Abby's Identity

Part 5

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #mindfuck #sub:female #identity_break

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Abby’s Identity, Part 5
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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After dinner, it seemed like Richard might be done with his games for the night, because he told her it was time for her to go to bed.
But even that turned out to have a twist.
“Put this on, Rape-Udders,” he said, handing her a complicated metal contraption.
She looked at it.  She didn’t understand what it was.  She looked up at Richard for clarification.
He just looked back at her.
She blushed.  “I’m sorry, sir,” she said, “I’m a stupid bimbo slut and I don’t understand what this is.”
“It’s a chastity belt,” he told her.  “This bit goes between your legs.  This bump here will poke into your anus just a little bit.  This little probe here goes into your pussy.  And the belt locks in place.”
She looked at it dubiously.
“You wear what I tell you, Rape-Udders - remember?” he said.
“Will it come off again?” she asked, thinking of her shock collar, which Richard claimed was locked in place for seven days.
He frowned.  “You don’t need to ask questions like that, Rape-Udders,” he said.  “But as it so happens, yes, I’ll remove it in the morning.  It does lock, though, and only I have the key.”
Blushing, she put the chastity belt on.  It was a little difficult to get it over her legs without standing up, but she managed without too much trouble.  She had to guide the probe into her pussy - it was thin, genuinely more “probe” than “dildo”.  The bump at her anus made her blush.  It was just large enough to force open her anal sphincter, but not large enough to actually penetrate her.  The whole contraption locked into place with a click.  The keyhole was behind her - it would be difficult to work it open by herself even if she had the key.
“What’s this for, sir?” asked Abby, hoping she wouldn’t get in trouble for asking.
“Well, it will stop you playing with your pussy like a whore,” said Richard.  “I don’t intend to let you cum without permission overnight.”
Abby blushed.
“But I *do* want to keep you in a productive and agreeable mindset,” he continued.  “The probe can tell two things.  First, it can tell if your pussy is wet - i.e. it can tell if you’re aroused.  Second, it can tell from analysing things like your heart rate and breathing whether you’re asleep.  If you’re asleep, you’ll be fine.  If you’re awake, but horny, you’ll be fine.  However, if it senses you’re awake but not aroused, it will give you an electric shock to your pussy.”
Abby’s eyes widened.
“Again, I’m not hurting you,” said Richard.  “If you let yourself get zapped, it’s because that evil bitch Abby has made you frigid.  I know that Rape-Udders is a good, wet slut.  You just need to focus on being Rape-Udders, and don’t let that awful Abby cause you any problems.”
“What if I can’t?” asked Abby.  “What if I can’t sleep and can’t get wet?  Will it just keep shocking me?”
“I’m sure you’ll manage,” said Richard.  “But in a worst case scenario the shocks will just keep getting nastier, until eventually they knock you unconscious, and then you’ll be asleep, see?”
Abby mewled with fear.
“Oh, and here’s something to help you sleep,” said Richard.  He moved to a television screen, mounted on a bracket high on the wall, and turned it on.  The screen showed a cool, relaxing blue ocean scene, and began to play calming, soft white noise.
“Thank you, sir,” said Abby.
“Sleep well, Rape-Udders,” said Richard.  He left the room - presumably heading for a bedroom elsewhere in the cabin - and closed the door behind him.  Abby heard the click of a lock.
She crawled over to the dog bed that Richard had shown her earlier.  In the light of the TV, she could see the picture she had drawn, of big-titted Rape-Udders crawling on all fours, and evil repulsive Abby with the words “STUPID BITCH” next to her.
Abby knew she had to get to sleep while she was still horny.  The chastity belt prevented her from touching her pussy or stimulating her groin, so she curled up in the dog bed and tried to think sexy thoughts, about nice men and romantic situations.
She was just about to fall asleep, when suddenly the TV changed.  The volume went up to ear-splitting levels as it showed a video of an angry woman yelling.  Abby jumped to her knees and stared at the screen.
“THESE FAKE-TITTED PORN WHORES ARE GENDER TRAITORS”, the woman was screaming.  It was so loud it hurt.  Abby tried to cover her hands with her ears.  She felt a burst of instant, irrational hatred towards the woman on the screen - and a moment later, she realised it was *her*.
This was a video of one of her speaking tours, from back before Richard had sued her.  That was her on screen, with her old smaller tits and brunette hair.  This was one of her tirades on the evils of pornography.
Abby was struck by how *ugly* and *hateful* she looked in the image.  Her face was red and her eyes were bulging.  She wasn’t dressed very attractively. 
But the worst thing was the volume.  It was overwhelming.  Abby tried to stand up and switch off the TV - but as soon as she stood up, her collar gave her a shock, and she fell back to her knees.  She tried the front door, thinking she’d take refuge outside - but it was locked.  So was the door Richard had vanished through.  She was stuck in the room with the screaming bitch.
She whimpered, and cowered in her dog basket.  Then a moment later, she squealed - the probe had shocked her cunt.  She’d lost her arousal under the onslaught of Loud Bitch Abby. 
