Fae Boredoms

Chapter 3

by Aiye ♥

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #dehumanization #gentle_femdom #memory_play #pov:top #sub:male #sub:nb

Disclaimer: If you are underage, do not read this.  Otherwise, ensure you take note of the content warnings and understand what they mean before reading.  All characters depicted are above eighteen and entirely fictional.  This story is a fictional work and any events/behavior depicted should not be confused with approval, advice, or support of such events/behavior.  Enjoy any kink/fetish depicted responsibly.  Explicit consent is necessary in real life.

What is there in the world?
There's my pressing and my upper arms squishing against the back of their head: my chest involved. It bores me. I want movement. What is there in this world again? I feel their legs entangled in mine and their weight pressing my back into the ground and the softness of their bodies. I feel my tummy rising and falling against theirs. I love pressing a cutie's face into my chest, but once they fall asleep: it's gone on for too long.
There's my emptiness and my boredom and nothing. The two cuties I fucked yesterday are fast asleep against me and nothing. I don't need sleep—I need action. Part of me wishes that I could be like them, and that I could be perfectly content with just laying still against someone, but I'm me and as such think I think that's pretty fucking boring.
I slowly wiggle my way out from under them and see the sky start to brighten. What is there in the world besides a backdrop. There's me and what's behind me and I start to glide away from the two that I fucked. I see the trees pass and I know they're a backdrop. I think of what last night must've looked like if someone was watching: the campfire still going and lighting our bodies, the intense shadows it creates, the yellow tint it adds to the skin, the trees closest to us illuminated by the fire, and the gradient of trees getting darker and further away until they blur into each other—only illuminated by the moon with its dark sky and its bright stars: the backdrop for everything.
What strikes me the most is how still it all is. There's hardly any movement in the sky and the trees. There's emptiness and boredom and nothing. It's all just a backdrop. I'm the one that makes it exciting. I'm the movement and the energy and the love interest and I'm fucking alone again. I pass more and more trees by.
I'm alone and I love finding cuties to control and everything, but it never completely satisfies. I feel like my energy hollows them out to the point where they're just a backdrop to my libido. My energy takes away any meaningful soul from them and leaves behind their body. I pass more trees and I get more discomforted. I feel empty and disgusting.
Why do I feel like this? I need to snap out of it. I'm beautiful and so is the world's emptiness. I know what will make me feel better. I stop gliding and settle down up against a tree. I need something inside me. I close my eyes and suck on my fingers. I take them out, adjust my legs so that I sink into the ground, and I slide my sloppy fingers over my clit. I grab at my chest and slide my fingers in. I rub against the tree as if it’s someone’s lap.
But nothing.
Fuck. Why am I so desperate? I put my hands away as my eyes dart around looking for anything in the world besides me. As if something besides me could somehow enter and save me. As if the backdrop around me wasn't beautiful.
I hear a voice.
"Oh dear, touching yourself isn’t enough?"
I see a tall figure walking towards me.
"You made quite the scene back there with those two. It was fun to watch. I think you're starting to become one of my more favorite playthings. The way you so easily convince yourself that you're the only conscious living thing in the universe is just so endearing."
"I'm not a plaything. What are you on about. Go away."
I know I've dealt with confident things like this one. I know that I must throw away any visible doubt and indecisiveness to show things like this one their place. Like I said before—my energy will hollow out any meaningful soul.
"Do you remember my name dearie?"
I think as I take note of her clothes and stature and gaze and I think that I don't. She is nothing and the world is nothing besides me. And still, the trees are a backdrop and she's a backdrop to my lust and my tits. Still, I want to know her name.
"It's Elera, dearie."
And all of the sudden I'm a backdrop and I'm the trees. And all of the sudden, the world is nothing but her. And what else is there in the world besides Her? And I'm the sky and I meet her skin's boundaries. And I'm there so you can delineate between the banality of the world, which is me, and her flawless skin, which is pressed against me.
"You're a slut. My slut. Why else do you think you're so horny? You think you control them? Those two you fucked back there? Why do you think you want to control them? You control them because you're horny. Why do you think you're horny? You're a slut. Which is my doing, because it's just fun to watch you go around like you're the center of the universe while you fuck yourself senseless until nothing else matters."
I think of what today must look like if someone else was watching.

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