In Heat

Chapter 1

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #fantasy #magic #multiple_partners #sub:female #induced_lust #mental_transformation

I had a story that just could not be denied. So I hope to get back to my other works soon. Work has been intruding so I have not had the energy to push forward some days. I do hope you enjoy this stand alone tale of a cursed object. It is very different from other stories I have written. It is story with incest. Normally I have the family be separated by being step siblings or parents. In this one it is more about uncontrollable magic that does act like it would in nature. Also my kinks about that and doggies are present.

As always, all characters are over the age of 18. They are in a world where magic lives so also STD's are not around. Sex is pretty common I guess, so it seems natural people would sleep around as the target of the hex sleeps with all the men in a family that pisses a woman off. Anyway, this is a work of fiction. It is not real. So read on if you are old enough.

Cordelia sprinkled the last of the magic dust she had prepared on the pink dog collar. It had a cute Heart that hung in the front. It was sized perfectly for a human. She cackled as she finished the hex on the item. It was now enchanted and if a female person touched it they would get very aroused. Cordelia cackled again, then stopped, “I really need to stop feeding the stereotype of a cackling witch.” A customer had commissioned the collar for a stripper that had slept not only with her husband, but her three sons as well, the youngest being only nineteen. The lady had said that the stripper was like a “bitch in heat,” so Cordelia was going to make sure that came true literally. She could only imagine the Strip Club when that collar fully activated.

As she was putting the collar in a plain brown paper bag her phone rang. It was the ringtone for the head of their coven. Upon answering Cordelia’s face went pale, a spell that the novices had been working on was out of control. It was all hands on deck to set things right. She grabbed her cape and hurried out the door. She just missed her son’s truck as he was pulling into the drive. 

“Wow Xander, your mom sure is in a hurry. Think everything is okay?” asked Rupert, Xander’s best friend. “Yeah, probably. Her Ladies Group probably has an emergency meeting or something. They seem to have a bunch of those.” Xander replied. The two young men headed inside and went to the kitchen. Typical of two guys foraging for snacks they were making a mess. It was then that Xander’s sister Buffy came in from tanning herself. Her nice Double C breast filled out the string bikini very well. Its pink polka dot patterns on the white background was eye-catching. 

“Ugh! You trolls better clean this mess up before Mom gets home.” Buffy fussed. She was running her fingers through her light brown hair. Pulling tangles as she leaned forward so the hair could cascade over her left side. Rupert was feeling his immense crush for Buffy swell. He moved behind the counter for cover, but it was only worse as her bikini bottoms were wedged up her ass crack. It was an ass that was perfect in so many ways. Round and toned, it just made you want to bite into it.

“Oh shut up dogface!” Xander barked at her. “Just leave us be. Anyway, we are going to shoot some hoops. We heard the Community College was having walk-on tryouts.” Buffy rolled her eyes as she grabbed a water bottle before heading to her room. Before she left she said, “Hey Rupert!” and then smacked her ass leaving in a fit of laughter. Rupert, who had been resting his chin in the palm of one hand, lost it and fell on the countertop, scattering items on the floor.

“Geez Rup. Why do you let her tease you so?” Xander said as he began to clean up stuff off the floor. Rupert helped. When Rupert grabbed a brown paper bag, a dog collar fell out onto the floor. “What’s this?” he said, picking it up. “I don’t know.” Xander said as he took it from Rupert, “We don’t have a dog, unless you count my sister.” They laughed, but Rupert shook his head, “That is just wrong man.” Xander was looking at the heart hanging from the collar. He began to grin. He went to the junk drawer and found a black marker. He wrote “Buffy” in the center of the heart and laughed at his joke. “You are so gonna get fucked by that joke dude,” Rupert said. That and the cleaning done, the two boys went outside and began shooting basketball.

It had been an hour and Buffy had showered and changed. Her still damp hair had that wet look as she walked into the kitchen. She was wearing her favorite pink top and some white booty shorts. Buffy was glad to see that the boys had cleaned up. That would keep Mom off her case about it. Then she spied the pink dog collar. Pink being her fav color she was drawn to it. It was all smiles until she saw her name written on the cute heart tag. She looked out the window staring daggers at her brother. That had to be his doing.

Well, she would show him. Buffy picked up the collar. Once her hands touched it, the collar’s curse activated. Buffy had no choice but to put the collar on now. The magic pulsed and her eyes glowed as she clicked it into place. A glow also happened in her nether region as well. Shivers flowed over her. The anger she had for her brother’s prank was forgotten. She stared out the window at the two young men. When had her brother and Rupert gotten so handsome. They had their shirts off and their bodies glistened with sweat. Rupert had very defined six pack abs. The cut of the “v” that disappeared into his shorts was very sexy. Buffy then looked over her brother Xander’s body. His back muscles rippled as he dribbled the basketball.

Buffy found herself wandering outside. She stood leaning against the pole of the ball goal. Unseen pheromones were being pumped from her twenty-two year old body. Soon both guys were starting to get hard. It made their game a bit difficult. Feeling intense heat in her pussy, Buffy went inside. She needed to rub desperately. Inside she went to the family room and sat on the couch. Soon her hand was down her shorts and she was fingering her wet snatch.

