors.  Understand?”
Abby blushed.  So the mind-games were going to continue today, it seemed.
She didn’t want to obey, but she knew where that path would lead - she would be left outside in the cold until she complied, and then if her pictures didn’t satisfy Richard he would push them up her cunt until they were wet with her cunt juices, then make her take them out and eat them.
“Yes, sir,” was what she said.
She got down to the task.  It was actually kind of fun to draw with crayons, even if what she was drawing was embarrassing.
She thought about what things made Rape-Udders a good girl.  The first one was easy.
She drew a picture of a woman’s chest - of her chest.  It had giant, bulging cartoonishly-huge tits, with large perky pink nipples.
She started to write underneath it, and then remembered she had to make it more childish.
“Rape-Udders is a gud girl cos she has big slutty fuckmellins like a hore,” she scrawled.  She wrote one of the Es backwards for added effect.
As she finished, she became aware that Richard had been standing next to her, looming over her, for some time.  Just as she noticed, Richard said, “Rape-Udders, look at me.”
She looked at him - just in time for him to ejaculate right in her face.  He had been masturbating while she had been drawing.  She flinched as the hot goo spattered across her eyes and mouth.
“Thank you for making me pretty by cumming on my face, sir,” she said, sperm dripping from her lips to fall onto her large tits.
“You’re welcome, Rape-Udders,” said Richard.  “Now, you don’t have to, because our agreement said I wouldn’t rape you, but when a man cums on you, it’s *polite* to lick his cock clean when he’s done.”
She looked up at him. 
She needed Richard to be happy with her.  He made things so much worse for her when he wasn’t.
She leaned forward, took his cock in her mouth, and sucked.  It tasted good - salty and pleasant.  She ran her tongue around his shaft, probing at his foreskin, making sure she’d licked all the semen away, and then withdrew.  His cock fell out of her mouth, and she looked up at him for approval.
“Good slut,” he said, smiling, and she felt a warm shiver of pleasure run through her. 
He walked away, to go do something else.  She left the cum on her face, as Richard had warned her to never clean a man’s sperm off her without permission.
She worked on a second picture.  “Rape-Udders is a goodgirl b cause she crawls liek a doggy with her ass up & her titties down.”  In the picture, her cartoonishly large boobs were literally scraping the ground, her ass was in the position that for dogs was called “presenting” - i.e. ready to be fucked - and she had added a suited Richard holding a dog leash connecting to her collar.
She realised that drawing these was making her wetter, even though she wasn’t touching her pussy.  She tried to ignore the feeling.
She had to think for a while what the third picture should be about.  Finally, she worked it out.  “Rape-Udders is good girl because she is a gud cum target an she looks pritty with mens cum on her face and it makes her smile.”  And she drew herself, big-titted, nude, and smiling, with cum all over face and tits and in her hair. 
Richard was immediately pleased with the pictures, and he stuck them to the walls near her doggy bed, at crawling eye-height. 
“You’ve been such a good girl, Rape-Udders,” he said, “that I’m going to let you look at the pictures you’ve just drawn and masturbate to orgasm.”
“Thank you, sir!” she said, and to her disgust she knew that she was genuinely grateful.
And as she started to play with her pussy, and stared at the pictures of her giant tits, of herself crawling, and of herself covered with cum, she knew that right now she *was* big-titted, crawling, and covered with cum, and she felt a satisfaction deep down inside herself with the knowledge that those things made her a good girl.
“Rape-Udders is a good girl,” she heard herself whisper - and a moment later, she came, and nothing else mattered but her pussy.

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