Desperately she tried to think sexy thoughts again.  She was too slow - the probe shocked her again, harder.  She felt tears coming to her eyes.
And then suddenly, blessedly, the noise on the TV was gone.  Loud Bitch Abby had vanished.
“Thank you, sir,” she found herself saying, even though she wasn’t sure that Richard had anything to do with it.
The white noise was back, and now the screen was showing a slideshow of photos from her porn shoot.  Like the ones on the walls of the cabin, they had pink text superimposed - “GOOD SLUT”, “PLEASING WHORE”,  “MEN APPROVE”, “THIS IS YOU”.  She watched them for a while, looking at herself exposing herself to be photographed, and felt herself growing wet again.  The shocks stopped, much to her relief. 
Soon she fell asleep, dreaming erotic dreams.
She had no idea how long she’d been asleep when she was woken up by a return of the overwhelming noise.  Bitch Abby was back on the screen, ranting about how fake-titted blonde sluts who spread their legs for the cameras of pornographers were responsible for every rape of every woman everywhere, by tempting men into sexual assaults with their whorish behaviour.
“Go away!” Abby screamed at the television.  “Shut up!” 
The probe shocked her cunt. 
She wept, and tried to focus on slutty thoughts over the noise.  The probe shocked her again.
And then Bitch Abby was gone, and Porn Model Rape-Udders was back.  Abby stared at the images until she was wet, and then fell asleep again.
When she was woken up again, she was no longer coherent.  As Bitch Abby thundered at her from the screen that fake-titted sluts were barely human and didn’t deserve rights, she screamed back.  “It’s YOU who deserve to be raped.  Just shut up, you stupid evil bitch.  I wish someone would plug your mouth with a cock.  Just shut up, shut up.  I hate you, you stupid cunt.”
She sobbed, and sobbed again as her cunt was shocked repeatedly, and then Bitch Abby was gone and she fell asleep.
When she was woken next, it was from erotic dreams of being raped, and as she blearily stared up at the hated, loud, woman on the TV screen, she seamlessly transitioned to imagining *her* being raped.  She pictured Loud Bitch Abby being violently and degradingly raped, and smiled, because she deserved it for being so *loud* and *angry* and stopping her from sleeping.
And to her pleasure, her cunt stayed wet, and she wasn’t shocked.
She was woken two more times, and each time her violent sexual fantasies about Loud Bitch Abby became more extreme and more degrading.  By the end of it she was picturing Abby as a fuckslave for dogs, conditioned with electroshocks to be unable to even speak, and it was making her so wet she would have given anything to have the chastity belt removed so she could finger herself to orgasm.
The final awakening was in the morning.  The sun was up, shining brightly, and she was awoken not by Loud Bitch Abby, but by the feeling of something wet splattering on her face.
She opened her eyes and looked up.  Richard was standing over her.  He had his cock out.  It was erect, and he was holding it in his hand.
Her eyes widened further.  He had *masturbated* over her.  Oh, God, that was his *cum* on her face!  She raised her hand to wipe it away.
“Do *not* clean it off,” said Richard, in a low, threatening tone.  “Do not *ever* clean a man’s cum off your body with permission, Rape-Udders.”
She lowered her hand.  The gob of sperm was splattered over her cheek and forehead.  Some of it was gumming up her eyelashes.  But she left it alone.
“Did you have a good night, Rape-Udders?” he asked her.
“No,” she moaned.  “That stupid evil bitch Abby wouldn’t leave me alone.  I hate her so much.  I wish she’d be raped by dogs….”  And then she paused, and she felt a surge of such horror that she thought she might throw up.
*She* was Abby.  It was *her* on the screen.  How could she have forgotten that?  She felt her gorge rising.  Had she really spent half the night fantasising about her own degrading rape?  Had she really hated herself so much she wanted to see herself violated and enslaved?
“Abby *does* deserve to be raped by dogs, doesn’t she, Rape-Udders?” said Richard, smiling.
Abby froze.  If she agreed with Richard that Abby deserved to be raped by dogs, would he make that happen to her?  But he’d be displeased if she didn’t agree, definitely.
She felt something strange happening in her head.  It was okay, she felt herself thinking, because she *wasn’t* Abby.  Maybe she used to be Abby, a long time ago, but right here in this cabin, she was Rape-Udders, and that was a different person.  Besides, Abby had had brown hair and small tits, but Rape-Udders had blonde hair and giant whore-balloons.  They were very different people.  Abby wouldn’t have liked Rape-Udders at all, so why should Rape-Udders worry about what might happen to Abby?  That was Abby’s problem, not hers.
“Yes,” she said, “That bitch Abby deserves to be raped by dogs.”  She felt sick and dirty, but also happy to have been able to agree with Richard.
“Good slut,” said Richard.  “Now, I gave you a gift a moment ago - a gift that made you look pretty - and you haven’t thanked me.”
Abby blushed.  “I’m sorry I’m a stupid big-titted whore and I forgot to say thank you, sir,” she said quickly.  “Thank you so much for making me prettier by cumming on my face.”
“Good slut,” said Richard, genuinely smiling, and to her horror, Abby realised once again that receiving Richard’s approval felt *good*....

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