Meanwhile, outside, Rupert felt his cock getting harder and harder. His underwear was having difficulty holding his member down. He walked to the side of the court and plopped down on the ground. He looked up and Xander’s shorts were tented. Xander seemed to be in a daze as he breathed hard. Soon both young men were walking aimlessly towards the house following a scent that was overwhelming their minds.

Once inside they could smell the stronger scent of the aroma that was guiding them. Soon they were in the family room, standing and staring at a very naked Buffy. She was writhing on the couch as she fingered herself. The smell of the pheromones she was giving off overpowered the boys. Xander had his cock in hand stroking as he stared at his sister. Rupert was undressing, guided by a need to mate. Buffy looked up and saw the males. She instinctively stood and turned, presenting her tail as she leaned on the couch.

In a flash Rupert was on her, in her, pumping her wet cunt with his rod. He was hammering her, pushing deeper with each stroke. Xander had moved too. He was guiding them to turn and as Rupert never lost a stroke, Xander guided Buffy’s mouth over his engorged dick. Soon she was deep throating him and Rupert’s cock stretched her out. It wasn’t long that Xander felt like he was going to blow his wad into his sister’s eager mouth. Then her eyes glowed and so did Xander. Bathed in a pink light he was denied release as the magic would only let cum be placed where it could impregnate the female. 

Rupert gave a final thrust as he leaned back with his cock deep in his long time crush’s greedy vagina. He howled as his cum filled the bitch he was in. Stream after stream of cum filled her. Spent for now Rupert collapsed on the couch. Xander immediately took over. His balls are replenished by the hex so as to ensure the “Bitch In Heat” gets bred. Over and over again the young men penetrate Buffy. Moans and grunts echo in a chorus of sexual pleasure. 

The door to the house opened and a strong smell of sex almost knocked the weary father down. “Cordelia, I’m home!” he exclaims. Wesley heard sounds coming from the family room. He lays his suit coat over a chair as he walks to the source of the sounds. As he strides through the house he feels his dick expand. Entering the doorway he freezes as he sees his son Xander hammering into his daughter Buffy. Laying passed out beside them is Rupert, his son’s friend.

As he moves to stop his children a wave of arousal descends over him. His cock is harder than it has ever been. Wesley’s nostrils flare as the smell of his daughter assaults him. He is pulling at his clothes and rips his shirt off. Soon he has freed himself from all but his necktie that is dangling from him. Xander has erupted in another geyser of cum as his father pulls his body from Buffy. Xander passes out as he falls on top of Rupert. Wesley then has taken his place and is using his Dad bod in a way that under normal circumstances he never would. The magic has taken control and all he wants is to breed this bitch.


The sun has set as Cordelia returns home. She enters the open front door to a darkened house. Realization dawns on her as the smells of sex invade her nose. She hears grunts and rushes to the sound and sees her husband Wesley holding their daughter’s hips as he empties his seed into her for the umpteenth time. Cordelia waves her hand, freezing them in place. She sees the pink collar around Buffy’s throat and knows what has happened. Knowing not to touch it she inspects it seeing that the buckle has disappeared as the magic has melded it permanently. 

Cordelia’s body soaks the energy from all the sex that had occurred. Her power is strong and she mumbles a counter spell that releases the four from the hex’s power. Wesley and Buffy fall to the floor as she unfreezes time. Loads of cum seep out of Buffy’s swollen pussy. Cordelia uses her magic to transport each of her family to their beds. As she looks down at Rupert she decides to place him in bed with Buffy. All she could do was to clean up the house and air it out.


One Year Later

Buffy is holding one of her Quintuplets to her breast as it suckles cooing softly. The pink collar around her neck is a reminder of the day she was bred. Her husband Rupert is holding two more as he watches his wife lovingly. Four girls and one lone boy came from the day that the two were under the spell of the collar. Neither was really sure if Rupert was the father, but more than likely at least one of the children was genetically his. It didn’t matter. They were happy.

As for Wesley, he was now very interested again in having sex. This had made Cordelia happy as she had the husband she had married years ago back in ways that had been waning. They now had marital relations multiple times a day. Cordelia was also pregnant again. They were expecting their third child soon. 

Xander had been affected in a different way, a more intense way. He now had a ramped up sex drive. His own pheromones released a strong scent when he was aroused ensuring that he was able to bed any woman he set his sights upon. He prowled the neighborhood now, when he wasn’t working as a male escort. He donated sperm to the local sperm bank every week, ensuring he would be responsible for aiding families that had trouble getting pregnant. Maybe one day he would settle down, but for now he was having too much fun.

The original target of the hex did eventually get her own collar. It made for a very interesting night at the strip club. As the magic was released it affected all the people inside. Every woman ended up bred that night that an orgy broke out. Like Buffy the pregnancies provided a litter to each woman. The town had experienced a massive population spike that would confound statisticians for years to come.

The End?

I hope you enjoyed this tale of uncontrollable lust and sex.


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